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  1. The Accuracy Buff For the BBs in this mode is disgustingly OP!! I feel like i have to wash myself of this filth cause i feel so bad for using it. It makes the cruisers useless in this mode. cause all the bbs have to do is focus fire on the cruisers and as soon as she turns or angles, press that Y button and its game over. one shot everytime! I really really hope its just for the Halloween mode only. Cause to me thats a game breaking mechanic and would make me stop supporting and playing this game INSTANTLY. lol I only say this cause you said "Experimental" which concerns me xD But I read through that forum posting and WG didnt say it was experimental... which is good.
  2. owo who is this

  3. Murasame92

    The Inactive/Empty Clan Problem.

    Sure that would be swell :3 Well i mean i guess, I am assertive when i talk to ppl but always get talked over or just completely ignored which was the point of this article. But yeah i have noticed that people are hardcore introverts and just dont want to talk to people. Which in turn is causing me not to talk to people as i find it pointless. But you guys on here proved that wrong. the hardest thing to do is talk to break the ice for a couple weeks.
  4. Murasame92

    The Inactive/Empty Clan Problem.

    hehe xD the fact that you head patted me earned you a lot of freaking points!! :3 i love it! thank you for your reply! seems I have a lot to choose from haha Thank you so much :3 I mean the sad part is, as far as i know, i have joined most of them. ARP was the biggest i joined but they were so big i was often drowned out. Well i have played with kentai before through.... BLUMR..... sadly. xD I mean i wouldnt mind joining you guys! as i know some of you :3 Thank you so much!! i too am a veteran and currently in the military :)
  5. Hey guys/gals, Wanted to just point this out as Im really getting tired of joining Inactive Clans or Clans where the playerbase within the clan dont give you the time of day to talk to you off their discord channel. I honestly dont know why its such a big problem for me, maybe its cause these people have already established deep friendship circles and shun anyone whos new to them. Theres been many times where I ask to be in a clan or ask a recruiter to join a clan that sounded cool (Whether Anime Themed or historical) and only the recruiter person talks to me and then after a couple months. Nothing. All alone again. Now i dont know if this is a big problem for other people out there. But theres only been one clan out there who treated me right for awhile but sadly im not to big of a forumite. (starting to slowly) Its just this community can be cool but yet really cruel most times. Im trying my best here. Now this is turned more into a rant more than i would like. I just want to have a nice discussion or level headed replies. I just dont see the point of clans anymore, or maybe im just destined to be a lone wolf. Ive been trying to join one for almost a year and a half now with the same results over and over. its like groundhog day. I would start my own clan but i dont have the extra funds for it. And im also afraid it will be the same thing later down the line of inactivity or people forming their own clicks and ignoring everyone else. Ive been trying to find a clan with a cool name but to no luck :/ Pretty much at this point im just looking for a clan with an active community, doesn't adhere to their clicks, and willing to let the new guy/gal become one of them. Anyways, ill leave it to you guys now. What do you think, how can this be fixed? Please leave the insults towards me at the door if you can. As always, thank you for listening guys and thanks for the replies in advance. Murasame
  6. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    But first the random teams need to work together. It's hard to find constant MM with teams that actually work as a team lol
  7. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    Of course not. Idk why your asking this question lol. If it's too challenging like with CVS pol arnt going to play them. But if they are easy or op to play everyone is going to play them lol I would agree with most of them! And I will make it my personal goal to eradicate all subs xD
  8. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    which leads into people complaining about it lol thus leading to peeps not playing them
  9. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    Doesnt mean its a smart decision on WG part xD but we shall see. I just think they need to fix and focus on the Cv problem first more than anything
  10. Murasame92

    terror of the deep mission

    honestly i dont think thats gonna do anything, cause i am a very observant player. I watch the ships and catapults. so its so easy to dive deep down and avoid them xD
  11. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    exactly. I HATES SUBS! with a passion. and you bet your dollar that im gonna specialize in sinking them. Im a cruiser main after all ;)
  12. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    This. Exactly this. I feel this way like 60 percent toward the Submarine topic lol like everyone wants to play them but not face them. Cause look at Carriers. People are still hating them because Planes are OP (LOL) its gonna be the same thing with subs.
  13. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    I hate that though. I even hate subs in real life. they are so boring. and cheating. lol
  14. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    I agree. I dont think subs should ever be a thing. It still surprises me that WG is somewhat serious about adding them in. Just look at the game Steel Ocean and how much of a problem subs are in the game True. Like i said it is only beta but, i just have a feeling subs are going to be the new CV problem. where either good players will abuse the system or players wont play them too often. Idk im just mixed on the whole idea and concept.
  15. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    So after playing submarines for a little bit I can say i had some fun about it. However i think they should either be their own game mode, or just for holiday missions only. As its currently way to easy to play them. Yes i get that we are facing bots but out of most of the games i have played i never took any damage and i abused the hell out of the system. Never understood why the teammates around me would sink and die. All you have to do is abuse the stupidly close Detection range, sail on the surface until your detected, once you are wait till you get aimed at, or fired at whichever comes first and dive once into the water. You get undetected again and just fire your torps at point blank range, dive as deep as your sub can go under the ships and sail away as far as you can before surfacing. Surface get your air up and repeat. If your super close to the enemy like 4k or closer or running low on oxygen all you gotta do is dive once, get undetected, fire another volley and surface for a couple seconds and dive deep down and repeat this process and you can abuse the system a lot. Ive never had an issue with low oxygen cause i always dive and surface in quick succession to get my torps off. Granted this is beta and much can change. But idk i think there needs to be a different system. Cause right now i feel like its easily exploited. Idk, if subs are ever a thing in this game, ill make it my lifes mission to destroy each and every one of them in game!! xD (freaking tin can cheaters) We shall see what happens i guess. Just knowing People, they will abuse the system like i have found and everyone would be doing it until its patched or changed. Anyway this is just my humble opinion and observations based on the Halloween event.