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  1. Seaman_Rookie

    Public Test - 0.9.1 - Feedback

    Depends on the battle type. Coop is only the usual 30 second wait, and you can get 3 of every non-special signal flag for 1 battle, and 10 type 6 (100%xp) camos for 3 battles. Not a bad reward for 3 coop games, and this can be repeated for the second public test weekend. Alternatively, these 3 games can be done in random battles. The wait time is up to 5 minutes, unless you want to play a cv when no one else on the PT want to play one (you just have to pick a different ship type.) Playing 3 battles will get the rewards mentioned above. (not winning, just playing win or lose) There is also stage 2 of the winter season which is (by memory) 20 random/ranked battles, 30K base xp and 100 cits/torps/floods/fires with a reward of, I think, 100 british tokens and a grand reward for the completion of stage 1 2 and 3 of a tier 6 premium ship. Not too shabby of a prize if you want to test out different ships on the PT in random battles anyway. And then there are the Ranked battles, currently 7v7. About 16 stars to rank out for a live-server prize of 5 of each of the special flags. But you need a 7v7 battle, and the waiting time is unlimited. I don't know how many games it would take to rank out, but I doubt anyone would want to wait in queue for that long over 2 weekends hoping to get a match. (and forget about decent teammates.) So you don't do this part. And try out the new commander if you win a ranked battle in each of the 5 nation ships (1 win per nation), which would take at least 5 battles (assuming a 100% win rate...) and 5 waits in queue... yeah... that isn't going to happen. So you don't do that part either. So feel free to stop by and play future public tests. There is fun to be had, and decent rewards for some, but not all, of the missions.
  2. Seaman_Rookie

    PT rewards not found

    Rewards from the Public Test Sever are posted to live accounts about 1 to 1 1/2 weeks after the patch goes live. You can get those rewards here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus/ (you will need to be signed in) Any crates earned during the winter (or previous fall or summer) series of mission spread over 3 public tests appear automatically in the live account about 2 weeks after the patch goes live.
  3. Seaman_Rookie

    Public Test - 0.9.0 - Feedback

    In the "British Heavy Cruisers Event", there is a directive in I, II, III and IV to earn credits. The title for this objective is "Quid pro quo". This latin phrase of "Quid pro quo" has had a lot of airtime in the news recently during the US House of Representatives hearings about the US president. Perhaps it will fade from the memories of Americans by the time of the update 0.9.0. On the other hand, it's possible that it will be repeated during the Senate process. Maybe it would be best to play it safe (for the US/English market), and just choose a different title for the credit earning objective for this update? Otherwise, I've played quite a few Arms Race battles, and I think I prefer the older format better. The current Arms Race seems more like a warped sense of reality of a Random battle rather than a fresh, and different game mode. IMO.
  4. Seaman_Rookie

    Question Regarding Twitch Charity Stream and Hayate

    If the donations to the charity go beyond a certain amount, then the playerbase (i.e. the people watching the twitch channel at the time) can vote on whether it's a Steel ship, a Coal ship, or a Free XP ship. (I heard this early in the twitch stream today.) I don't have any info on the release date, nor how much of any currency it would cost.
  5. Seaman_Rookie

    WG Please Read From a Concerned Player

    But you already have a potential compromise available. Currently, after the first game in a new tier 10, the UU mission chain is started. WG plans to terminate all missions on update 0.9.x, and have UUs only obtained through the RB (NTC). How about after update 0.9.x, after the first game in a new tier 10 there is no mission chain started, rather, all the UUs can be obtained through the RB (NTC). However, any mission chains already started prior to 0.9.x are given an expiration date of, say, 12/31/2020 (far enough away to not really be an expiration date.) Advantages: No one is having their current, and partially completed, missions taken away.
  6. Ahhh.... but we WILL know how many players have earned the Puerto Rico for free.... when the event is about to end, check to see how many players have entered the Hall of Fame. That should be the maximum number of free Puerto Rico ships on the NA server. (as one must complete all 7 objectives to get the ship free, and hence would enter the Hall of Fame.) And as far as your suggestion for the "State Attorney General", that really wasn't good advice. You don't report a company for a bad public relations move. All things said though, WG does have their staff follow the forums on the NA, as well as ASIA, EU and CIS servers, and I'm sure they have realized their errors in mismanaging players' expectations for the Puerto Rico event. I have no doubt that they will be discussing how to 'fix' the current problems, and of course, take notes so they do not make a similar mistake in the future. This, I believe, is part of the strength of the WarGaming company. Sure they make mistakes, but they care enough to listen and make changes.
  7. Seaman_Rookie

    Lost in the PR fiasco.

