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  1. Since the new German commander comes set up for the Hermelin... Hmmm... This is a couple captain skills those T1 lifers won't have.. Faster turret time... And they need T8 to get it.. ... unless they purchase one for $15... (Duoooh!!!) And I never upgrade the Erie Guns.. They stay stock 5".
  2. Answer: Raw experience. There are very few maps, very few options on the ships they use or encounter, no worries of torpedoes, planes, radar, etc. It's a science of simplicity that they have honed to a level of insane expertise. ... Like the song sez... Little to win, but nothing to lose. And there are only a few of these, so pick a medium population count for your adventure. I've got my arrogant butt handed to me quite a few times.
  3. Any of the T1 machines can be a blast with extra captain skills. Income sux, but you get flags. And there is a whole social group in WOWS who only plays Tier 1. Thousands and thousands of T1 games under their belts. You run into them, and you'll be the seal getting clubbed.
  4. Griefing?????

    As you go throughout life, you will find people who are rude, over competitive, and just plain childish. Yes, they are everywhere. Expecting to not see them is an unrealistic expectation. Suck it up and move on. Karma will take care of them. Please don't become part of the problem by copying what they do.
  5. Interesting result of new MM design

    Then this is something we should keep an eye out for. Bound to be quirks and bugs in new stuff. Like in another thread I started -- Citadels don't count in Missions if they are done using AP bombs from CVs
  6. Interesting result of new MM design

    Yeah, in Co-Op, we used to drag Hermelins (AA rating 35 with AFT/BFT) into Langley battles - since they had the best AA under Tier 5. After battle results show the bot Hermelins shot down a few planes too. Nowadays, we bring an AFT Orion in for AA protection at T4. For the first time, it beats the Hermelin at around 41 AA rating.
  7. Missouri Gone

    You need to switch to the Yokosuka Port.
  8. Bad premiums - are they really bad?

    Professionally, I feel the determining factor is USE. No matter how statistically or functionally bad it is, if everybody is having a blast playing it, It's a GOOD ship. Atlanta is statistically a very sorry and bad ship. It's basically a Cleveland without 6" guns.. with no armor, protection, or plane. The Atlanta is practically a tier 7 Varyag. And yet it continues to sell because it's fun as hell to play.
  9. Battleships firing from the Bow?

    LOL... Reality: Even PT boats can't get that close to islands without having their hulls smashed and gouged. Reality: We have special Littoral warships made for any kind of 'near island' combat like what we have here. Everything else is an ocean map.
  10. My Tickets sez they are working on the problem... Please be patient. Guess I'll have to use the Yamato instead. However, AP bombs on the Lexington are AMAZING. They are about worthless against everything but BBs, though. Thank Goodness I have torps as a backup... Here's a replay, by the way.. It was white knuckles for a while -- even for a co-op mission. 20180519_012844_PASA012-Lexington-1944_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  11. Thought -- Good... Finished that one off with one to spare using the Lexington with AP bombs.... NOT
  12. Battleships firing from the Bow?

    Torpedoes were fired ONLY in the best direction for ease of water entry. The faster the DD was going, the further forward the torpedo was aimed. After water entry, the programmed gyroscope guided the torpedo to the intercept point.
  13. Harsh Team Damage Rules

    Yeah, that was a serious PR blunder... Orange should have been the warning.
  14. Learn something new every day. Tricks abound. Some you tell others, some you keep to yourself. Last night, I found out I could nearly wipe out a Gneisenau with a single AP bomb drop from the Lexington. These are more devastating that a well placed manual torp drop. Can't seem to replicate that on the Enterprise due to the weaker bombers.
  15. My replays are enabled.. Had that happen once. CV planes attacked me (CV had died moments earlier), and i shot down the remaining 3 planes targeted at me immediately after they dropped. Since I had turned starboard away from them, it took a while for the torps to catch up to me when I made another port turn. I went crazy in chat.. Red enemy torps .. but all the DDs, cruisers, and CV, and planes were dead.. Where the $#%^& did they come from? Only surviving ship was a bot Amagi across the map. Enemy team gave no explanation since they were all those dammed cheating bots. Avoided, so not on the report.