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  1. @zproxy you're winning everything these days!
  2. You can't buy them, so you won't be spending a fortune. I only run det flags on DDs since they are most susceptible. Subsequently, I try to make sure the det flag drops from daily containers outpace my usage of them. For the most part it's been working quite well. EDIT: Again, you can run the magazine module on all your ships if you hate the mechanic that much. Ironically, despite people's vehement complaints on this topic, I almost never hear of people taking advantage of that mod.
  3. Had two in one day. I don't like them either, but they're here to stay. Fortunately, it only happens roughly 1% of the time. Even less if you're running detonation flags. If you run out of the flags, you have the option of running the magazine module which reduces the detonation chance by 70%.
  4. Doesn't seem that broken. My highest WR is in DDs. Maybe the server averages for DDs are so low because radar has raised their skill floor. They're one of the most critical classes in the game, but also one which punishes mistakes very harshly. You do realize there are other classes in this game, right? If DDs aren't working for you because of radar then pick something else. Alternatively, you can do what you're doing now. I doubt WG cares that much. Radar has received a positive reception overall.
  5. Accept radar or peace out permanently.
  6. I can understand if someone picks it up for the historical value. Price still seems high to me, but that reason is more justifiable than anything related to the ship's performance. With that said, I'll never tell a person how or how not to spend their money.
  7. I'll never understand the PE hype. That's a lot of money to spend for a new Hipper skin and XP earnings. As for the 'Bama, it's basically a better NC. If you didn't like the latter, it should've been a safe bet that you wouldn't like the former. Best purchase: Belfast (except it was free...) Worst purchase: Murmansk (Got nerfed right after I bought it)
  8. Wow, that was quick! Thank you, Pigeon!!! Congrats mate!
  9. Div with a Gearing. That's one of the most potent T10 combos in the game.
  10. Really @HooplaJones? It's not that hard to understand how a high RoF ship will start more fires than a low RoF ship even with a lower fire chance per shell. Ship A 18 rounds per minute 20% fire chance per shell Ship B 120 rounds per minute 8% fire chance per shell Tell me who should start more fires?
  11. Missions always seem to bring out the worst in people. I'm thankful for the missions... it's just unfortunate that people value "grinding the loot" more than playing for the win. EDIT: Meanwhile...
  12. Funny. As for adapting and overcoming... how do you adapt to stupid teammates? I should clarify... TACTICALLY adapt... not mentally adapt.
  13. super container

    Most Super Containers aren't all that "super". Keep your expectations low and you won't be disappointed.