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  1. Seaman_Rookie

    Public Test 0.8.1 - Feedback

    Public test 8.1 Re: CV autopilot -- using the "M" for map, and then setting waypoint(s) Issue: single waypoint is a straight line, but cv uses rudder adjustments frequently, usually every few seconds during it's entire course, sometimes not even pointing in the correct direction at the end. Click-click..pause...click-click...pause....click-click....etc. Problem: (1) endless distracting clicks that give no useful information about the status of the carrier (2) max speed is reduced with all the constant course corrections. Trying to run away from a BB at full speed using the "M" and a waypoint? Too bad, your cv will be close to, but never be at maximum speed. Solution: If it's game design to not have the cv in a perfectly straight line (even if the waypoints are), then could you at least remove all the click-clicks of the cv's rudder adjustments? Thanks.
  2. Seaman_Rookie

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Thanks Pigeon_of_War for keeping this thread open, so players can voice their opinions to you (and WarGaming). I have a concern about the Developers Bulletin about the proposed upcoming change to the Italian Battleship Giulio Cesare: Since the game went live, there have been a few notable 'nerfs' to premium ships -- including the removal of open water stealth firing, and the more recent change in cv mechanics. All of these 'nerfs' to the premium ships resulted in a change in the game's mechanics that affected the particular premium ships that depended on it. (e.g. the cv reword affected the Saipan, Kaga, and Graf Zepplin cvs) There hasn't been a direct nerf to any individual premium ship after it's release, instead, WarGaming has removed (or greatly limited) the introduction of new copies into the game (e.g. Kamikaze, Nikoli, Gremy, Kutuzov) The announcement in the developers blog, and subsequent comments by sub_octavian, imply that direct nerfs to premium ships will start becoming routine. Instead of offering doubloons in compensation for the changed premium ship, consider using 2 names for the 2 slightly different ships -- e.g. everyone who has the current "Giulio Cesare" keeps their ship unchanged while the new ship is named "Giulio Cesare 1944" at tier 6 with it's upgrades. That way, WarGaming would avoid changing any previously purchased premium ship, and still be able to offer the slightly changed ship for new sales. (Heck, just put a different sweet camo on the new version of the ship, and you might get some players wanting both....)
  3. The mission is to spot 6 ships, not get 6 spotting ribbons. For example, in a ranked 5v5, you might be able to get more than 5 spotting ribbons in one game, but you can only spot a maximum of 5 ships.
  4. I cannot read or speak Russian, but based on past WarGaming announcements, I can make a guess: For the question: If you have a Langley, how much XP would you need to get a Ranger? I think the answer would be 68,000. And the total credit cost would be 7.85 million. So for the captain with a Langley, a Bogue, and a Ranger in version 7.12, on arrival of update 8.0, I would anticipate 1. A refund of the XP difference between 7.12 Langley --> Bogue --> Ranger vs. the XP needed for 8.0 Langley --> Ranger. The refund would be in free XP 2. A refund of the credit difference between 7.12 Langley --> Bogue --> Ranger vs. the credits needed for 8.0 Langley --> Ranger. The refund would be in free XP. 3. Any silver XP on the Bogue will be transferred to the Erie. (Tier I ship of the same nation) 4. The option to sell cvs, higher tiers before lower tiers, to receive the credit and free XP amounts as listed above. (I think there is a typo for the XP on the Hosho-- missing a "0") 5. Option to sell is during update 8.0, but expires for the next update on 21.02.19 (I don't think it's mentioned in the cyrillic, but with the cv modules in 8.0 being so different from the 7.12 version, I would expect automatic selling of all cv modules at full credit prices on the update. -- just my speculation) Now comes the fun part, where someone who can actually read Russian can tell me below how close I am :-)
  5. Seaman_Rookie

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    That depends -- Warships today will indeed just show the frozen stats. Wows numbers will just show blocked. More importantly, matchmaking monitor will just show 'blocked stats'. Sorry to say, but I do prefer my stats to be blocked. (Or in the turkey shoot weekend as a turkey, having almost no stats at all.)
  6. Seaman_Rookie

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    Royal Navy Missions: Pursuing Combat Objectives: Earn Seven Stars: Must be completed in a Senario Battle - Ships of Tier V or Higher The Current Operation, Saving Transylvania, uses Tier III ships only How can we complete this combat objective? This objective appears in Missions I, II, III and IV this week.
  7. Seaman_Rookie

