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  1. As a multiplayer game that relies on skills and experience, I believe that ships should be punished because of their mistakes, positioning mistakes punished by being burned from HE focus fire, angling mistakes by taking heavy irrecoverable citadel hits, poor ammo choice and poor aim punished by shatters, over-pentrations and bounces.

    I share no remorse nor sympathy for players who have no idea how to play this game and do not wish to improve in any way, they should be pulverized into oblivion, do pathetic damage to skillful players in return, stomped beneath the ocean with their pitiful win rate.

    Now you see why I have a problem with this meme called Conqueror.

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    2. Chobittsu
    3. The_first_harbinger


      You smell blood in the water...

    4. ValkyrWarframe


      Conqueror essentially plays like a giant cruiser that cannot take citadels and can repair damage back quickly.