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  1. Wargaming Game Center for Macbook

    Thank you sooo much! Problem has been resolved!
  2. Wargaming Game Center for Macbook

    Hello! Please help a captain in need! A few months ago I installed the WG game center via the WoWs Macbook wrapper client, it worked fine. However, I accidentally deleted it recently, and not only did my World of Warships game refuse to launch until I reinstall Game Center, I now cannot find a way to reinstall Game Center to start with!
  3. Wrong Answers Only: 15

    HMCS I-Am-Sorry
  4. German DD T61 vs Z39

    Z39 looks more bad [edited]personally Besides, being a tier 6 almost guarantees being at the bottom of the team list every time.
  5. Kutuzov, North Carolina, Amagi, Bismarck, Farragut, Bayern, Gneisenau, Kongo(s), Myoko(s) and my beloved Fuso are amongst the ships that I play to get my adrenaline going, while keeping my awareness sharp if I ended up on the bottom of the team list. But when it comes to pure pure sadistic fun, Giulio Caesare, Belfast, Shinonome, Normandie and Clemson always deliver.
  6. Game Balance

    That happens about as often as you detonates in your BB... Better luck next time!
  7. Can we get a hype train behind this?

    I would like something more... special, and real for that matter. Why does all free xp ship be high tier and ridiculous? Why does all famous and decorated ships have to be behind a pay wall? Free xp tier 5 German battleship Derfflinger, tier 5 British battleship Queen Mary, how about that?
  8. Caption the profile image above you.

    Dogs in Germany goes "GehrrRRRRRRRRRRR...."
  9. Simple Buff to Izumo That Solves All

    Izumo is now actually fairly good and have a niche at tier 9, she needs no further buffs for now. Her concealment is now fairly standard, her deck armor makes her quite resiliant unless pinned down. Sure she's still gigantic and have a huge citadel, but she doesn't need to often take risks, expose sides and reposition for her playstyle. She can do well as a second line bulwark, ralatively stationary, play safe, and use her 16 inch guns with excellent shell velocity, decent penetration and alright accuracy. At that range, she's also relatively safe against HE spam and can stealth up without too much problem. If needed, her gun arcs are not ideal for close quarters, but she can still punish german battleships.
  10. Caption the profile image above you.

    Please stop taking AFTs. Please.
  11. Forum Game - Word Association

  12. Caption the profile image above you.

    I N A P P R O P R I A T E
  13. US Premium Battleship Request for 2018

    KMS Lützow or the KMS Derfflinger. Also HMS Queen Mary and HMS Indefatigable. We have been waiting for these renowned Jutland veterans for way too long.
  14. Caption the profile image above you.

    Totally just committed mass homicide.
  15. Make all maps available to high tiers

    Lol all cruisers will die at the start of the game on Islands and Polar map, no where to kite and maneuver. DDs will torp each other to death while bbs gets spotted from the get go. CVs too, they will be lit up at 00:00, focuse fired upon (which serves them right), and die.