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  1. If some are complaining that it's too weak and others are complaining that it's OP, then it's probably just right.
  2. While I agree with your sentiments, the reverse of #1 is also extremely aggravating. Namely, people who launch torps knowing they're putting allies at risk. Had a game just last night where I was knife-fighting with 3 other DDs in a cap in my Z-52. A shima 5km behind me decides to launch torps at the red DDs hitting me in the process. Allies shouldn't have to spend mental energy on dodging torps from behind. With that said, the wording of your #1 is referencing people who INTENTIONALLY run into allied torps. Yes, that's aggravating, although significantly less common IMO that people launching torps without sufficient awareness of their surroundings.
  3. This disparity is probably worse than what the numbers show since half the time you have IJN v IJN or USN v USN which will pull both toward 50%.
  4. Oy vey... I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it was THAT bad. That's just tragic.
  5. 100% on board with you here. I used to avoid T10 due to the credit cost, but it's now becoming my favorite tier for the reasons you mentioned. Oh... and then there's the fact that you're always top tier!
  6. Just because someone's performance is below average doesn't mean they're not trying. Effort and performance are not a direct correlation in a community as varied as this one. Everyone has a different skill threshold. Subsequently, everybody's performance metrics will plateau at some point. If someone is cognitively incapable of EVER performing above average, does that mean they deserve ridicule? And, if we're using performance as a threshold for ridicule, where do you draw the line? Does a 80% WR player immediately have license to ridicule and 70% player? Does a 50% player have license to ridicule a 40% player? Understanding of game mechanics is a different matter entirely from in-game performance, and it's something that can be easily remedied. While I dislike the immediate whine response as much as the next guy, there's likely a more constructive way of encouraging change. But... this is the internet where pretty much anything goes... so I'll leave it at that. I used to be on the wrong side of the fence regarding this. Initially, I thought the Conqueror was OP based on the damage and survival numbers. Yes, in the hands of skilled players, the strengths of the Conqueror can be used to devastating effect. However, this game is balance around 90% of the player base which, for the most part, doesn't know how to turn the ship's strengths into more W's. While I have no hands-on experience with the ship (as I don't play BBs that much), I still think it is a stronger and more versatile ship than its contemporaries on paper. Although certainly not OP by Nikolai, Gremy, Belfast standards.
  7. Direct attacks solicit emotional responses. You can't expect a rational/logical/intellectual dialogue once the mud starts flying.
  8. Lance, you can point out someone's mistakes and still be nice about it. Not saying your original points are wrong, but attacking someone so directly only succeeds in putting up walls. Nothing productive will come from it.
  9. If you have the manual secondaries captain skill, then you need to CTRL+LMB your target otherwise the secondaries won't fire. Also, any chance all your secondaries were destroyed? You can press H and see their status.
  10. Kraken has several whales. I would be classified as a mini-mini-whale... maybe a large fish? Can't speak for the other Typhoon clans though.
  11. It already drops to +1/-1 during high population times. Pigeon_of_War confirmed this well over a year ago.
  12. Want to avoid the terrors of MM??? Play T10 exclusively!!
  13. I'd be all for trying it, but I don't think WG wants to make the entire population into guinea pigs.
  14. You're absolutely right. Passive DDs make for stale games or even games that end prematurely. Back when one of the new BB lines was released and the queue was flooded with 10 BBs per side and no DDs, I remember several games that ended because the points were zeroed out. They weren't even steamrolls... nobody took the caps so the points weren't ticking upward. My guess is that WG would PREFER to control the population more organically (aka: through meta shifts and gameplay changes) rather than hardcapping. But I don't speak for WG.... obviously. Hardcapping without a healthy variety of ships in queue will result in long queue times, weird MM pulls due to the max 5min wait time, and a generally unfavorable experience for players. It's a balance that WG has to manage. People often say that they would gladly wait longer for better MM, but it's easy to say that since the grass always SEEMS to be greener on the other side.
  15. Definitely. At that range, there's no excuse for not using your guns.