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  1. The_first_harbinger

    Specter Fleet [SPTR] is recruiting and we need YOU!

    Split the waves, stem the tides. The Specter Fleet stand defiant with pride.
  2. The_first_harbinger

    Moskva — Soviet Tier X cruiser.

    I don't particularly enjoy her design. She's not necessarily a bad ship, but her immobility, lack of burst damage output, and her fragility forces her to a very cautious and safe playstyle. And that means you have very little say in if you can win a match or not, and your effectiveness for a large part depends on your teammates' performance. If the Moskva can stay at a flank while attracting relatively little fire, she's a decent support vessel, a nasty bulwark putting out constant damage without much the enemy team can do to remove the Moskva effectively, and such usually results in a snowball through a flank. But If the team collapses around Moskva, when an enemy appears at an unexpected location, when her teammates can turn around, she cannot. When her teammates can stealth up, she cannot. Shells that her teammates can dodge, she cannot. Against pushing enemies that her teammates can punish, she cannot. Her HE is mediocre, and her AP doesn't fair well should the enemy pay attention. I cannot say that I enjoy this ship, but should someone looking for such a support role, Moskva is not a bad ship.
  3. The_first_harbinger

    Tactical Assessment Tuesday - Ranked Battles

    Buffalo, Dimitri Donskoi, and Jean Bart are all fairly competitive from my experience. Izumo is surprisingly powerful at lower ranks, but I have to retire it from my ranked line up when I got to face more competitive foes. I'm grinding my Akizuki hard, hopefully, I can add the menacing kitakaze to my line up soon.
  4. The_first_harbinger

    The Hood - So broken

    This complaint is very bizarre, the lengthened fuse time and the improved sigma are meant to be a buff toward the hood. True, her fuse time is now the standard 0.3 second like most of her counterparts, and there will technically be more overpens. But, they are still British 381mm guns, the shells are slow, heavy, with a high arc. She won't overpen nearly as often as her Japanese and American colleagues, left alone something like the Roma. If you manage to score repeated overpens with those guns, you are not likely to achieve success with any other guns either. Adjust your aim!
  5. The_first_harbinger

    Premium Ship Review #118: Wichita

    The tier 8 US captain trainer, the tier 8 vanilla goodness, the gimmick-free workhorse we've been waiting for. Thanks for the review!
  6. The_first_harbinger

    Wichita is finally on sale

    You are right. I found out that the mark 19 AP shells on the interwar US Heavy cruisers are actually quite light even compared to the Japanese and German counterparts. Thanks for pointing that out! You learn something new every day, eh? I am very surprised considering how potent those shells are despite their apparent low shell weight. Still, the armor penetration capabilities are very competitive. Witchita probably can't citadel battleships at point blank, but against cruisers, she should have no problem.
  7. The_first_harbinger

    Wichita is finally on sale

    New Orleans shells, they are still superheavy shells on a very flexible platform, and they are not to be taken lightly. In terms of raw penetration potency, she should be on par with German 203s at least, adding on to her improved auto bounce angles, decent rate of fire, and her improved detectability, she should fair against tier X ships just as well as her tech tree cousin, if not even better. Or you can just dump HE. Generic, but it works.
  8. The_first_harbinger

    Wichita is finally on sale

    A very interesting concept on WG's part. A stealthier, more maneuverable platform with a less conspicuous citadel at the cost of less potent shell characteristics and shorter ranged radar... This will serve as a fine sidegrade for those who prefer to play the US heavy cruisers aggressively. Does she have a 27mm bow like Baltimore? About time the US receive a nice tier 8 trainer premium. Great job WG!
  9. The_first_harbinger

    Premier ranked BB choice?

    When you spot a JB coming, you really shouldn't worry about it. But when you DON'T see a JB coming, things get comical, let's just put it this way.
  10. The_first_harbinger

    Premier ranked BB choice?

    Jean bart is indeed only for coal now. Without the need to worry about a back turret makes Jean bart extremely flexible, but things like musashi and her 32mm vulnerable armor make being pinned down very dangerous. FDG's excellent secondaries and fast main battery reload make her a very good ship in randoms, but I still don't think she's a good choice in ranked. Her bad turret angles make pushing in (which you will need to do a lot) very dangerous. Her good secondaries and hydro could provide unique opportunities, however.
  11. The_first_harbinger

    The problem with ranked

    On the contrary, I believe players are actually quite active this season compared to the past seasons. Despite the constant complaints, I really didn't see as many cases of cowardice and "play to save a star". I asked a few players that were accused of doing so, and most of them have good reasons, and I think WG handled the season fairly well. The capture spots were set up in such a way that cowardice will only mean getting further away from the buffs and isolated from the rest of the team, making the said player easier to be angled and engaged against.
  12. The_first_harbinger

    Ranked needs better MM

    I agree. This season really puts the emphasis on flexibility and active engagements. The team that manages the risks better and are willing to make bold moves will win games. Radar gives an advantage, but not a significantly game-breaking one. It is specific individual ships that need improvements: ibuki, yugumo, Izumo, Iowa, etc.
  13. The_first_harbinger

    Can We Talking About The Ranked Dumpster Fire?

    This season is one of the most entertaining seasons I've ever been a part of. Having constantly shifting objectives near the middle of the map truly made this season engaging, exciting, even a bit scary, considering that I've played a lot of cruisers. No irrevocable ranks might be a problem, but so far I don't have much problem managing my stars and my progression. Yes, BBs can do what they always do, but the more they camp, the more they will suffer as the buffs rack up for the enemy team.
  14. The_first_harbinger

    To WG, from a Mac user

    Amongst all the insult and accusations tossed toward the WG developers, allow me to express my gratitude toward the dev teams. Thank you for taking the precious time to update the game constantly to make this splendid game compatible with a pathetic platform! There really isn't many other Mac users out there, and this game is quite a large game with killer graphics from a small developer. Sure, the game crashes at the worst moment possible every now and then, sometimes the game becomes a beautiful powerpoint, sometimes my machine is hot enough to fry an egg... But I am just grateful for WG taking the time to do this, so that I may continue to be a part of this community. They have no obligations with keeping the game compatible with Macbook, but they did. Thank you! Thank you very much! Keep up the good work, and have a nice day!
  15. The_first_harbinger

    Alsace... what am I doing wrong?

    Geez, didn't expect a counter argument 3 months after Yeah, several patches after a lot of the things have changed. What you said is mostly true. Concealment no longer matters with CV everywhere and the nerf, FDG got her 25mm HE pen secondaries, and you can only land about 1/4 of your broadside weight on target at best. It really isn't a great time to play the Alsace right now, but I've seen people making full secondary Alsace work phenomenally in this patch.