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  1. Hello, fleet! As update 0.7.12 beckons near, the seas in the realm of twilight shall run red! Many captains have already earned all of the champions of the filth, through great determination and perseverance, and a question arises. What is your favorite tool of destruction? Which sea monster deserves the title of hegemon in your heart? And why? My favorite is the Leviathan. The ability to decisively smite down careless adversaries with one precise salvo is something I will miss when the twilight battle season comes to an end. The ability to carry the momentum, healing the team around you only adds to my adoration for the ship. What about you? Please share with us!
  2. The_first_harbinger

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Very professional at poping one droid after another
  3. The_first_harbinger

    What is your record for citadels in one salvo?

    8. Point blank Mogami vs Chapayev
  4. Iowa is a more conspicuous and much more sluggish North Carolina, with slightly faster gun velocity, and a really good top speed that bleeds off the moment you press "A" or "D". If you want to player her or don't want to skip to Montana, go ahead. She...isn't...great.......
  5. The_first_harbinger

    The future of WoWS - Keeping players going another 3 years

  6. The_first_harbinger

    Rivalry Wednesday - Most Feared Opponent

    I fear no ship. But that smoke screen...it scares me. Amidst could hide a Worchester, a Minotaur, a Shimakaze, or even a Harugumo. One shudder to think what horror would hide behind that veil... What drunken balancing sustained such cruelty? #NerfHarugumo
  7. The_first_harbinger

    1st amendment

    You agreed to WG EULA by clicking the "agree" button before you played the game. If you talk hogwash, you get the ean. US constitution won't save you here.
  8. The_first_harbinger

    What ships seem like downgrades?

    V-170 and T-22. Pain. Lyon. Having 4 more guns while losing .2 sigma, some maneuverability so and being 1 tier higher isn't worth it. Edinburgh...to some extent, some would argue. Podvoisky can't protecc, can't attacc, it succ. Kolberg is...admittedly not as ludicrous as Dresden tier for tier, but she isn't bad Karlsruhe forces you to use AP and abuse overmatch mechanics, you'd be surprised as of how many platings a 6-inch gun can overmatch at tier 4. The key to both those ships is to zoom out one notch in gun sight mode at the beginning of the battle. If you can lead alright in both those ships, you will do just fine.
  9. The_first_harbinger

