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  1. #DDLivesMatter

    I fear it as well - Try 8 0.7.6 will bring a flood for a bit and we can wait it out but without MM fixes or radar fixes we poor DD's will be left helpless in the end. Smoke was a skill with no counter so they bring in radar... wasn't good enough so nerf the detection after firing but wait one second, what counters Radar?
  2. #DDLivesMatter

    Yep wrong Flam
  3. #DDLivesMatter

    I think you missed the point, DD's are the most neglected ships in the match by WG as well as by most other players in teh match. With the flood of Radar it has been a bit stupid to even play a DD. Pretty sure you have the wrong Flam
  4. Why you heff to be mad!!

    I find very few ships I would call OP in game currently but you are correct - Conqueror has a Super Heal but has no armor so it is the utility that upsets people not the fact it cannot be sunk. Match Maker promotes the salt as well - 4 Radar ships versus 8?
  5. Why you heff to be mad!!

    That is really a large point in my post - Why you heff to be mad? I would like people to think about why they are Reporting someone. We all know that Radar and Hydro ships exist so is it right to blame them for using a ship to it's strength? Did you use your ships' strength to your advantage? Example - In the same game, after taking D we pushed C. My RPF was facing to the island so I headed there and found an Atlanta or I should say the Atlanta found me with radar. I turned out to evade and hesitated so he caught me broadside. I was left with 114HP, do you think I reported him? He did what he should have done, punish me but didn't finish it. I know the Karma system is broken. The Aki that reported me had to put "Plays Poorly" so I played bad because I used my ships utility? No, it was because he didn't know how to counter Radar or Hydro. Would that not be the same as me reporting every BB that gets a normal pen on my DD? People need to learn and adapt to the utilities and strengths of other ships and just stop blaming a ship for their failure.
  6. Why you heff to be mad!!

    Good theory but he never saw, nor anyone else on his team saw me (you do know you can hit Tab and see what ships are on the enemy team, right?)
  7. Why you heff to be mad!!

    Correct and I actually tossed this out there not only because it was just funny as hell to me and I don't care he reported me but I really think they need to rethink the Karma system. I torp a Green in the face, I deserve a report I hydro a Red and get him killed, well that was just a good play The one aspect that made it really funny was the players name that I cannot share but lets just say it implied that he wanted the Reds to do nothing
  8. Why you heff to be mad!!

    Exactly - I have been reported more than once for playing Loyang "You f'n P2W POS" ummm I don't recall buying Loyang, I think I won it in a SC or maybe a Christmas container. Guess what I have like a 42% WR in it, I suck so how is it P2W?
  9. Why you heff to be mad!!

    I figured I would share, what I found to be, a comical experience So last night I figured I'd make a few Silver for the last game of the night and jumped in Loyang for one last round We were at Hot Spot, Domination I believe (the map with all the little islands at the D cap) and I RPF is pointing at D. I figured I would go to the small islands in the middle so my hydro had the best coverage in the cap. Our Benson goes around the East of the island and a Aki opens up so I push the West side then smoke and hydro to keep him lit up. Our flanking force ends up killing the Aki, the Mahan with him and another DD that was coming in from the West. The Aki (I think that was him anyway as I didn't save the screen shots for that game) then types "Cancer", "Reported" and actually reported me. Here's part of what I found comical, the Aki could have saved himself and wrecked me at the same time if he realized his ship has reverse. All he would have to have done was back around the island and he would have put the island between him and our flanking force but at the same time proxy spotted me, oh yea I was shooting at him too so he knew where I was. SO, Why you HEFF to be mad!!? because you mis-played or go out played (most likely the first one as it was me in the Loyang and I'm a potato) Ladies and Gents please stop blaming others because your game went bad (With the exception of TK) and realize you are in control of your ship. You have more influence on what happens to you than any other ship in the match. Crap happens even to the best players! I've been bounced off two radar ships because I mis-positioned but it's not their fault, it was mine. We are given tools on our ship because they expected to be used to win not to make it easy.
  10. I first saw this interesting bug a few nights ago and didn't think much of it until it happened again last night. After is occurred last night, and thinking back to the first time, I realized that the cause was I held TAB to see the lineup as the game started but the match hadn't fully loaded yet. When the game finished loading the lineup popped up but then would not go away and no controls would work. The only way that I could resolve it was to force shutdown the client and restart. Not that it's a huge problem but was wondering if others have had this happen?
  11. Yugumo Captain Skill

    Depends on how you want to play her. Yugumo has so many working builds there is no "Must Have"
  12. Could we get a no-player game mode?

    But I thought :Halsey: was your friend?
  13. Scouting & Experience Gains

    I guess I was asking if you feel or know, does it scale as direct LoS or similar to CV spotting?
  14. Scouting & Experience Gains

    @LittleWhiteMouse Do we know how CA/CL and BB planes affect this as well? (Yes I know it doesn't matter that much)
  15. IJN torp

    This is my last post on the topic and the subject it moot. Shima has the second highest Damage of a T10 DD's, is one of the most common T10 DD's so it is most played and only suffers a little in XP earned. The Torp DPM is like 393K per minute where Gearing is 195K so you do the math even with 7% versus 8% hit ratio it still does more damage than Gearing with torpedoes. Yes it does not account for torpedo belts BUT Gearing doesn't negate them either. IJN guns have one of the highest fire chances for DD's at 8% versus 5% for Gearing but Gearing can spam more shells that are harder to land. So what else can I say ..... well nothing but Shima is holding her own in the lineup!