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  1. Pete_Darling

    Gallant Nerf

    Okay you want me to shoot my own post in the foot? I'm not saying either ship is bad it's just that Gallant offers nothing over Icarus - FYI that is with the same captain
  2. Pete_Darling

    Gallant Nerf

    Look at the stats - and Yes I have all 5, Gallant is a tier 5.5 ship. Yes it is good and I like it but there are things they can do to make it a tier 6.
  3. Pete_Darling

    Gallant Nerf

    Okay - that I can agree with
  4. Pete_Darling

    Gallant Nerf

    I'm not saying I don't like it, I have had it the same (since release) I'm just saying they are rendering it OBS with the Tech Tree ships
  5. Pete_Darling

    Gallant Nerf

    So today I realized with the release of the RN DD's Gallant will be effectively nerfed to a point in which it's just a Special Tier 5 ship - to explain Gallant has a firing range of 10.2, okay Acosta is 10.1 at tier 5 and Icarus is 11.6 at tier 6 - so why does Gallant have shorter gun range? Gallant has 12k HP, Icarus has 12.1k and Acosta is 9.5k so I'll give you that one Gallant has standard acceleration not the RN CL version Gallant doesn't have Hydro So what does Gallant have? it has 8k torps (but not the same as Lightning and lower damage than Icarus) More normal smoke but still bad Speed boost So what would put Gallant back in a Premium Ship? Option of Speed Boost or Hydro (Same as the Icarus) Same Gun Range as Icarus RN CL acceleration With that you would only be slightly better them Icarus. 1k better torps, option of Hydro or Speed Boost and teh Smoke it a bit better but nothing to write home about
  6. Pete_Darling

    T5 Ranked Recommendations

    I'll agree with that - Yea that and just like Ranked the clubbers will advance so quickly that they will group up in the higher ranks and allow the less experienced players group up behind. I want to have fun with it so I will probably use a variety of ships and see what I can do with ships I'm not comfortable with. With the exception of one division in which I was requested to play Kami I will most likely leave all Premium ships out.
  7. Pete_Darling

    T5 Ranked Recommendations

    Correct but at that tier I could most likely go with a 0 point captain and do just fine (Have done it in Randoms on accident) The statement is more to encourage others to do the same but I know only a few actually will.
  8. Pete_Darling

    T5 Ranked Recommendations

    That is the first mention of Nicholas I have seen - I will be playing Nicholas over my Kami and all other tech tree DD's though Mutsuki or Minekaze might be fun. Being this is supposed to be for newer players I see no reason to go all full out ham just to seal club and ruin the experience for those players. I think I will even limit my captains to 10 points or less.
  9. Pete_Darling

    Switching from USN to IJN dd gameplay

    I will totally agree with you there YY, Lightning and Gearing are fun but Shima is still my favorite still
  10. Pete_Darling

    Will the 4 DDs become part of the research tree?

    I'm at Lightning and almost enough to buy Jutland - My question is will the captain Auto Train to the ship or will I have to train him? I'm running a spare Emerald captain on it currently.
  11. Pete_Darling

    Completed the Jervis mission today

    Congrats Jervis is a fun ship - I ended up with all 4 from the missions and I love Jervis and Lightning!! I think these ships might be my go to DD's and I have every DD line in the game and almost all of the Premiums.
  12. Pete_Darling

    Japanese DDs dunk by 20mm Fire?

    That actually happened and damaged ships, I believe. I read somewhere once, as a result the Japanese dumped the Long Lance torps overboard during air raids to prevent them from detonating on the desk and damaging the ship.
  13. Pete_Darling

    Premium Ship Review - USS Indianapolis

    You hit that nail square on the head. Playing 5 games in Indy, last night, in one I got singled out by a Belfast and a New Orleans. First thing I thought was "Dude you are so screwed" but nope, they shot about 5 salvos a piece of AP at my bow and did almost nothing. At that point I was thinking "You know you might just make it out of this" so I stayed bow in and was backing around an island to break LOS from the Belfast. Indy did well, the AP is strong in that type of a battle CITADELS FOR EVERYONE!! But that was were my problem turned south, smacked the NO then double citadel the Belfast which made them both panic. Belfast at that point had a moment of intelligence and finally changed to HE before I could break LOS, and started melting me right as NO decided to raise his aim and knocked out turret #2. That actually brings up something else I found, in 5 games I lost #2 in 4 games. Don't get me wrong I'm not much of a cruiser player but I found Indy to be fun to play. Sure the ship has limitations but they all do. What I found fun was the AP, you will pull off Pens when you expect the shell to shatter and range doesn't seem to matter. The bow armor is hilarious in a cruiser fight but this ship does not like HE. Two things I feel are a must are the captain skill AR as you will take damage and Lert is right the reload you feel even against Orleans, the other is flag for reduction in fire time as HE will melt you. The only resolve for the #2 turret is just don't get hit, that's all I can figure out. As usual Very Nice Write-Up!!
  14. Pete_Darling

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    You just have to kill it or run. Harekaze does fail a bit at running.
  15. Pete_Darling

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    I think that is because everyone is playing the B haul and don't realize the HE is an "if needed" round. I got in a one on one with a Harekaze tonight running haul B and he was firing HE and never switched at any point. I just tore him up a bit with AP and disengaged as I was getting focused by too many ships and I wasn't going to risk it. I made it out only losing a couple hundred HP and he lost something like 6k or more.