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  1. AVR_Project

    CV AA quick thought.

    If the new CV mechanics incorporate 'unlimited aircraft', then I don't have a problem with BBs having a 'Call for Air Support' consumable. They hit the button and 4 fighters launch from the carrier to circle your ship.. like a floatplane fighter. Consumable lasts 3 minutes.
  2. AVR_Project

    bad habit from coop

    There really are no bad habits. It's a game and everyone has their favorite boat / fighting style. After playing DDs in co-op a few dozen times on the US line, I came out into Random and was amazed how easy it was to torpedo ships. I didn't even need to get suicide close... but those ambush skills were well developed and worked for me. I still like Co-Op for most of my amusement. I'm not trying to prove anything to anybody here... I just like blowing 'stuff' up with my floaty botes. Recently I completed the Cossack and went after those 4 'POTENTIAL DAMAGE' missions awaiting. I did all 4 at once -- in TWO Co-Op missions. You are trying to get ships to shoot at you. So I charge YOLO straight in... Shooting off main guns every few seconds... I get spotted at full gun range and I start to dip and dodge. Lose detection.. Wait for the shelling to stop... Blast a couple salvoes at the nearest red ship.... repeat. Important thing is to maintain distance. Those cruisers can't get too close. This works well in Random too... Everybody is sooooo focused at getting shots off at the DD, they don't know they are being played.
  3. AVR_Project


    You got on the opposite side from a bunch of 'Seal Clubbers'. That one division of 3 ships killed off half your team.
  4. AVR_Project

    ARA San Juan has been found

    Human remains after this much time.... NO. Personal effects are about all they will get.. https://www.sciencealert.com/here-s-what-happens-to-a-dead-body-at-the-bottom-of-the-sea
  5. Interesting to know that in 1968 Arty Johnson humorously plays a German soldier on Laugh-In who doesn't know the war is over.

    Meanwhile, Japanese soldiers are holding out until the last one Hiroo Onoda surrendered in 1974.

  6. AVR_Project

    Learned something interesting in Customer Service Class

    When one includes the 'Happy Customer' base... Sometimes new customers cost nothing. I see the ads for Jean Bart all over Facebook and other media. I'd assume it's directed towards me. But seriously.. is that necessary?? That money could be put to better use.
  7. AVR_Project

    Royal navy and hall of fame

    If you expect all the information to be correct.... You are going to have a tough time here. Wait till you notice that ship distances are ticking down at .1 Km/sec (100 meters/sec)... Yeah, that's like 260MPH !!!
  8. AVR_Project


    Learn to use the map, angling, avoiding certain ships, and proper selection of AP/HE. These skills are ultra important in US cruisers all the way up to T10. Upgrade to top hull ASAP. Those extra guns make that ship.
  9. AVR_Project

    Kami sisters in the recent ranked

    Actually the division of Bogue and Texas was the OP 'Easy' button for T5 ranked. Only when we met another such division that things got interesting.
  10. AVR_Project

    Real WG Doubloons

    Aside from all the dust collecting brick-a-brack.... How about something far more impressive.. Like 2'x4' posters of the nation ship trees. Now that's something I'd be happy to hang in my office at work -- not those little toys.
  11. My problems are with the dim-witted AI they put into the friendly CV. Never seen them score 2-3 above bottom place. And like I always say.... "Last mission, the bot CV op was sooooo bad... I reported it as a HUMAN !!"
  12. Just load up a 'Shoot Down XX Planes' mission from one of your campaigns.... Won't see a CV all day.
  13. AVR_Project

    The Nevada manuever

    When they are beached in sand, the cooling intakes are clogged. That boat will overheat rather quickly and then lose power to the equipment.
  14. AVR_Project

    The Nevada manuever

    Game mechanics what they are today... I get perma-stuck on a rock.. then sink when my HP diminishes. There are no swimming beaches in WOWS. The water off the edge of islands is usually bottomless. As a double-edged sword to slowing HP loss by beaching, how about causing HP damage by ramming an island -- like TK damage, it's reflected back and you can end up sinking yourself if your HP is low. That's another tactic to avoid giving the enemy points for your ship loss.
  15. AVR_Project

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Just found out I could use it as a GIFT.... So I gifted the Massachusetts from one account to the other. The rental becomes real. The other account has no US BB Premiums. That thing is more fun than the Texas, Like an Alabama with Bismarck secondaries.