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  1. Naval Bases added
  2. Your unique player number - see page 1 of post
  3. Watch this - Ships are jumping all over the place. 20171019_191805_PRSC508-Kutuzov-1952_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay
  4. If you guys didn't notice the USN Guns FINALLY got a HP buff. I actually had a game where turrets 1 and 2 were destroyed, yes not incapacitated. You don't know how fun it is to have no smoke (TRB) and only 1 gun.
  5. I'm laughing so hard reading this - Guys!! Come on!! I played the "smoke nerf" on the PT and I can say they did a good job. It really felt balanced and play was just fine. I have Sims and IF you feel the nerf hurts you then please learn how to play her. The only time I can think of that a ship was that close to me was when a Gearing was hunting me in my Yugumo and he didn't make it. This sounds like Buyer's Remorse. I actually bought Kutuzov and Belfast last night even though I'm a DD main. This change will not hurt any of these ships just like Stealth Fire didn't do much to DD's when it was removed.
  6. Again they are all different yet similar in game - Shinonome has the slowest RoF and slowest turret traverse while Hatsu is the fastest. Really I don't see one ship weaker or stronger just slightly better at different things over the others. Umikami knows I tested this during Ranked with Fubuki and Hatsu and you could see the differences in stats but the overall stats were the same.
  7. Not really soul crushing but still frustrating.
  8. Honestly that is up to you. Shinonome and Fubuki are both good ships but Hatsu I like better. All 3 are equal to me with their strengths and weaknesses. There simply is no overpowered ship in that lineup just different ones.
  9. Depends on how crazy the Fubuki captain is.
  10. Maggie, it's not just guys that do things that someone might find odd. I used to race with Nichole Cheza. We used to joke and call her Mighty Mouse when she was younger because she was all of 5' tall and had a squeaky voice but would ride a 350 pound 110+ HP motorcycle on a dirt oval track at over 100 MPH.
  11. Just looking at stats as I do not have Gearing yet but I do have Fletcher and Shimakaze. Shima suffers from converting actions into XP but is a strong ship (just difficult to play). When I look at ships I typically look at WR as it means more than Damage, K/D and Hit Percentages. Take Sims, for instance, it has the ability to support the team and convert wins when played well but does not or is difficult to do huge damage numbers. Same with Hit%, Shima has more torpedoes that do the highest Alpha in the game so it should have a worse TH% and a better MB% than Gearing who can fire faster and can pump out DPM from the guns. Survive-ability and K/D are subjective, You can kill one ship in the Shima and hide all other matches, be the worst player in the world and have an infinite K/D and 100% Survival Rate but Gearing that is a lot harder due to being more gun focused.
  12. This!! Mahan is the only ship I Free XP'd out of. Heck if they gave Benson the 10.5km torpedoes from Fletcher then I would sell Fletcher before I sold Benson.
  13. Watch those USN guns they break REALLY easy. I had a game that I lost all but one, destroyed not broke. When I run smoke and a hybrid (Yugumo) captain I use the Akizuki guns and the Kagero guns in a torpedo build, TRB (Shima captain).
  14. You pulled a 50K game you are doing just fine. Harekaze, as fun as it is, can be difficult. Your torps are lower yield and slow reloads. They can be seen from outer space so you really have to try to catch people off guard. I also agree with SkyRail, Indy to DM have 9.9km long duration radar where RU have short duration longer range. A USN ship hits you run and kite RU hits you with radar just laugh it off and hold up. Just a side note, you play Harekaze well it doesn't transfer backward very well. You will get used to the low detection and under tier 8 does not have that very often. Remember Akat is 6.4km which doesn't seem like a lot but it can bite you.
  15. I haven't had any epic battles in Harekaze but the thing is so much fun. I have been experimenting with TRB but I found you need the Kagero guns for the Alpha damage. It's really funny when you can hold an entire flank alone with no smoke!!