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  1. Murasame92

    Who have you seen in game

    lol for me its just Lert and im good friends with Doomlock so we play all the time xD
  2. Murasame92

    What causes these strange losing streaks?

    See i go by the Four Game rule. If i lose all four games then i stop for two days then get back on. and it usually works. I think it has a lot to do with Luck and RNG like who you get paired with. Sometimes you get really lucky and have a great winning streak with loads of damage, other times its average with half wins and losses and then just all losses and bad luck. just gotta hope for the best. my longest losing streak was 2 straight months xD after that i stopped caring about wins and losses and just played the game. Thanks to that it actually unlocked something in me and im so close to being a 60 percent average player in 8 to 10 tier games which is great xD
  3. Murasame92

    WOLF clan

    Your Avatar doesnt help the tone of this response in my head xD
  4. As the title says I cant help but join the community in an outcry of the new CV patch. To me i think its just as we feared That WG pushed this out wayyyyy too early and fast. I really dont understand why they have made Cvs have unlimited planes. Its not fair and unrealistic to me. The overhaul of carriers was out too soon i feel like. But its funny cause its super easy to down planes in ships. But at the same time AA is pretty lame. Its like a double edge sword for both ship players and cv players because on one hand, planes are easy to shoot out of the sky. But on the other hand they have unlimited planes and ive begun to notice that the CV players (ones i have faced anyway) just keep spamming torp planes over and over and over and over until they hit you numerous times to sink you. Planes are not a problem but since there are so many of them AA in turn becomes useless as there are a lot of planes in the sky one torp or rocket will hit you eventually. I shot down 28 planes the most i have ever shot down and i still sink by the CV player cause he targeted me all game and eventually got me xD Was in a Hindenburg lol I think this game has become a bit broken. DDs are spotted often, CVs dont care about their planes and spam, while all other ships are going in circles trying to dodge the planes lol its quite the [edited] lol and kinda funny to be in. All i know is the game was fine in the past. But now? sheesh. or should i say it in internet terms................oof............. All in All give a limit to planes. Unlimted planes are pretty dumb.
  5. owo who is this

  6. Murasame92

    The Inactive/Empty Clan Problem.

    Sure that would be swell :3 Well i mean i guess, I am assertive when i talk to ppl but always get talked over or just completely ignored which was the point of this article. But yeah i have noticed that people are hardcore introverts and just dont want to talk to people. Which in turn is causing me not to talk to people as i find it pointless. But you guys on here proved that wrong. the hardest thing to do is talk to break the ice for a couple weeks.
  7. Murasame92

    The Inactive/Empty Clan Problem.

    hehe xD the fact that you head patted me earned you a lot of freaking points!! :3 i love it! thank you for your reply! seems I have a lot to choose from haha Thank you so much :3 I mean the sad part is, as far as i know, i have joined most of them. ARP was the biggest i joined but they were so big i was often drowned out. Well i have played with kentai before through.... BLUMR..... sadly. xD I mean i wouldnt mind joining you guys! as i know some of you :3 Thank you so much!! i too am a veteran and currently in the military :)
  8. Hey guys/gals, Wanted to just point this out as Im really getting tired of joining Inactive Clans or Clans where the playerbase within the clan dont give you the time of day to talk to you off their discord channel. I honestly dont know why its such a big problem for me, maybe its cause these people have already established deep friendship circles and shun anyone whos new to them. Theres been many times where I ask to be in a clan or ask a recruiter to join a clan that sounded cool (Whether Anime Themed or historical) and only the recruiter person talks to me and then after a couple months. Nothing. All alone again. Now i dont know if this is a big problem for other people out there. But theres only been one clan out there who treated me right for awhile but sadly im not to big of a forumite. (starting to slowly) Its just this community can be cool but yet really cruel most times. Im trying my best here. Now this is turned more into a rant more than i would like. I just want to have a nice discussion or level headed replies. I just dont see the point of clans anymore, or maybe im just destined to be a lone wolf. Ive been trying to join one for almost a year and a half now with the same results over and over. its like groundhog day. I would start my own clan but i dont have the extra funds for it. And im also afraid it will be the same thing later down the line of inactivity or people forming their own clicks and ignoring everyone else. Ive been trying to find a clan with a cool name but to no luck :/ Pretty much at this point im just looking for a clan with an active community, doesn't adhere to their clicks, and willing to let the new guy/gal become one of them. Anyways, ill leave it to you guys now. What do you think, how can this be fixed? Please leave the insults towards me at the door if you can. As always, thank you for listening guys and thanks for the replies in advance. Murasame
  9. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    But first the random teams need to work together. It's hard to find constant MM with teams that actually work as a team lol
  10. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    Of course not. Idk why your asking this question lol. If it's too challenging like with CVS pol arnt going to play them. But if they are easy or op to play everyone is going to play them lol I would agree with most of them! And I will make it my personal goal to eradicate all subs xD
  11. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    which leads into people complaining about it lol thus leading to peeps not playing them
  12. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    Doesnt mean its a smart decision on WG part xD but we shall see. I just think they need to fix and focus on the Cv problem first more than anything
  13. Murasame92

    terror of the deep mission

    honestly i dont think thats gonna do anything, cause i am a very observant player. I watch the ships and catapults. so its so easy to dive deep down and avoid them xD
  14. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    exactly. I HATES SUBS! with a passion. and you bet your dollar that im gonna specialize in sinking them. Im a cruiser main after all ;)
  15. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    This. Exactly this. I feel this way like 60 percent toward the Submarine topic lol like everyone wants to play them but not face them. Cause look at Carriers. People are still hating them because Planes are OP (LOL) its gonna be the same thing with subs.