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  1. Finally got the Blyskawica captain up to 10 points.

    It was one of those things I was meaning to get around to.  This classy mission gave me an excuse.

    Now, I'm working the Mahan a tiny bit.  Had a really nice battle using the RD finder on the Mahan:

    Standard mode, my ships were all gone off to fight.  I was in the Mahan fighting off a Shinonome alone.  Constant streams of torps going back and forth..  Occasional gun battles.  I was getting the upper hand on HP, though.  Then my team cleared out the enemy cap and the Shinonome charged -- boom-boom dead... end of game.

    It was real nice knowing where the bugger was all the time.  Always had my guns pointed there, always had a few torps in the water.