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  1. AVR_Project

    Jack of all Trades Benefit

    Used in conjunction with premium consumable and 'Special Upgrades', you can do some silly stuff. Here is the Hydro on the Duke of York. 120 sec on .... 102.6 sec off !!!!!! Here's how I got that from 100 seconds on, 180 seconds off: HydroAcoustic Search Mod 1 Upgrade in slot 2 == +20% action time Jack of All Trades Dunkirk Captain Skill == -10% reload time Premium Consumable == 100 on/120 off base November Foxtrot flag == -5% reload Should be 102, but apparently the math is serial and not stacking. 15% of 120 is 18, so it should be 102 seconds. .. But in any case -- lots of Hydro on the DoY.
  2. I looked into it. Compliment of the Richelieu/Jean Bart was somewhere around 750-900 when deployed. Wiki says 1500, but that's with 500 troops. Iowa compliment is well over 2,000. Success would be rated at 'Operating Cost'. This is the reason is stayed in commission so long. It was the cheapest battleship to keep in the water -- in the world.
  3. I don't see any flooding damage, so you simply aren't using it properly.
  4. AVR_Project

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    There is a REALLY good fan film out. Actually stars George Takei as 'old wild-man' Sulu for the younger characters.. Excellent story line too. And yeah.. you can tell the difference in the caliber of the actors here.
  5. AVR_Project

    Your very first Premium was?

    Purchased 12/25/15: Ishizuchi for $11.15 US This was followed by the Atlanta on 12/28/15 for $33.92. Somehow (one of those silly missions), my playing the Atlanta won me the Emden. Along with it was 'The Emden Challenge' where it boosted Capt XP by 300%. I had an absolute ball playing hundreds of care-free games with the Emden.. and the Atlanta. My win ratio plummeted, but I was too busy having fun to care. And I figured nobody was keeping score. After all, it's just a game.. Right??? DDDDDUUUUUUUUUOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!! Got the Murmansk on 1/31/16 for $10.35.. another fun ship.. Many more followed.. .... In June 2017, I started my second account. Bought it the Ishizuchi on 6/25/17 with doubloons and flags for $31.77 Worked up to the level I could get the Dunkirk 19 point captains. Bought the Dunkerque 7/27/17 for $18.28 (+crate) Used the Dunkerque in all the T6 operations to win the other 10 point captains.. Jump-start -- on my way. ... The two accounts are VERY different in the ships they have. It's a totally different feel.
  6. AVR_Project

    What's the point of tier 10 carriers?

    To ram Republique's with..... of course. What else are they good for?
  7. AVR_Project

    Nagato or KGV

    With the Nagato, you have your choice of ARP captains to train over. So you have a collection of 10s to snag right away. I don't see any IJN captains for sale in the Arsenel. With the KG5, you can purchase a 10 point 'special' captain for a few doubs. The Dunkirks have JOAT, ExM, and Smoke buffs. Nagato has better main guns, better secondaries, but the KG5 has better fire-starting potential spamming HE. If I had a mission that required a T7 BB, I'd consider the mission as to which ship I'd choose. As you see, I have them both.
  8. AVR_Project


    Last Day of the Mighty Prinz Campaign and the Directives is Monday, the 21st... Couple days. Last Day of the 'Nerves of Steel' is the 23rd (all end at 6AM the next morning). ... As far as what I did with both PEF ships in my two accounts (I bought them - and got reimbursed 6800 Doubs at the end of the directives) Here the Co-Op # are. It's my most successful RAM ship.
  9. The 'Lucky' hit on the Kongo, was in the chain locker on the bow. Because they had everything else all settled, they continued high speed, leading to a cascade failure of the bow compartments over a couple hours. Water gets in around the bulkheads, hits like a jack-hammer, and the next wall keeps cracking open. I know it was air-dropped, but another 'lucky' hit in the stern on the Prince of Wales led to a full investigation and major retrofits of the KG5 class. Like so many losses in WW2: Lexington, Tiaho, Ark Royal, Shinano, and California (Pearl Harbor), better Damage Control would have saved these ships. http://www.combinedfleet.com/eclipkong.html Kongo started out being called an 'Armored Cruiser' of all things.. Then again.. The JSDF calls this a 'Helicopter Carrying Destroyer'... hmmm What's in a name?
  10. Ironic that all the Battleships sunk only by submarine torpedoes in WW2 were built in Britain...
  11. I want my Tier 6 Ognevoi back too.. That was my best ship. Before the AFT, ExMk, and BFT nerf, these were hellacious terrors. We always dreaded those 3-man Cleveland divisions when they showed up on the other side. The only thing worse, was when the 3 Cleveland division showed up on OUR side and we get squat for kills and damage.
  12. AVR_Project

    Huanghe, My best so far..

    In all my 50+ missions on the PEF, I didn't see HuangHe at all. In contrast, I saw the Krasny Krym around 4-5 times, and the Perth about the same. This ship is sooooo unknown in NA.. Hell, even the red Co-Op bots aren't programmed to know how to respond to me..
  13. AVR_Project


    I joined an 'in-game-chat' team for Aegis Operation. I traded off between the PEF and the Graf Spee so others could grind their PEF. After running the PEF, climbing into a Spee and redoing the mission, you will discover some major details: DON'T DO THAT !!!!! 1) The Graf Spee guns are MORE ACCURATE. 2) The Graf Spee guns actually do significant damage. They don't bounce, shatter, or overpen cruisers. One salvo takes off 1/2 to 1/3 the health of the same IJN cruiser that you need to fire 2 PEF salvoes to get 2-3 scattered overpens. 3) The Spee is far more maneuverable and can dance around torpedo beats that the PEF deals with by absorbing the torpedoes. 4) Accompanied by 3 PEF BBs, my Spee got 5 kills and ranked top of the 5 star win. When I was in the PEF, I was middle-bottom with the other PEFs. CV took the top of that 5 star win. ..... Now.... If they put 4 Graf Spee turrets onto the PEF.... YOU WOULD HAVE A BATTLESHIP SO OVERPOWERED THAT IT WOULD BREAK THE GAME. As it is... A couple hundred more credits and he (German ships are 'he') will rust away in port -- until the next snowflake event.
  14. AVR_Project

    Code for 10 camos + flag - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Code worked.. Already had 'Humble Bundle' flag.. I see no addition. Like it said, I likely already entered this in last month. Yeah... I found this from Dec 2... Already redeemed more than a month ago
  15. AVR_Project


    I'm just finishing up on the last 3M credits of the Nerves mission. Found it best just to tack on 'Zulu-whatever' credit and the ramming flags (2) and just farm it out in Co-Op. Averaging 110K per mission. Cranked out 6 in 2 hours this morning. Low pressure.. Low skill level... Just hit 'W' four times and shoot ram the RED ones. Yeah.. PEF makes you work hard. ALWAYS look for the ramming opportunity. Almost got a DD, but my secondaries killed it first.