    And they might be playing 24 hours a day for 7 days a week for every day of the month. But with only a 30% win rate and 0.2 destruction ration, will that be enough to be able to grind the PR, for free, and in time? (I suppose I should put a "/s" here, though I am a bit curious.)
  8. Seaman_Rookie

    Are people like this bots? What, precisely, is going on?

    lol... I know someone with only slightly better stats... Basically, there are many serious flaws in his gameplay including not looking at the minimap, not bothering to check if his target is a BB CA or DD, not using smoke to estimate speed (or no smoke = stationary). He tends to sail around the map shooting at the red ships that appear on his screen without concern for objectives, including caps whether capping or resetting. Also doesn't use the ALT key to see how damaged a ship is before firing.... firing a full BB broadside at a 500 hp target with 4 fires? no problem! "hey, I just sank a battleship!" No concept of what 'detection' is, so his sorties in DDs always end badly. And the list goes on.... I could make a rather long post with ideas on how to improve, but do we really think that these players are looking at the forums to try to improve their gameplay?
  9. Seaman_Rookie

    Twilight Ships Still Taking Up Port Slots

    When you received the first 3 twilight ships, they each came with a port slot. The next 6 ship upgrades, though, took up your usual port slots. This issue was brought up to WG early in the Twilight season. Their reply was that the twilight ships would be removed with the next update (8.11), but the 3 port slots added for the first 3 twilight ships would remain. So.... players will have the inconvenience of up to 6 port slots occupied until the next update, for the compensation of 3 port slots. PSA: If you have to sell a ship that you want to keep, the lowest tiers will cost you the fewest credits in the round trip (do you have a tier 1 Italian in your port?). --OR-- As WG will restore premium ships that were deleted 'by mistake' a few times per year, 'accidentally' sell a tier 2 premium/prize ship (or 2), use the slots until the twighlight ships are removed, and put a ticket to customer support to restore your premiums. (you will need to have the credits you received, and a port slot open, to get the ship back.)
  10. Seaman_Rookie

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Feedback

    Expect the rewards to be posted around the first weekend after the patch goes live, or a couple of days afterwards. Keep in mind that the Public Test server is a different server of WarGaming, and the NA staff has to wait for a list of email and earned rewards from the Public Test crew after that test is over. Actually, I think it's quite nice that the Public Test has become a regular feature between the updates, and now with regular parts 1 and 2. Sure there are a few bugs here and there, but it's a great way to see some possible upcoming changes to the game. (and since you're new to the public test, not everything on the PT server makes it to the live server.)
  11. same here. Completed mission 1 on the first PT, mission 2 on the second PT, and then this mission 3 on the current PT -- only to now see mission 1 reappear.
  12. Seaman_Rookie

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Bugs

    Same here. I did part 1 during the first public test, and part 2 during the second public test of the autumn season. I now just completed part 3 during the current public test, and the mission from part 1 has appeared under the mission heading with no progress made. Also - I was going to say that the New Year event is bugged as none of my ranked games were counted in section 7. I just noticed that the entire section 7 is for tier X ships only. OK. Also - in the port in the bottom right corner, the "i" for information button is overlaid on the clock. (I can see the hour, but not the minutes.) 1920x1080 resolution.
  13. Seaman_Rookie

    What is it with PPL chasing BOT CVs in COOP @ the Start ?

    Nah, when you're seeing players behave 'illogically', there is usually a reason. My guess would be stage II of the current missions: Shoot down 30 planes. What better way of getting the bot cv to send you planes than taking a DD (or other fast ship), and charging at the bot cv? Once they get their 30 planes, they'll stop doing it. (probably....) At least there isn't a 'sink a cv' mission.... that would be worse!
  14. Seaman_Rookie

    Killer Whale - Different latitude, same problem.

    And remember -- not every player on the NA server can read English, and some don't even look at the chat box! To communicate with your teammates: Try using the F3 (focus fire) command, or pinging the minimap on the target to help direct fire. If you think a ship is way out of position, ping the minimap on the location of the ship and then ping the minimap where you think that ship should be.
  15. Seaman_Rookie

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    You can use credits to buy ship premium ship consumables and not doubloons. (Apparently historical, since it seems that the doubloon option is not only not the default, but is no longer there.) More current: When selling a ship, you can dismount your modules for doubloons OR sell them for 1/2 the credits you paid for by the drop down menu.