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  1. Ode to the Kiev

    Congratulations Zath, you deserve it! Thank you for all the hard work testing and keep wiki wows updated!
  2. Zath's thoughts on Ranked Battles

    I am done with ranked. Fought over400 battles this season got up to rank 3.3, and things seemed good. Fell back down to rank 5 and couldn't get back up. The meta seemed to change at a certain point, and it became two groups of DD random torping each other, with BB hiding behind islands sniping. I think if CV were in ranked more often, DD would be spotted more, and BB couldn't camp, and cruisers would be more playable. But because no CV in ranked (mostly) then DD rule the roost. Sorry this was the second post. I thought my first post didn't take, but I see it did.
  3. Mouse out-Ranked.

    I threw in the towel as well. I got up to rank 3.3, then fell back down, and couldn't get back up. over 400 games. I'm done
  4. Zath's thoughts on Ranked Battles

    This season of ranked was very frustrating for me. I have played over 400 ranked games this season. Got up to rank 3 with 3 stars then fell back to level 6. The meta of the game at rank 5 and up is all about DD torp spamming, with BB sitting back and snipping. Cruisers are usually crushed. CV are very rare. I think one of the best controls on the number of DD in the high ranks is to have CV playing on each side. The CV is a natural counter to the DD with the CV spotting the DD, and will prevent the BB and Cruisers sitting behind islands. I feel that that lack of CV has contributed to the current meta in ranked. CV play should be encouraged in ranked, and this will help control the DD spam, and camping. With more ranked battles with CV in them, cruisers are a better choice because they help counter CV, so more cruisers will be played. Zath makes a lot of good points. I also think Wargaming should give a longer heads up on the ships allowed for the next season, so players can get their ships and captains trained up. This season, having a Polish captain with concealment with the Blys was very important, this was the better ship to play. Again, if CV were in the game more, then DD would not be as prevalent.
  5. Known Issues Thread - Updated 5/09

    I lost a star in ranked, but then on the next battle we won, but I didn't get the star back? something is wrong, my port screen still shows the old rank, and when I go into the queue for ranked it shows the old rank.
  6. I noticed on winning a battle the crew XP is not calculating correctly. It says the crew XP is doubled, but it does not factor the XP camo and signal flag (equal speed Charlie), it takes only half (50%) of their value. so if you win a battle with Christmas camo (no signal flag) it takes ((base points) * (1.5 (1/2 camo))) * 2, so it uses only half the camo value not the full value. If you have both camo and equal speed Charlie signal flag ((base points) * (1.75)) * 2, this would be half the camo and signal flag value. I check my formulas and this is what is happening, so it appears the players are not getting the full value on the double (X2) crew bonus.