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  1. Thank you WG'ing

    I often feel it's better to accomplish something without beating someone for it. Co-Op is a bit more difficult now with bot-friendly CVs in game. Losses will happen a lot more frequently due to the overpowering difficulty of having air power more often. So I guess I bring my own CV from now on to keep from losing.. lol
  2. Duke of York vs Arctic Camos

    I did both. One on each account. I bought the DoY for the 'starving' account and got through the Raid campaign quickly to get the camo -- and ships. The ships were a huge leap for that account. -- The collection was also done from all the Raid crates. Meanwhile, on this primary account, I kept up with the North Cape Campaign. Tried to also keep up with the starving account, but gave it up at level 3. Malfunction at stage 5 held me up for a day, but with a marathon evening I was done. Leisurely took Friday and Saturday to run through the Raid -- DONE. --- Sale on ships was running out. I lacked a German trainer on the Starving account - splurged and got the Scharnhorst to go with the frosty camo. Spent Sunday in Co-Op. Won a day of premium time on the starving account from the scenario... but didn't notice -- and didn't get notice. Came home from work on Monday to got bummed out that it expired. Just last night, I completed all the modules on all the new Arctic Camo boats to top-build. Only a couple are elite (New Mexico and Queen Elizabeth on main account). The only ship 'Under Construction' is the Pensacola in the starving account.
  3. Can I shut off badges?

    I've been out playing for a couple days.. Sunk a few.. Been sunk a few... Nobody commented to me about the badge thing. It's like we forget about it until after we run out of HP. Then it's ... "Oh.. the badge thing. Oh look.. He's a gorilla.. Um.. Whatever." I guess it's a better thing to say than "$&!! #*!! @#*{} !!! it.. One more shot and I would have got the little $!#@ !!" Probably some psycho-babble to lessen the PTSD and trauma of being violently blown away into bacon strips.
  4. Can't go into the North Atlantic with a boat like that. Average gust of wind would capsize the ship.
  5. Yeah, but if the detection ring collapses... and STILL being spotted... then I'd have BIGGER problems than that Zao to worry about. Missouri: Immediately hit Radar if not detecting enemy ships, AND/OR change course since a wall of torps is heading my way.
  6. I think I've burned out.

    A couple days ago, I started taking all my low tier ships out into Co-Op land to see what the horns sounded like. The Wakatake sounds AWESOME... Absolutely fantastic !!!! The best ship horn award goes to... Wakatake. The Emden is like a drowning cow. Mikasa is a raspy passenger liner. ..... For me, the campaigns were done on Saturday - and I took Sunday off. I stayed out of the upper tiers since those waters would be saltier than the Dead Sea. If Ranked is still there, I might dabble a couple more since all the unicums have ranked out. Did a couple high tier matches last night to see what these badges are all about, and work the Des Moines captain up to 19 points. .... Burned out... Yup.. I'm there too. Rest some - or do silly stuff like listen to ship horns.
  7. In all the suggestions offered here, I don't see the obvious answer.... STOP FIRING. Your detection range will collapse, the Zao won't see you, and it will move on to it's next available victim. Use that opportunity the change position, get behind cover, or simply wait and time for that perfect citadel shot from any other enemy players. I know there is some [edited] bravado that you are in some sort of dual.. and you two must fight to the death.. well... it's YOUR death. Rethink your combat ideology.
  8. Not Sure If Happy Or Sad

    WTR is based off how well the average players do with this ship in ANY state. Since most will Free XP past the lower hulls, that leaves very few who actually grind those out. You can include me in that group. For example, I used the recent Christmas campaigns to grind out all the modules for the Roon. The Roon is a tier 9, and this tier has the most one will need to grind out in a ship line. I also did this on the Baltimore and Iowa. Yeah.. Your WTR will suck. RNG and MM gives you no mercy. You have chosen the path of pain - and that's what you get. But as I completed the Roon modules, and am now grinding in Frosty camo towards the Hindenburg, I know it may take 6 months to a year to finish it. System working as intended.
  9. Reading is OP.. I'm about 20K FXP short of 750K. I also have the MO, and have occasional good games in it, especially for the credit grind at the end of the snowflake campaign. For me, 6 Random missions is a LOT of playing for a day. I already have the Yamato as well. My highest IJN captain, however is 15 points. Have 2 USN 19 pointers, though. Training camo is an extra $25, huh? My big question..... What does the horn sound like?
  10. Operation - Killer Whale

