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  1. 60457406_ScreenShot2019-05-29at17_44_18.thumb.png.8b440b0b068119b9ffd91d77b2c4b8a1.png

    Yeeeaahh...maybe the Si-Nope is a bit  much...

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    2. Rolkatsuki


      As a german BB main how are you finding these RU BBs Harby? 

    3. The_first_harbinger


      I feel mildly cheated to be entirely honest... they are better at almost everything that the germans are supposed to do. The power creep is real...

    4. Rolkatsuki


      Yeah I have the Izmail went into armor viewer it has turtleback armor... well I guess you cant brawl as well with a ship whose guns takes a whole minute to turn 180°