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  1. Shomaruki

    Torpedo Soup...

    As you can see our Hero has avoided most of the incoming attacks however if we just focus our attention just above the smoke we see the incoming planes. It's a common tradition that we will now focus all our energy collectively and blame the CV that's about to sink our poor hero.
  2. Shomaruki

    Forget the Subs - CV's are far more OP'd.

    I have made countless points and even shown countless videos of people who literally have done little to ZERO effort against a Carrier. I even lived stream against someone who did nothing but complain against a carrier just to prove all that person did was sail in a straight line not even ATTEMPTING to dodge. Carriers are not OP, people who want the instant gratification of thinking AA is supposed to make them immune to planes are what gives CV's such a bad rep. Do carriers still need modification? Yes not going to dispute that, but I refuse to get carriers dunked on when nearly all the ships I've sunk in this game were from rear-faced against an island or literally sailing in a straight line. Hell for GIGGLES I've TOLD people in ALL chat that I was about to drop torps into them and did they turn their ship? No they ate every single one of them. I've even tried to drop my torps early as an experiment just to SEE if they would slow down, or turn away. Nope. I made a topic months back about how easy it was to take down a carrier using another ship. The "Most OP" ship in the game used another straight towards it and sunk it under a few minutes flat Did I die afterward? Yes, but I proved my point. Your ship is only as good as the captain playing it.
  3. Well if you want to get technical, a submarine can still torp you surfaced.
  4. Shomaruki

    Forget the Subs - CV's are far more OP'd.

    Give all ships a limited amount of ammo, and we can talk about our plane limitations.
  5. Shomaruki

    Forget the Subs - CV's are far more OP'd.

    If they made this game the first one to automatically capture the keypoints wins and not by a team score how many people would you know actually do more? I've literally WON games that should not of been won by literally exposing my CV in the open near the end of the game. We have a passive global taunt skill that would make anyone stop focusing on someone who has 200hull health and target us and completely disregard capture point and lose the game trying to attack me.
  6. ^That's the issue, people who complain about submarines make it appear as though they have an unfair advantage. The logic I like to use is the last man standing on the team. "We all don't have to be alive to win the game" Does being killed sucks? Yes of does, but I've had times where I didn't mind taking one for the team to secure a victory. The other issue people fail to understand is there each ship technically has an advantage/disadvantage over other ship classes. It's not fully rock/paper/scissors but I refuse to accept people complaining about shotgun torps. Hell DDS has been doing Torp Soup while being undetected and it's an acceptable taboo.
  7. I keep wanting to ask this question to everyone that's getting eaten alive by a submarine. What the hell is your teammate's submarine doing? The game for the most part is even number ships, you get a cv-they get a cv. You get a sub-they get a sub. They reworked CV because the skill gap vs someone with better skills would dominate. (Personally, I think that's a bad way to do it, just force people to actually get good at their roles.) If a sub shotguns you, your teammate should at LEAST be aware of how you died and take countermeasures. Even for me if a teammate is pinging the area around my CV most of the time he is hinting something is going my way I didn't see and I start moving.
  8. Would you rather keep submarines or complain about carriers? You can't do both now.
  9. If you don't like the prices, you can always create your own PvP Ship game and create the prices how you feel they should fit. o.o Lets Factor in Company Expenses.. Building, Building Maintenance, Utilities of Building, Office Funiture, Office Supplies, Training of staff, Software Licenses, Salary of Staff, Taxes, Royalties, Patent of Game, Marketing... and most of those I just listed branch down into even more sub list that break down even more from there..
  10. Submarines with ballistic missiles were a thing
  11. Shomaruki

    Never Surrender...

    New IGN: LetMeSoloSone
  12. Shomaruki

    Subs still broke, broke, broke

    I have been trying to bite my tongue in this forum so hard. I don't understand why people continue to push for realism in a arcade hybrid game. Do you want it where a submarine literally gets blown in two if a depth charge actually hits it? Sure but let one of my lanes instantly turn your ship into rubble the moment four torps hit it. Let my teammate instantly kill your ship the moment a run strikes through and exits the other side of the ship. Heck let WG actually make a realism mode in this game I promise 90% would come screaming back to arcade mode when they don't have unlimited ammo and can't heal back damage on their ships. I still to this day point out that this is a team game, some ships literally do better against other ships and there isn't one ship that kills all. You can't say the fights are unfair because you have a submarine on your team as well. If you getting reked by a submarine then tell us what was your teammate in his/her sub doing. God forbid you to have to put just a little bit of effort into killing a ship.
  13. Shomaruki

    Stat shaming in ranked

    stat shaming? Hell being Ship Shamed just being a CV o.o
  14. Shomaruki

    CVs and Subs

    Until they actually release premium submarines or actually make it where people purchased submarines they will still be in the clear. Also have to remember the terms of service which most people don't really understand is that there zero ownership to their accounts. WG can pull the plug on a whole tree of ships and the most people will do is get salty and move on from it. Would they lose some players? Sure but it wouldn't be to a level people would stop playing the game.
  15. Shomaruki

    CVs and Subs

    OP can you please provide the video of the CV and the Submarines that were into your ship with the sandpaper condom and no lube please? I'm pretty sure what happened is simply, that you parked your ship on an island and got blasted by a submarine that caught you. 2) A CV saw you sail in a straight line and you sailed right into the hits. 3) CV saw you parked and you expected your AA to create a magic barrier around your ship. 4) You got caught being by yourself. 5) All of the above so now you here on the forums complaining about two ships you wouldn't manage to do half as good in.