    0.7.9 public test part 2 rewards

    In the past few public tests, the rewards for the "3 of every flag" and the "10 type 6 camos" were awarded for each of part 1 and part 2. The other rewards, "24 hours of premium" and the draconic flags, were only awarded once based on your cumulative efforts in both part 1 and part 2. For public test 0.7.9, the "3 of every flag" reward is back up. I suspect this is the only reward that is repeatable if you 'completed' the PT part 1. (As you can only end up in a clan base with 5 buildings once, either you have a 5-star for dynamo or not, and either you have ever been in the hall of fame or not.) So while you can "complete the combat missions presented below once again during Round 2 of the Public Test even if you completed them during Round 1" I'd only be expecting an additional "3 of every flag" reward on the live server, and the fun of trying out new ships on the PT.
  8. Seaman_Rookie

    aircraft are not speaking

    I've posted all the information I have in this post:
  9. Seaman_Rookie

    cv planes no sound

    I've posted all the information I have to this topic: Good luck captains!
  10. To the CV Captains who lose their Squadron sounds: Since update 7.1 in mid February, I've been losing the CV Squadron sounds on my first CV game most of the time, requiring me to restart the game client to restore them. On a good day, I might not have to restart at all, but on a bad day, I've had to restart over 9 times before the cv sounds stayed on. (Like a squadron saying "group 2 under attack" when it enters a red ship's AA bubble.) I've made a summary of my problems, and the procedures I tried before, during, and after seeking help with WoWs Support on the NA server. If you have been having the same CV Squadron sound problems, I hope this summary can help. Since I've been using the Training Room procedure on every WoWs client launch, my CV squadron sounds have been much more reliable. I would still welcome any suggestions, as my 'pre-flight checklist' is somewhat long. (but it still beats an unknown number of client restarts needed every day!) Seaman_Rookie (NA) The CV Squadron Sound Bug - ------------------------- Often in my first cv game of the day, I lose my CV squadron sounds for the rest of the match. (By "CV Squadron sounds", I'm referring to the sounds that the airplane squadrons make such as "Group 2 ready" "Group 3 under attack" "Group 5 returning to ship") To restore these sounds, I have to restart the WoWs client, but then I can just lose the sounds again in the next cv battle. (Which would need another client restart, etc.) If I can make it through the first game without losing my cv squadron sounds, I can play without losing sounds for as long as my game client is open. Hours, or even the next day, as long as I leave my WoWs client open, the bug will not happen. But once I close and reopen the WoWs client, then I can lose my cv squadron sounds again on the first cv game. A short YouTube video that shows this bug is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkB-Najytg0. At the 1:50 mark, the sounds "Group 6 under fire" and the announcer saying "enemy cruiser sunk" overlap. There are no more cv squadron sounds for the rest of the video, though everything else is working OK. I have 3 computers capable of playing WoWs, a custom-built machine (Intel 6-core, 32 gig RAM, GeForce 970, running Windows 10), and 2 potato HP P7-1446 machines, one running Windows 10, the other running Windows 8.1. All 3 machines have this problem. (My custom-built machine since version 7.1, mid Feb 2018. I tested my 2 Hewlett-Packard machines in versions 7.4/7.5 as part of my investigation.) Most recently, on Public Test 7.7, I played 5 times. I lost CV squadron sounds on 4 client starts on the first coop or senario battle,. When the Bug occurs: ------------------- While the occurance of the CV Squadron sound loss may seem random, there is a definite pattern. If the timing of the overlap of the announcer's voice, and the cv squadron sounds is just right, then the bug occurs. I've found the most consistent way to reproduce this bug is by the following procedure: 1. Start WoWs (any region or Public Test) 2. Select a CV with AP bombs (like the Midway) 3. Start the Training Room with nice AP bomb targets, like tier 10 cruisers. (small map, 12v12, unarmed nonmoving bots) 4. Soften up a cruiser with a torpedo strike to bring it's HP down enough so 1 AP bomber can finish it. 5. With 2 STACKED AP bombers on ALT attack, sink the cruiser with an ALT drop. 6. Squadron sounds "group 5 returning" and "group 6 returning" overlap with announcer's voice "enemy cruiser sunk" 7. This causes the bug, and CV squadron sounds are lost in game from that point onwards. (Still have sounds? Continue to sink red ships by torping and bombing and see if the sounds are lost with a few more ships. Remember... you want to sink ships by torps and bombs, not by flood or fire.) There are many other situations where the cv squadron sounds can overlap the announcer's voice to cause the loss of sounds, but I've found the above procedure to be the most repeatable way. Summary of my Support Ticket with WoWs NA: ----------------------------------------- Prior to submitting a ticket to support, I experimented with various in-game sound settings -- low / high / ultra, as well as national voice, no horns, no F-key voice commands--all with no effect. I also did a clean install of the game client, also without effect. I have 5 copies of WoWs on my computer, each in its own separate directory: NA, EU, CIS, SEA and the PT. All of my game clients started losing CV Squadron sounds starting with the update to 7.1. (So I had a 2 week period where I lost sounds only on the Public Test 7.1, but not on the NA / EU / CIS, and SEA clients running version 7.0x.) Over the course of 5 weeks, I tried various procedures under the direction of Support NA. As with my own