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  1. I agree. For now WG seems to have yet to settle on how to make the new german destroyers special. While I don’t think every new ship line should shake down the meta, they need to be uniquely competitive to have a place in the game. I can see several route that this new destroyer line could go. These are some of the heaviest and the biggest destroyers in the game, and according to some sources, they even have around 50mm of belt armour at least for the tier X. WG can give these DDs either damage repair, or FR DD’s special saturation formula, or even both, to push these destroyers into legendary status when it comes to survivability. Alternatively they can focus on the guns. The guns themselves are not bad, especially with the AP, the ships are only let down by having only 6 of them and having a slow reload. WG have a whole set of tools that could really improve the threat these guns can pose. Short AP fuse against destroyers, improved reload, faster shell speeds, reload booster, etc. etc. These ships are very different than all existing destroyers, and I think the potentials are real.
  2. From what the deveblogs shows, that is indeed the case. The new german pseudo cruisers will enjoy improved auto-ricochet angles, as well as increased penetration. Yet, however, I believe that is the least of these destroyer’s problems. Even if the AP does good damage and will penetrate, the rate of fire of those guns are just way too low. Even with increased AP damage per shell, the fact that the destroyers have only 6 guns that fires every 7.5 seconds stock makes her DPM, with AP, one of the worst amongst all tier X destroyers. Not only that, the ship have little combat fallbacks. By that I mean the ships doesn’t have additional tricks and trinkets that will help them get out of trouble. The are supposed to have no smoke, sub par detectability, mediocre maneuverability, all the while being a huge target with very bulky hulls to catch enemy shells, with no damage repair consumable to remedy the damage. The ship can be easily threatened, but does not pose enough of a threat against its opponents. While I am certain that the ships in their current state will not be competitive, I have no doubt that WG will eventually buff the ships to a more balanced state.
  3. The_first_harbinger

    Ägir and Siegfried hype officially strangled by WG

    I am not assuming entitlement beyond what I deserve. I played for almost 8000 battles, actively participated in clan battles and ranked, and have been playing since OBT, averaging at least 6 games per day. That is certainly more time and experience than most players on the NA server have. But still, I don't remotely have the luxury of having millions of Free XP sitting around, or can afford to reset powerful techtrees and expect to have them back by the next clan wars season. I am just stating how completely absurd the comparison is. Far more powerful ships like Thunderer, Georgia, Yoshino, and most notoriously, Smolensk have been handed out with much lower bar of entrance. I think WG is having issues with their attitude with German ships, and what they wanted to fill up the match queue with.
  4. The_first_harbinger

    Ägir and Siegfried hype officially strangled by WG

    Yoshino, Thunderer, Smolensk, Salem are all handed out for coal. While of course WG wouldn't be so generous as to hand them both out for coal, at least they could put them up for steel. Free Xp and research bureau are just so far out of reach for casual players like me and pretty much my entire friend circle that plays world of warships.
  5. The_first_harbinger

    Ägir and Siegfried hype officially strangled by WG

    I do have both, and I won't deny that Mainz is indeed a fantastic premium. But I think you might be missing the point. What I don't get is why WG is so stringent with giving Agir and Siegfried to the wider playerbase. They should know how hyped we are for Agir and Siegfried, despite their very very very apparent shortcomings. Combined with the completely unjustified Odin nerfs, and outright refusing to buff underpowered german BBs in dev Q&A, I am seriously wondering if WG is intentionally slapping german ship players that aren't willing to spam HE for shitz and giggles.
  6. Ägir is locked behind free xp wall while Siegfried in up in the [edited] research bureau. Both quietly slipped into the game without even much announcement. Good job WG, my day is ruined. All of my hype for actually good german ships have been slowly washed away just for you to smash it altogether. If spreadsheet is all you care about, then look at how many of your players are actually able or willing to fork over enough free xp to skip 2 lines, or erase their progress and their favorite ships in a tech tree. Why are you doing this to us? Why are you willing to hand over broken ships like smolensk for coal, while you are so timid about giving the german naval fans any measure of enjoyment? Siegfried, while interesting, is by no means as powerful as the Alaska, while Agir is not even good, it was never good, even before WG felt compelled to nerf its secondaries according to their SpReAdShEeTs. For years I have ceaselessly advertised world of warships to my friends, for them to join us in this wonderful community and enjoy this game. I had a lot of faith in this game, but perhaps my faith is misplaced.
  7. The_first_harbinger

