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  1. WG did not explain the arsenal Steel and coal. I finally figured it out on the second day.
  2. Login Issues after Update

    When I renewed my account it was for 360 days premium. In fact I have ALWAYS purchased the 360 day premium since I first created the account in 2015. Now it looks like the account is a Standard account. Why?? I tried to create a ticket and a message appears that the account email address and the contact email address CANNOT be the same??? WHY NOT??? Can some one please look into this and get back to me???
  3. The Missions state to play one ranked battle with a T VII ship to earn reward #4 on your main account. T7 ships cannot play ranked battles in PT 7.4 I played a random battle T7 and that did not work either. I think you owe us the main account reward #4 if we played any battle with a T7 ship. OK I figured out that when you reach rank 1 you can play a T7 ship in a ranked battle. Only why would anybody wnat to play T7 after playing T10 to get Rank 1??? So I tried to get a T7 battle with a CV, BB, and DD and after waiting over 30 minuets never got a battle! How do we get the reward #4 on the main account if we can not get a battle??? Im gonna go back and try a Cruiser this time...
  4. Maybe I should be more specific... There are quite a few players that can reach rank 1. I have been advised that in ranked battle you have to play for yourself rather than the team. In other words play to be the top player win or lose in the battle. I would think that a true rank 1 player should be able to play any ship at rank 1 level. It is just a thought.
  5. Why is it so hard to see a list of all commanders of a certain navy? I have over 100 ships of all navies so it is difficult to keep track of their progression. Some get lost in the shuffle. I have something like 130 commander slots but no port slots??? Could there be a way to convert commander slots to port slots? This is frustrating... I had a two paragraphs added and when I went to the game to check on something they were gone when I came back! Why? What I was trying to say is could it be possible to right click on a navy or the ship carousel to list all the ships and commanders assigned in your entire fleet or a specific navy and in the reserves so you can see their rank/and XP to track progression. This could also be accessed in the port before purchasing a new ship to determine if you need to get a commander or not.
  6. A simple question about ranked

    That's the point they are NOT easy!
  7. A simple question about ranked

    I feel your pain. I got to 12 and camped there for a couple days. Then finally got to rank 10. Now I am back to rank 12 quite frankly I think it is all [edited]. The time of day may have something to do with it too. If you have not noticed all the teammates are within 1 or 2 ranks of each other so A higher rank player does not carry the team any more. That is probably the biggest reason you are not progressing...I'm just saying no disrespect.
  8. We would have to have searchlights and flares. They could only work for short periods of time. Range would be like no more than 10 km so secondary build would be crucial.
  9. Here is a tip. Grind as many captains as you can to Fleet admiral. Then the XP they earn is escrowed. You can use the captains XP for ANY navy to promote a captain. I put all my Admirals on T10 and T9 ships to get the most XP, I also fly the bonus flags on those ships too. It takes no time at all to build a huge stock pile of Captains XP to promote junior officers. I have over 70 ships almost all my USN ships are rank 13 or higher 6 are fleet admirals.
  10. Anybody that has read my posts knows I am not a fan of ranked battle. This season I cannot seem to get past rank 10! One thing I have noticed is there are practically no CV's! I wonder if WG would consider making CV play a requirement to attain rank 1. I and others like me pick one type of ship and do ranked battle with that one. I think to make rank 1 it should demonstrate and ability to play all types of ships competently. Of course this mean I will never be rank 1 but that's OK. Maybe to attain a certain rank you have to play a DD, CA/CL, BB, or CV. These could be staged or interspersed within the progression to Rank 1. The only thing required now is Rank 1 is played with T10 ships.
  11. RADAR is line of sight only...

    Don't forget torpedo bombers can launch torps 50 meters away from shore too! I keep telling myself its just a game but the frustration doesn't go away.
  12. A simple question about ranked

    I feel your pain. I got to 12 and camped there for a couple days. Then finally got to rank 10. Now I am back to rank 12 quite frankly I think it is all [edited]. Regardless of what anybody says ranked is not about damage done it all about KILLS. So if the dispersion is preventing me from hitting DD's with a BB then why bother???
  13. Reporting AFK's in Ranked...

    Sometimes I don't have lead lines on the reticle when I zoom on target. When that happens I logout of the game since it is very difficult to engage ships with out lead lines. My ship is AFK sometimes I point it toward the border before I leave the battle. WG needs to check this problem out and fix it.
  14. Lately I have been experiencing a reticle without lead lines... I am not sure if others have had this happen or if you are aware of it. It is extremely annoying so much so that I apologize to the team and shut the game down and then reboot the game of the ship is still in battle so I have to wait then enter another battle to see if the lead lines are back.