prior efforts, none of these procedures made any difference. -- updated audio driver -- updated graphics driver -- used "msconfig" to disable all processes other than Microsoft services -- deleted the file named "preferences" -- From the WoWs launcher, used "Check and Repair". -- Never had any mods installed -- WGcheck tool reports sent -- Started Windows 10 in safe mode, but without any sound drivers, unable to evaluate effect. -- Reset network connection (flushdns, winsock reset, etc.) -- WG accessed my account, but did not find any issues -- Adobe Flash and Java were up to date. -- I did not/could not modify Windows 10 NET, Visual C++, or DirectX 11. -- Checked Windows 10 firewall settings - no problems. -- Used pingplotter (with usual results, Chicago to San Jose is the majority of my ping 40 on NA) However, my ping to EU/CIS is about 100, and SEA 180. All clients have the same sound issues. -- Uninstalled WoWs, Downloaded CCleaner, cleared the registery, then reinstalled WoWs NA On my own, I replaced the hard drive with a fresh install of Windows 10, updated the audio and graphic drivers, installed the Firefox browser, and then downloaded WoWs. First game still lost cv squadron sounds despite computer having nothing more than Windows 10, Firefox, and WoWs. What to do with the CV Squadron sound bug? ----------------------------------------- As a cv main, I've had to deal with many frustrating games of lost cv squadron sounds. From trial and error, here is what I've come up with: If you're in game, and you've lost cv squadron sounds, the only way of restoring them is to restart the game client (even if midgame.) To minimize the chance of losing cv squadron sounds, there seems to be a set order of events that need to occur in your first cv game. In general terms, you want the announcer and cv squadron sounds to NOT overlap, then later that same game you want them to definitely overlap before the game ends. Trying to do anything controlled in a random battle, or even in a coop battle is difficult, so I went to the training room. For the past couple of months, I've been using a set procedure every time I start up my game client, and before my first cv game. So far, its about 95% effective in preventing the cv squadron sounds from being lost. This procedure involves (1) getting the announcers voice to NOT overlap cv squadron sounds by sinking a ship, then (2) to make the announcers voice overlap with cv squadron sounds by sinking another ship, and (3) conclude the game. Here is my specific procedure that I've been using for the past 2 weeks: 1. Select Midway CV (for the 2 squadrons of AP bombers) 2. Training Room 3. Map: Islands (because it's small), 20 mins, 12v12, tier 10, cv and cruisers only. Red team with unarmed, non-moving bots. 4. Game begins, start Midway starts heading toward the red ships, launch torp 4 and 5, bomber 6 and 7 5. Use torpedo squadron 4 to hit a red cruiser and start a flood. 6. Once squadron 4 is committed in it's torpedo run, and while the cruiser is flooding, keep all 4 squadrons busy, so there are no cv squadron messages. (Fighters 2 and 3 are still on deck.) (waypoints to the 4 map corner will keep them flying for as long as you need) 7. Red cruiser sinks, announcer says "enemy cruiser sunk" 8. With torpedo squadron 5, damage another red cruiser. 9. Before that cruiser sinks, 'secure the kill' with the 2 stacked dive bomber squadrons. (announcer now says "enemy cruiser sunk" overlapping with "group 6 returning to ship" and "group 7 returning to ship") 10. End the training room session either by time running out, sinking enough red cruisers for the reds go under 0 points, or (my favorite) ram the nearest red ship with your cv and let yourself flood and sink. NOTE: using the ESC key, or tk'ing yourself does NOT work to prevent the bug. 11. Return to port. Now I'm ready to play other cv games with a much, much smaller chance of losing my cv squadron sounds. This procedure seems equally effective on all the servers: NA / EU / CIS / SEA / PT. Note: Other carriers, and other red ships can be used for the above procedure, as long as the red ships sink with the same announcer/squadron sound timing. (with IJN carriers, you can use a longer torpedo drop to dev strike the red ship rather than flood, as long as your torp squadrons are busy flying around the map and not saying anything when the torps strike. Also, 'securing the kill' with stacked IJN bombers are a little trickier than with AP bombs. If the ship isn't sunk by the bombers, then try with another red ship before the training room ends.) In Conclusion: ------------- I hope this information is helpful to the other CV captains who may be having similar problems. Please, please let me know if anyone finds a better solution for this problem than what I've just posted. Thanks, Seaman_Rookie (NA)
  11. Ahoy Captains! I have a friend who is interested in joining a clan, but he has some rather serious flaws in his gameplay. He is a nice guy and will not swear or rant at anyone in game. (He may be one of the calmest captains in the game!) However, he also tends to show his broadside to anyone, and often focuses on that angled battleship 12km away while not noticing the 2 cruisers at 6km showing broadsides with only 1k hp left. (just to give 2 examples, there are more.) I'm wondering if there is a clan who's leadership enjoys guiding their members to improve their gameplay by reviewing and practicing basic gameplay mechanics? A leadership that likes to take in below-average players and drill them to improve their game to the average level? If you are a leader or member of such a clan, please reply to this post and feel free to put a link to your thread in the clan recruitment section. I'm sure my friend, and many others like him, will appreciate a friendly clan who will accept their gameplay flaws and help them to become better players. Thanks, Seaman_Rookie
  12. Seaman_Rookie

