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  1. AVR_Project


    I don't like that either. Unfortunately, in real life... Only 9 battleships haven't disappeared. Mikasa, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Missouri, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Alabama, and Texas. Arizona and Utah are 'sort of' not disappeared, and many others can be visited with a deep sea submersible. They disappeared.
  2. AVR_Project

    Naval battles not recording while pink

    Did you already use up your 10 tries? That got me once.
  3. AVR_Project

    Congratz wg

    Please take note: EVERYBODY has a couple really bad ships that become an insurmountable wall of pain... Every match seems up-tiered x 2, every enemy torpedo and shell lands. Every HE hit is a fire. Shells don't land. Never gets a fire or citadel. Seems to steer right into islands the moment the detection ! lights up. A lot of folks see the Omaha this way (USS DeleteMeFirst). For me, La Glasscannon was a decent ship. In this account, my most painful ship was the Colorado. I struggled to get over 10K damage before being slaughtered by destroyers and carriers. But after I moved on to the North Carolina, Iowa, and Montana, ... and bought it back... It's a decent fun ship now. On my second account, the Omaha was soooooo painful.. This account was a breeze right through it. It's like an RNG bad ship.. So spin the wheel of Suck-o-Rama-Ship.
  4. AVR_Project

    3 CV's per side in a battle...really WG?

    Has this been repeated for the new system??
  5. AVR_Project

    3 CV's per side in a battle...really WG?

    I once had one game where there were FIVE DDs on the enemy side..... Oh joy !!!! My Atlanta did very well in that one.
  6. AVR_Project

    3 CV's per side in a battle...really WG?

    How about 12 CVs versus 12 CVs ??? I wouldn't mind that at all... Think of the tactics.. launching at ships with no WASD.. Dropping fighters to counter the CV fighters at the right moment.. I think we are quickly approaching this.
  7. AVR_Project

    Closed testing

    We still don't have CV adversaries in co-op or training rooms. Operations like 'Dynamo' have been hurtfully missed (they were actually fun). Can we finish the rest.. THEN... come back and do the tweaks?? This is like Model Railroading gone horribly WRONG. This is where you build a scene on a part of the layout, then keep tearing it up because you have a new idea. A smart Model Railroader will complete the layout all the way around the room... THEN come back to make improvements where it was started. That way the train layout gets done, and everything new is upgrades and improvements. This is a management problem, not a balance issue.
  8. AVR_Project

    "This" happens

    OMG !!!! What's in it??? Open It Open It Open It !!!!
  9. AVR_Project

    This Azur Lane collection is growing on me

    Ah the dorm room. I guess the ship-girl wants to 'play pool' in her bedroom. I reviewed the AZ gameplay: You pick out an attack formation from your collection of ships and go into battle. HEY!!! Why can WOWS do that ???? -- like I've been asking for it for years.
  10. AVR_Project

    Rental ships

    They also work in the Training Room.
  11. AVR_Project

    Rental ships

    You need to have at least purchased a T8 premium ship, and played it in Co-Op. And there are a lot of re-roll accounts out there to avoid the clan-swapping dilemma. The only difficulty is when the rentals don't offer a nation that the re-roll captain has worked on.. .... My opinions are varied. I feel there should be a 5 minute cool-down between clan battles to force the members to think about what they can do better from the last one. This - 'Hurry! Ready up', and spur loss after loss on bad days has to stop. Also tosses a wrench into clan battle sync-droppers.
  12. AVR_Project

    Raincheck for Premium time

    I'm sure you can pay someone to play your account for you.. Just co-op off the bonuses, collect the trinkets... say 5-6 games a day. I certainly don't have the time to play very much, But I'm sure some kids would do that for $5 a day.
  13. I took all the T8 carriers into the training room to see what difference IFHE makes on gun battles.. Here's the Graf Zeppelin at 3KM against an unarmed stationary Montana... IFHE makes a Big Difference here.
  14. There could be 10,000 secondary hits... same result as shown above... ZERO DAMAGE. The GZ is so badly nerfed.. I was launching planes to escape my CV right before the collision.. (like so many sci-fi situations). Call me 'Chicken of the Sea' as I was abandoning my ship. This is really cool to do that. My planes didn't get far as most burst into flames upon leaving the flight deck. The fact I didn't sink it by ramming but flooded it (secondaries helped by lighting fires and put the Monty's repair in cool-down).. means it's full AA shredded my planes that close before it sunk. 20190513_175506_PGSA518-Graf-Zeppelin_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  15. Yes, there a trick to getting great damage numbers in the Graf Zeppelin... I think I'm getting this perfected.