    Overdue Apology

    The fact that you have realized you are making a mistake and proved that you are capable of improving made me want to give you a hug. You have surpassed 80% of the player base in terms of intelligence and common sense
  10. To those that have played world of warships for quite a while, engaging enemies of all shapes and sizes, including the French cruisers, the following might some familiar to you. "A careless Henri IV has come into view, barely angled. I think she's close enough, I have sufficient penetration. Ohh, I am so going to make him MINE!" The shells fly true, sticking dead center in the careless cruiser. But, Merdé, there's no citadel, only penetrations, and what's more, it barely does any damage, around 2k~3k! Tchevo Blyat??! Does the Henri use black holes for armor? To explain what is happening, we need to understand the key mechanics that acts as the armor-piercing shells' principle. Let's first examine the armor layout of the French cruiser. (Diagram not drawn to scale) Alright, moving on to the Armour piercing mechanics. For a shell to penetrate a section of a ship, the mechanics have different priorities. Okay, back on topic. Why does the Henri IV eat your armor-piercing shells and receive little damage? The answer lies in the empty space between the main belt and the citadel bulkhead. The 140mm main belt is enough to prime any shell in the game, which means for the shell to fail to citadel the Henri IV, the shell is either too slow, have too short of a fuse, or doesn't have enough penetration to penetrate the citadel bulkhead. The empty space between the main belt and the citadel bulkhead have extremely low modular health, meaning it can saturate very easily, and should a shell detonate in this section, the ship takes minimal damage. To test this, we must first know the shell fuses that are present in World of Warships 1. Small caliber destroyer guns with a caliber of 130mm and below have a fuse delay of 0.01 seconds. 2. 130mm-155mm light cruiser guns have a fuse delay of 0.025 seconds. 3. 180mm-460mm heavy cruiser and battleship guns have a fuse delay of 0.033 seconds. (Again, special cases. British battleships (excluding Warspite and Vanguard) have a fuse time of 0.015 seconds, while British cruisers (excluding payfast) not only have a fuse time of 0.005 seconds but also have an extremely sensitive fuse that primes the shell after penetrating only 12mms of armor.) Let's prove it. So, let's crank up the steam, and see if we find the sweet spot between citadels and disappointment. So, what does this all mean? This means that any shell that ran out of fuse time and detonates in the Henri's spaced armor will be absorbed with minimal damage caused. And not just because the shell ran out of fuse time. We can expand on this mechanics. Remember the shell bounce mechanics? It applies every time a shell strikes a piece of armor. So, let's suggest if a Montana's 406mm superheavy shell stuck a Henri 10km away, at 60 degrees, and the Montana is lucky enough to pass the shell bounce check and go through the main belt. The shell has a velocity of 564m/s at this range, with a 0.33 second fuse time, the shell can travel around 18.6 meters before detonating, way further than the 10 meters effective empty space. Then why can the shell still be absorbed? The answer lies in the citadel bulkhead. Again, the shell bounce mechanics applies every time a shell meets a hard place. Despite passing the shell bounce check at the main belt, the 45mm citadel bulkhead is too thick to be overmatched, and the shell bounce mechanics is applied again. If the RNG dictates that the shell bounced, the shell will detonate inside the empty space between the main belt and the citadel, and cause minimal damage. Another infamous example is the British BB HE shells. We can consider the HE shell as an AP shell that doesn't bounce, have perfect normalization, have a fuse that primes after meeting any armor, with an absolute 0 fuse time. Let's take Conqueror with 419mm guns (because 457mm guns don't matter and we all know it) against the Emile Bertin, the shell will easily penetrate the belt of the unarmoured cruiser and detonate immediately. Despite having enormous penetration, the shell will never touch the citadel and cause minimal damage. Try this for yourself, take a British BB to the training rooms, aim at an Emile Bertin at point-blank range dead at the waterline, it watch it cause at most 3000 damage. Conclusion French cruisers are broken plz nerf The unique armor layout gives the French cruisers unique advantages, that especially rewards angling while tolerating more mistakes against certain ships. If you find yourself in a British cruiser or a destroyer, shooting at a Henri, it might not be the best idea to aim for the main belt. Try to aim for the higher auxiliary hull, where you can score reliable 1/3 or 1/6 damage depending on the point of impact.
  11. The_first_harbinger

    Why do the British cruisers not have HE shells?

    I would laugh, if not for it being true. you know what furk it I am going to laugh anyway AHAHAHAHAH WG YOUR BALANCING IS DRUNK AGAIN Wooster have no smoke and is honestly quite unwieldy if not played properly, but Harugumo have no excuse at all.
  12. The_first_harbinger

    Why do the British cruisers not have HE shells?

    In the first few iterations of the super-test, British cruisers did have HE shells. Then they realized that the combination of having smoke generators, low detection, fast rate of fire and potent HE shells at the same time is quite cancerous to fight against...
  13. The_first_harbinger

    Where am I?

    Still no Derfflinger, Seydlitz, Queen Mary, or Indefatigable... been waiting since 2016...
  14. The_first_harbinger

    Mission Critical Monday - Standard Battles

    Repelling the enemies while keeping up the offensives on a flank does not conflict with each other, particularly for ships that have a long effective range or can afford to stay close to the center of the map. One of the most detrimental errors that players make in standard battles is that when they push through an enemy flank, they continue through the flank and sail toward the enemy spawn regardless of the rest of the battle. While I can't object that for certain ships (IJN destroyers and Russian dedicated gunboats) that can be a viable strategy, for most of the ships in the game, it is always paramount to strike the balance between destroying the enemy push and preventing friendly lines from collapsing. Only when both flanks are secured can crossfire and vision control be achieved against the enemy, and preventing the same tactics being employed by the enemy.
  15. The_first_harbinger

    Random Battle Anomalies

    I didn't know wearing tinfoil hats for too long can cause lead poisoning and brain damage...