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  1. The PTS rewards pre-community tokens were much better than the rewards post community tokens. Previously, you could get more camos, more signal flags, and more special flags than what you could purchase with the community tokens from a single PTS. (My PTS buddies have stopped playing PTS because of this.) And what to get with the Community Tokens? The Veteran Recruiting Station Container looks interesting at 3000 tokens, but with 1.5 Billion credits already, the possibility of the container returning another 1.5 million credits is pretty much worthless to me...
  2. Seaman_Rookie

    Naval literature book recommendations

    Since you're on a bus, perhaps you would prefer an audiobook instead of paper book? Some bluetooth earbuds and a cellphone will let you stream, and Amazon's Audible collection of audiobooks is huge. I'm sure you'll get many good recommendations in this thread. Here are some of mine: (1) Japanese Destroyer Captain: Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, Midway - The Great Naval Battles Seen Through Japanese Eyes By: Captain Tameichi Hara (2) The Pacific War Trilogy by Ian W. Toll (over 85 hours...) (3) Shattered Sword by Jonathan Parshall, Anthony Tully (Japanese Carrier tactics as used in the Battle of Midway) Or.... you could see how everyone else likes their historical audiobooks: In Amazon's Audible, select Browse, then History. Select "See all in history", then Sort by "Average Customer Review". Scroll down until you find a history book of the type you are looking for. (And there is a reason why "The Rifle" is number one.... I thought the book and reading were flawless. But no naval themes.)
  3. Seaman_Rookie

    PTS 0.10.11 Bug Report

    Took FDR into a random battle on the PTS, and was unable to launch any squadrons. I could press 1, 2 or 3 as many times as I wanted, but the game did not register the 'second' pressing to launch. (had same issue on the first weekend of the last PTS.)
  4. Seaman_Rookie

    Any word on the Premium time discount?

    I recall the 50% off the price (or doubloons) for 1 year premium to be a New Year's sale, without any announcement before then. So I would expect to see Black Friday sales, and the Christmas (Dec 25th) sales to occur before any mention of the premium time sale. I'd expect to see the sale announced sometime between Dec 27th and Jan 1st.
  5. AT - (1) Clanmembers do have the option of unblocking their stats for their clanmambers only. (2) Clanmembers who participate in the Naval Battles will show up in the player list of that week, even if their stats are blocked, whether they get a star or not.
  6. Seaman_Rookie

    PTS 0.10.10 Bug Report

    Carrier Roosevelt in Random battle: Game 1: Pressing 1, 2 or 3 brought up the message to press it again to launch planes. No planes could be launched with repeated pressing of those keys. Ship could maneuver. Restarted game, no change. Game 2: Pressed 1, 1 at the very start of the game, and fighters launched. Once squadron expended, no further planes could be launch as in Game 1. Hakuryu is launching squadrons normally.
  7. In Update 10.8: Armory --> Submarines --> Get a rental or 100 coal over 5 pulls for each submarine tier VI, VIII, X In Update 10.9 (currently active on the CIS server): Combat Missions --> Common --> Mission Chain: Get 12500 base XP (in random/ranked/coop tier V-X) for rental tier VI submarines for 19:10:21. --> Get another 2500 base XP (in random/ranked/coop tier VI-X) for rental tier VIII submarines for 19:10:21 --> Get another 2000 base XP (in random/ranked/coop tier VIII-X) for rental tier X submarines for 19:10:21 (I'm not sure the meaning of 19 hours, 10 minutes and 21 seconds for the rental, but that's what is posted.) Mission chain goes for 13 days, and does not renew.
  8. Seaman_Rookie

    Did not get Daily login reward today

    If you sign in, and agree to look at the convoy mode, the screen skips the DISPLAY of the daily login bonus. The daily bonus will still be credited to you after the day, as you did login. (according to previous patchnotes) If you prefer to click on the award each day, as I do, while in the port, click on your captain's name, then "daily awards" on the dropdown menu, and then click on your reward!
  9. Seaman_Rookie

    Removing Hidden Stats by player.

    (1) Go to www.worldofwarships.com (2) Log in (top right corner) (3) After logging in, click username (top right) and "World of Warships" in the drop down list (4) In display, look for "profile privacy" (left side) (5) Click "private" (or whatever), and set it to whatever you wish. (6) Changes are immediate
  10. Seaman_Rookie

    PT mission requirement is not reasonable

    (1) For every 2 games at tier 7-8, you'll be able to play 1 game at tier 9-10. It's pretty easy to get 50K damage from the higher tier, so that would be a total of 10 lower tier, and 5 higher tier games to complete the mission --OR-- (2) Play a tier 8 cv, spec your captain against AA, and fly over your teammates to secure your 50K damage. (though be a sport, and stop damaging the enemy fleet when you hit 50K)
  11. Seaman_Rookie

    rediculous pacific war mission

    Negative. You only have to destroy 3 ships in a single battle using an American ship ONCE. (though the 0/3 looks like you have to do it 3 times, you only have to do it ONCE.)
  12. Seaman_Rookie

    Community Time with Ev1n and Mademoisail (8/25)

    Hey KaptainKaybe -- I agree with you about posting the odds and contents of the various lootboxes, er, containers. World of Warships Legends does post their odds and contents, and it looks like this: https://wowslegends.com/containers/ THAT is what I would like to see here for World of Warships! (Though posting the drop rates for the Super Santa '21 and the Secret Santa '21 seems a bit on the early side....)
  13. Seaman_Rookie

    Book review: Unsinkable

    Looks like an interesting book, and highly rated by readers too. And it's nice to see an American destroyer story that is not somewhere in the Pacific, but rather in the European theater of operations.
  14. Seaman_Rookie

    Now Wargaming is offering free Tier IX premiums?

    I dunno, but someone letting their phone battery get down to 3% power left seems pretty suspicious....
  15. Seaman_Rookie

    Missouri Credit Mission Details

    The screen capture would have been from the CIS (Russian) server, as their server updates first. (CIS server update went live today at 0300 EST while NA goes live 0900 EST today. Both ASIA and EU have to wait until 'tomorrow' EST.) Meanwhile, enjoy all those subs in coop mode! And don't forget to go to the Armory to get the free daily gift (under featured) and the 3 x 100 coal under the submarine rental tab. (or get a rental submarine itself....)