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  1. The_first_harbinger

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Quasi stormtrooper. (please don’t kill me)
  2. The_first_harbinger

    Italian Premium ships to come?

    I would say go for Bourgogne. I can't see that ship being phased out of the current meta anytime soon.
  3. The_first_harbinger

    Tier 8 operation

    ^ Operation Cherry Blossom was available for all tier 8 cruisers of allied factions, while operation Hermes allows tier 8 french battleships. But I agree, perhaps WG should consider putting in more tier 8 operations, I can see a lot of potential plot candidates, such as 1. The hunt for bismarck, in which players can play as tier 8 Axis cruisers and destroyers to escort bismarck through waves and waves of royal navy interceptors. 2. The battle of Layte Gulf, in which players in tier 8 axis/allied vessels participate in this grand battle what do you all think?
  4. The_first_harbinger

    Returning Player: CV"s still ruining this game

    :/ What can I say, if you are the kind that just cannot learn to read the mini map and not pay attention to which flank the CV is focusing on, and insist in sailing alone on a detour... It's like dancing naked in a cage of vipers, and getting attacked by the CVs is still just a mild tease compared to something like an unspotted Yamato salvo from halfway across the map. CVs are controlled by players too, and the best analogy I came up with them is the gang goons in the back alley of 7-11. Usually they can only try and pick a pocket or two from the edge of the crowd, but if someone just had to take a shortcut, alone, through some dark shady corners in the same block, they are really just asking for it. Don't take risky flanking routes when you know you don't have sufficient AA and the CV is focusing on this area of the map.
  5. The_first_harbinger

    Fate of the PR post event?

    from what I've heard from the official sources, it seems that you won't be able to finish your Puerto Rico free... However, your progress doesn't mean nothing, it will be saved, and the rest can be finished with doubloons. I know, WG is a business not a charity, but I'm sure it would be cheaper than buying her outright with no progress what so ever.
  6. The_first_harbinger

    And people say the PR is weak...

    It is a tier X ship with solid armor and underwater citadel, of course she will do just fine. WoWs' player base proved time and time again being able to survive is more important than having great artillery, since smolensk have around 50% WR lmbo. Perhaps what we are all saying is she's not gonna be as much as a meta changer like the Stalingrad or the Kremlin, the ship is just not THAT good. Oh well, congrats on getting her, I hope you got what you wished for out of her.
  7. The_first_harbinger

    I didn't know that this was possible

    I guess you got Bismarck'ed eh? My "best record" is losing 3 turrets in my mogami in one bb salvo. Had to bow tank an Iowa or an Missouri, he aimed high, and knocked out my A, B, and Y turret, leaving only the C and X turret on the higher elevation intact. Rip.
  8. The_first_harbinger

    Ever have a game that just felt like cruelty to bots?

    Every Operation Narai ever. The bots are mostly squishy tier 5-6 cruisers scripted to sail in a straight line, as long as you know where to go to exploit their broadsides, you can easily rack up 250k+ damage in ships like the Fiji. That's what I call actual abuse.
  9. The_first_harbinger

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Foreign rations with actual flavor, unfitting for the Kriegsmarine, where's the sauerkraut and pork knuckles.
  10. The_first_harbinger


    I mean... a 7v7 match with 2 Conqs on one side and 2 GKs on the other is just as cancerous as a double CV MM... Plus, if both ships are trash like Indomitable, I doubt people would complain. Ships should always be viewed on an individual basis.
  11. The_first_harbinger

    I got a new appreciation for you upper tier guys

    As long as you are willing to learn and change, I'm sure all of us "upper tier guys" would be willing to help. Personally, instead of trying to camp behind every island without knowing whether if it can actually protect you and allow you to shoot at exposed enemies, I would recommend learning to survive in the open as cruisers, or in any ship for that matter. I recommend a ship line with good ballistics, such as the Russian Cruisers, Japanese cruisers, or even the Italian cruisers, which allows you to take occasional alpha damage salvos without relying on continuous bombardment to set fires, which distracts you from maneuvering and dodging unfriendly fires. Aside from that, I recommend starting the battle by staying reasonably close, if not behind, friendly battleships, sail backwards at the beginning of the match if you have to. Now, this is not a recommended approach, and you should eventually ditch this method when you start to have success in cruisers. But this should allow you to attract less shots when the fleets spots the most of each other. A few important tips after you can follow the above: 1. Don't go to the center of the map. Even the most experienced cruiser captains can't dodge shots from more than 3-4 enemies, sailing to the center of the map will risk your ship to enemies on both flanks, especially enemies that aren't spotted, to which you can't react against, which is particularly dangerous. 2. Take "incoming fire alert" commander skill, it is a 1 point skill, cheap, and very friendly to more inexperienced players. Every time the "Incoming" alert lights up, slam on the A or D key. Try to observe in what situations would enemies prefer to shoot at you, and where the enemies likes to appear from, and eventually you can ditch this skill and react to their shots just by staring at their muzzles through binoculars. If you find the enemies too close, you can try to slam on the S key while pressing A and D, slowing the ship reduces your turning radius as well as further throwing the enemies' shots off, but you will have to accelerate immediately after or risk being a sitting duck. 3. Angle ahead of time. Anticipate where the enemy push would show up and angle according to their general direction even before you coming under fire. This reduces the chance of you taking a surprise pot shot across the map, as well as granting you more leeway when the exchange does happen.
  12. The_first_harbinger

    Krasny Krym Stats AND Ships like her

    First of all, that is a very impressive result in a tier V cruiser, especially the Krasny Krym. About your question, between the Dallas and the Pensacola, I would say the Dallas fits the Krasny Krym play style more -- constant maneuvering, rapid firing guns on fast traversing turrets. Pensacola is slightly more sluggish, and her turrets are much, much, MUCH, slower. In fact, if you like the manoeuvrability of the Krasny Krym, you would like Dallas even more, the ship can boast higher top speed, higher acceleration, better rate of turn and rudder shift. But if you don't mind being slightly more sluggish than your cruiser peers, the German Cruiser line is the answer. At lower tiers, the lack of reliable protection combined with its slightly deducted agility makes her just as, if not more, challenging to survive in than the Krasny Krym, but their artillery, especially with their high explosive shells with improved penetration, can usually yield good and reliable results particularly on larger targets.
  13. The_first_harbinger

    Inequity in damage exchanged

    Sure. Give my HuangHe the same DPM as my Smolensk please. Maybe then will I ever touch that piece of crap again.
  14. The_first_harbinger

    Z-23 detection range

    On a side note, given how poorly the ship performs at the moment, perhaps she does need a concealment buff... that goes for most of the non-premium german destroyers actually...

    To those that are wondering why I've been silent, I have been on a camping trip for the last month without wifi or reliable cell signals. No, I'm not dead yet, unfortunately.

    I have a few days to pack my belongings and make myself looking less like a caveman before embarking on my flight back into the states, until then, good luck with your Puerto Rico grinds! Even through most people I know thinks she's kinda [edited].

    @ValinAntilles @ElrabinC

    I didn't mean to leave for vacation without noting the clan, but the public wifi in the airports absolutely sucked, and I couldn't send my message before the flight took off, please don't kick me out of the clan (well I doubt anyone noticed)


    Stop pinging me on discord, can't connect to the servers yet, see you on January 12th, message me on the forums if you want to tell me something.


    Congratulations on becoming a forum moderator! I did not see it coming, although I had a hunch you'd pull off a stunt like this one day, enjoy the cancer.

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      *hugs,* glad you're doing alright ^.^

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