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  1. Yugumo Captain Skill

    Depends on how you want to play her. Yugumo has so many working builds there is no "Must Have"
  2. Could we get a no-player game mode?

    But I thought :Halsey: was your friend?
  3. Scouting & Experience Gains

    I guess I was asking if you feel or know, does it scale as direct LoS or similar to CV spotting?
  4. Scouting & Experience Gains

    @LittleWhiteMouse Do we know how CA/CL and BB planes affect this as well? (Yes I know it doesn't matter that much)
  5. IJN torp

    This is my last post on the topic and the subject it moot. Shima has the second highest Damage of a T10 DD's, is one of the most common T10 DD's so it is most played and only suffers a little in XP earned. The Torp DPM is like 393K per minute where Gearing is 195K so you do the math even with 7% versus 8% hit ratio it still does more damage than Gearing with torpedoes. Yes it does not account for torpedo belts BUT Gearing doesn't negate them either. IJN guns have one of the highest fire chances for DD's at 8% versus 5% for Gearing but Gearing can spam more shells that are harder to land. So what else can I say ..... well nothing but Shima is holding her own in the lineup!
  6. IJN torp

    This entire thread keeps coming back because too many people equate Damage with Hit Percentage. Yes is does have some affect but what they don't see it it's not a direct correlation but it is, unfortunately, the only metric to look at. This is the way I look at the balance: In my IJN's I can torp with impunity. I can go an entire match and never be seen by the enemy and do damage but in my USN's I have to take calculated risks to do damage. I play Shima often, second favorite to Yugumo, and when you look at the server stats the only issue she has in converting actions to XP. If my potato butt can play her at server average I see no need to change the ship.
  7. DD Being Spotted way out of Spotting Range

    I have seen times that I am spotted and can see nothing in Yugumo and this is my conclusion: There are planes that can spot me before I can spot them so if I am at the edge of their detection but they are inside mine, I'm stealth detected. I have also seen a delay in rendering that an invisible ship is spotting me but I see it on the mini map. After I realized this I've never been "ghost" spotted again because I could figure out what was spotting me.
  8. DD Being Spotted way out of Spotting Range

    They do? Not in the games I have played. Hydro is a funky blob and Radar is a ! with some hashes next to it.
  9. Has Tier 10 become the new Tier 2?

    No, No, No I just don't like things getting out of hand - Discussion not ridicule
  10. Has Tier 10 become the new Tier 2?

    Let's be nice guys!!
  11. Has Tier 10 become the new Tier 2?

    I don't know if I find it as the tier that is issue but the times of day and day of the week. The meta seems to change with the time of day. An example is in Roon I can only play during the week and before 9pm or I just get my butt handed to me because it's one of my weaker ships (just have a hard time making her work) were Shima I can play whenever. The other thing I tend to see is current events impacting it. If Ranked is tier 6 you will see a ton of lower skilled players playing tier 6 trying to get ready for the season or like now with tier 10 Clan Battles. All honesty I don't worry too much about it. I've had nights that I couldn't win for anything at any tier, it's just how things happen sometimes. Maybe it's a stoke of bad luck, maybe I'm off my game or simply a flood of Unicum on the server at the time? My best advise is play what you want to play and if you are struggling look at you own game play, play your best, if you continue to lose then come back tomorrow.
  12. It's official!

    Yep that works too (I do that in PvP). Launch one set to make them turn and the second or third will be in their path to avoid the first set.
  13. It's official!

    One tip for PvE - in a DD on a torp run line your shot up and use X to un-select the bot you are going to shoot, it really messes with them.
  14. It's official!

    Kami and Fujin are the same as Kami R - T-22 will get a refit in 0.6.13 which I have not had time to test yet to see how she does. Also I didn't mean 1 ship entirely, I meant 1 DD in PvP. As Umikami said we looked at the tier 6's for Ranked so I only played Hatsu after we decided it was the best one for me but I only played Hatsu for weeks before Ranked started. Your brain, well mine anyway, has a tendency to learn and focus on what a ship will do but it is hard, again for me, to say play a good game in Shima them jump in Fletch and expect the same result as they are different.