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  1. AVR_Project

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    It's a MUST HAVE... So every time I screw up and turn pink... I'll do all my pink missions in a Kitakame. That should raise a few eyebrows.
  2. AVR_Project

    Top Tier Fun in California

    I sunk one in co-op. Charged nose-in with a Budyonny and slammed it with three torps.
  3. AVR_Project

    Bots in PVE firing on friendly ships

    I tried to get a competition going to see who could get bot-teamkilled the most.
  4. How about giving us the rest of our carriers back ???
  5. AVR_Project

    Fate of the USS Texas

    Politics is what got these ships built in the first place. So it's not a verboten subject. I appreciate you doing your best so the kids can see history here. It's one thing to look at pictures, read stories, and even play the ship in a game... ... But to actually bang your head on a bulkhead and walk on a wood battleship deck is entirely different. I'll do what I can. Thanks!
  6. AVR_Project

    Welp, I understand why people play CV, now.

    Seeing how you started at tier 4... Yeah. That's kind of fun. I div'd up with a clan-mate when he got his Hermies... I was in the German T4 DD with the Schnellbot torps (most awesome DD in WOWS). We got the Solomons map... Man, I haven't played that in... forever.. I was pushing the middle while he was propping up the right flank with some disciplined torp drops. He didn't lose any planes. I scored a Kraken on that one after I pushed through and nailed the enemy CV.. About that time, our 'clan boss' broke in and told us to report for Clan Battle Training.... yeah, that soured the good mood. We could have done this all night. (It's not the GWG clan) Sometimes those T4 CV battles can be a blast.
  7. AVR_Project

    What ship do you have the most XP on?

    Took a quick look.... I'm shocked. How did this happen? Oh... Clan battles.
  8. AVR_Project

    Premium Kaga not worth the money!!

    I edited the post just now... Edit -- Just got back from a training room with the Big E.. For skip-bombing, the time interval is 9KM for boosted, and 7KM for non-boosted. And you have a painful 4KM out in raw AA. With a 9 plane group - and you used 3 to get close, that leaves 3 sacrificed to AA to make one good 3 plane run. I'd give it more than these numbers.
  9. AVR_Project

    Premium Kaga not worth the money!!

    ENTERPRISE !!!! I haven't played that in a long time. Double nerfed with weak planes, and super-duper expensive price of those planes (double Kaga), and 1.5 times post battle service cost just switched me off of that until it was fixed... and I haven't checked for a while... Oh wait.. Yes I did. I perfected the 8KM skip-drop.. and tried it... the target reticle over the ship never becomes ready until all my planes evaporated.. I need to work with this in a training room to see HOW BAD THEY NERFED ENTERPRISE AGAIN. Enterprise has become the CV rework poster-child to me. I used to have a lot of fun while at least coming in the middle of the battle results. Now, I'm always bottom. Kaga escaped all those timing nerfs. Edit -- Just got back from a training room with the Big E.. For skip-bombing, the time interval is 9KM for boosted, and 7KM for non-boosted. And you have a painful 4KM out in raw AA. With a 9 plane group - and you used 3 to get close, that leaves 3 sacrificed to AA to make one good 3 plane run. I'd give it more than these numbers.
  10. AVR_Project

    Premium Kaga not worth the money!!

    You've got a good range on those torps. You need to launch long. The Kaga has the highest capacity of planes-on-deck of any CV. It takes you three strikes to run low on torpedo planes. And they are cheap, so use them up. Fighting Tier 10: Make one high-speed approach, drop long, and hit plane return right after they hit the water..
  11. In the past (but not every time), there was free captain resets after the close of Clan Battles. These were not immediately after... sometimes a week or two, and only available for a couple days -- and ONLY for those who participated in Clan Battles. Gotta keep your eyes open and check every day.
  12. AVR_Project

    Reporting Teammates

    I rarely look at the battle chat. Usually when the battle gets into slow moments. I'm tracking enemy on the mini-map and seeing what the friendlies are doing. Occasionally, I glance over. One mission a few weeks ago, I was in a Kiev, in a Random (rare indeed). I was doing my best and we were winning when I jumped into a cap. By that point, I was the only DD left in the battle. I didn't suicide charge like everyone else and I supported my team with smoke and spotting in a group. Yes, it got slow as I waited for the timer to run down... I SHOULD NOT have looked at the chat window. This 'dead' individual was riding my ship and telling both my team and the enemy team how rotten of a player I was -- and what I was doing wrong. I imagine the enemy team figured I was capping C, but he didn't have to tell them. Right after I read this, I completed the cap and got into a fire-fight with an Atlanta and --somehow-- survived after taking and giving a big chunk of health. So now I'm a coward..... Run away !! Run away !!! Seriously. As much as I dislike being someone's therapy pillow... I also understand everyone can have a bad day. We still won the game, and I came in at 3rd place with 2 kills. I don't have to explain my actions here. It's a game, and I did my best as my abilities allow. This person followed me after the game in chat, and I ignored him and jumped into another battle. After that battle, I just deleted his chat without looking. I'm guessing this guy found someone else more sensitive to pick on. ---> Don't be that person.
  13. AVR_Project

    The ROI on Coop Games

    I needed 500K credits a couple days ago, so I flagged up the Missouri and headed into Random... I made the credits, survived and won.. but I came in below half the players, despite being in the thick of the battle most of the time. The team I was fighting (at tier 9) practiced angling very well, and one really can't sneak up on a flank against these guys with a Missouri. The only citadels I got were on cruisers properly timed in the middle of their turn. I saw their front lines retreating, and I anticipated it. I HAVE A PROBLEM with the after battle report. Potential Damage: A Shimakaze fired 5 sets of of torps at me when I was bow-in, between two islands. I backed out to one side to avoid them each time. There was less than 100K potential damage in my after-battle report. What Happened? Since I'm a co-op player, I know. He hit the 'X' button before launching torps. I always do that in Co-Op so the bots won't immediately dodge my torps. This deselects the aim fan, and takes focus off the ship targeted. IT ALSO REMOVES POTENTIAL DAMAGE CREDIT. So if the 'X' key moved focus from me to someone else, it robbed me of the potential damage and handed it to someone else. I'm going back to co-op where I get credit for this stuff.
  14. AVR_Project

    some people are so stupid its pathetic

    I use the ARP Hiei and ARP Myoko Those are wonderful Pink Botes. And I start every match with, "So, what are we doing tonight, Brain ??"
  15. AVR_Project

    some people are so stupid its pathetic

    So the guy trolled you. Learn from it and move on. It's just a game. Don't have a freaking meltdown over it.