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  1. AVR_Project

    Hybrid and CV's

    Can I get a two simultaneous torpedo and fighter squads for my Hosho Tone? I know that you mean fighters, Repair <R>, and other ship consumables.
  2. AVR_Project

    2017 Dunkirk movie still strikes me

    Ah, the old RTS CV days of focusing on specific air groups. When they relaunched it (without the T5 rentals), they allowed Tier 7-6 DDs of British, French, US (not in the war yet), and USSR (on the other side)... The Sims fitted out for AA was the star of that Scenario.
  3. US Battleships do not have an 'Ice-Breaker Bow'. A direct collision would result in something like the USS Washington / USS Indiana collision bow crush. USS Washington and USS Indiana Collide, 1 February 1944 (ibiblio.org) A glancing hit would have a lot less impact. If the ice could dig into the torpedo blister, it would spill a lot of oil, but wouldn't have that much operational impairment.
  4. AVR_Project

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    So some guy rams you - then claims THEY are the victim. YOU got in their way. YOU ruined their attack - and thus their entire game. Many times, a lumbering BB rammed my DD and pushed me right out of my smoke -- to be immediately clobbered by nearby cruisers. New system doesn't cover that -- need to submit a replay to CS.
  5. AVR_Project

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    The old system prevented 'Pink' penalty whenever members of the same clan shot at each other. This was also abused in that they would damage-saturate each other's bow so they could use this to absorb enemy hits. This new system will affect the play style of these folks.
  6. AVR_Project

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    "When a warning is issued to a player, friendly fire penalty is applied. The perpetrator receives damage in response for landing further hits on allies. The amount of damage inflicted by the friendly fire penalty depends on the perpetrator's current HP and grows with each new hit on an allied ship" So they can still kill themselves by firing on others. This hurts the team. Even as worthless as they are, they still give the enemy a distraction to shoot at. Apart from that, I agree with pretty much all the changes. In the past, the TK system has been an abusive griever itself. The idea I could detonate a friendly with a single small caliber shell was stupid. And it was all a matter of time between the next 'Pink' event. If I'd been clean for 2-3 months, I start seeing single shots straying far outside the dispersion window to hit a friendly. It was the TK system telling it was time to turn pink again. There will still be grievers who chase down friendly torps so they can feel superior in some twisted way.
  7. AVR_Project

    What the Grand Battles could have been.

    So what troll is downvoting all the threads today? I guess elementary school let out. Another problem with my 'escort' idea is what happens to the DD and CA after the player Battleship is sunk? Maybe they just hang out and rescue survivors. Maybe they make a run for and exit the nearest border. It's all in the programming.
  8. AVR_Project

    Community Tokens, new currency for 0.10.5

    Kitikami: 1,000 Community Points.... GO !!!
  9. AVR_Project

    What the Grand Battles could have been.

    Another possibility is to add bot cruisers and destroyers to each player to escort them and attack targets of opportunity. They would never stray more than 3KM away and would match course/speed in formation. Can't expect that behavior from human players. This would more closely simulate real Battleship-Battleship combat. Oh, and here's a twist.. Bring an IJN BB, you get an IJN DD and cruiser for escort. Same for each nationality. So bring a Montana, you get bots Gearing and Des Moines for an escort.
  10. AVR_Project

    I (almost) quit because of radar. Very frustrated!

    Those 'Logs' actually have hundreds of tree rings. They are not Hundreds of years old, though..... Rhododendrons get a new ring every RAINFALL. So each year of life will have 20-60 new rings. These are Mountain Laurel pieces found as underbrush across most of Pennsylvania. Need to be careful sawing these up since the sawdust (and everything else about them) is poisonous. I let them dry out until the leaves fall off, cut them to size, then give them a good double layer of Dull-Cote. The tree rings come out just fine.
  11. AVR_Project

    What the Grand Battles could have been.

    This idea of forts is a good one. Will these islands be short, shoot-over flats, or Aleutian pinnacles? You could also have random high altitude bot aircraft spotting as well. (Think about carrying Fighter consumable instead of spotter). Situation is, if it's just battleship vs battleship, both sides will close into brawling range like a co-op battle. Islands are for cruisers. Battleships are open Ocean map.
  12. AVR_Project

    I (almost) quit because of radar. Very frustrated!

    Model Trains is a good pastime.
  13. AVR_Project

    So wargaming Russian CVs when o.O

    With all the REAL US Battleships to choose from, they gave us an imaginary continuation of the <gasp> Colorado line. And the Secondary build German CV line to boot. And even a premium fantasy Chinese CV. So yeah, they have the creative license to do anything.
  14. AVR_Project

    5 Days of Premium Ship Giveaways

    Looks like a psychology move. Instead of telling folks these ships are going away... make a contest out of it. Make folks work towards something -- then fail. Then they might be more interested in buying one. I bought the Lowenhardt the moment they said it was going away. I now have as many premium German CVs as I do US and IJN combined.
  15. Experience: I got the Fushun in both my accounts with Frosty camo from a Christmas mission thing a couple years back. Pull them out and use them for Naval Battles as required. Anshan and Lo Yang don't have DWT. You picked a real non-subject to discuss. Those ships were clubbers when they came out, but as they got old, they got the nerf-bat and power-creep treatment. But I'm glad you are having fun. Experience: Earlier this year, I was experiencing cut-outs and DOS attacks, shutting the game off for me. So I worked on other subjects like building an old 8080 computer and working on Model Trains. --- I discovered friends and folks in my town care more about my work in these areas than any silly computer game. These folks will never understand my enthusiasm for the Battle-Carrier Ise, or the skip-bombing Immelmann. In fact, they seem to feel sorry for me, like I'm addicted to drugs.