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  1. sdbaracosa

    Anti Submarine Warfare OVER POWERED.

    Try to fight a sub in Musashi, not only does she have AA that can't fight off a tier 6 CV. But her ASW aircraft have a 5km range. So you can't fight off the sub, He can kill you from more then 5km away and you have no defence. I just had a game against a tier 10 sub and guess who lost. Yeah I know she was removed because of being OP. But times have changed. I don't mind subs, play what you want. But there needs to be a way to fight back.
  2. And give Texas back her AA. She was refit to be an awesome AA platform. The rework made her AA a joke.
  3. Here's a code for whom ever wants it. Happy New Year all. 22NYC-7P8P2-X6Z89
  4. sdbaracosa

    WG Server Problem?

    I have been waiting over 13 hours for an update and nothing. Support team must be on vacation. I have spectrum and live in CA, all other services are good to go. Hot spot my Verizon phone and same. This just tops off the PR cluster F. Was going to spend money on a few things but now..... I think not. Good luck to all those that can actually play the game. Happy Holidays.
  5. sdbaracosa

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    I submitted a ticket and sent support all that they requested. Ping trace and a check report. Haven't seen anything from them in 11 hours. With all the other reports I've seen on here it can't be an ISP issue. Everything else I have is working fine.
  6. sdbaracosa

    Stuck on Authorization?

    Managed to play 2 games in the last 24 hours. Everything works fine other then this game. All other games, streaming services and devices on my network are fine. Did the check on the game and it came back good. I'm running a ping test at supports request. Are others out there still having issues?
  7. sdbaracosa

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    I'm having the same issue, submitted a ticket and was told it was my ISP. My internet is fine other then this game. So here we go again.....
  8. I was hoping for better luck. Only had 4 I didn't have and got.... HMS Gallant. Thank you War Gaming for a great event. It was a good time all around. A free ship is always worth it.
  9. sdbaracosa

    Can't Play any battle type. Anyone else?

    Same here. So much for my 3 hours of premium remaining. Last patch game crashed all the time. Now this, might be time for a break.
  10. sdbaracosa

    Best credit maker ship?

    Just wondering does Azuma have better earning potential then Yoshino? As far as credits and XP?
  11. sdbaracosa

    French DD's

    I only have the tier 5 and while I find the play style interesting. I have found that if there's a CV in the match your his favorite target. Other DDs can smoke and hide for a little, but your out in the open and they know it. Anybody else have that problem?
  12. sdbaracosa

    Buff German BB's

    Buffed how? Biz and FDG still burn like they are covered in high test fuel. And my Biz captain has fire prevention and it still doesn't help.
  13. sdbaracosa

    Buff German BB's

    What about the HE damage they take? It seems like your always on fire in any German BB. Is there any chance that this will get looked at anytime soon.
  14. sdbaracosa


    Yeah the fact they don't have armor is part of the fun for me. You need to be on your toes or you get nuked. I don't have a great win rate in the Yoshino but I usually end up near the top of the team. Thinking of getting the Azuma too but waiting to see what else comes along.
  15. sdbaracosa


    I find this ship fun. However my team seems to think it should be played in close. Every game I play I get map pinged and told to move up. The guns are great at range and had some real LOL moments with the torps.