    First of all... Read the requirements. You don't need to kill all the forts. You DO need to destroy all the facilities, and the 2 CVs, and the highlighted 2nd wave ships. This requires teamwork since not everybody is going to make it out of this battle. 1) someone has to stay outside the port to go after the CVs -- a strong cruiser player who can take out DDs and other cruisers... or a CV. 2) everyone has to guard the port entrances to kill off the highlighted reinforcements. Don't extend too far in. 3) and no need for smoke since we aren't camping. We need to KEEP MOVING. Last game, some idiot dropped smoke in an entrance and the BOTS used it. 4) Try to group up towards the end and stay together. It's the one malfunction of all the Scenarios that if you go lone-wolf, you die-quick. 5) Don't hit the exit until you have all the objectives you can get. It's OK to sacrifice players to kill the CVs since you only need 1/2 of what's left. If there only 2 players, it takes one to end-win... but you won't get as many stars ... so it's a gamble. Hang around too long for a loss, or take what you've got.
  11. Operation - Killer Whale

    If you know the operation, bring the right equipment. You need to be a fast ship, with quick loading guns. Dunkerque is good against the larger ships and such, but terribad if facing DDs and cruisers. Fast firing light cruisers are needed to raid the harbor and get out quickly. Speed flags are meant for this mission. Leave the destroyers behind - and if you bring one, make sure it's an AA build C-Hull Farragut. Cleveland, Leander (PLEASE - NO SMOKE !!!!), DeGrass, Ryujo, C-Hull Farragut, and Dunkerque are my ships of choice. Fuso and Dunkerque are really good for taking out the forts with AP, and it's not as slow as others. Don't extend too far into the port as it will be a struggle to get back out in time. Keep the carrier outside the port with a light cruiser escort if you have a CV. It'll slow the raid, but when it's time to sink the two CVs.. it's valuable there.
  12. Was looking through Ebay for some decorations for my game room.... Looked up WOWS Posters.... None of these are what I'm looking for. I see they all have the WOWS logo and are made in Hong Kong. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=world+of+warships+collectible&_osacat=28009&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1312.R1.TR4.TRC6.A0.H0.Xworld+of+warships.TRS2&_nkw=world+of+warships&_sacat=28009 What I'd like to buy are wall posters of the various ship lines, with basic ship data and history blurb. T10 at the top, lowest tier at the bottom. Example being the US CV line, or the IJN battleship line, or the German cruiser line. Perhaps with the release of new ship lines. Just an inspiring glance at the ship grind would be nice. And it's helpful to explain to guests as well. Maybe a big 24"x36" large or 40"x60" movie poster of all the ship lines (with reduced data and no history) with the year on the bottom. How many would buy it? -- Marketing research -- Note that they would need to be purchased about every year.
  13. Can I shut off badges?

    If you want sympathy, you will find it in the dictionary between sh[edited]it and syphilis.
  14. Can I shut off badges?

    They are there. Like I said, I was collecting ship horn sounds and wanted to exit the quickest way. I'd make a couple kills and ram a third. Yup.. They are there.. in Co-Op. But like I said, they are all stock/default values. By the way.. The WORST horn is still the EMDEN. Best horns are the Wakatake and Ernst Gaude that sound like excellent steam era Railroad whistles. Couple of the battleships have that raspy ocean-liner horn, Mikasa being one.
  15. Can I shut off badges?

    Having played a day with them... and collecting horn sounds from my various ships in Co-Op.. The badges really don't bother me much. OK.. once, when I rammed a bot and it got in the way of the explosion I want to see. Of course, the bots are all stock anchor on plain background when they dust me off. I changed to flying anchor on 6 sided background. ... I'm guessing as this system develops, and we are erased by seal clubbing unicums with the fanciest of emblems... ..... I wonder how many will hide their expertise and don the plain shield/anchor? This would be their way of boycotting the feature. On one hand, flaunting behavior could be gauged as bullying. Either that, or a sunken player could feel humiliated over being deleted by a 'nobody'. .... Interesting to see how this plays out.