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    This is the saddest match I've ever played for a long time.
    At the start of the game, I promised my team that I would lead a flank, but I was instantly discouraged by 2 hakuyru rocket salvos that took away 10k health and put me under focused fire from the start. So I sat in the back, and did what battleships do best. No matter what enemies I kill, the enemy CV was able to punish anybody that dares to make a push for the cap, including our unicum Harugumo.
    Enemy Jean Bart was left on the brink of death on the other flank, and the last sliver of hope for victory lies directly in the cap ahead, guarded by the enemy CV. 
    A full squadron of AP dive bombers bypassed the combined AA of me, a Montana, and a Baltimore by exploiting the post-drop lunge mechanic, and erased the remaining 28k health that I have without losing a single plane.

    WG, thank you for your effort in reworking the CV to make them a fairer and more friendly experience, but I'm afraid this is not enough. The damage dealt wasn't anything spectacular, but knowing how deliberate our team have been working together, only to be thwarted by a single player on the enemy team is especially aggravating.