    Massachusetts Rental, other neat stuff on SEA

    Looks like a good offer.... as my friend has a dormant SEA account, and received this offer by email, I thought I'd log in and see how it works. (OK, maybe I just wanted to play with the Massachusetts a bit...) It does say "Win a Battle", so I went off to coop, and was on the winning side. 100K Free XP, 8 million credits, 10 stars&stripes camos, and 5 of each special flag were added to the account on returning to port. There was also 5 supercontainers (with the usual supercontainer stuff) and a 30% off coupon link to the premium port. However, I couldn't find the rental Massachusetts... not in port, not in premium shop, not in containers.... Going back to the email, and clicking on the "reward claim" button takes you to the same bonus page where you check for public test bonuses. Don't know where the Masschusetts is.... and I'm not sure any returning previous player will find it either. meh, oh well....
  13. Seaman_Rookie

    cv planes no sound

    I'll post all the information that I have about this "cv squadron sound" bug when I'm back to my main computer next week. It seems to have something to do with the timing of the announcer voices ("good luck and fair seas" "enemy cruiser is sunk" etc.) overlapping with the cv squadron sound voices. And once cv squadron sounds are lost, they are not coming back until the client is restarted. I'm currently performing a rather detailed multi-step procedure in the training room every time I start the game client. This has made a big difference, and has reduced the chance of losing cv squadron sounds in my first game from close to 70% to about 5% for me. I'll detail the procedure in a follow-up post next week. In the meantime, if you lose your cv squadron sounds (usually in your first cv game, if at all), finish the match without the sounds, and restart the client before your next cv game. If you get through your first cv game without losing sounds, try to keep your client open until you're done playing cv games for the day as you will not lose cv squadron sounds. (going back to the login screen is OK, and even signing in with a different username is OK.)
  14. Seaman_Rookie

    aircraft are not speaking

    I have experienced something similar since update 0.7.2 -- perhaps we are having the same problem? -- Are you just losing your cv squadron sounds like "group 2 ready", "group 4 returning to ship", etc. with every other game function and sound working normally? -- Do you have all the squadron sounds at the beginning of the game, only to lose them during the game at (seemingly) some random time. -- Does this happen sometimes or usually in your first CV game of the day, but not in any of the later ones? -- If you have answered "yes" to all 3 of the above, does your problem look like this YouTube Video (sounds lost at the 1:50 mark.) youtube.com/watch?v=fkB-Najytg0 If still yes to all of the above, then we may be having the same problem, and I have a lot more information for you. Send me a message, or reply below.