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  1. Decidis


    Alright everyone thanks for the replies, I didn't quite realize I was bringing back a topic everyone last argued about some time ago haha. I hadn't considered lobbing HE at it, and didn't know about the 16mm armor everywhere (since you can't bring it up on ship viewer unless you already have one??), so it makes since now looking back at a few matches the overpens I would be constantly getting. I'll definitely be switching to HE more often in a BB if a Smolensk is on the other team. I think I'll start playing more of my Hindy again, always loved her range and AP shells.
  2. Decidis


    Oh. then yes lol. I see, still it seems so prevalent in T10 matches, that an adjustment should be made to bring it more in line with ships of it's tier instead of it figuratively being at T18 and should be up against Arleigh Burkes lol.
  3. Decidis


    This is my first time back to WoWs in about a year. wth is the Smolensk, and why the #@*! does it have the perks (in some cases more than 1) of 3 major nations? It has the shell velocity and HE damage of IJN Cruisers, smoke longetivity and radius (nearly) of US Destroyers, bounces shells typical of RU bull#@*!, and is sports a low profile also of US cruisers?! Is this just beating a dead horse now, and WoW devs are balls deep on Stalins [edited] (again), because I don't know when this [edited]thing was introduced but it wrecks every T10 match I'm in. /rant.
  4. Decidis

    players losing interest

    I've started losing interest ever since the CV revamp tbh, it was probably the last nail in the coffin (and I'm not even a CV player). I think they should have stuck with the RTS model. But what really killed it for me is how the higher tier BB premiums just land pens and cits all day, it leaves a bad taste of 'pay to win' in my mouth tbh.
  5. Well said OP. I think it's kind of funny, those saying good riddance to those quitting because of this patch. They're shooting themselves in the foot and they don't even realize it. If the trend continues, in 6 months instead of 13k online during the evening hours it could be 8k. Personally, what has me going down to logging in just a few times a week is the fact that new premiums are always so OP compared to their sister ships. Take the Jean Bart for example. Her non-premium sister ship (Richeliu) is a terrible BB. Then all of a sudden here comes Jean Bart penning every other salvo. It's just laughable what WG's aim is here. I can't blame them really, since ship sales is what helps keep them profitable. It just makes me play the game less.