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  1. Had a lot of fun this weekend as I played a lot of Random in both my accounts. One account is a 'Wallet Warrior' with T10s, lots of doubs, and every premium ship in the game. The other is a starving 'Free' account. Even though I was switching back and forth, playing the exact same ship, I found a stark difference in ship performance. This weekend, MM was much more mean and cruel to my 'Wallet Warrior' account. It took 3-4 frustrating missions to achieve any goal. So I play 3 Cleveland games in one account, then 3 Cleveland games in the other. The 'Free' account scored more consistent hits, and damages. Reversed the order for the Dunkerque.. same pattern. I'm beginning to hate the 'Wallet Warrior' account on the weekends. I was even forgiven for a ramming TK in the 'free' account, while the 'Wallet Warrior' turned pink (yet another ARP related TK). -- story: Short range torpedo shot :: Can't miss. Target detonates -- comes to an IMMEDIATE stop. Torpedoes miss and travel forever where they are eventually derped into by a friendly DD. And through it all, if one is pursuing some bizarre objective (like 50K damage in an ARP) instead of winning, MM and RNG will conspire and torture them for a few games. I've actually accepted this and play the first couple games without even trying for the objectives. My sanity remains intact longer that way. A lot of very experienced folks were going bonkers because they couldn't get two kills with a St Louis in Co-Op. It's the saltiest I've ever seen Co-Op.
  2. Recommendation is a more fair metric to allow self-improvement. How about we make that metric so only the OP can see it, and not hanging out like a bragging sign for experienced operators or in shame to force new players out in frustration. The existing 'public' system already stinks, since it forces players into certain ships, certain play styles, and playing certain times of the day/week to stay purple. There are rewards for playing well, but the score system should not be the reward in itself. Basically, you are looking for a Golf Handicap. Edit: After thinking the numbers through.. It seems a bit better as it compensates good operators for playing on the weekends. Might also want to add another variable to weigh in tier placement. So if you are the only tier 5 in a tier 7 battle, half way up is doing good.
  3. At the time, we were both avoiding air dropped torpedoes. He/she was on fire and had a better turning radius. Would have burned down in a couple seconds anyway.
  4. Fact is, the 'turning pink' mechanism has been removed for being rammed. I'm thankful for that. But I still went negative and lost a kill.. but given the alternative, I'll take this one.
  5. Just now I was in a battle where a team-mate rammed into me and died. I heard the awful voice, "YOU JUST KILLED AN ALLIED CRUISER"... I expected the worst. Here are the results: Read it and don't gnash.
  6. They count towards the number of flags you get every year. Some ships would be letting my team down if I showed up in Random.... Ranger, Lexington .. there are more.. I did take the Lexington out on a good day, and actually did well against Enterprise and Shokaku... but I was totally wiped out after each battle. Strange.. never faced another Lexington in Random.
  7. Maybe we can start a farm in our port? How about a bakery? Maybe we can get some tanks and planes to conquer the adjoining territories..... oh wait..... Never mind.
  8. Hoisted a few too many pitchers of beer and didn't notice you were in Co-Op.. huh? Thought it was too easy... lol. Had 6 kills in my Indianapolis this morning in Co-Op.. Sad when you just want a relaxing cruise but end up carrying your bot team instead.
  9. Unfortunately, here in the NA economy, T6 is about the top non-premium-time economic level. I'm pretty sure it's different elsewhere, but losing a tier 8 match, especially in Ranked here will set your credits into the negative. So if you don't have a premium ship, or premium time on NA, gameplay is risky. It takes a higher level of commitment (time/money) to make it to T8 here. This is why I think we'll be staying at T6 for ranked. Otherwise, we will be chopping off the larger part of the player base here.
  10. Ummm... OK... To answer your question.... DILLIGAF Search that on youtube.
  11. If I'm in a Kiev or Ognevoi, and I spawn into a match of mostly T10 radar cruisers.. I usually hit reverse. If I do that, I found I live longer.. or die slower.
  12. Need to hammer the 'X' button a few times. The auto-lock function where you move your reticle over a target, and the lock engaging is not always automatic. Usually malfunctions on games I'm supposed to lose.
  13. I've had Five disconnects this weekend. I keep my cable-modem and router on a UPS right above the game computer - so a glance shows me it wasn't my end. On three, I was able to get back into the game without a problem. The game was unresponsive, so I quickly canned it and restarted. Of those three, I was already sunk on one. The other two took so long to reconnect, the match was over with no battle report. Also had a few freeze-up disconnects while I was in port -- twice when I tried to bring up inventory. Another right after I bought the Des Moines.. The timing was rather strange.
  14. Another possibility is that the SCENARIO -- HARD mode will be tier 8 only. Imagine invading Newport facing FTG and Hakuryu instead of Hosho and Konig at port. This would be Hard mode.
  15. I also noticed the Anniversary missions focused around ships most folks have either sold off after grinding through or were disappointed over. The camo for the Kiev is fine... since I haven't finished that one, and the camo will help. New Orleans was a past tense ship I didn't quite click onto. The Baltimore is infinitely better for my style. Don't know if I'll buy it back... Maybe I will for the camo. Besides, I have a ton of ship slots.