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  1. This was the loss Had only two flags - economy extra credits and reduced repair.
  2. OK. Ran a couple Yamato Missions. Still made coin in the loss. This was the win. (mostly bot cruisers)
  3. Maybe a family member or visitor who despises Ruskies? Left your game running and stepped out for a few minutes? Like stated above, file a ticket.
  4. OK.... While I am on the Forums !!!
  5. Actually I'm in my second account grinding the Wyoming... lol
  6. I have both Yamato and Missouri. Premium Camo Yamato is easier to make the same coin... and will make much more in a Killer Co-Op. Missouri will die of a thousand papercuts in those situation and get chased off the end of the map.
  7. Being a T10, the Yamato is a bit of both premium and F2P .. But come to think of it... Both are 'Free to Play' once they are PAID FOR.
  8. It's only one of the benefits. Try starting a new account and go without premium. You'll be looking longingly at those right column battle results... let that sink in for a while.
  9. Couple weeks ago, they went right under an Atago. The Takao class is a pretty big cruiser - practically a small battleship.
  10. The most comfortable ship to cover the inevitable 'Killer Co-Op' instance has been the Yamato. Go into battle. My bot team potates. I'm left facing 3 cruisers, a DD and a bot Yammie. You just don't get that kind of fun in Random. Edit - and my Yammy includes the $25 camo to make it Co-Operating in silver.
  11. Bit of a struggle below 10.
  12. First of all, the Blys is a museum ship in Poland. When the Clan War thing came up, I reset all my captain points for all the ships I don't use -- it was free. These oddballs will be set up when needed, and usually for a specific job or mission. Never know what you're going to get: 'Fire 200 torps in one mission'. At T7, Radar will be present for at least half of the battles. I'd recommend IFHE to deal with cruisers - since the Blys has just about cruiser gunfire. As a support ship, go with the superintendent and smoke skills.
  13. In a bad RNG game, the enemy Hindenburgs are INDESTRUCTABLE. 17 HE hits from a Des Moines -- ZERO damage. 500hp for each AP hit. Scratching the paint here. And that's when RNG says we are allowed to actually hit it. Meanwhile, the Hindenburg next to it is not enjoying the benefit of RNG - so I set it on fire and AP it for 2/3 of it's health. It's a game....
  14. In reality, US Destroyers had: Smoke Radar Fast firing guns Good Concealment ---- what they didn't have ---- Torpedoes that can reload in less than 6 hours.
  15. Real close - aim where the AP shots are needed. HE - aim for the deck/superstructure. Far away, I usually aim for the deckline in hopes some will strike low..