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  1. I am confused. In this recently posted video, it was mentioned the design for Puerto Rico had a 330mm belt. However, this armor belt would've made the ship "too heavy." The belt was then changed to a 254mm belt. My question is, why is this real world parameter a factor for PR and not other ships? Kremlin with its massive triple 457mm guns can traverse in 30s Khab breaks the laws of physics by moving as fast as it can with the armor it has Some ships have "Ice breaker" armor at the front that was designed to literally break ice, not to withstand shells, but in game can withstand shells There are plenty more examples of how the game disregards real world physics and limitations, but how come with this design the same benefit was not given??
  2. MattChris_

    Why was my name changed?

    I am confused as to why my name was changed?
  3. As I have numerous times, there has been no mention of any changes to PR since the most recent dev blog post informing the 2.2 sigma buff. The dispersion change was never recorded. If you manage to find the change, please send me the link
  4. I know they nerfed it before, the question was if this change was on purpose, and if so why wasn't the change published anywhere
  5. Take the time and read what was written again. Okay now that you have, obv I know currently it doesn't have BC dispersion. The question was if this change was on purpose, and if so why wasn't the change published anywhere
  6. When PR was first announced, it had 206m maximum dispersion. When Puerto Rico when into public testing on the server, the dispersion is now 248m. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Puerto_Rico This means the dispersion of the ship went from Super cruiser dispersion, to battleship dispersion. I never saw any dev blog post about this, this was a change that happened before server release. Was this change intentional, and why wasn't it talked about?
  7. MattChris_

    CA-2D for t10 soon^TM?

    You edited out my comments in the pic:(
  8. MattChris_

    NA Major Stream - Tonight!

    Hi sub, I appreciate the QnA. When playing carriers I find fighters frustrating in certain situations. Sometimes you have to make a strike, or you have to go through an area, and a CV drops a well placed fighter group, or a ship pops one you'll lose a lot of planes. There is close to 0 counter play to these fighters other than avoid, you can't dodge, can't run away, nothing. Could there ever be a more fine tuned fighter system to allow for some kind of interaction with fighters?
  9. Was the patch delayed? Where are the patch notes?
  10. Lmaoooo imagine saying the most accurate BB with some of the best deck armor, and the only BB to overmatched 32mm armor has been power creept
  11. No wg this is just plain wrong. Wow WG legit this is one of the worst things you have done. For an entire month and longer than that you didn't say anything about the bomb drop speed, and then they got changed "correctly by chance" in 0.8.2 Honestly shocked right now