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  1. Got the Enterprise today.  Played it a bit in co-op to level my Lexington cap to 15 points..

    It's definitely a fun, effortless ship when playing against another Enterprise.

    Did a few manual drops and the torps tighten up real good.

    The AP bombs are pretty good too.  Took half the health off a Bismarck in one auto-drop strike.  I'm impressed.

    Also took some time to look at the Kaga a little better.  Had to adjust the Hiryu cap's points to accommodate the lower tier planes of the Kaga.  Had to give up accelerated torps.

    The difference between the Kaga and Enterprise caps is the Kaga has torpedo reload, and the Enterprise has demo.  Reasons for demo?  Lexington and Saipan use of bombs on occasion.  And I can also use the Enterprise 500 pounders if I want to start fires after the torpedo run.

    I reserve the right to change my mind..  I's only money.