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  1. AVR_Project

    CVs in co-op

    I think you are looking for these pages.. I took all 4 premium CVs out last night to see what the economy changed to. Haven't had time to compare from the last run.. but I'm pretty sure they all lost money before --- but are better now. Kaga (T9 Battle), Saipan (T10 Battle) , Enterprise (T9 Battle), and Graf (T9 battle)
  2. As a CV op, I can make 3 runs at a DD and only kill 1/3 of it's health at best. Then I'm out of planes unless I drop perma-spot fighters. If it's early in the game and my team isn't in firing range (or protected positions), they can just head for cover and wait me out. If one of my cruisers lights up firing at that DD in the open, every enemy BB can focus and erase him with a salvo or two. It's play, counter-play, counter-counter-play... Cruiser players learn that too.... NOT IN THE OPEN THEY WON'T FIRE. So I'm alone in my DD attacks and he's relatively safe.
  3. AVR_Project

    Narai with random teams

    The kids go back to school in September. Co-Op is seriously silly when the friendly bots score better than half the team. But I play WOWS because I love ships. Many of these seasonal folks have no more interest in the wonder of these vessels than they would a pin-ball machine.
  4. AVR_Project

    Adding Shinano to the game....

    If completed (with water-tight compartments), it would likely have been armed with fighters, and act as a relay ship to extend the range of land based planes. In reality, if Archerfish didn't sink her, the Shinano would have been parked in Tokyo Harbor and likely end up in US hands at the end of the war. The US had a nasty habit of blowing war reparations up, but this one was special enough to take an interest in. Hmmmmm... Maybe the RN might want the thing.
  5. AVR_Project

    OKHOTNIK - DOUBTS about your HP

    The Okitikami is probably the best Kamakaze killer there is. It's basically a supercharged Derski at tier 5. Any ship gets too close and they are dead.
  6. AVR_Project

    The First Ship to Recieve the Presidential Unit Citation

    It would make a fine ship in WOWS as our first Tier 1 Premium.
  7. AVR_Project

    Question for you CV players out there

    On the whole, I agree that perhaps you should stick with the Tier 4 CVs and grind them until the lights come on in your skill level and they become 'fun'. You'll eventually get to tier 6, but you'll have more skill by then. That's a negative on the Free XP. Save it until the CVs are done.. and if they don't get done.. Oh well.
  8. AVR_Project

    Balanced MM "tree" SPOTTED!!

    Just finished two games in the Hermelin... Came in at the bottom, but I sailed amongst the enemy bots -- and they didn't care. Both battles - ZERO damage. The bots were extremely inaccurate.. at 1KM... lol
  9. AVR_Project

    Balanced MM "tree" SPOTTED!!

    Last year I had a 7 year old visitor. I sat him in front of my game, with the Hermelin, and let him play a few co-op games. After a couple hours, his Mom called and he had to go. He kept shooting islands and ramming into other team players. It was low population, so the team-mates were mostly bots. I was more into the construction going on, so I wasn't watching. I went to finish the game he started. The enemy bots sailed right up to the Hermelin without shooting. They would just park themselves about 4 ship lengths away. My bot-tato team-mates died quick. I had 3 enemy bots... just sitting there. I was like... Huh ???? Shot one... Boom! Detonation. Shot the second one.. 2 citadels and 2/3 health melted away. Another salvo - it's gone. Third bot finally started firing at me. Barely scratched my paint. Same devastating hits, but took about 4 salvoes to kill. .... And you can try this now. Just grab a Tier 1 boat, put a zero point captain in there and play Co-Op like a potato for 3-4 missions.. no kills, no damage.. just sail around shooting islands and get killed by the bots. Watch what happens... Go ahead. It only costs you time.
  10. AVR_Project

    Balanced MM "tree" SPOTTED!!

    I agree this is fair. Fights would be against equals. Unfortunately, this is not the way to make money. Like the Las Vegas slot machine rolls, nothing is really taken for chance anymore. The programming is far more complex than what you propose. Even a bad player needs to get a seriously top notch game once and a while. It just makes good money sense to give bad players a memorable Unicum level achievement once and a while. So all hits are citadels, every HE hit is a fire, and the opponents rudders jam all the time as they can't shoot straight worth a darn. Mr./Mrs. Potato-head gets a jackpot match that he/she will remember all week. But this only happens once and a great while. Never mind they get deleted within 3 minutes of 'battle start' every other match. I noticed this when I was starting out. I'd get unbelievable great RNG... then back to normal.
  11. For me, it was the Zuiho. It was sooooo painful to grind up.. but somewhere in there, everything clicked in as I mastered the Manual Strafe and scissor drops against DDs. After they nerfed the manual drops and strafes, it was even better - because it lowered the skill zone factor to a point where it was just click and play. I absolutely LOVED auto-dropping torps behind a fast moving DD... The torps usually ended up dropping RIGHT NEXT TO the target and they ran right into them. And it was fast enough to outrun DDs, unlike the Bogue, and had a half-way decent secondary.
  12. AVR_Project

    Complainers & I play for Fun Crowd – WG LUVS YOU!

    When CVs changed early this year, I had a ball... Lately, however, I am feeling more ball-busted. Every time I get comfortable with a fighting style, habit, and tactic.. They change - and suddenly I can't properly target anything or my planes get wiped out. There seems to be a new aim-scrambler where I can't hold the reticule in place. It's like I'm pulling it one way while the keyboard and mouse go unresponsive. Other times, I'm all lined up to start the attack.. LMB.. Nothing happens. I overfly my target and get wiped out. This new RNG malfunction is seriously frustrating. It's like the unresponsive rudder in Random matches.
  13. AVR_Project

    CV Summary, my final thread on CVs

    I have offended a Hakuryu player.
  14. AVR_Project

    CV Summary, my final thread on CVs

    Target audience is accustomed to one-liners. Make a point-title and add supporting text below. That way, if I already agree, I can skip it. Example: WHEN ARE WE GOING TO MAKE AMMO RESUPPLY THE SAME AS OTHER SHIPS FOR CVs.????? Currently, we are using the ancient method of CHARGING FOR DAMAGE -- something that went out the window as unfair a long time ago. When a Battleship gets a turret damaged.. Do you pay for the shells not fired? Do you pay for the damaged turret? Heck no ! It just cuts their DPS temporarily. .. Battleships only pay for the SHELLS FIRED. If you are in a 'Flying Shimikaze' Hakuryu, and are stealth spamming torps all over and not losing a plane... Do you pay for those launched torps? Heck no. Does a real Shimikaze pay for those torps?? Yes.. Out the ear !! Charging for Torp/Bomb/Rocket would have been the proper method to deal with the 'Flying Shimikaze' spam syndrome. .. I think this 'balance' has been long past due and will make CV ops more fair. And the punishment for losing planes? The same as having a turret shot out. Loss of DPS.
  15. Interesting game. Maybe try it this winter when I'm stuck here.