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  1. Basically this. Don't worry about karma too much though, you'd be having issues if you have a good karma given how bad the majority the NA player base is... You totally should be bothered by getting better at this game or with real life instead of other scrubs clicking "compliment" or "report" in their armchairs...
  2. real kanmutsu, check. have feelings, check. sink. please.
  3. As a multiplayer game that relies on skills and experience, I believe that ships should be punished because of their mistakes, positioning mistakes punished by being burned from HE focus fire, angling mistakes by taking heavy irrecoverable citadel hits, poor ammo choice and poor aim punished by shatters, over-pentrations and bounces.

    I share no remorse nor sympathy for players who have no idea how to play this game and do not wish to improve in any way, they should be pulverized into oblivion, do pathetic damage to skillful players in return, stomped beneath the ocean with their pitiful win rate.

    Now you see why I have a problem with this meme called Conqueror.

    1. khaenn35


      Pretty much everyone does. 

    2. Chobittsu
  4. Do you have a spare 14-point RN cruiser captain that you are willing to dedicate to a premium ship and cannot share with other tech tree cruisers? If yes, go mutilate and pulverize dds with Belfast and pull off stupid sh*t like this. If no, go drive and shoot like a drunk with impunity.
  5. Totally not a poisonous kiss.
  6. Taking IFHE without Demo experts completely destroys your capacity to impact tier 10 games, not recommended for players who wish to achieve and maintain a winrate higher than 58%.
  7. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
  8. Everyone have the moment when a ship's skill floor exceeds your mastery. My initial experience with my Konigsberg couldn't be worse, everytime I see a battleship I instantly goes back to port. Now whenever I meet a bb lower than tier 7:
  9. Yes I'm getting the same problem repeatedly also. This is a very young game, made by a relatively small corporation, based on an engine that was never meant for a game... I understand this can be very frustrating, but please, give WG staffs a little more time for them to gradually optimize their game.
  10. If you learned how to play the Iowa, you will most certainly enjoy it, and the xp will eventually take care of itself. Besides, the two plays very similarly, if you bypass the Iowa without mastering it, you will struggle in Montana also.
  11. I'm certainly not the greatest Kutuzov player ever, but I hope everyone can agree that I know what I'm doing. Kutuzov is a modified Chapaeyv, in that you take the high game impact the Chappy have with the radar away, and push the Atago-style selfish hunter to the extreme. You are very maneuverable compared to other Russian cruisers, and you should use this to your advantage, coupled with the smoke generator, you can comfortably stall an entire battleship push attempt by getting into a 13-16km engagement distance, in which your 152mm fire breather are at their prime efficiency, a golden comfort zone that Chappy can only dream to get into due to its notorious fragility. One downside is that Kutuzov can only perform well with a skilled commander. Ideally you should prepare a 17-point commander, or else you will have to choose between superintendent (by default your smoke charge number is a pathetic 1) and demo expert, and between concealment expert and IFHE.
  12. I just hope they release a earn-able premium for this occasion... Admiral Makarov anyone? Because I'm pretty darn sure not a lot of people's gonna be willing to fork over real money for a soviet C-hull Nurnberg clone...
  13. gitgud scrub.
  14. good luck throwing a dumbbell at me.
  15. Personally I'm not a big fan of that. You aim very differently depending on whether if you are shooting AP or HE, especially during close encounters. For example in a critical battleship brawl, if the enemy is at an harsh angle, your fire a mix of AP and HE, half of the shells are gonna penetrate the upper hull and superstructure and set the enemy on fire, while the rest just auto bounces and over pens. If the enemy shows a full board side, half your shells are going to penetrate and have a chance of devastating the enemy with citadels, while the other half of your shells shatters harmlessly... Yeah. Not a bad idea, but I won't be using such feature very often.