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  1. AVR_Project

    USS Arizona 'salvaged' wreckage

    I've salvaged a few newspapers from under linoleum laid out in the 1946-1949 era. You would think there never was any kind of war that had just happened. The nation was not only tired of war, but had turned into denial and didn't even talk about it. Famous ships were being scrapped away faster than a forest fire. Implements of war were being bulldozed into the ocean. Halsey tried to save the Enterprise.. nope. It was a modernistic time of jets, H-bombs, ICBMs, Sputnik... Cold War. The troops were so excited to be home that they never wanted to look back..... until... some time in the middle 1960s when their children wanted to learn about this thing called war... That's when all the museums and monuments went up. They went scrambling for every vessel that hadn't been hit by the torch. TV shows popped up in popularity. Silly shows that had killing with no blood and guts. My dad who fought at Nuremburg watched Combat. I recall him saying, "It ain't nothing like that". Then he looked at me and told me he never wants me to see that kind of war for real... Movies like 'Fury' 'Dunkirk', and 'Saving Private Ryan' shined light upon what he was talking about. Arizona would have been completely removed by the late 60s if it weren't for this 'museum' movement. Before that, it was a worthless hunk of scrap metal littering the harbor. War Grave ???? There was no such thing.
  2. AVR_Project

    World of Warplanes or World of Warships

    The man is right. Pre-1941 has CVs in an auxiliary role with hardly any usefulness. Taranto was the wake-up call... And then the Japanese copied it. The Ark Royal was a freak lucky hit. You'd better believe if those two British BBs weren't out there, the Bismarck would have made port.
  3. What you have to watch out for is CV sync-dropping Since there is usually only one a game, they'd sync-drop their dud on the other side to provide intel. Look for a 3 ship with CV div on one side, and a real poorly playing CV on the other side... Usually apologizing they never played before (At tier 10? yeah.. right..) The dud CV would be from a sacrifice alt account. I have two accounts with CVs up to tier 8. I've done it in training rooms, but never in Random (rarely play random anyway).
  4. AVR_Project

    Is there an issue with aiming?

    Meanwhile, Co-op bots are still laser accurate, two caps away.
  6. AVR_Project

    Gardener of WoWs...

    Need to plant cat grass for the long winter months.
  7. I recall one of those missions where I had to spot xx amount of torpedoes -- and the bots weren't cooperating (pun intended).. Finally got an bot ARP Takao grounded and I pulled up and sat there waiting for the last 4 torpedoes I needed to complete that mission. Come on… Shoot! Hello!! I'm right here... launch those torps please.... Some 'friendly' got one hit from across the map and detonated it.
  8. There are some 'missions' going on... Maybe they were after secondary hits or potential damage. Some things don't require a win - you know.
  9. And there is something else bots can do. They can bow tank on one side, while clobbering another ship half the map away with the rear guns. I've lost track of how many times I've been single-shot deleted by some far-away bot who was in a fire-fight with someone else -- two caps away.
  10. AVR_Project

    Returning player: How does PR grind work?

    You'd be paying only in doubloons And you'd be paying an awful lot. Buy off all 3 boosters, then finish off with 35K... But if money is no object...
  11. AVR_Project

    Good luck guys (Leaving WOWS)

    The game will still be here when you come back. (It should) Leave the account open... let the premium expire... come back when things have calmed down. We'll continue to keep the co-op bots from taking over the world.
  12. AVR_Project

    What if - Bismark had met Warspite and Valiant.

    Well... On the opening actions before the Battle of the Coral Sea, American pilots reported facing several ME-109s over Tulagi... After the war.. this noise was filtered out for the history books. This report of German fighters came from a paperback about the carrier Lexington and it's sinking. I found it quite humorous. The British filtered a lot of that stuff out too. What? No dreaded 'Pocket Battleships' ? -- also a British invention. We don't know exactly what Norfolk and Suffolk were sending as we are reading the revised history by the victors. Closer scrutiny needs to be given to the statements of the actual sailors who served on those ships.... years later..
  13. AVR_Project

    What if - Bismark had met Warspite and Valiant.

    The first news the British got as Bismarck confirmation was the propaganda announcement from Berlin. This news flashed all over the world. The British would have had it hushed up, but Lutgens had to broadcast status messages every few hours. This wasn't officially confirmed by the British Navy until after the Bismarck was sunk. ... History books are written by the victors. You know, British intelligence wasn't well trusted by the navy. Everything with a grain of salt. We only hear of the successes when you know there were just as many failures. It's all water under the - bridge too far.
  14. AVR_Project

    What if - Bismark had met Warspite and Valiant.

    All these details committed to memory while the research trail grows cold.. Remember when the 'Hunt for Bismarck' event was going on? Years ago... Let me search... "The Bismarck increased her speed to 30 knots, decreasing the distance with Prinz Eugen sailing ahead of her at 27 knots. The main artillery was ready to open fire and the First Artillery Officer, Lieutenant Commander Adalbert Schneider, requested from the command bridge permission to do so, but no answer came back to him (25). The Hood's second salvo fell close to Prinz Eugen which probably during this time used her depth charges type WBD in order to confuse enemy spotters (26)." http://www.hmshood.com/history/denmarkstrait/bonomi_denstrait2.htm (26) Evidence from photos of the Prinz Eugen stern before and after the battle demonstrate the utilization of the depth charges during the engagement as the charges went from 3 to 1. I'll see if I can verify this from the PE crew statements after the war. I know they were asked by US and British intel. They were, however, prohibited from publishing anything until the 1950s.