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  1. Got the Chappy and Edenburgh through grinding -- not cheating with free-XP...

    Sold the Shcoors , but kept the Fiji because I was fool enough to buy permanent camo for it.

    I keep all ships with camo.   Even bought back the New Orleans because of the Anniversary camo.  Kicked butt with it in ranked too.

    My alt account drew the Richeleiu mission while this one only got to the T6 Normandie.  Gave up on the French campaign on this account, but completed it on the smaller account.  Premium camo is required at T8 levels for non-premium play.

    Having two accounts with different stats is an eye opener.  The ships seem to work better on the smaller account.

    Smaller account is actually more fun and adventurous.  Almost feels like this older account is overweight and bloated with needs.