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  1. Took them long enough, it was like WG doesn't want my money.
  2. bigbearbeear

    Rocket Attacks?

    Fun and engaging, I play this classic rock music when driving CVs!
  3. bigbearbeear

    How's Baltimore?

    I love driving the Baltimore in the operation Cherry Blossom! Such a beast, makes mince meat out of IJN cruisers and can dodge torps from DDs pretty easily.
  4. bigbearbeear

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    But then I won't be able to easily swap captains for use as trainer, which is what I primarily use premium ships for; running operations to train captains and earning good credits. I suppose I can put my 19 point Des Moines captain in a Baltimore with perm camo instead to earn elite captain xp but that leaves my Des Moines without a 19 point captain to grind legendary module with.
  5. bigbearbeear

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    If the Cherry Blossom operation is still available and unchanged, this ship will be one heck of a XP and credit generating monster. US heavy cruisers are extremely powerful in this operation, I'll wait and see if the operation comes back and if it is unchanged before I make the decision to buy this premium.
  6. bigbearbeear

    Carrier is Weak

    I once top the chart in the CV playing co-op. How did that happened? An enemy bot chased, rammed me and sunk. It was crazy.
  7. bigbearbeear


    Yeah, this, see it all the time. Their rudder shift and turning radius is VERY quick and sharp.
  8. bigbearbeear

    Giving up on tech tree ships

    New Mexico and Colorado can both be used in scenarios/operations, which are usually easy and very profitable. You’ll be past tier 6 and 7 very quickly if you focus on operations.
  9. bigbearbeear

    0.8 again

    Why so sad? The new CV game play style is pretty interesting.
  10. bigbearbeear

    Q. for those playing CV in Co-op games

    I hope they increase the damage output of the planes too. I find it really hard to kill ships even after repeated hits with rockets, bombs and torpedoes.
  11. bigbearbeear

    Q. for those playing CV in Co-op games

    That wasn't me man, but I do like this CV style of combat better. The only downside is the much lower alpha damage to ships but I guess you can always come back and shoot it over and over again.
  12. Just tried the new CV in my shiny new Langley, I must say I like playing CV this way much more than the previous method. When using torpedo planes and they're closing in on a battleship, I can't help telling myself "Use the Force Luke, Use the Force!". Pretty awesome game play. Have a few questions though: 1. The torpedo squadron drops a miserable 1 (ONE!) torpedo per attack run. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? 2. Which plane type do you launch first? Do you launch the rocket planes first and try to rocket as many ships as possible and then follow up with bombs and torps? 3. Are the flak cloud random or does the AI try to predict where your planes will be and lead their shot? It is hard to tell but I did noticed that if I fly straight in on an attack run, I run into more flak, vs doing a banking style attack.
  13. Co-op and operations games are a little dicey these days. I guess with many seasoned players now trying out the new carriers, you'll have less no. of good players who can help carry the team to a victory. Even co-op games can be really bad, with BBs sailing in reverse while in full health and cruisers hiding behind an island but not shooting over it, only to be eat a bunch of torps and sink when a bot rounds the corner. Just hang in there, it should get better as time goes on and more players return to the regular play after grinding the carriers.
  14. I should mention that I play mostly co-op., so what I write here might not apply to random games. Just managed to get the Moskva after what seems like forever at T9 with Russian cruisers. Played a game in it before calling it a day and it is such a ridiculous cruiser because it doesn't really behave like one. First off, it has a ton of hp, so when playing co-op, bots tend not to want to shoot you as they usually target ships with less hp first. Secondly, I fired AP shells at a N. Carolina, it wasn't even completely broadside to me, but I got a citadel hit. And thirdly, its HE shells causes massive damage. An enemy DD dodged most of my shells and only 1 hit it, for over 3k damage to it AND set it on fire. A 2nd salvo from me deleted it. Wow! I think WG nailed the Russian line of cruisers at T10, where the line finally feels like a long range sniper. The lower tiered ones felt like weak shooters from a distance that can be easily killed by highly accurate bots but at T10, this line becomes pretty fun to play.
  15. bigbearbeear

    Scenario needs mercy rule

    just pick a bot and ram. I do it sometimes when I’m bored, I love ramming the Missouri with a Hood, it will almost always kill it.