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  1. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    the new lame ranked season, what a loser feast

    You have done well. As to the flag I'm not 100% sure but I think that went away a while ago. Edit: You are correct
  2. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    the new lame ranked season, what a loser feast

    Personally I would like 2 things in Ranked - Domination battles only (Most other modes don't belong) - Silver ships only (No Special or Premiums) It's not the Premium ships aren't balanced but most have an advantage over Silver ships, Direct or Indirect, so let's put it on an even playing field. I look at games like this, even in a loss I clearly had the advantage.
  3. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Part of Waterline this week was Submarines and I'm concerned about only adding to Ranked I know on the EU stream they said that they made the choice to limit it to Ranked games. Here's my thought, Ranked is supposed to be semi competitive so why test a class there? Okay you don't want them in Random yet but it gives no one the opportunity to "Test" the ship prior to playing a Ranked battle. Last time I knew Ranked was "Take your best played ship" so how do you get familiar with a ship you have little to no experience playing? If nothing else look at allowing on Co-Op so most can at least get a feel for the ship before jumping into "Competitive"
  4. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Dead Eye reset unfair

    Personally I don't have too much of an issue with it. The BB skill was removed not changed like the others, though I get your point. Also they stated that in the Autumn they will do a further rework and that at that time it will be a full available reset so you have 2 choices, be patient or spend your resource until then. Personally I'm tired of jacking around with my captains all the time.
  5. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    AFK should be autoban from that respective gamemode

    The game client can tell the difference between AFK and disconnected. If I recall correctly they monitor how often you are AFK and the Frequency was not stated for good reason, that you will at least turn pink. Disconnects are not counted in the same fashion so if the power goes out or the PC crashes if you lose internet it is looked at differently. All that said, as others have stated if an emergency occurs and you have to go AFK I would understand and I would hope the system takes that into account. As frustrating as an AFK team mate in Ranked is you don't know why he is AFK, is it by choice or and emergency (You can easily see if a player in game is AFK or DC'd just look at the guns). I would also think that most people are not going to have emergencies everyday but if they are then they would pick a different time to play the game or just not play. I've seen it all in my 5 years of playing this game and done a few myself. One game I was in VC in a Div and when the game started realized it was too loud. I hit ESC to open the Settings and accidently hit Exit Match. Sure I turned Pink but hey it was an accident and I've only done that once so what that I was Pink a few games, not something normal so no worries. I had a clan member that I was playing with that had a game issue in which his camera disconnected from his ship and all he could see was his AA flak, didn't matter what he did he couldn't get back on his ship. I took my DD, pushed him into and island and protected him while he forced restarted the client to fix. Funny enough he got back in and ended up scoring top of our team. These are just a couple examples of being AFK due to accidents and reasons out of your control to be AFK and the point that no one knew the reason either of us were AFK in those situations. The best thing to do is if someone's AFK use the in-game report system and report them as AFK. Sure nothing is going to fix the match you are in but if they are reported as AFK enough you eventually wont run into them in your match.
  6. Honestly you don't need a Halland, Smaland or a Friesland to shut down a CV. Yes not all DD can shut down a CV but (though I didn't record then and the replays are long gone) I have shut down 2 Lexington's with Udaloi (Double CV match) and a Midway with Jutland - difference is they kinda of shut me down as well, but they weren't doing anything to my team so I was fine with that. I agree with most of the points you made in the Neutra vid (I play that ship a lot) but one other point that I have found is: If you are going to get dropped and you can't avoid, turn on your Priority Sector on the opposite side of the ship as he drops. The planes tend to stay in your Priority Sector longer on the way out than in and it helps deter them from come in for the second strike right away.
  7. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Why I love the game

    For me this is number one. I built my clan not only as a community but in a way a family. When you have a community like that even the bad days seem pretty okay.
  8. I did the same - WG automatically put it on my Gearing so I tried it and it was a joke - You simply don't need it this is a Daring game from last week
  9. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    USS Johnston found!!!!!

    Yea I imagine it won't be long until they find DE-413 and Chokai as they weren't that far away
  10. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    April fools and the bathtub mode

    Yea the bow mounted torps the 100 consumables - you just played and you laughed your butt off (Back then I was grinding the always on fire, may detonate at any time, Nuremberg)
  11. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    April fools and the bathtub mode

    It was stupid fun - it was a HUGE break from the crazy daily grind
  12. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    April fools and the bathtub mode

    Yea but they multiple ships Imagine having a 3 man Div or better yet a 7 that you could just go out and have fun in T11 ships?
  13. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    April fools and the bathtub mode

    Whatever happened to the Bathtub mode for April fools. As long as I played this game that was the most fun than anything else I have played. Does WG have a plan to bring it back or is it mothballed forever?
  14. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Ranked Battles and how to not be an ahole

    Yea you would like to think they are joking but I have seen the same thing as well. Heck I have even heard streamers suggest that you should play a ship you are grinding in Ranked. I broke one of my own rules and played Neustrashimy in Ranked (I bought it just before Ranked and had like 2 games in it) because I was struggling to carry in Jutland, which is odd for me. I'm not the best player but I have played Ranked ever since the pilot season years ago. I used to discuss ship picks for Ranked season in the forums and we always look at the ships the person played the best. I have watched Rank degrade partly because people have lost that "Play the ship you play best, equip it will everything, modules, flags and camos that will give you any advantage" But to be fair, I did ask a Cruiser one game "Hey, Why no camo?" Guy replies "What?" then says "Oh crap! I must have ran out last match" The way that Ranked is currently set up it's become more of a Random battle with fewer players.
  15. SurpriseMotherTrucker

    Name and Fame

    For some reason I have noticed games like this more often lately. I think it really is one person is taking that second in the match, more often, to make a complimenting comment. I hope more people think about it so we all can have more enjoyable games like that. I'm glad you found one of those teams!