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  1. Shomaruki

    Destroyers need a second round of tuning

    Bring back Team Damage, that will solve all the issues.
  2. After playing them a few rounds in rank, I have to say. They don't do enough to 1 side a game but they do just enough to be beneficial. I mean I'm still going to side my CV over playing a Sub. If anything I would prefer they had a system where if submarines were in game the CVS at least get planes with depth charges. Or Toggle Rocket Planes for Depth Charges o.o My personal opinion if they can at least hit 1 person in a game they did something with the amount of possible flooding they can do.
  3. Shomaruki

    Skip bombers need a change

    I would love nothing more than to just multiple things at a time. That's how CVS were from the begin with, Protecting from other CVS with Fighters, Deploying Bombers and Torp Planes, while also navigating the ship. However people complained that skill cap was too high and now we have the garbage format now. There's been ultimately many easily fixes for CVs suggested that are within reason but they go ignored. However when it comes to nerfs, they will slap those out quicker than paul walker hitting a light pole.
  4. Shomaruki

    Skip bombers need a change

    I'm willing to bet people still don't focus their vector of their AA. Just like they don't pay attention to planes in general. Lets scream nerfs because effort is a dying skill
  5. Tried Skip bombers for first time and I have to say. Fires...fires everywhere. Never seen so many captains get pissed off at me from it o.o Truth be told I've never seen other CV users I'm against use them much but they are literally way easier to use than drop bombers.. I had a field day hitting ships even DDs.
  6. Shomaruki

    I want compensation

    Just aim
  7. Shomaruki

    Why do people announce they are quitting?

    I personally wish WG would reply back to the people that said they were quitting and deleting their accounts would automatically do it for them and reply back to them on the same topics they posted. I promise 90 % of those people would rage no longer having their account.
  8. Shomaruki

    10.8 Dive depletion penalty

    I personally think Submarines should be able to have an ability called "Dark Mode" They shutdown everything and don't drain anything. A penalty is applied to the sub to where they a lose all function to their map, seeing where their teammates are and takes a moment for all systems to turn back on before they can move again. (The whole screen pretty much is just a screen saver until you power back up.)
  9. I recalled flying some planes over a sub that was surfaced and it was shooting at a DD? Mind you it was just a single cannon and looked very useless but it was something. If I was just blind please someone correct me I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy when I saw that. As a CV user I would gladly give up my fighters just for one damn cannon on my CV . -sniff-
  10. Shomaruki

    CVs are Overnerfed

    I've had cruisers literally sit behind a mountain with their AA off and then turn it back on and instantly wipe a whole wave of my planes before. After words not only did I get send them a message saying that was an excellent move but was literally enough to make me fly to them last out of all the other ships. But again you are stating the same fact I have brought up several times, you are expecting instant negation against planes. Planes do not have engagement of speed and initiative, in fact you will see the planes before I see you unless you already starting shooting. DDs I literally end up flying past them with Rocket planes and torp planes because the moment I spot them now is when I'm literally on TOP of them. There is zero time to actually start attack phase with planes unless I circle around. (Because we can't do quarter loops in game..) Your Flak clouds and turrets shootings doesn't mean you just keep on what you doing and sailing and shooting towards other ships. As I shown in a test if you actually turn towards the problem (exception to bomber planes) you actually minimize your chance of being hit by a plane and/or force the CV Commander to keep flying while losing HP in the process. If I can sneaked up on by a DD I'm forced to A) Pray to god I can hit him with my planes close range or B) Pray MY secondary weapons will hit him. (Mind you I have no control of them) You can control a ship and your guns I have to manually fly my planes and autopilot a ship in the worst case situations.
  11. Shomaruki

    GunCam? Torp Cam?

    This is going to be a dumb question if it's already in game, but do we have a method to where we can follow the rounds or torps in the water where they are going? Example: When I drop my last load from my planes all I see is just them going into the water and my view just sits there until I return to my CV. I didn't know if there was a method where we can follow the torps as they go towards the target or at least have a "hit cam" when it strikes? I wouldn't even mind a little box window popping up on screen o.o.
  12. Shomaruki

    CVs are Overnerfed

    Every time someone cusses me out in game when I hit them with two waves of planes I'm literally going to tell them now "Stop, take a break and have some tea" o.o.
  13. Shomaruki

    CVs are Overnerfed

    It DOES work, people assume that just because you don't see planes instantly following from the sky that it's not working. Just being around AA in general is DoT on the planes. In no shape or way are they "Not" getting damaged. Some ships that DoT is higher and others it's really kinda "Meh" If you want instant kill AA I'll welcome that when the day comes my torps will always do instant flooding. People keep going on the line on realism and I promise you not many ships today would even handle a barrage of torps hitting them, let alone a single hit.
  14. Shomaruki

    CVs are Overnerfed

    Well that's the problem, no one wants to spec for it. They believe they should passively be able to deal with planes with just AAs alone. They fail to understand you have to treat the planes just as much of a threat as a normal ship
  15. ...I forgot all about that XP collecting on my Kaga... -goes to log back in to see how much XP I have- ..omfg..I got enough XP to convert to damn near collect a whole tree of ships.