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  1. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Decupling camouflages specific question / example

    The only thing I'm a bit unsure of is the Linkable Prema camos. I have many that are not linked to any ship yet, will they convert to a linkable perma bonus?
  2. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    What is the supership adoption rate by forumites?

    Even though I have enough silver to buy most of them I have no need for them, my T10's are fine. I played them during the testing phases and really didn't enjoy them but I play mostly CL and DD.
  3. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Bounty Event: Rogue Roundup!!!! *Signups Closed*

    These events are always fun. App in, wouldn't mind doing another. One way I can give back to the community.
  4. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Tier 10, No Thank You.

    Couple things, if Petro is the only T10 you have and you aren't having fun grind a different T10. I know that is easy to say but what I have found is that in T10 I prefer DD's, CA's and CL's but not all of them. Like for DD I typically play Gearing, Daring or Halland even though I have almost every T10 DD in the game. Having more than one gives you a choice and lets you find what works best for you. Another example is if we need a RU CA I play Moskva (yes not tree anymore ) not Petro, I just don't like that ship. Lastly, don't rush T10. Play the lines you are grinding and jump in your T10 every now and then just to dip your toes in.
  5. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Re-Roll Account

    Her point is, just keep playing. With 7K battles the stats will improve over time if you are. But don't forget this, WR means crap mostly, it always has.
  6. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Serious question before I go to T10 for 1st time

    I would go for it. I have a clan mate that plays mostly Co-Op and he does just fine when he plays with us in random and clan battles. If you are apprehensive, take a division mate with you.
  7. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Dev Strike Appears To Be Broken/Glitched

    Dev Strike has been broken for years This is a known issue that has never been addressed
  8. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Thoughts on Depth Charges

    I get your point but this is an arcade game. Yes it would be unlikely to launch a TBF off a ship catapult though you most likely could a Swordfish with a Depth Charge
  9. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Thoughts on Depth Charges

    IDK USS Halford
  10. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Thoughts on Depth Charges

    More to my point - If I jump in Gearing I know it has 10) 16.5km torps and the arcs are shown in game, nothing in game tells you anything about your ASW other than number of charges and amount sent. So think of it like this, delete the ship panel in port and the hover over in battle "Do I have the 16.5km or the 10.5km torps?" That is how ASW feels
  11. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Thoughts on Depth Charges

    I have every T10 tree DD (and most premiums) along with every T10 CL/CA (Short the Dutch one and a couple Premiums) so you are suggesting that I remember the difference between all of them?
  12. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Thoughts on Depth Charges

    It's not that they aren't effective, it's about knowing where they will drop. Going back to Smaland V Gearing. Heck I have seen Malta drop them on his own DD playing a Pan-EU iirc Flambass has a clip where he and Mr G Depth Charged each other in 2 Smolensk's because they were too close together and did nothing to the Sub
  13. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Thoughts on Depth Charges

    I'm going to relate this to DD solely because I mostly play DD and run into Subs most of the time in one. Most of the time when I run into a Sub in my DD I just ignore it and let the BB's handle it. Why, because DD's have different depth charges and I tend to do nothing anyway let alone catch it. My thought is, could we not make the Depth Charge mechanic similar to the Airstrike mechanic? Simply put, you hit 4 and an indicator shows where your effective radius is. It doesn't need to be moveable like Airstrike but at least show the effective radius so I know where there will land. Then I can click when I want them to launch and auto go back to the last guns you had. For example, in Gearing I could hit 4 and see a shape showing me the effective radius near the back of the ship versus Smaland where I would see the shape out front. This would let DD know the area where your Depth Charges will drop. Right now Depth Charges feel like trying to play your match and shoot your guns with the UI off (Yes I have seen people do it but most of us can't) Just thought I would toss this out there and get your thoughts.
  14. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Shimakaze's Unique Upgrade BADLY bugged

    I think I see what he is saying but I suspect he is just turning outside of the torp arcs as the Legendary slows the traverse down to 7.5 degrees per second from 25 degrees per second. If he's in the arcs and they are not launching until they hit the prediction indicator (The White line) that would be a bug
  15. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    WG you have something a bit broken here

    The chain mission at the bottom is the Subs mission