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  1. Germany lifts ban on swastikas

    Please do not go into politics or heated arguments about this topic. Since Germany earlier today or yesterday lifted the ban on Nazi images (like Hitler's mustache, the salute, and most importantly, the swastikas), does anyone think WG will hop on? https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/10/europe/germany-video-games-nazi-symbols-intl/index.html Germany still does not allow the usage of Nazi images in public, but before the ban was lifted, Nazi images were used for educational and artistically only (I think it was artistically). Now, they consider movies as art, and decided to include games into the mix as well, as long as they do not suggest the Nazi party or.. the Neos. What do you guys think? As a game, would you like to see a bit more historical be placed into the game?
  2. In fact, to combat this, the Royal Navy designed their triple 152mm mounts with the center barrel inset slightly. WoW's vid on HMS Belfast mentions this.
  3. You didn't apply the coupon yet. 192,200+47,800=240,000.
  4. Get over here on Discord. But Emerald has shite AA, although her survivability is a bit better. Honestly, she can't hold up against up tiered, but does well low tier.
  5. Uh, what? Invisifiring was removed ages ago, unless you're talking about smoked up ships.
  6. Ship to ship combat

    How can you make a ship class stand on its own? Ever had matches where you had no DDs? No one pushes, and it's either a ROLF;stomp complete bulldoze. BBs can't push, focus fired because of huge detection. Cruisers, too soft, not stealthy enough. CVs? You have planes, but even then, there's so much you can do as a CV. And you're not making sense. Have it so no one type is better than another, yet you say a BB is weaker than a DD? Inverse, that's a DD is stronger than a BB.
  7. Ship to ship combat

    Because game reasons. The circle goes round and round: DDs influence CA/CLs CL/CAs influence BBs BBs influence CVs CVs influence DDs If one such ship was so good at being the top, then you wouldn't be playing any other ship. You'll be playing that one ship that is good in everything, leaving nothing to compete it. Torp bulges do affect torp damage, but not at the bow or stern. Take them amid ships to lessen the chance of flooding and lessen the damage.
  8. tier 4/5 ships with radar?

    I recalled that they changed the hydro and radar symbols differently. WeeGee fix plz
  9. Does Omaha deserve a buff?

    Omaha for starters is very hard to learn. Once you learned the game and get back to her, she rewards with lots of fires and dakka. Use B hull.
  10. Well I usually only do the OPs for the prem time and that's it. On my normal runs, I get a lot of creds/XP for the ship I was using. Afterwards, not so much unless you got more pins.
  11. Gneisen-ooooooooh.

    And you will run away from the authority
  12. Few billion? You should be broke right now. And Frontier? Which one's that one?
  13. wth WOWS!?!?

    Most likely you were broadside and took citadels. Or below 75% when you didn't know.
  14. Is the Derpzki actually good...?

    She does have that soon buff from WG that increases her turret traverse from.. 7 to 9 I I think, so it'll be much more fun later. At low tiers though, suicide torping is usually enough to get all the XP to get to Izyslav.
  15. Could you actually put all your issues into one post?