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  1. In a recent battle, a division member and I were holding position with our two Atlantas, fighting off BBs and CAs rather well. We were winning the battle, holding two caps. I kept noticing shots landing nearby, and I was wondering who was firing at us since we had chased all the enemy out of our area by sheer terror. Turns out some un'friendly' DD operator had taken a dislike to us and was ragging on us in chat. We had comms so we hadn't noticed. This person sailed right next...

    1. AVR_Project


      to me and fired point-blank into my side. I turned my turrets away and ignored him. Some folks lack the brain-reality coordination to realize this is just a game. It's not like someone will drag your children out into the street and burn them. We won the game and I came in third from the top. The game was won. It didn't matter if my own team-mate sunk me or not.