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  1. No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    I find co-ops and weekly operations pretty fun still, especially now that the Ultimate Frontier is no longer a Ultimate F.U. and you can actually with a fair chance at it.
  2. Other languages have grammar and punctuations too, if he plays like he writes, it is no wonder that he is being killed by bots in coop games easily.
  3. Nerf Worcester Harder

    Were you using the 420s? when I was still in the FDG I prefer the 408s and at close range you can delete cruisers and DDs easily.
  4. Kurfurst 406 and 420 accuracy

    I run my GK with full secondary build and use the smaller but faster loading gun for close in brawling. Note also that I play coop only and close range brawling happens all the time so this configuration works well.
  5. You can play operations with the Nelson, it does pretty good in those.
  6. I've also noticed that if the bot is actively engaged by another player and is shooting back, it will tend to ignore torps. It seems that their programming allows for a single opponent logic so if 2 players attack a single bot, it will do well against one (e.g. presents good armor angle, shoots accurately etc) but totally ignores the 2nd one. So if you're in a torpedo boat or is driving a carrier, try attacking bots that are actively shooting back at players. You'll have a higher chance or successfully hitting them.
  7. USS Arizona and HMS Hood

    I play most co-ops and operations and the Hood is a pretty good ship for those battles. It is pretty fast and can zip around the map, useful in operations like the Ultimate Frontier (now much easier and no longer the Ultimate F.U.). The bulk of enemy ships in operations is mainly made up of cruisers and destroyers and the Hood works really nice against them.
  8. My Night of Co-op

    Yup, this. I'm working on my German battleship and is at the tier 9 FDG, most of the torps I'm seeing are from torpedo bombers controlled by red bots. I did get hit by torps launched by FRIENDLY bots last night though, but that's pretty rare. Red bots launch their torps only when they have a good solution and do not launch them into gaps when they don't see you, so by the time you get close enough, most of them have either launched their torps at other ships and is on cool down, or are dead. Also, as mentioned by others, red bots put priority on shooting at ships with fewer hp, the GK has a massive pool of hp so bots tend to shoot it last. Same thing with my FDG, I have to literally be the only visible ship within their firing range for them to try and shoot me.
  9. PSA - Azure Lane back in the shop

    I bought the camo for Hood and Hipper, both looks nice and yeah, wish they give more bonus.
  10. Recommended ship for Op Aegis?

    Actually, the New Mexico is a very good ship for this scenario. While it is slow, it is fast enough as the map isn't very big. Another thing that makes the NM a good ship in this operation is that the 1st 2 waves of ships basically sail broadside to you. So at the start, simply position your NM with broadside to citadel those cruisers and battleships. When the 2nd wave shows up, turn again and exchange broadside with them, again those ships presents their broadside to you so you'll be able to citadel a lot of them. You'll be around 80k to 100k of damage done after the 2 waves. Here's how I deal with the speed issue. I don't sail all way "around" the island like many like to do. At the start, I'll sail the NM forward, turn to present broadside to the 1st wave at around 12km, I'll then stop. Yes, stop. Don't move anymore, torps cannot reach you here. Once the 1st wave is killed off, move again and present broadside to the 2nd wave, again keep around 12km distance. Stop or move at 1/4 speed, giving yourself plenty of time to shoot the broadside of those bots. Once 2nd wave is down, full speed and position yourself to kill the escort. Here you have a choice, you can stop or go slow to provide cover for the transports once the escorts are down. But if nobody is going to kill the CVs, you can move forward and kill the escorts on the way, then do torpedo beat a little and kill the CVs yourself. When in the NM, I prefer to let others kill the CV while I provide covering fire for the transport and shoot down any planes that gets too close to them. Bot ships always appear at the same location in this operation, so you can always pre-position your turrets, making the traverse a non-issue.
  11. Recommended ship for Op Aegis?

    The Dallas is a pretty "meh" ship, its AA guns are not very powerful and its shells only so-so in damage done. I progressed my Dallas mostly through operations it was nothing to write home about; sure you can do fairly well but I won't recommend you select it unless you have no other choices or is progressing through the tech tree. I love the HSF Graf Spee too, it is only of my "drive for fun" ship when in operations. It is another good choice for this operation.
  12. Recommended ship for Op Aegis?

    I've always thought it has them because how easily you can citadel other cruisers. I got the New Mexico and also the T-61 recently, will try them both this week.
  13. Recommended ship for Op Aegis?

    Pensacola. Lots of cruisers for you to shoot at, many of them alo conveniently show their broadside so load up those sweet juicy supersized AP shells and shoot them.
  14. Operation Dynamo Scenerio Questions

    Owww……..I have just 1 DD that qualifies for the operation, the Gallant that I got from last year's Christmas crates. I just bought the T-61 too but it is a German DD so can't be used, what a bummer.

    Sounds like I dodged a bullet here because I spent the entire week playing nothing but Cherry Blossom. I was progressing my FDG with secondary build via co-op and it would've been sad to have bots run away constantly instead of engaging in close quarter firefights.