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  1. Seaman_Rookie

    Gifting across servers question

    I believe so, as the different servers use different locations as their charging addresses. You can use the same email address for each server though, and your NA in-game name if it's not already taken on the other servers. Since the synchronization of the server offerings and in-game missions a couple of years ago, the premium shop offerings have been the same among the servers with rare exceptions. Prices are about the same, but not identical with the exception being the Russian server that sold doubloons at a discount compared to the other servers (at least they did a few months ago when I last looked.) Keep in mind that relative to local time in USA, the NA and RU servers update on Wednesday, but the EU and ASIA servers update on Thursday. I would expect premium shop offerings to update with the game client. That I cannot answer, but I would not count on it. Also, the payments accepted on the various servers can change from time to time, so what is acceptable in Feb might not be in Mar. Credit cards Mastercard / VISA would be the best chance of being accepted on all servers, but that may change as well.
  2. Seaman_Rookie

    Battle ended, no record

    Same here. It was after a Clan Brawl tonight, though it did not happen on the other nights that I brawled. Since this was the last night of this season of Clan Brawls, the update is tomorrow morning, I don't think there is much we need to be concerned about -- unless it happens again during the next season....
  3. Seaman_Rookie

    Reset of cruiser line

    Short answer, "no" Moskva is now a special ship. When you reset Russian cruisers, only the current tech tree ships are reset, not the special or premium ships.
  4. Seaman_Rookie

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    Currently, on the Public Test, current captain skills have been migrated to different, but 'recommended', captain skills. Migrating to equal captain skills would be impossible, due to the amount of changes made. For example, the 1 point Priority Target has been changed to 2 points for SOME ships, and eliminated in other. Also, for those like me who liked Radio Position Finder on their battleships, there is no longer an equivalent -- so the Public Test has simply chosen other battleship captain skills for me. So... for those players who really don't look at, or really care, about their captain skills, there is no need to look or bother. For other players who think that winning or losing depends on their captain skills (like many players on the forums, I would guess), you might want to budget some time to reset all your captains before the discount period ends.
  5. Like many things in life, BOTH are true. For experienced players, like almost everyone on the forum, this change represents a transition from the way it's been for the past 5+ years to an almost new set of captain skills. Old way + new way = 2 ways, which is much more complicated. For beginning players, including everyone on the forums when they first started with WoWS, the captain skill change makes things easier, yes easier. For example, imagine that you are grinding up the USA line of DDs. Time for a new tech tree DD, and to move your captain over. But you have to retrain, and only have 1 premium american ship, a battleship. Before this change, you had to use your captain with DD skills on the battleship to retrain. After this change, your DD captain can have a different set of BB skills for that premium battleship. Indeed, after the change, you can have your top American captain (for example) trained for your favorite silver tech tree ship, say the cruiser Des Moines, while also having your preferred captain skills for the CV Roosevelt, the BB Massachusetts, and the DD Kidd. Will you really need as many 19 ...er.... 21 point captains are you currently think you do with the current version?
  6. probably a game bug.... the initial set expired last night, but the event isn't supposed to end until Sunday night
  7. I'd have to disagree. Take a look at the WoWS Legends container page. There are a total of 30 (!) different kinds of crates, and each of them lists the possible contents and the drop rates. If they might contain a premium ship, it lists the chance (per crate) of receiving a premium, and clearly identifies the short-list of ships for each crate. THAT is exactly the type of transparency in crates that this game needs, and IMO what I would need to see before buying any crates.
  8. Seaman_Rookie

    Ship Drop Rate From Santa Container Types?

    From bits and scraps I've seen on the forums, it looks like: Santa's Gift: 0% Santa's Big Gift: 10% Santa's Mega Gift: 10% (though ships tend to be off a higher-tier short list than the Big Gift)
  9. Seaman_Rookie

    Have I Missed Something Makarov ?

    Short answer for the OP: Santa crates are currently in the premium shop. These crates might contain a premium ship as posted https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/a-time-of-gifts/ Players buying these crates have found that many of them have been getting the Admiral Makarov, or a just a handful of others from the Santa crates. (unless you already have that ship, then you might get one of the others on the list.) The difference between players' expectations from reading the WG sales info, and the reality of the actual ships received, is fueling the conversation.
  10. Seaman_Rookie

    Jean Bart B Mission count?

    Hi Hapa - There has been some confusion about these missions even among my clan members who have been with the game for years. I think the confusion originates from thinking that the "Jean Bart B" is the black version of the "Jean Bart", rather than a completely separate ship. Perhaps additional language to the combat mission would clear up any confusion in the future? After all, managing expectations is important in any business. Combat mission for Jean Bart (not the Jean Bart B): Owners of this bundle will also receive a special combat mission Five victories in Random, Ranked, or Co-op Battles played with Jean Bart will bring you 2,500 doubloons and 25,000 Coal -------- OR ---------- Combat mission: Owners of this bundle will also receive a special combat mission for Jean Bart Five victories in Random, Ranked, or Co-op Battles played with Jean Bart will bring you 2,500 doubloons and 25,000 Coal Note: Missions can be done only by the Jean Bart, not the black version Jean Bart B
  11. Seaman_Rookie

    2020 Black Friday Missions Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Wait.... what? AdmiralThunder -- Are you really saying that you obtained 33K modified XP, then 700K damage, then 22 destroyed ships, and then 16K base XP all in COOP and all in one day (done by 5pm EST no less.) !? I see the screen shots, so I guess so.... all I can think of is (1) That must have taken a few coop games and (2) What are you going to do tomorrow now that your missions are done already? Impressive.
  12. Seaman_Rookie

    Single Game Client

    What? How would having only 1 game client to play all 4 servers piss anyone off? (And you still can have different copies of the same client for different servers, if you choose.) And yes, the servers do have "slightly different events". I believe the Christmas sale last year was around December 25th for NA, EU, and ASIA, but January 7th on the CIS. Same sales but on 'slightly' different dates. If you recall a few years ago, different servers had very different events, but there was a lot of 'server envy' -- why does the CIS have (premium ship) on sale when we do not? or on the EU server: "why are the NA ARP ship missions so much easier than ours?" Uniform missions, and premium shop offerings, was really desired by the majority of players across the servers. That said, the NA server still has the unique 'bounty missions', such as the upcoming Great Turkey Shoot of 2020. This mission requires extra time and dedication by the NA staff to operate, and has not been replicated on any of the other servers. Good job NA staff!
  13. Seaman_Rookie

    PTS Updates 0.9.11 and 0.9.12

    PSA: The Sprint Ranked seasons are 23 hours long. You MUST rank out within those 23 hours, or your progress will be reset to the beginning. Good Luck....
  14. Seaman_Rookie

    additional account???

    This. You have the NA World of Warships game client, and the PT Public Test clients installed. Your account on the ASIA / SEA server can be run on your computer's NA game client by using Wargaming Center to log-into your ASIA client by (1) select ASIA region (2) type in ASIA email address and password. (3) Done! You no longer need to have a NA game client, and another game client for ASIA on your computer anymore.
  15. Seaman_Rookie

    EU server

    False. The NA account can only be used on the NA server. The only difference is that you can use your current game client (the NA game client) to access the EU, ASIA, and CIS servers if you have separate accounts there. Example: A player on NA server with only an NA account will not notice any changes. Example 2: A player who has an account on NA, EU, ASIA and CIS servers used to have 4 copies of WoWS on their computer. After the change, this player can uninstall 3 copies of WOWS, and use the 1 remaining copy to access all 4 servers with his 4 accounts. Note: The Public Test Server is always a different account (but with the same email address), and a different client