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  1. Do you keep Normandie?

    I kept mine since it has the free permanent camo on it and is nice looking to boot. She is not bad in operations either so when I get tired of driving cruisers, I take the Normandie out for a cruise.
  2. One more thing, did you know that if you have purchased those Space Ship camo for your ship, your catapult planes will also become a futuristic version in look too? It is a nice touch. On a ship like Des Moines, the catapult fighter act like a fire fly, attracting and holding enemy planes in place while your monstrous AA firepower sweep the red planes from the sky. I sometimes think it is quite cruel to put CVs and Des Moines in the same game, that thing has such powerful AA guns AND it has a fighter too.
  3. From my own experience, bots have logic programmed in such a way that they always shoot at the target that has the most impact on the game. What this means is that if it sees a few targets, it will evaluate which of its targets will suffer the most from its shells and benefit the bot team most. Usually, this means the target that has the least amount of HP but not always. If you are in a powerful battleship, aggressively pushing forward and opening up with full broadside, the bots will now register you as the priority target because you threaten their team the most. In this case, they will focus fire on you and ignore cruisers and destroyers within range. If you threaten their high value target, like a carrier, they will almost certainly target you first too. This design is a very nice one as it teaches the human team to use teamwork instead of yoloing like idiots. If you stay together, the bots will most likely focus on the battleship, the cruisers and destroyers can whale on the bot that the team focus on. In practice, co op players do not really cooperate so what I do when driving a battleship is that I try to see where the group is going and follow closely behind. When the smaller boats are engaged, I push forward or show broadside and open up. When driving smaller boats, I tend to push just slightly ahead of battleships and the moment I'm spotted, I try to nail the DD and then angle/run away back to the battleship for protection.
  4. Cruiser Gameplay

    I play only PvE but in some ways, it is actually more difficult when playing cruisers because bots have perfect aim every single time. The one thing I can tell you is that you must NEVER show broadside to ANY battleships. When playing with bots, they will one-shot delete you with 100% accuracy and hit you with citadels like you owe them money, far more deadly than human players. When angled and dodging constantly, you can make yourself a less appealing target while you rain shells on battleships which tend to be slower and less agile. However, do not go mano-a-mano against a battleship, you will lose unless it is nearly dead. Shoot and then run away (or angle away), then shoot again. Also, zoom in and look at which way the battleship guns are pointed at, you can sometimes broadside and give it a couple of salvos (in your face woot!) before it gets annoyed and turn the guns your way; by which time you should be angled again and running away.
  5. Griefing?????

    You did the right thing, a warning first to get out of the line of fire. Since he insisted on getting in the line of fire, you shot both him and the enemy. You might get a pink status for it but meh, it is worth it.
  6. Nurberg and Leander for now, but I have high hopes for the T6 replacement Pensacola. Many folks don't like it but I used to run Operations with it with good success at T7.
  7. Hey Taylor, saw you at the last game, we were both driving Bismarcks and I commented that I wondered if I break modules on friendly ships will those count. Same thing happened to me too, I used mostly Bismarck and only 1 game the Alabama, ended up finishing the module breaking first before the secondary hits. Took a couple of more games to finish up the secondary hits and completed the mission. Credit wise, it is not too bad if you have premium account but yeah, it is still easy to have negative credit balance when running a T8 BB. The Alabama in tier 8 makes more credit than the Bismarck too, so for those who are tight on credits, having a premium ship like the Alabama helps.
  8. Commander Mission; Step 4 how?

    I saw this guy who piled on every combat flag there is in co op and he did really well with a Bismarck.
  9. Commander Mission; Step 4 how?

    I am at step 3 and find it pretty easy going, already half done after 3 games in co op. Just drive a tier 7 Russian Cruiser and burn BBs with HE and citadel cruisers with AP. You can usually get 2 to 3 fires and 1 to 4 citadels per game in co op.
  10. I wonder if I get to "double dip" if I buy a perm camo for the US Cruiser Baltimore with this rebate, and when the new tier 9 gets introduced, will it get a perm camo too? That would be a very nice double win if it does.
  11. Aegis tactics

    With most players running cruisers, it is easier to simply stick together and kill the vanguard and then deal with the bot planes. There are many planes but if you stick together, the combined AA firepower should make it a non-issue. Don't forget to launch your own catapult planes if you have them, remind others to launch them too. This operation seems a lot easier than the last 2 ones.
  12. Been playing the current operation of the week, Aegis, and it seems to be at the same difficulty level as before they buffed the other operations. Getting 5 stars seems easier now compared to the previous nightmare of Ultimate Frontier. Anyone else noticed this?
  13. Who's a good premium Cruiser?

    Another vote for the Atlanta if she comes back into the store for purchase. It is a very nice trainer and you can use it in operations to rack up tons of XP and credits. If you have to buy something soon from the premium shop, I'll recommend the Alabama. It has very good guns and is pretty agile for a battleship. While I play cruisers (PvE only) most of the time, the few times I jumped into the Alabama just to have something different is always a nice experience.
  14. What is a good cruiser line from Tier 7 to grind

    British. It has the most options available to it since you can play PvP and all scenarios in PvE too. The operation Hermes requires T7 cruisers from France, US or UK.
  15. Kronshdat hype thread

    Wow! 71K HP, radar and good guns. If the ship releases based on the "Too Much" video, then..... If the Baltimore had been this good, then my progression to the Des Moines wouldn't have been that painful.