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  1. jagdoc

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Well what do you know I was made pink because I left the battle early!! Here is the scoop...I can do math, if I am being fire hosed by an invisible ship have two or three fires. I have no Damage control or Repair party for x amount of time, and a salvo of torps is incoming I am going to abandon ship! Maybe f12 should be ABANDON SHIP. when you press f12 a message is sent to both sides you are abandoning ship and you go back to port to get another ship and enter a new battle. I WILL NOT remain in a battle that I have NO DEFENSE against a ship is invisible. Since as a rule BB's don't have radar or sonar and if they did the range would be pitiful and, the secondaries range is less than 10 km. So why should I stay in a situation and watch my HP vaporize and can do nothing about it! MAKE ME PERMANENTLY PINK!
  2. jagdoc

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Played PT 9 yesterday. I love the new thunderstorm visibility change. The visibility image should also be in all hurricanes. Add pitching and yawing in the 50 foot seas an occasional rogue wave and we have a winner. Finally I felt I had a chance against a DD. I still got sunk but at least the DD left with a serious loss of HP caused by my secondaries. Now to finish the effect the windows should be fogged and the circle inside the defrosters clear. So hear is a possible scenario...the battle begins with a huge weather system system visibility is limited to 5-10 km so aircraft is useless or, the weather is clear but suddenly a thunderstorm breaks limiting visibility as the opposing forces move forward. DD's would be wise to use terrain features as cover as they advance towards the objectives launching torps in channels. CV's can launch planes but they have to fly above the weather looking for breaks in the clouds to spot and attack the enemy they may actually have to return to refuel before they can attack. On the surface the only assist is sonar search and radar. Radar suffers from "noise" caused by the weather giving sonar search a clearer signal. The guns can be aimed using the radar and sonar data but the target is not actually seen...if you score a hit there will be a fireball and HP damage awarded. When the opposing teams or ships are within 15 km of each other the weather suddenly clears and all hell breaks loose.
  3. jagdoc

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    I second this. I just use the duplicates to obtain the ones I have not gotten thus far. Instead of duplicates give credits 3 credits and you can choose the item you are missing.
  4. jagdoc

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Ranked this season is much much better. I would not be surprised if there has been an abundance of whining. My only suggestions are there is too much of a gap between rank 12 and rank 1 with no irrevocable steps. I suspect there will be a significant reduction in the number of Rank 1 players. I'm sure there will be a post season review on this. The other suggestion is the imbalance between DD's and BB's. The DD's can cruise around the map for almost the entire battle invisible then torp BB's that have virtually no defense. The turret traverse is too slow, 30 sec reload takes too long to reengage the DD once you fire and miss. Most of the time the BB's will miss or punch through both sides because they had AP loaded. Switching ammo takes 15 - 30 secs depending captain skills so by the time you can engage the DD is again invisible. In many battles the winning side is determined by how many DD's are alive at the end of the battle. The only real defense a BB has against DD's are the secondary guns. But like the Montana the secondary range with all enhancements is only about 8 km is hardly useful.