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  1. Pete_Darling

    ST, Unique Upgrades

    So I have one question I cannot find the answer to. In all fairness I might not be missing anything it's simply not out there yet. With the modules we have, will they be changed as well or remain what they are? Example, my Gearing Mod. Will I retain the concealment? That question actually brings me to an off topic question. Why did they balance the poor power crept Gearing with a Legendary Module instead of fixing the ship?
  2. Pete_Darling

    Urashima Takes Flight

    Funniest thing I have ever seen, an Urashima taking flight. Clan mate hit an island and started to climb off it then took to the air. Thinking it was a fluke he attempted to do it again and he did. If you look at the in-game timer at about 13:30 and 7:30 he manages to launch.
  3. Pete_Darling

    What happened to Multi Tier Ranked?

    That is the most true! This morning myself and my DC got reported in my Freisland and his Yugumo because we got caught out by a Black with no way to disengage. Irony of it was we had half the team being with us that did nothing about him or his friends and just cuddled the island. When it came down to it the loss was neither our fault nor theirs but things could have been done differently to change the tide. I do suppose in Ranked you don't have the coordination that do in division or Clan
  4. Pete_Darling

    What happened to Multi Tier Ranked?

    In all fairness, even at T10 you can get the guy that only has one and doesn't really know how to play it
  5. Pete_Darling

    What happened to Multi Tier Ranked?

    Yea I know people presume but the difference in T9 to T10 in most cases is negligible and there are a few T9's I'd like to play against a CV meta
  6. What ever happened to multi tier Ranked. Now I'm not talking about tier split like Sprint, I mean there was a season that we couple play T7 or T8 iirc. With the CV's being allowed this season it would be nice to be abl;e to play some T9 ships as well as T10. Just been a thought running in my head every T10 Ranked we have as there are a lot of T9's that I would easily take into a T10 battle and am more comfortable in such as Friesland, so I figured I would see what other people thought.
  7. Pete_Darling

    Full Pumpkin Event Statistics

    One more for the collection Thanks Fem and the staff that put this all together
  8. Henry just moved the file https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ofaq3mfHKHp0zgS6LxR8MBNYONLgK0urEKiRHyiyNuE/edit#gid=0
  9. We did a bit That was the unofficial at the end
  10. I think a lot of the Pumpkins had that attitude, Win first then die - that's how I played it and it was a great time
  11. Seen both sides - I held up 3 BB's, 2 CA's and killed the DD that was trying to hunt me while playing my Jutland. But what I have found in previous events is "Play your game and Pumpkins don't matter" and the games aren't that bad most of the time. What I have seen this evening is that most games are poor and not because of the event, just weekend games. To me I have questioned players so much today that I was debating on even playing my main account, but I think it's just a rash of odd players.
  12. We have to announce at the start of every game "Halloween is over, but the Pumpkins will still haunt you! Kill me for a prize (TK not counted)" - Please tell me what you don't get?
  13. The idea is have fun and give something to the community The way I look at it is win first and die before the match ends. Sure I could just take some OP ship, murder half the enemy team and win in a steamroll but what did anyone get out of it? It would be just another random battle, if I wanted that I would just play my main account. Also remember that the Pumpkin accounts have every available ship in the game so some, including myself, will play ships they don't have on their main which can reduce their effectiveness. I tend to play ships I like and have on my main but will toss in a Premium I don't own every now and then.
  14. I'm going with yes we are random people and some take it differently
  15. Yea these are always fun, have every flag from every event except Corgi so I was hoping to do it from the other side this time but either way, be a Pumpkin or kill a Pumpkin, I'll get my flag