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  1. AVR_Project

    Were Yamato’s Final Escorts Refitted?

    CA and DD Torpedoes were upgraded to the newest 'Homing Torpedo' design from Germany. Proximity fuses were fitted on the Yamato 18" and Yahagi 6" shells. Nothing for the 5" DDs. This was the best of the best the IJN had left. Sad part is that it was only a diversion, like Ozawa at Leyte Gulf. The main attack was the Kamikaze raids. These Kamikaze air raids were disabling about one US carrier/day at Okinawa.
  2. AVR_Project

    Should Arpeggio ships get special quirks?

    Hiei is PINK for those special missions after you TeamKill someone.
  3. AVR_Project

    Permanent camo

    I bought my T9 camo for the Baltimore -- then they moved it to T8. Now it's on the little used Buffalo. Bought T9 camo for the Essex for half price. Essex went away, was refunded FULL price for the camo. Camo went back on sale and I bought T9 camo for the Iowa and the FDG. Another T9 ship that required camo (because it's awesome) is the Fletcher. Paid full price. T9 ships I don't have camo for are: Seattle, Izumo, Ibuki, Roon, and Udaloi. FDG, Fletcher, Ibuki and Udaloi are grinders - and the others are elited and kept just for snowflakes.
  4. AVR_Project

    Best Way to Spend 600 Italian Tokens...

    When I have to run from a T4 Phoenix with a Trento... That's pretty sad. These are supposed to be heavy cruisers, but they feel like slow firing light cruisers with no HE. As with the last tokens, I found that if I budgeted those for my days off work, I could use them for Premium Time on my Alt account. I have 1208 in that account - so that's where they are going... premium time. Unless WG radically buffs these things, I won't even buy permanent camo for more than the ships I already have.
  5. AVR_Project

    Snowflakes are coming back

    Went through a few pages and I don't see a lot of discussion on the T8 camo. I have two ships, Amagi and Chappy without permanent camo. Takao is another questionable one due to some reworking changes, although we don't know if the changed ARP camo will be premium rated, or not. So this will be One (1) Tier 8 PERMANENT camo that can be used for ?any? tier 8 ship... Is it a 'one time choice' (like giving us 3,000 doubloons), or is it something we can pay to remove and transfer around like special upgrades between T8 ships?
  6. AVR_Project

    Italian cruisers over?

    To make up for the pitiful performance of these ships, as Italian ships... We should be allowed to switch sides if the battle is going badly. ... I can't wait for the T9 and T10 ships of this line come out so I can MELT THEIR FACES with my Des Moines.
  7. AVR_Project

    Italian cruisers over?

    Same here. I got the T5 and T6 ship missions completed and tried them out....... What the heck is this SAP stuff, and why can't I set any fires?? It's a good thing Italy is not a nuclear power because - for heavy cruisers outclassed by bots in a freaking T4 Phoenix.... I'd be a tad upset.
  8. AVR_Project

    Italian cruisers over?

    I just got more tokens from the daily mission... Woot woot... Sad consolation. Problem is that this information is buried in news releases often under a different subject... so you must scan through ALL news releases for the last 3 months, VERY CAREFULLY. Looking for Italian cruiser directives..... looking.... searching..... I give up. AND NO !! It wasn't found ANYWHERE on the directives pages.
  9. AVR_Project

    Italian cruisers over?

    Problem is that that CRITICAL NEED-TO KNOW information wasn't on hand last night.
  10. AVR_Project

    Italian cruisers over?

    Laid out some time tonight to finish three directives that were close in the last one. Didn't finish them last night due to this serious work ethic thing I suffer from. Logged on this evening... Oh well.. Guess I have a whole lot more free time now.
  11. AVR_Project


    When we had team battles years back, we could accept mercenaries when our numbers were short. We invited in a lot of good team members that way... and simply thanked the abusive ones. I see it as a recruiting tool == let them see what your clan is like. Would be nice if we could do this.
  12. AVR_Project

    2 questions about the harakaze

    Depends on which gun you are using (which hull). Or in my working, it depends which captain you put on it - and how they are trained. Akizuki captain for the Akizuki guns. Shimakaze Captain for the IJN and US 5" guns. Most like the Akizuki guns, but some lean towards the harder hitting single US 5" guns. Addition: It has pretty good rudder shift, so take the accel mod. It'll get you away from torps in a hurry if you are camping. About AFT. It's a double-edged sword. Yes, you get longer range, but you also get a larger detection when firing. This can make a difference when you are shooting over islands where a distant enemy ship can pick you up. My accuracy drops drastically beyond the non-AFT range.. so choose accordingly.
  13. AVR_Project

    Modeling stupidity - what are your "favorite" nits to pick?

    Where do we begin... 5" guns on the Lexington... 15" guns on the Gneisenau... 30 second torpedo reloads.. Aiming as if I am standing still, rather than moving. And let's not get started with the HSF Harekaze... or is that Hare-zuki? Probably the most OP T8 DD there is.
  14. AVR_Project

    The Problem(s) with Scenarios

    I played Transylvania with random teams... All are losses. Most folks in there have no clue how to defeat this. They are just doing random stuff. Can't play and coach at the same time. I just wanted a leisurely match where I could pick up some stuff.... No way. Can't wait for Halloween to go away this time. I really enjoyed the subs last year. This year -- not much enthusiasm after this kind of start.
  15. I hadn't signed in to my main account for a couple days to finish the directives in the Alt account. Likely expired before I checked in, and the pop-up was waiting in queue. Whatever... I saved a few bucks. WG didn't make a few bucks. Doesn't really bother me too much. It was just a minor annoyance to further depress a lousy day.