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  1. It is not surprising that the game is becoming "World of Battleships", they continue to nerf the DD's and CA's which just makes it better to be a BB captain. I have played a Fubuki for hundreds of games, it was (I emphasis "was") a blast. In the old days, sometimes you were detected and blown out of the water, but other times you could do some serious damage to BB's if you planned your attack well. The problem now is that high tier BB's have a captain skill and an upgrade that give warning of torps 40% before usual, which gives them time to evade. Combined with the Fubuki's terrible guns and slow speed relative to other DD's, playing it now is an effort in futility. Losing interest in the game, you try to develop skills which are then nerfed out, and the benefit goes to the lowest skill group (BB's)
  2. world of BB & DD is getting old

    I agree, this is what really angered me about the game, I basically followed two ship lines, Japanese DD's and US CA's, and they both are now almost unplayable (got up to Fabuki and Baltimore). So now I have to start over playing a line that works or quit. I am leaning toward quitting, there are other games out there I hear "Hearts of Iron" is fun. The programmers should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a huge disparity between different ships of the same tier.
  3. world of BB & DD is getting old

    I agree, with the addition of the Sharnhoarst playing a CA is just a joke, unless of course you enjoy getting off one salvo of shots and then being pounced on by numerous BB's all wanting to get some juicy "Citadel Shots". It doesn't help that I play US CA's which are terrible compared to the other CA's (especially Russian ones which are significantly better across the board (see attachment). Pretty much quit playing the game after getting the Baltimore and finding the data on https://na.warships.today/vehicles , not much fun anymore.
  4. Yes, US CA's are terrible, I am sorry I started down that path. It always seemed like the other CA's were better but after looking at Warships.today it is amazing that US CA's are always at the bottom of the damage per game score (which is what you get credit for, not supporting other ships). Why hasn't this discrepancy been fixed by the people who run the game, the Baltimore only does 64% of the damage of the Donskoy it is crazy they are in the same tier. Can't decide if I want to switch to the Russian CA's or just quit playing, I am leaning toward quitting, I am so pissed off about all the time I wasted getting up to tier 9 US CA's wondering why I always got sunk and couldn't get near the top of the team standings. What a waste of time, what a terrible game design, the programmers should be ashamed!
  5. They should rename the upper tier battles as "World of Battleships". I play American CA's up to tier 9, everything past tier 6 is completely in the favor of BB's, have pretty much decided to quit playing cruisers past my Cleveland. It comes down to damage, I check my damage given vs. damaged received. For American Cruisers past level 6 (all have the same guns) on average I get about 500 points of damage for each hit on other ships (damage/total hits), for damaged received I get about the same from other cruisers, but from BB's I average about 4000 points of damage per hit (even on the Baltimore). Basically it is citadel city for high level cruisers vs. 15 and 16 inch guns, and the good BB owners know it and target CA's for the easy points (the second I am seen I am quickly destroyed). The hit point differential is hugely in favor of BB's they only fire half as often but do 8 times the damage, so damage per minute is 4 times what CA's do, so 1 upper tier BB can take on 4 upper level cruisers. American cruisers are not any fun past the Cleveland....don't bother. It is obvious as the upper level battles have fewer and fewer cruisers involved.