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Doesn't need toilet paper 'cause she knows how to actually prepare against corona.
  8. The_first_harbinger

    Italian BB...with SAP and Smoke

    I think this is more of a test bed and or proof of concept, than an actual premium ship debut. SAP on battleships is gonna be very difficult to play against, and smoke on battleships would be useless because of their firing penalty.
  9. The_first_harbinger

    New Tier 10 German Battleship?

    When it comes to feature and power creep, I have no doubt that WG will continue to progress down this joyride to hell. But, at the end of the day, I think this addition will be very much welcomed. FDG and GK are both very wanting brawlers tier for tier compared to bismarck, as they are too fat, too clumsy, and have horrible gun traverse angles when on an offensive. The introduction of a sleeker, swifter, and overall more comfortable German battleship is very much needed, and will be very very welcomed. I wouldn't mind forking over substantial amount of steel for a tier X battleship that can actually brawl for a change.
  10. The_first_harbinger

    The London is now in my port

    Congratulations to you sir. Good luck with this illusive heavy puncher!
  11. The_first_harbinger

    Pro tip about IJN CAs

    Some seems to be disapproving OP's tips on the basis of either his stats or his ship record. I'll provide some vindication. The tips that OP gave, while hardly "pro", are very necessary, not just to IJN cruisers, but to most cruisers in the game. But allow me to add a few more. Don't blindly take the rudder mod. If your rudder shift time stat is 8 seconds and below, it is enough. How quickly you shift your rudder beyond such point makes very little difference. Taking the engine room mod allows you to juke enemy shells by cutting down or speeding up your throttle and tightening or loosening your turn radius and pattern, usually far more efficient than turning alone. Do not allow yourself to come under crossfires. Even the most experienced players would have difficulty avoiding damage from multiple vectors. In this current CV meta, your chance of disengagement depends on terrain and positioning, instead of your concealment stat that will allow you to vanish into thin air. Put the enemies on one side of you. Be ahead of the development of battle. Pay constant attention to your mini map and the conditions of your teammates, you have plenty of time between reloads to do so anyway. If your flank is winning, be the first to flank the enemies and take them down before they can kite and disengage. If the kiters have moved too far, be the first to quit the chase and collapse on the other flank to win the game. If your flank lost, be the first to flee and regroup with your teammates.
  12. The_first_harbinger

    DD's get [edited] yet again

    All I want to say about this module is... FURK YOU ASASHIO AT LONG LAST MUAHAHAHAHAHA *maniacal laughter*
  13. The_first_harbinger

    Russian Dreamboats

    The stats of these ships are pretty ludicrous, hopefully changes will be made. Perhaps WG is trying to draw interest to the game in the Russian servers, in which case I believe introducing historical vessels like the Pre-Dread Borodino, and protected cruisers would be more viable and effective. But, the ships themselves are very well modeled, and I do appreciate their logic in fixing the awkward jump between Dimitri Donskoi. I would love to give Alexander Nevsky a try when she comes out, even if nerfed from its current status.
  14. The_first_harbinger

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel 2

    I wonder if they will finally give Yamato or Musashi their ARP skins... There are also a lot of other notable characters in ARP Manga, I wonder if they will make their debut in anime, and therefore, introduce new ARP ships/skins in WoWs. Overall, these collabs are always a surprise to be sure, but a welcomed one.
  15. The_first_harbinger

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Quasi stormtrooper. (please don’t kill me)