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  1. I need to carry harder.

    The narrow victories where you should have lost are always the sweetest. Congrats!
  2. Fletcher main battery build: Worth it?

    It's best played as a torpedo boat IMO.
  3. Probably for the same reason you keep posting on these forums.
  4. DD Captains, Help me out

    I go where I want.
  5. Pink... well that escalated quickly

    I think the damage threshold for guns/fire/flood is somewhere around 14k. The last time I turned pink was because I lit a double fire on a friendly Montana. Once it had accumulated ~14k of damage, I turned pink and the fire damage started reflecting. As others have mentioned, I think torps are a bit more forgiving in terms of the team damage threshold. I don't think the sytem monitors team damage across multiple matches in order to turn you pink. Although that is something WG monitors to catch serial TK'ers.
  6. Pink... well that escalated quickly

    It takes a lot of mental willpower for me to play BBs. Their inconsistency, immobility, and lack of versatility really grinds my gears. It's a lot easier to carry in DDs... especially if you play solo much.
  7. Pink... well that escalated quickly

    Just unlocked the ship... so I wanted to get a feel for its ballistics against moving targets before playing against competent foes.
  8. In a match populated entirely by bots, I cit the Mino in front of me and immediately turn pink. WG takes bot abuse seriously.
  9. +20% radius is a 44% increase in AA area.
  10. For something still in testing this sure escalated quickly.
  11. It Ain't Over Till It's Over

    This is a general admonition to never give up on a game. During the last two days I've witnessed horrific throws from both perspectives. In one match, our team was up 9 ships vs 4 ships with 2 out of 3 caps. Our team got careless and greedy and started making poor decisions simply to farm damage and kills. We lost. Conversely, this morning I had a game where defeat was assured. Down 2 caps and and outnumbered 2:1, I had essentially given up on the game. However, I continued on auto-pilot doing what DDs are supposed to do.. spot, cap, and kill other DDs. Remarkably, the other 3 ships on the team likewise did their job and won the game. It's those kind of comebacks that make this game immensely fun, and it's those kind of throws that result in damaged keyboards and monitors. In the famous words of Tim Allen... And don't be these guys...
  12. Careful now... some brains might not be able to handle the influx of information.
  13. Yep. Nearly two and a half minutes if you have the hydro module mounted.
  14. AP for any broadside DD that isn't IJN. You'll just overpen those.