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  1. Hang on tight for the rank season, storm of Mutsu and Cleveland with a mild chance of Budyonny and Leander blizzard.

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    2. The_first_harbinger


      I've yet to come across a skilled Perth captain. Oh well, I'm sure I will eventually. Overall I have my doubts on a ship with only 8 guns, mediocre reload, paper thin armor and does not come with British AP.

    3. Peacemaker100


      Just out of curiosity: why do you think Cleveland would be a good contender, moreso than Budyonny?

    4. The_first_harbinger


      Assuming that the next ranked season is played similarly with how the last season turned out to be, Cleveland would have an edge, namely in terms of dpm, versatility(camping behind islands), and manoeuvrability. The same why how Schores in random battle can be more competitive in Pensacola, but isn't recommended in ranked.