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  1. Team Damage/kill appeal

    Pink is a fashionable colour. Enjoy it while it lasts. Unless you are teamkills on purpose, pink is hard to come by. Seriouly thou, just relax and play a coupld of co-op, play some ships you normally wouldn't use in Random, have a good time. The pink will wash off before you know it.
  2. Is AA on destroyers completely useless?

    There's a reason why CV division anchoring usually involves Kidd or C-hull benson.
  3. Does this happen to anyone else?

    Well...tunnel visioning and ignoring the minimap just to engage one ship is a problem. Plus, if it took you so long to kill off an enemy ship so much so that your entire team has already died, your fires must've been less than effective. One of the most important benchmark for unicums is to realize that your best target is not always the target closest to you, or the ship that you can deal the most damage to. Positioning is also very critical, position yourself where you can assert a maximum impact to the outcome to the game. Good luck and fair seas!
  4. The last ship of the Kaiser's Navy

    Ahh yes, the SMS Goeben. A symbol of german engineering, endurance and political cunning. She really do deserves to be a part of this game.
  5. I don't think so. In space, there's nothing really stopping, dispersing, or decreasing the power of laser weapons. If we are talking about inter planetary warfare, the power of the weapon and the ability to detect enemy threats in advance would pretty much negate any necessity of lauching multiple small crafts that can be easily tracted by laser weapons, and cannot mount effective counter attack due to the inferior power and detection, thanks to the small hull space.
  6. Catapult fighter crazy effective

    lol, poor fighter squadron, getting caught out of ammo by catapult fighters... That got to be the most embarrasing way for those pilots to go...
  7. image.jpg?width=776&height=1040

    Run, rebel, run... long hunts are the best hunts...

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  8. Heh. The notorious "average player base", that does stupid things like camping HE montana and gunboat shimakaze, did badly in one ship. This ship have a higher than average skill floor and I can't adapt to it. I must cry about it, the ship is woefully underpowered and unplayable. Waaaah. According to the same site, Hindenburg is also unplayable. Buff immediately. pls. waaaaah.
  9. Offensive words ?? How do I know??

    Add "Conqueror main" to the list
  10. New Mexico vs Arizona differences?

    The most noticable difference in game would be the guns. Arizona's gimmick is her extremely accurate artillery compared to New Mexico, at the expense of a slightly longer reload. Arizona's AA is weaker, but it's not like New Mexico can win any plane shooting contest either. The rest is standard USN supedread character: thick belt that allows you to get away with broadsiding against lower tier battleships some times, large areas of unarmored hull that eats IFHE and 16 inch overmatch left right and centre, and the standared, agnizing 21kts speed... Historically New Mexico was revolutionary for its propulsion. Before her final refit, New Mexico was equipped with a electric propulsion system that achieved great efficiency, but it was eventually replaced with the more reliable and universal standard steam block. American designers also attempted the mono bridge design, influenced by the HMS Elizabeth class refit. It's outstanding performance has proven her supeority, yet unfortunately not all ships receieved enough funding to receieve such a refit. The USN doctrine before Pearl Harbor is to modernize the ships from the oldest ships to the newest. The proof is the Arizona, that had her cage mast replaced with the trimast. New Mexico also have a newer gun mount with a more spacious turret, allowing for slightly less interference of the muzzle blast against gun accuracy.
  11. the abruzzi its not a garbage its average

    Yes, most certainly. I have no right over other people's money and choices. If you think you want the Abruzzi, and you think it's a decent ship and wants to play it, please, by all means, go ahead. Kindly forgive me for excercising my right to exploit the Abruzzi's weaknesses for maximum effect, and don't complain when you eat citadels from left right and center
  12. Is Warships Today toast?

    I honestly don't care about stats anymore. No superior statistics can be more convicing than beating somebody fair and square in a training room.
  13. How to fix Izumo?

    I dunno, I don't think there's any stinkers for the French and the German bbs, nor the Japanese CV, which is globally the more popular carrier line.
  14. How to fix Izumo?

    I'm seriously surprised to see an Izumo survived long enough at a close enough range for an enemy battleship to take out the turrets XD I dunno, perhaps WG is forcing people to use Izumo at a long range?
  15. How to fix Izumo?

    How to fix? Simple. Make her look better. Now that more people will actually bear with it and learn how to play her well instead of all skipping her before 50 games. If we are being serious, a deck armor buff to 38mm would be logical and balanced, a logical trasition from the roaming but squishy Amagi to the tanky, relatively stationary Yamato Lowering the ship in water and turning the C turret around can also be helpful, although the latter solution my have unintended consequences.