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  1. I consider myself a rather calm person, so, when I say your actions and subsequent rage thread got me agitated, that's saying something. I'll bullet my response because I don't have the time right now to create a cohesive story of my thoughts/emotions. A. Both you and LT_*** start the match by berating the team. Your levels of cynicism and rage at the start of the match were unbelievable. B. I'll give you credit where credit is due. You tried pushing in and capping B as a DD should. Well done. It's always a risky proposition as you're likely to get focused early. The game before that one, my Fletcher got absolutely wrecked by a CV and 2 DDs that had a hard on for me as I contested the cap. I can empathize. C. What I cannot empathize with is taking your fury out on our AFK CV and subsequently taking TWO ships out of the game. For what purpose? To prove a point? To channel your rage? D. You killed our CV at the 5 minute mark. You couldn't have had just a LITTLE patience to see if he would load in? F. A DD on 2k HP can still be effective. By killing yourself, you put our team in a deeper hole to climb out of. I'd much rather have an AFK player or bot on my team than someone who behaves so selfishly. Finally, my earlier screenshot was in response to your "Thanks for camping at the back of the map. XOXO." comment. I'm not going to justify my positioning to you, but I will say that your remarks are entirely out of line considering how you contributed to the demise of our team. As for telling only part of the story, you're right. There's more to tell. But I'm not about to post those screenshots as it would be considered "naming and shaming". EDIT: And you wonder why steamrolls happen so frequently...
  2. More effective than this guy.
  3. Considering how you acted in that game, you deserve it.
  4. It's a meme just like "wat".
  5. I'd agree. It's either used in jest or as a quick retort to a whiner. There's nothing wrong with either. Instances where genuine queries for assistance are met with "git gud" are few and far between.
  6. This was an entertaining read. As always, good job being constructive and insightful, @Pulicat. OP, while you'll occasionally find useful tidbits on the forum (i.e. Pulicat's response), it's normally a drama fest between a few notable individuals.
  7. And you shouldn't. It gives a very cursory look into a player's ability, but people often pay too much attention to it. Grats, @Lensar
  8. You're right, MM is rigged. All those with a +60% WR have been given the official MM blessing by WG. If you wine and dine them enough, you too can have this success! /satire It's your prerogative to think MM is rigged against you. It's our prerogative to dismiss your claims as lunacy. Good luck and fair seas. o7
  9. You clearly don't have a clue. As an engineer, I've submitted 20+ patent applications, 5 of which have been approved. How many of those do you think we use? One. My company and our competition file for patents all the time to either block a competitor from technology, or lock said technology down for future use. TLDR: Patent exists =/= patent contents are used.
  10. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/update_918_common_test/ You clearly didn't read the contents of that link.
  11. That's a lot of fires for a BB.
  12. Duh. FTFY Also, Nadie se preocupa por tu versión de la verdad
  13. wut