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  1. Survival rate - too high?

    Overall having a good survival rate isn't a bad thing. As long as you are afloat, even with just .01% of your hitpoints left, you still possess 100% of your firepower. Yet, ship type also matters. Having an uncanny survival ratio in USN, Russian and German destroyers could hint an overtly passive playstyle, while having a good survival ratio in cruisers should be viewed according to your damage dealt--good positioning? Or just too passive? In battleships survival ratio doesn't really matter that much, damage mitigated and damage dealt matters much more. BBs are the inertia of the game, perhaps incapable to respond rapidly to the destroyers and cruisers' rapidly changing momentum, therefore getting caught out of position and into a crossfire is pretty common. Sometimes BB has to intentionally overextend to get into a cross firing position or two achieve a breakthrough. Poor CV survival win rate just plainly indicates incompetence.
  2. That. Is. Absolutely awesome. Achieved through great interest, determination, and perseverance. A shame that the most I can do for you is to give you a +1. Please, keep the good works coming, would love to see more of your awesome craftsmanship!
  3. ...I would prefer to see such a ship polished new and floating as a proper museum ship... Of course, that's for another parallel universe.
  4. Vaporizing a Fiction with Facts

    The true sub 150 games seals are in their own little protective matchmaking. I thought people knew this for a fact by now... Most seals are stuck somewhere in tier 4-5-6-7.
  5. I want to save SMS Lutzow. A proud member of the legendary Derfflingers before Warspite was cool. A true testament to the German tenacity, ferociousness and heroic sacrifice. Otherwise, I want to save Prinz Eugen. She would serve as an excellent piece of history and education. A war machine combining the best of humanity in the shape of her engineering and the FuMO Berlin-S surface search radar, and the worst, a career that witnessed the fateful rise and the inevitable of the Third Reich. Plus she's just pretty.
  6. Mogami rear turrets rotation arcs

    Exactly the point. The poor gun arc, the horrible turret traverse are all tradeoffs for this one single tool in your arsenal: 15. FIFTEEN. 155mm IJN HE. IN ONE SALVO every ten seconds. I think you underestimate the threat these guns can pose. Try to not take IFHE and exclusively focus on the enemies' superstructures, the fire setting potential is broken while your damage doesn't fall off that dramatically. In good hands, the 155s lifts the skill ceiling and the potential damage of the Mogami sky-high. Sure, you can use the 203mm gun option and make Mogami a traditional generic IJN heavy cruiser that falls in line. The 155mm are for those with an acquired taste, for the true connoisseurs of fragile risky cruiser play. If you feel like they are not for you, that's okay, a lot of people would agree with you.
  7. Best Ships of All Tiers

    T1: Black Swan broken piece of sh** T2: Dresden for infinite dakka T3: Konig Albert(if you have it), otherwise Friant and Vampire T4: Imperator Nikolai(if you have it), otherwise Clemson T5: Giulio Cesare(if you have it), otherwise Kongo or Konig, or Kamikaze(if you have it) T6: Normandie for speedy speed boi T7: Lyon:"you wanna play rough??!!", or Gneisenau for speedy speed boi overload, Belfast if you have it Leningrad for ultra cheeki breeki speedy speed T8: Kutuzov, North Carolina, 155 mogami for acquired taste, Kidd T9: Dimitri Donskoi, Missouri, Musashi(if you made the mistake) , Alsace T10: like, all of them?
  8. French BB Bretagne - a DD playere's wet dream

    We did not restrict ammo types in both fights, STINKWEED_ insisted in shooting HE, explaining such is his play style. Although I fired mostly AP, I did use HE occasionally given circumstances that I see fit.
  9. French BB Bretagne - a DD playere's wet dream

    @Cpt_Cupcake We did a 2 out of 3 First match: A long-range shootout lasted for 12 minutes. At long range, Iron Duke's inconsistent HE accuracy proved to be insufficient to deal sustained damage to bypass damage control and damage repair party, while Bretagne scored more hits with AP that are less impactful shell per shell, but en mass caused superior damage. It is worth noting that the superior ballistics of Bretagne's AP shell contributed a lot. Second match: A close, swift range brawl occurred and the results were neck'n'neck. At close range, Iron Duke's superior HE shell consistent damage revealed its full potential, making Bretagne's vulnerable armor, damage control and damage repair unable to keep up. Yet HE shells' inability to penetrate citadels and Bretagne's fast responsive turret eventually spelled Iron Duke's defeat. Conclusion: Bretagne is not a weak ship. Not at all. And seems to be very good at a long-range shootout.
  10. Prinz Eugen - artwork by Piotr Forkasiewicz

    I always loved Eugen too. From looks she's always a solid 9/10 I adore her and have tried my hands on replicating her deliberate stately beauty. The result...leaves much to be desired.
  11. French BB Bretagne - a DD playere's wet dream

    Orion is almost identical with Iron Duke in all regards that mattered in a bb duel... But still... I think you underestimate me. Let's hope it will not cost you the victory.
  12. French BB Bretagne - a DD playere's wet dream

    I always like a good duel, although I have a suspicion that a copious amount of kiting and HE will come my way... See if you can meet me when I'm online, you will find this delicate piece of morsel quite capable of fighting back.
  13. French BB Bretagne - a DD playere's wet dream

    Which bb isn't dd chicken dinner if you overextend? And be rest assured, Normandie is a powerful fast boi. Same with New York and Texas, only slightly worse than Iron Duke and Konig, stop doing full rudder turns unless you are trying to avoid torps. I fail to see how Iron Duke outperforms Bretagne by miles. The armor is more or less on par, Bretagne has better shell velocity and penetration. And Bretagne's gun arc is superior. In my opinion, the bottom of the pack belongs to New York and Texas. They have basically the same guns, same sluggishness, with a suit of armor that gets overmatched by same tier battleships at all angles, vulnerable to all HE shells larger than 4 inchers.
  14. Mogami rear turrets rotation arcs

    Balanse comrade. IJN 155mm HE, each having the same alpha damage of German 203mm, 15 guns, F I F T E E N. G U N S, on a ten second reload. WG is doing their best to not make the ship broken. Turret arcs and turret rotation is just some their methods.
  15. how to yamato?

    P R A I S E T H E L O R D Your holiness, when using the Yamato approach your opponents in a deliberate and cautious fashion, for this ship, not glorious, not communist, and certainly not blessed by your light, cannot protect itself from citadels and keep turrets on target when you are forced to retreat. A concealment build is recommended, try not to approach too close to the enemy, remain at least 2km away from the far enemy side of the capture point, try not to get yourself spotted before your teammates spot the enemy destroyer first. If your holiness' glory guides your marksmanship, your THICC and heavy shells with high arcs and heavy drops can wreck puny ships for your team, and you can assure dominance with impunity. If you feel like these Imperial guns are of your taste, focus on enemy cruisers and battleships, gradually tipping the scale to your team's favor through raw damage.