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  1. Been debating on getting the Dunker for my second account. It's on sale at a real attractive price for a tier 6. Already won a French 10 point Cmdr from the Dunkirk Scenario. 1) Work on the camo mission that gives a few trinkets. The Camo is not real important as it give no additional benefit. 2) Work on the Dunkirk containerss that require a tier 5/6 (my highest at 30 missions is a tier 4 Hosho) See if I can get a 10 Pt commander. 3) Do some Ranked battles for some free flags and stuff -- currently never started.... try to make it to 15. 4) Do some Campaign things.. And I can do this all at once... Just buy a Dunker and grind away.
  2. Yes, but in the grand scheme, the Universe is cooling.
  3. It's useful if other enemy ships are accounted for. Several times, I was fooled into thinking it was the closest cruiser, when there was an enemy DD between us. Gotta take in all the clues.
  4. I have noticed not all team members are visible when getting ready to FIRE TORPEDOES. I always check the mini-map for dimmed team-mates from now on.
  5. If you have a story to tell, then you had an interesting time. Even getting the snot beat out of ones-self is an adventure in itself. Another chapter in the 'Not_Acceptable saga'.
  6. On my 'other' (Accident_Sorry) account here. In case I ever want to feel like Free-to-Play.. That day of Premium is very exciting. Used it to work my way up to a fully equipped Hosho. Of course I buy premium by the year for this original account. ---- seriously??? --- Only 30 battles and I'm running a CV ?? Gasp!
  7. Yes I have. Especially if one is killed off and is 'riding' a DD during the battle. I've seen it happen 4 times where I was sure they intentionally turned into one. In one case, another DD killed a battleship with torps, and a team-mate chased and intentionally cut in front of an extra spread. ... And there is another problem. Friendlies do not all show up on your main view when you are setting up. And I'm not talking off to the side either. If they are outside your gun range, they might be dimmed down on your mini-map, and not visible on the main viewer. I ALWAYS check the mini-map before firing torps on an IJN DD.
  8. Battleships have heal. You know... The 'T' button thingy?
  9. So I am allowed to have multiple accounts?
  10. Working the Lexington in Random turns out to be more interesting than I thought.  I've prevailed over Enterprise and even Shokaku.

    They beat me to death with damage figures, but I win the game through the strategy of working with my team, instead of for myself.

    On my second 'Accident_Sorry' account, I've reached the Hosho.  Finally, the seal clubbing can begin.. but I only have a 5 point captain.  I actually scored 5 stars in scenario and earned another day's Premium time.  I'll be working on it today.  And I have a 10 point captain when the RN CV line comes out.

    1. AVR_Project


      Oh wait..  That's a French Captain...  Oh well.

  11. AFT.. DE.. BFT.. And a large paperweight on the fire button.
  12. And for remote ship operators who know how to use the WASD controls... WOWS --- FOR REAL https://www.waterwayguide.com/latest-news/news/4382/VIDEO-Navy-develops-drone-patrol-boats
  13. Or maybe a rail-gun?
  14. I would advise the CV operator to .. STAY RIGHT WHERE HE IS AT. a) Looks like a red AS Bogue versus a green 1-2-1 Zuiho. Bogue can't really snipe at all with weak 500 lb bombs. b) Enemy is close by. CV is concealed. CVs draw attention like a pork chop in a tank of hungry piranha. Poking out from that island will result in a hail of greedy gunfire - expecially since they win a flag/Xp if they kill one. c) OP is in a great place to strike at the enemy. Friendlies are nearby and can finish off any cripples the CV can't completely kill. d) if the CA has DE, the CV op can bait the fighters in he can laugh an evil laugh as they melt.
  15. I can clearly see this ship averaging 23 kills in every Random match. LEL