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  1. marcus_17

    So the Hood is on sale..

    I've been thinking about getting the Hood for historical reasons because I have the Bismarck in port. But I think she what be a hoot to play also.
  2. marcus_17

    Got my Yamato today.

    I'm grinding for the Yamato now only 10k away from getting her, but if what I'm reading here is right about her being nerfed, then I may go for ether tier 10 American or German instead. I've put a lot of time and effort into this, is the Yamato really worth it or not? Please let me know thank you.
  3. marcus_17

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I hear you, I'm so used to playing BB and CA that I sometimes forget I'm in a DD and that will more than not get me killed in a heart beat, But your wright about being overly aggressive. I've tried using other DDs but found that American DDs suit me the best for now at my skill level.
  4. marcus_17

    Tips for Fusou

    Fuso is my favorite BB! If used the right way she can be a nightmare for the enemy team. From what I've read here, there are a lot of sound ideas from other Fuso drivers, and one more thing if using HE and you have the jump on enemy DDs you become their worst nightmare, just make sure you watch out for their torpedo's.
  5. marcus_17

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I've started playing DDs about three months ago in earnest starting at tier 2 up to tier 6, at first I just died rather horribly within the first two to three minutes of the game mostly in co-op and a few times in Random. But listening too and watching other players on YouTube and here in the form I'm learning fast the do's and don'ts with a DD. Thanks, hope to see you on the high seas.
  6. marcus_17

    Graf Spee?

  7. I understand what WG tried to do here, but the problem with it is they didn't think it out before installing it into patch 0.7.4. They should yank it out and redo it, and please leave out that d.. AFK because its nothing but a headache, in real life things happen and to be given a AFK because of it is "[edited]". like yesterday my neighbor came over to ask me what time middle school band practice was over and guess what an AFK. You mite agree or disagree with me, but their are a lot of players who are going through this right now.