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  1. Useful when you have a cheeky little destroyer in your sights, hit the Triple-D key (Deleted DD) and shoot the crap out of it.
  2. I would like this as well. Not sure why but WG does this but on the US cruiser line, the difference between tier 6 and 7 is massive. In tier 6, we only have the Pensacola and Dallas. While on tier 7, we have the Atlanta (awesome ship), New Orlenans, Helana (another one of my favorite), Indianapolis AND Boise (great ship too). so 2 ships in tier 6 and a whopping 5 ships in tier 7. P.S.: I forgot the Flint too on Tier 7. That is a massive difference between the tiers.
  3. bigbearbeear

    Which premium destroyer would you recommend?

    I'm not a DD person but I bought and like the T-61, pretty nice for running operations due to its quick reloading torps.
  4. bigbearbeear

    Some Operations have to be nerfed!

    They are a good way to farm xp and credits. Most of them are pretty easy with only the occasional loses due to new players but overall, quite profitable minus the toxicity of random games.
  5. bigbearbeear

    Code for Asian lantern Camo

    Doesn't work for me. :(
  6. bigbearbeear

    Legendary Mod Grind - CoOp or Random?

    I did my legendary module for my GK in co-op, I did pop into Random a couple of times but found it too irritating. With a permanent camo, T10 co-op battles are pretty profitable and it was a relaxing environment to play it. I find myself enjoying the game more that way.
  7. bigbearbeear

    Some Operations have to be nerfed!

    The current operation, Narai, is a highly toned down version compared to the previous one. Bots now spawn at the same location all the time and there are no longer bot planes dropping bombs and torpedoes on you. The "King" carrier seems to do nothing except sail away in a straight, path, essentially a XP pinata for anyone who can be bothered to sink it and its 2 measly escorts. And the best part is, WG has also toned down bots ability to set you on fire. It used to be that bots are equipped with what felt like gatling guns that shoot napalm shells, resulting in the entire player's team being on fire all the time. It made some operations such as the Ultimate Frontier so hard that we started calling it the Ultimate F.U. Try playing at different times, if you get one or two good players on the team, you'll get 5 stars for Narai easily. In some games I played, it was really competitive and hard to land shells on bots because seasoned players were killing them very quickly. Some of the newer ships that were released after Narai was implemented are really good. The Helena for example, is a real beast for this operation. So if you continue to have problems, try different ships, especially the newer ones.
  8. bigbearbeear

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    Submarines please.
  9. bigbearbeear

    Dam this game, made me uninstall it again

    I have the perfect solution! Make Co-op games reward the same level of XP and credits!! Woot!!!!
  10. Kill him. Being pink is worth it sometimes.
  11. bigbearbeear

    For operations: Arizona or West Virginia 1941?

    Thanks, already have one. :) Just toying with the idea of a US battleship for operations in Tier 6.
  12. bigbearbeear

    For operations: Arizona or West Virginia 1941?

    How does the Arizona and West Virginia compare to the New Mexico? Sounds like the speed is somewhat similar? How about accuracy? I've been running operations with the NM is it works pretty ok for me, I'm about to finish it and move on to Colorado but wants a T6 BB so I can pop a captain back and run it when I want to without penalty.
  13. I'm toying with the idea of getting a US Premium BB at tier 6 for running operations, which I enjoy a lot. Interestingly, there are 2 premium BB at this tier for US. Both are interesting ships, which do you think is better for running operations with? Thanks.
  14. bigbearbeear

    Massachusetts vs. Kurfurst Secondary Build

    The GK with a full secondary build is a VERY fun ship to drive, both in randoms and co-op. I don't play random games a lot, just a few times and those few times with the full secondary build GK had been awesome. With its legendary module, the GK makes close quarter fighting into a giggle fest as both secondary and main guns go off all the time due to shorter reloads on both. Cheeky little botes who got caught flat footed in close range to the GK panic and try to run but it usually wont' work due to the GK's high speed and fast firing guns. For sheer fun factor, try the full secondary build GK in co-op. Bots will always try to brawl with you, and there's always at least another GK on the bot's team so you'll have the opportunity to slug it out with another BB that has over 100k hp.
  15. I tried it last night a had a few 5 star wins, not too hard if you're in a ship you're familiar (didn't do too well in the Mutsu which I just got...). For me, it usually boils down to the cruisers. If I'm driving one I can usually herd the group to safety more or less by ranging in front and killing the DDs quickly. If I'm in BB, and if the cruisers do not range out front to screen the DDs and I've forced to do it myself, usually not too good.