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  1. Unabletony

    Modifying GameParams.data

    ok but why
  2. Unabletony

    Yamato's Shell Velocity Nerf

    Time it yourself and see if the number matches what the game is giving. If it's not, and matches the one in the video, most likely the game messed up somewhere in calculating.
  3. I am unable to enter my password for PTS, so I had to reset it. However, it keeps sending me the same page when I want to reset it, and never allows me to reset my PTS password. What gives?
  4. Even though I redeemed the mission from twitch prime, I haven't received the mission yet in game. Is this Twitch's problem, or is no one getting the missions?
  5. Unabletony

    Red Takao Camo

    Since ARP has made its return, I wonder how us players who have already got Takao four years ago would be able to get the red version of the ship. Will it be a camo option, or would we have to fork over real money to buy?
  6. I presume having the rudders in center line eliminates the risk of losing a side rudder and being knocked into a turn like the Bismarck suffered. Bismarck would've faired better, but you need to remember the design philosophy that went into building most of the German ships. Having two rudders seems to be more of a thing on larger, wider ships, like Iowa and some BBs. Having the two rudders inline did exist on the Yamato, but that's probably one instance that the two rudder inline system was used. For the hull design, the bulbous bow lowers the amount of water the actual bow needs to push through in order to move forwards. A knife like edge would've been effective, but not as effective. I don't know if I answered all your questions. there were a lot of question marks.
  7. Flambass did something like this as well, but he started from tier 10. What ever killed him, he had to play, and so on.
  8. Where are you?

  9. Unabletony

    Firing Torpedoes

    It's a national distinction. I don't think WG will.
  10. Unabletony

    Helena can't set fires on Atlanta now ?

    just RNG. USN usually have bad fire setting percentages.
  11. Unabletony

    Something messed up in the patch?

    What ship? If it's Izumo, they buffed her pen on AP cause apparently accuracy wasn't needed
  12. Unabletony

    RIP Paul Allen

    Very sad. Was gonna make a thread but Lert already started. The source for the news.
  13. There's the Izumo. I would also love this as a prem, Shinano.
  14. Honestly, any ship that you can do well in does it for me. Amagi and Nagato are a two that if I do well, they can get me some income. As good as prem ships? Of course not, but good enough for a poor person like me.
  15. Unabletony

    Hangout by the Sea

    Ehehe.. good pats..