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  1. The_first_harbinger

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    I would argue having laser guns lifted the skill floor but lowered the skill ceiling. The ability to shoot from behind islands with impunity is something an experienced player definetly would take over some convenience in leading your target. Also Again, Budyonny is a solid cruiser, but she's certainly not OP. She is a very unforgiving cruiser to play, given how sluggish and fragile the ship is, and having such a terrible concealment in tier 6 is not a good news either. I would take Leander over a Budyonny is great many situations.
  2. The_first_harbinger

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Ehh, I would argue that the ship IRL is also outstanding, the game accurately reflected this without much inflation in performance. 1.It isn't over-pressured. The chamber volume is very generous, and although the Russian military probably doesn't concern about man power, losing an entire gun house's damage output in a firefight is definitely something nobody would tolerate. 2.Indeed, a high muzzle velocity gun means short barrel life, but it won’t stop the gun from being an outstanding weapon, especially given the role of the soviet navy: regional dominance, in which the ships never operate far from a friendly port, so short barrel life isn’t a concern. There are many short barrel life weapons IRL, for example the famous 40mm Bofors AA, few of them suffered because of it. Yes, the soviet navy is pathetic, given their small size. But that doesn’t mean small navies can’t produce weapon systems. The Russian B-38 6”/57 is an amazing weapon, even navweaps admitted it. Same deal with the infamous German 8”/60 SK C/34, the best heavy cruiser main battery in WWII that proved that for heavy cruiser caliber, super heavy shells aren’t necessary to produce superior penetration, and inspired the American 8”/55 Mark 71 to abandon the superheavy shell doctrine held by WWII US naval gunnery. But yes, I agree. Some of the figures for the up coming Soviet battleship line is just ludicrous. A 457mm shell with a muzzle velocity over 900 mps sounds simply incredulous, apparently they use Stalinium for their barrels on those things.
  3. The_first_harbinger

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Shchors isn't actually that OP... Yes she has good guns, but it turns like a bus on two flats, and...the ship's hull...basically Omaha, but longer...
  4. The_first_harbinger

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    The Russian cruiser line literally have at least one premium ships on almost every tier now...
  5. Guess somebody needs a dose of AP balance from battleships...
  6. The_first_harbinger

    Caption the profile image above you.

    A fresh serving of boneless bones coming up...still working on the boneless part... chewchewchewchewchewchew
  7. The_first_harbinger

    What the Supertest "Zero Damage" Penetration Change Means for BBs

    Is this a stealth german battleship buff?
  8. 0DD10776-5A89-435E-834B-B45FAFCB6A2D.thumb.jpeg.ff490c09d8d8bb496e407118635c02f8.jpeg

    No further comments required.

  9. The_first_harbinger

    Who have you seen in game

    yeah, not much I can do in a Mogami when being sandwiched a damage hungry Hindenburg and a citadel seeking Republique
  10. The_first_harbinger

    What is the Point of Bridges?

    But not really in their battleships. The syndrome was the most severe in their newer projects, especially their treaty heavy cruisers, where the need of quality>quantity to fight against american counterparts urged the japanease designers into desperation to make their heavy cruisers as capable as possible. Most notably, the Myokou class and the Atago class, which have disporportionally large superstructures for a heavy cruiser due to IJN's naval strategy of using heavy cruisers as torpedo strike group lead ships. Older WW1 constructions, the Kongou class, the Fuso and the Hyuuga class, and the Nagato class was constructed before the 1930s naval arms race frenzy, during which solid constructions have already been made, and despite the refits, it is still difficult to fundamentally change their nature.
  11. The_first_harbinger

    What is the Point of Bridges?

    I think it was thanks to Fuso's first refit in the 1930s, that not only saw her armor belt thickened, heavier oil boilers installed, but also torpedo bulge mounted, increasing the ship's beam length without lowering the draft. Yes, the superstructure was refitted to mount more optics and rangefinders, but when the hull was both made heavier and wider, it shouldn't be a surprise that the effect on the ship's balance can be neglected.
  12. "we tried so hard, but in the end, it doesn't even matter. I have to fall, to lose it all..."

    Are you sure about that :Smile_playing:
    Worry nought fem, you are not fighting alone! 

    1. Chobittsu


      Hmmm, I should watch for the next one of these

    2. yungpanda


      Wow, on fault line too! Nice game!

    3. Mental_Model_Zao
  13. The_first_harbinger

    Premium ships

    Actually, only a very small portion of the premium ships would show up in the tech tree. Being in the tech tree means that the said premium ships are availble through purchase via doubloons already purchased by the player, and the list of such premium ships are constantly rotating monthly. Aside from those premium ships, there are featured premium ships that may be on sale for a limited time in the premium shop, to be purchased with dollars only. Those ships cannot be purchased with previously purchased doubloons, and as the name suggests, availble for a limited time. Normally even after the sales period expires, theses ships will return to the premium shops some times later, but there's no guarantee Lastly we have the Premium ships that are either not or no longer availble for purchase. Those are in game award ships earned though missions or events, or previouly sold premium ships that are deemed too overpowered to be sold ever again. Those are rare relics of the past, and if you see one of those ships on the enemy team, you should probably excercise some caution.
  14. The_first_harbinger

    Mass vs FDG: P2W!

    ^ that is all well and true...but... I certainly wouldn't mind a Friedrich der Großer buff