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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    I poke my head in about every 30 pages. So I guess that's another 95 pokes!
  2. Possible Solution to Radar

    To be fair, 71% WR is overall. My solo WR is lower than that at ~67%. Div'ing with good players makes a difference. And I'd still consider myself a casual player in the sense that I don't actively participate in CBs, KotS, etcetera. The strategies used in Randoms are completely different than those used in more competitive formats. With that said, game balance SHOULD account for skill floors and skill ceilings. Which is why it's important to get feedback from all skill levels of the community. What an average player deems OP might not be deemed as such by more skilled players and vice versa. Which is ultimately why there's so much debate on hot-topics like radar. Some don't think it's an issue. Some do. Others play around the mechanic just fine but don't think it's good for the game. I think efforts could be made by WG to better communicate the capabilities of certain ships in game. Perhaps via an indicator stating which ships can mount radar. My guess is that the majority of players in this game don't memorize which ships have radar or what their range/duration is. For people newer to the game, audio prompts telling you that you're being radared could be useful. Too many times I see players sit in their smoke, get radared, then killed and they subsequently ask, "How could you see me in my smoke!?". I suspect there are also players that have thousands of games played but STILL haven't studied those little details. Prompts like this could be useful for them too. Although people might say this is dumbing the game down because the information is already there if you care to look for it. My OPINION is that radar needs to exist in some form. Even if it were as simple as showing the DD on the mini-map, but not a rendered 3D model... just an example. However, if changes like that were made, other aspects of it would probably need to be buffed to compensate.
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    To that end, my apologies again for any snarky responses I've had in the past regarding radar (and for future ones =/ ). Just because some people don't have any issues with a mechanic, that doesn't mean said mechanic is good for the health of the game. I still have my opinions, but they're just that... MY opinions. As such, I'm trying my best to abstain from voicing them on this subject as it's irrelevant for the majority of players.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    It ALWAYS feels like work when radar is present! More radar = more work. I find the challenge very enjoyable though.
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    Speaking of T10 DD experience, you asked a while back what my Shima thoughts were in the recent meta. Played 31 solo games over the last 21 days with plenty of success (screenshot below). Damage and frags went down a little, but my winrate remained fairly consistent. Games were annoying at times, but no more than usual. You just have to be patient and careful. It seems like the radar quantity has started to subside as games with 4-5 radar ships were exceedingly rare. Most games had 1-3.
  6. Free XP'd up to the T7, so I can't comment on the preceding ships. However, everything from the Akatsuki and Shiratsuyu on up are absolutely excellent boats.
  7. Favorite T10 DD?

    Yeah, considering it has 33% more alpha than the Shima if it does a 180 to dump them all. I think this was my third game in the Zao after the torp buff. Wasn't even aiming for the Worcester.
  8. Favorite T10 DD?

    I've been enlightened.
  9. Favorite T10 DD?

    Sums up my thoughts on the matter as well. While I can infer the meaning, I haven't played WoT, so the reference is unfortunately lost on me. =/
  10. Favorite T10 DD?

    Definitely doesn't look like it will be as versatile as the Akizuki or Kitikaze, but I'm going to love it nonetheless.
  11. Favorite T10 DD?

    Haven't played it since the addition of the heal. Sounds like a fun bote.
  12. Favorite T10 DD?

    Just curious.
  13. XP of Kitakaze?

    Dang dude, over 1000 battles? That's impressive!
  14. That exists already. EDIT: LWM beat me to it.