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  1. JakePostonJake1

    US Battleship Line tech tree split discussion

    Well the Line up is good.
  2. Hi,Its me again.Some of you are familiar with my post premium battleship request and a US battleship split which I will link down below.Anyway in the post about premium battleship request I mention I wanted the West Virginia as a premium battleship in-game for the US line.It turns out that request will be for-filled but there is a problem with that... Wargaming is adding the ship but she will be a tier 6 BB and feature a 1940's stock hull instead of the 1944 B hull at tier 7 that most people were kind of hoping for as well as me.Right now Wargaming is considering making two West Virginias instead of just one,<basically one with the stock hull and anther one with the B hull.> That now brings me to a possible solution to this problem. Why not make the West Virginia a tier 7 but give people the choice of the Stock hull or the 1944's hull to the ship like what you did with the Kaga's menu? If Wargaming is reading this I think it would be a mistake to add two West Virginias or just adding the 1940s stock hold.Anyway guys that is all I have to say and thank you for reading this and I would love to see your thoughts and debates down below. -Jake -Links to my other post. -Line Split VVV -The premium request post VVV
  3. JakePostonJake1

    US Battleship Line tech tree split discussion

    How did you get it like that? Is that for real or Photoshopped or mods???
  4. JakePostonJake1

    US Battleship Line tech tree split discussion

    We're thinking on the same page here.
  5. Hello,This is a continuation from our Discussion about USN Premium Battleship request. During our last post the idea rose up of a USN Battleship line split for the US Tech Tree. Anyway,This post is about how that might be possible or not and here we will discuss that.I would love to hear your thought on this and such but first allow me to share my personal idea about it. I think what they did what the Alabama and Massachusetts on how they designed them in-game would be a possible good idea to model a USN Battleship line split.Like you have one ship that is great for long ranges and you have anther good for bawling short ranges for a split. I was thinking they could do a bawling line from Tier 3 to Tier 10.That would be my personal idea of how it may work? -Link to the last post here. VVV
  6. JakePostonJake1

    US Premium Battleship Request for 2018

    I was thinking about something,about that USN Battleship line spit? At first I made this post about Premium but since that idea rose up I think i'll make a separate post about that.
  7. JakePostonJake1

    US Premium Battleship Request for 2018

    I'm really loving how this post turned out to be. Still,I could see a US BB split.