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  1. But where Haida? USS Monaghan also seems interesting, since she's a Farragut class, and IJN Asashio, which is a class before the Kagero. Any ideas how these two can be altered?
  2. Myogi does have the biggest gun caliber at her tier, which is offset by her horrible dispersion. She often does well when the enemy has unloaded, and you turn after the shells hit to aim yours.
  3. Vampire - is it my eyes or what?

    Probably eyes. Maybe the third turret being 360 makes you think this...
  4. Dispersion. Wyoming has one of the worst dispersions in game. Each nation has varying degrees of dispersion.
  5. It's been noted that about 6 months is taken to do one single ship. However, we can establish that the British DDs may have guns like the US', with good HE but bad AP, single launch (duh), and good handling.
  6. When selling, there's a dropdown menu for doubs or credits on the Sell GUI. Of course, now you don't have to pay to mount or buy those upgrades.
  7. Hacks

    It's called a Minekaze. It's supposed to be fast.
  8. You can division with tier 4 CVs to make you top tier and with a CV on the other side.
  9. Revisited Ships

    Omaha. Now I know how to get into her [redacted] gently so she will only respond to me =w=
  10. Update Requested*

    All those ships are good.
  11. Troll suspected, bait is not even on the scale of quality.
  12. It's downgraded for a reason.
  13. What Is this Destroyer

    Most likely a Somers class. Actually went through the classes between Mahan and Somers, and they look very interesting.
  14. Have any friendsthat are doing or have a tier 4 CV? Div with them, and stay at mid range. Omaha is a good ship, but needs to get used to. Watch your position and plan ahead.