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  1. LWM that is an interesting thought.
  2. Nope - I love hunting angry smoke clouds
  3. Yea that is my Yugumo and Akasuki build. I tried it on Shima and it didn't go horrible but not good either. I changed to TA but that hasn't helped any either. I might try your build, at 14 points I could go PM, AR, LS, TAE, CE and have 2 points left them maybe RL then SE.
  4. That's what I was thinking but I don't have to choose I could have both but I have to give up something else. So here's my start: PM, EM, AR, LS, TAE, CE and that leaves me with 5. So you could go SSE and Superintendent, RPF and PT, SE and HA or BFT and HA. Looking at the gun buffs is it still worth doing a total Torp Boat build or do you buff the guns just a bit to protect yourself? I know you are not going to pick gun fights in her but it's nice to have a deterrent and there are so many different builds.
  5. This is a quirk that has always been there with 2 ships of the same detection. It happens to me all the time in Yugumo. If you watch the mini map the enemy will show up before he renders in front of you. As soon as you show up on their mini map you show as detected. I've never had an issue with it but usually if I'm that close to another DD it's because I'm hunting him anyway. I ran TRB on Yugumo, Kagero and Harekaze. Yugumo I'm too gun happy to not have smoke to help disengage but the other 2 it wasn't bad. Harekaze seems to benefit the most due to it's long reload in the first place. Kagero I just have to remember I'm running it. There is nothing like getting in a little too close, trying to disengage and pop your...... TRB - CRAP no smoke!
  6. Oh we steamrolled them but... It was a fun game it just got thinking because I loaded TA and know I want to take it off and just use the Mod. 3's so I'm trying to think of a good build that both suits me and the meta. Hit me up anytime I'm on.
  7. Yea it's what I did but my team didn't seem to care there was a Gearing Right There. I sucked out half of his life before anyone started shooting. Oh and better yet I had to flush him out and we had our Moskova within 9K (Ummm Radar dude?) Gearing finally killed me and our Benson decided he would join the fun and took the last 1K HP from him. In my IJN's I find I'm the only person that even cares about me which is sad. This was kind of why I had the thought, I don't brawl much but if you are left alone, with no help, would you not benefit more from AR than BFT? Don't get me wrong BFT is the only way to go on Yugumo but AR on Shima seems it might have benefits if you survive the brawl.
  8. That wasn't all I wanted to know, other than to ensure my math was right too, but would it be worth it which you also answered. I actually do fine without EM, BFT or AR but I know I want to retrain so I was trying to decide which way to go. I just got caught in a brawl with a Gearing and just happened to notice the difference in my Yugumo over the Shmakaze in the RoF department. That Gearing was pounding on me and I felt like I was tossing rocks at him. I don't make a habit of finding brawls but I would have liked to have more gun power. What I was thinking is that IF I got caught and lost some HP would my RoF increase enough I do enough damage to force him to break off and have the torp reload buff too or should I just have the guns ready when he comes in?
  9. So I was thinking - On my Yugumo I run EM and BFT because I play it as a semi-hybrid build and it works well for me. Tonight I got caught in having to brawl with a Gearing. In my Yugumo he would have turned away due to taking a decent amount of damage but in Shima he just pushed like I was shooting him with a Mutsuki. I got looking at the change they just made to Shima guns and realized they just gave it Yugumo guns. This is what I was thinking: EM and BFT give Yugumo manageable guns that can fight off a DD BUT on Shima you don't usually brawl unless you have to so what about AR? If I took EM to keep on target and have AR to decrease the Torp Reload as well as the Guns would that not benefit more than BFT? Here is what I don't know, how much health would you have to lose to make the guns fire as fast as BFT?
  10. I'll try to grab a screenshot of the chat off the replay He did not Detonate, first thing I looked at. only thing that came up as a "Devastating Strike" I actually was thinking WHAT? EDIT - Okay I'll give that one I looked as the replay in slow motion and he did detonate. I just didn't see it because a team mate detonated a Molotov at the same time and the Mahan Detonated first so by the time the AUTO Message was done pumping out what happened the message was almost off the screen and ironically my Dev Strike was on the bottom. Still how do you kill a ship and do no damage?
  11. I was running F3 on Yugumo and Mod 3 with TA on Shimakaze but..... Although I was comfortable with the setups, when they released the Mod 3 for Yugumo I decided to try them. What I noticed is that I had better luck with the over shots. Example, if 3 ships are pushing you and you launch at the lead ship any F3 you miss will run out of gas short of the ships behind the one you fired at. With the Mod 3 I just seem to get more lucky misses.
  12. So I noticed every now and then things that just don't make sense and a DD is on the wrong end of it. Please post your odd kills. Notice I did 11K damage to a Mahan with Dunkerque AP? It's AP only does 9700. Here is one in my Akatsuki that I killed a Mahan and did no damage to his ship? I'm also noticing a trend here, both Mahan's? That is an unlucky ship must be.
  13. I've actually got more Schnellboote in Anthony than Gallant. Only thing I see with Gallant that hurts it is that it is HUGE compared to Anthony. But I agree with the rest. Thing is if you all work as a team then take whatever ship and you should do well.
  14. Yea there are similarities to both such as Hatsu's detection but Akat was a strong ship that was more fluid for me. I know Season 6 I was a bit of the exception to the rule and had a 60% WR to rank 6 and would have done more if I had more time I suspect. Radar? You want to hit my Akat with radar, go for it! I honestly didn't have a lot of problem with radar and when I did it was a pay to play ship so not too hard to delete. The only issue Akat had in season 6 was the same issue as Hatsu has this season, all the CC's say the other tech tree ship is better so everyone is floating to Fubuki. Either way both seasons both ships can work if played correctly. What I meant was the play style is similar. Shirat and Fubuki are torp boats, that is all they do really. Hatsu and Akat can actually bully. I'm not saying go pick a gun fight with an Anshan but you can harass, bait and if needed brawl to a point. Your speed helps with potential damage and positioning. You can switch roles very quickly if you need to. Shirat and Fubuki have most of the same strengths and weaknesses as well (other than concealment), that is where I see the similarity.
  15. I agree. I play it with my Hybrid type build that I use in Yugumo and it seems work well. Where Hatsuharu seems to excel over Fubuki is positioning and ability to bait ships without getting wrecked. It's almost like Hatsu is a cross between Anshan and Fubuki. I wonder if you did a cross between who played IJN in Season 6 and Season 7 I would almost bet that the Akatsuki players are playing Hatsu and Shiratsuyu players are playing Fubuki. When it comes to which one is better, I agree with Urpeacekeeper and would really suggest to play the ship you are most comfortable in.