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  1. Unabletony

    RIP Paul Allen

    Very sad. Was gonna make a thread but Lert already started. The source for the news.
  2. There's the Izumo. I would also love this as a prem, Shinano.
  3. Honestly, any ship that you can do well in does it for me. Amagi and Nagato are a two that if I do well, they can get me some income. As good as prem ships? Of course not, but good enough for a poor person like me.
  4. Unabletony

    Hangout by the Sea

    Ehehe.. good pats..
  5. Unabletony

    Forum Game: Useless Facts

    Texas could well be a state of its own if it wasn't for some laws preventing it.
  6. Unabletony

    Hangout by the Sea

  7. Unabletony

    Yamato model help needed

    Both mast legs should still be the same, no reason to be altered.
  8. Unabletony

    Hangout by the Sea

  9. Unabletony

    Yamato model help needed

    My friend who I see reading this right now has the older version, and I have the newer version, which is 2017.
  10. Unabletony

    Yamato model help needed

    Seems like even both of Janus' Anatomy of the Ship seem to contradict each other, with the older version having the step..
  11. Unabletony

    Yamato model help needed

    The Kure model also seems like a good one, but actual Yamato blueprints would probably be the best source, but seeing how they burned most of them...
  12. Unabletony

    Yamato model help needed

    Yes, but even then, some of WG's models aren't entirely accurate. It's a good base for starting, so I thank you for that.
  13. Unabletony

    Yamato model help needed

    I'm building a paper 1/200 scale Yamato, in her built form. The parts I'm having trouble with is making the masts for the 155s and main mast, cause they're wire. However, there is a slight, perhaps, problem with the main mast. The 90 degree leg sits on a sort of pedestal, here: Or it doesn't, as shown: The other issue is the masts on top of the 155mm guns. I've already sort of conquered the front, but can anyone show me the position of the legs of the rear gun? Thanks!
  14. Unabletony

    Hangout by the Sea

  15. Unabletony

    Germany lifts ban on swastikas

    Please do not go into politics or heated arguments about this topic. Since Germany earlier today or yesterday lifted the ban on Nazi images (like Hitler's mustache, the salute, and most importantly, the swastikas), does anyone think WG will hop on? https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/10/europe/germany-video-games-nazi-symbols-intl/index.html Germany still does not allow the usage of Nazi images in public, but before the ban was lifted, Nazi images were used for educational and artistically only (I think it was artistically). Now, they consider movies as art, and decided to include games into the mix as well, as long as they do not suggest the Nazi party or.. the Neos. What do you guys think? As a game, would you like to see a bit more historical be placed into the game?