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  1. Ok, I'll be as frank as possible with my two cents on the "ChRiStMaS gIfT" situation.

    I never believed that it would be easy to get a free, strong tier X, and that you can still get the ship after the event even when you didn't accomplish the missions and directives is admirable. But the way WG painted the Herculean effort required, carefully hiding the fact that it is impossible to actually getting it for free, without any hints until the players discovered the laughably difficult and expensive paywalls and challenges for themselves on the day the patch drops,

    Is despicable.

    Aside from the fact that WG forgot Christmas is a holiday instead of days working full time in their game, the biggest lie that made me more angry than the Puerto Rico event is the Gorizia. The lied. They plain, outright, in broad daylight, made outlandishly incorrect claims about the difficulty in getting the ship, and even worse, used it as an excuse to weasel out of their Puerto Rico accusations.  

    I've had, more than once, defended WG's decisions, by putting myself in their shoes. I understand that they as a business is ultimately profit driven. The Puerto Rico marathon, and the Gorizia missions makes sense: Puerto Rico is an extremely competent tier X can still be acquired after the event, and Gorizia's missions, albeit difficult, is not impossible, especially considering the inflated economy with all the bonus signals WG's been giving out.

    But I never, ever, expected, or could tolerate a respectable company like WG to lie in order to profit or to excuse themselves from accusations. Still, I hope the community to stay logical, critical, and view this even objectively, and I hope WG could change for the better after this incident.

    1. Chobittsu


      My only thoughts on the matter are that people should steer their complaints and rage at the proper departments within the St. Petersberg office, cause it sure as hell wasn't Gneisenau's or Fem's call when it came to this mess. I've been seeing a lot of rage directed broadly at the whole company as if the guy in Chicago in charge of hiring office staff is somehow partially responsible, that's what pisses me off most about this whole thing; not the tripe situation, not the reaction from the community, but how misguided and blind their rage can be.