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  1. Pete_Darling

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    You may want to look at it this way - In my Clan we have rules that are agreed upon and accepted by the members. If you join my clan you agree to follow the rules we have set forth. If you violate these rules I will discuss the issue with you. If you continue to break our rules I will get tired of talking and dismiss you. My clan members represent my clan and they have the privilege of benefitting from my clan base. Being a CC you get special privileges and in-game compensation but you still represent WG in some fashion. If you have broke the rules over and over WG will be like me and just get tired of dealing with it. I'm sure it not just because he criticizes, if that were the case half the people in the forum would be banned. And as Hapa said it's not him personally it's dealing with the violations to the terms of being a CC.
  2. Pete_Darling

    DD torpedo advice

    One thing to remember is that just like Radar, there is a lot of hydro in the game. But all honesty, looking at your torp hit% on a few of your DD's it's pretty inline with everyone else. Here's an example - this is an O7 players stats, same as yours hit% as well as mine.
  3. Pete_Darling

    Ships you were surprised that you liked

    The Redhead Step-Child Ognevoi - Always gets underestimated so I played it in Ranked and it was surprising the WR
  4. No it really isn't as the mode is modified to a point - example special captain skills do not work
  5. Clan battles is a poor way to measure earnings as they are based on Win / Loss and have some set values. Also many "Special" features are excluded from Clan. WG has already stated that MO was partly removed because the extra Credit earnings became and undesired feature. Also with XP as I stated Sims is the ONLY ship that I am aware of that has a Base XP modifier and the reason in T7 Ranked was one of the most popular DD's (It was hard to lose your star)
  6. Yes MO earns more because it has a different baked credit modifier - only Sims and MO have special baked modifiers (That I am aware of) an example is Harekaze has a special XP modifier but it's directly liked to it's camo not baked in so it doesn't affect base XP only earned.
  7. Pete_Darling

    Cossack 10.0 Captain Skills

    I will warn you I am aggressive so my build is a bit different, I only use it on Cossack and Jervis. I use Dunkirk but a standard captain works well also. Cossack has one drawback versus Lighting, no 360° turrets means I want them to move faster. This would be my 21 point build First 15 I would do something like this Or Again it really depends on how you play. I usually recommend taking the basics and playing a few games then see what you don't like or what benefits your play style the most
  8. Pete_Darling

    Remember to reset your commanders

    I already reset all of your commanders :p JK - also today is the last day for the mass reset https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/commander-skills-update I really wish they would finally bring Subnautica into a co-op mode and I would play it a bit more
  9. Pete_Darling

    Untrained captains

    I've done that or no modules that my clan picks on me about it at times - played like 4 CB and thought to myself "This ship doesn't seem right" - Been doing that forever
  10. Pete_Darling

    Anshan, a few questions.

    A lot of DD's are SAP but only in description, not in game - if you look at some of the RN DD's it says the same. Daring Paolo Emilio
  11. Pete_Darling

    Games like this ...

    You pretty much nailed it. The Cleveland and I held the western flank alone while I capped. Fletcher made one mistake and that was smoking up when I smacked him as he tried to contest. Cleveland stayed close enough to me to Radar and help with his flak against the CV. Basically what I tend to see (Before the commander rework as well) is that you end up with one team that will push against a team that is playing too passive. Sure they may have one guy that wants to be aggressive but without support he just gets farmed. In that game the Reds didn't support the Fletcher with the exception of the CV that just flew into a AA gunboat DD and an AA cruiser so you can see how that went. Sure I was the only DD but not an ideal target for a CV. If they would have pushed more as a whole they may have been able to break one of the two flanks and done a bit more. My flank was pretty weak yet both myself and Cleveland survived with little contest.
  12. Pete_Darling

    Games like this ...

    More and more often I do see games like this - you just ROFL Stops and no one get crap for XP
  13. So it was brought to me the yesterday that if you try to sell a ship and dismiss the commander that you can only get 50% of the XP for doubloons instead of 100%. I looked at it and can duplicate it multiple times. I posted a comment in the WG Bug Report discord and they stated to file a ticket, really the screenshots there aren't clear enough? I went to submit a ticket and that system is such an automated "question system" (not the words I wanted but we will stick with that) that I don't want top spend two hours putting a ticket in so I would hope Hapa or someone else can explain or pass it on to get fixed. Here's a couple screen shots that show the difference
  14. Come play with us. As of late I haven't had a lot of fun solo but man we laugh our butts off in divisions. I had to stop playing Saturday when 4 of 5 Thunderers in 2 games said "I'm only playing Thunderer because I'm drunk as hell" With the exception of that the games haven't been too bad.
  15. Pete_Darling

    I'm so done with this.

    If you want to know, I poled my Discord and here is one response in regards to Dead_Eye from a BB player "a bit late, but I almost blame CCs for deadeye being such a crapshow in a sense. I'll get back to that, but I'll first give thoughts on the skill. obviously it's strong, 10% better dispersion on already accurate ships can be the difference between 1 citadel and 3, between 1/2 your shells missing and next to none, and more importantly can create a consistency where there previously wasn't so much. it is worth noting, however, that it has not made any ships that weren't considered overpowered now overpowered. despite how riled up people get about thunderer, it was already busted. the skill does make it better, but it's a net increase of performance across the board. as for how it's shifted gameplay there's a few important things to note. yes, in general many battleship players have begun to play a more passive playstyle. I think it is important to distinguish this from the lack of battleships (besides german) pushing with secondaries as the rework has made all but german secondaries a true gimmick and a general waste of points. but, while no stat defines a player or what to expect from them, it is generally the less skilled, talented, and understanding players who take deadeye as an invite to the back line and a red carpet to 200k. you will not see players with good records playing passive snipers in battleships, nor will you see them yolo pushing into a cap hoping secondaries will melt everyone who dares challenge them. they will likely run deadeye and use it to their advantage but not at the expense of their influence on the match. this is where I tie back into blaming CCs and large community figures for this deadeye stink. yes, it's perfectly reasonable for then to be concerned about an upcoming skill that seems to promote a passive gameplay they dislike. yes, it's perfectly reasonable for them to voice these opinions publicly. but it is also perfectly reasonable for WG to implement a skill that they see as being a fair buff which will generate interest and make the game more fun with bigger, better salvos that promote engagement. I don't think that the number of players we see border hugging with deadeye would be as large without the 6 week stink of "how players will all play". they, unintentionally, seeded many players with how to play their ships with this skill. crapI even tried it when I first got on after the rework. I figured, "crapif this is so bad and broken I want to give it a shot and try it out". so, no, the CCs and community figureheads aren't responsible for this, but it's important to also recognize the influence they can have to not just shape the game (whether you think they have influence or not is besides the point), but the influence they have in shaping player opinions and playstyles. all the CCs scream a ship is OP? everyone bitchs and moans with them. all the CCs feature highlights of rushing gameplay? those same people will start yoloing caps. and the same applied and happened with deadeye."