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  1. AVR_Project

    Torpedoes and BOTS, old story, but why?

    Silly question: How does PvP earn WG more money than PvE ?? The servers are paid for. The electric bills are paid. The energy expended on AI is about the same as dealing with user connection and error recovery issues. I just don't see it. There are just as many wallet-warriors in Co-Op, than there are folks who free-xp to tier 10 at the beginning of every line. As far as service tickets, I'm pretty sure more 'misunderstanding' ones are generated from Random than Co-Op. ............... PvE not making as much may have been true in 2015, but times have changed. Co-Op and scenarios have been getting quite crowded lately. Some folks just come here for enjoyment, and not get caught up in the drama of someone else's bad day. I'm glad WG sees this and doesn't treat them like second class citizens.
  2. AVR_Project

    Ok! Even I am getting unmotivated now.

    I'm far, far past where you are. I've promised myself I will only start up the game to have fun. I've accumulated a ton of ships to get that done. The notion that 'I must do this' is a Sun that set a long time ago. If I have a lot of time off, and it's raining... I'll pull up a chair and play a few. No Premium? I'll just play a few low tier ships. When the buzzer goes off on the dryer.. I'm back to laundry.
  3. Today during a clan battle... Something I've never seen before. End of the match -- we are losing. I spot a FULL BROADSIDE Stalingrad about 7 seconds travel time. Switch Puerto Rico guns to AP, line up and fire.... Looooookkkkiiinnnngggggg GOOD !! Then all 12 rounds disappear.... By the time it took me to scream, "What the Hell !!!!" They reappeared and landed 3 seconds past when they should have. Nicked the stern. This PVP game is Condensed Horse Hockey. Clan mates said, "that's just desync.. happens all the time." Wait !!! You saw it too ???? Then it's not desync. This is outright messing with people.
  4. That happens on 'bad' days. It's a sign to either hang it up or do operations or Co-Op. I over-penned a broadside Montana, with a Montana. After I was deleted (rather easily), I free-camera'd over to see seven holes at it's waterline where I over-penned. Did a training room right after and duplicated -- all citadels. That's a bad day.
  5. AVR_Project

    Forgotten Ships

    I played the HMAS Vampire last night... It was quite fun to just kick around T3 for a game. It performed rather well. It was a grinder mission prize that was long forgotten. The Varyag is like that too.
  6. AVR_Project

    Perma Camos

    I posted it. Behold the Lexington...
  7. AVR_Project

    Has there been a slight change in COOP BOT Behavior ?

    I noticed the bots don't launch catapult fighters until they spot my CV aircraft.
  8. AVR_Project

    Fun is missing

    I've been binge-watching this in my free time:
  9. AVR_Project

    Thank you WG from a CV player.

    I've been telling everyone to run their CVs in Co-Op so WG can see the numbers for 'Normal' people. When they see the average credit pull for a T10 CV with Premium Camo, and Premium account is usually a NEGATIVE number... They will do something. They did something. The price of planes had me keeping them grounded and charge in for secondary hits.. I actually made more (lost less) credits that way. Thanks !!!
  10. AVR_Project

    What is the best premium in the shop right now for HE spamming?

    Best HE spammer would have smoke. Figure a long duration smoke so you can set up just outside a Domination cap and blast away while going forward and backwards in the smoke to avoid return fire. Successful HE spammers are Kutuzov (removed), Smolensk (removed), T7 Kiev (moved to T8 and nerfed) What's left? Nicholaus, Farragut, Gallant, Aigle, Mahan, Sims, and Blyskawica -- rarely sees radar, has good smoke, and fast guns. Those French, British, and Polish premiums are the ones coming BEFORE the attribute setting grind line redefined and ruined them.
  11. AVR_Project

    Usability, and monetization strategy, I suppose

    That hatch in front left is where the 5" rounds come up from the magazine. These 5" guns don't have a turret well like cruisers and battleships. It's just deck plating underneath. The guns are supposed to fire over the sides, so the turret has doors on each side for passing the shells. The sailors form a bucket-brigade to pass the rounds into the turret.
  12. AVR_Project

    we got to do this

    Or maybe each rank required one type / nationality of ship... (like Naval Battles) Show up with whatever tier you have until you win.... then move on to the next one.
  13. AVR_Project

    we got to do this

    Against 3 CVs and 2 other light AA cruisers... NOPE. ..... A while back, there was a ranked that was tier 8 ONE ship.... I had a real blast on that one. I never lost. I went in with either a Lexington or Enterprise. I fought a Prinz Eugan, Atago, Alabama, and three Tirpitzs. The Alabama almost had me at the end, but they forgot to focus their 'manual secondaries' and I burned it down. ..... There are several ships I would have dreaded. #1 is a Cleveland set for AA against the weak Enterprise planes. With the Midway, I have enough problem 'suicide' rocketing one Smolensk, and not 5 sticking together. All they would have to do is stay together for mutual fire/AA and nothing can touch them. Now, if they came up against 5 battleships.. Game over for the Smolensks.
  14. AVR_Project

    we got to do this

    Versus 5 Smolensks... Ouch !! That will get ugly.
  15. AVR_Project

    fix the match making

    And we also don't complain about being on the other side of these matches. Seems every shot is a pen, citadel, or fire. We know we aimed long, and the ship turned in... but we get 5 pens anyway. There has been many, many games I look at the results and know in my heart that I simply am not that good. It's either all luck or the game handicapped and gave me great RNG.