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  1. Aeries1

    IFHE or DE .. but not both?

    Jesus people nothing changed. Still the same rules as before, but they put on training wheels for new players.
  2. Aeries1

    PSA: Captain Retraining

    Let me just make sure I am clear. Elite Captain XP, yes. Elite Ship XP, no. There is a difference. The only use for elite ship xp is using doubloons to convert elite ship xp to free xp.
  3. Aeries1

    PSA: Captain Retraining

    Yes indeedy. Free XP as well, though I doubt most would want to go that route.
  4. Aeries1

    PSA: Captain Retraining

    Only premium IJN cruiser I have is Takeo and it's AA is meh. I just took my 19pt high tier captain and respecced and retrained him just for fun and testing, nothing more really. It was fair. In a tier where cruiser AA is still pretty weak and CV vets love to go to club seals I think my highest plane kill game was 25 or so. Not too shabby. Now if you want a meme T5 AA cruiser go all in on Kirov. Working on that one right now. Has nearly double the AA power of any other tier 5 cruiser in its 7.2 km outer ring. Correction: I checked, was exactly 20 planes.
  5. When you move a captain up the line into a new ship you have a couple of options to avoid spending doubloons on getting your captain retrained and back to 100% performance on his skills. 1. Probably known already by most, but will state it anyway. If you have a premium of the same line move the captain over to it and earn enough XP to retrain the captain then move him back to the ship he came from. 2. Move captain up the line. Spend the 200k credits to cut training by half. Then click on your captain and hit the + button next to him. Finish retraining using Elite Captain XP. For this option to work you have to already have a 19 pt captain earning elite xp, Voila fully trained. Option 2............made me sag my head yesterday. As long as I have been around I somehow some way did not know you could do this. I'm not one to shy away on spending doubloons training and respeccing captains. I like to tinker with silly builds. Full AA build with Manual AAA FuryTaco. Check. Why. Just cause. Spending doubloons to tinker is one thing. Wasting them when I didn't need to is another. Figure if I didn't know there is bound to be another vet or non-vet that didn't know either. Hope this helps someone. Cheers.
  6. Aeries1

    Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    100% this, that is my 19pt Atl captain except have AR instead of JoaT, more dakka for the main guns. Hidden behind islands most of the game CE not needed imo as well.
  7. Aeries1

    Tech Tree Reviews

    Just want to thank those that took the time to vote. US cruisers is definitely a logical starting point, in fact where I started as well. Will be revisiting some ships I haven't touched in 3 years so should be interesting. Hopefully can get my framework polished up and get on starting with the Chester to hopefully be completed by next weekend. Happy hunting. Cheers.
  8. Aeries1

    Tech Tree Reviews

    Been kicking around an idea in my head for a while now and that is to do some write-ups for tech tree ships. My goal is to revisit the lines starting with the lower tier ships and do a technical write-up highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, recommended builds etc. in order to help some of our newer players get better acquainted with the ships they will start with and decrease the learning curve a bit for them. Used to enjoy answering questions in the specific ship line sections, but that seems to not be utilized quite as much as it used to back when I got started. I know asking specific ship questions and getting help from beta testers then helped me improve my game much more quickly, maybe I can do so for others. Would break down each ship review starting with Low Tiers 2-4, Mid Tiers 5-7, and eventually finish up with high tier 8-10 playing roughly 25 games per ship to get reacquainted and shoot for a review a week. Would skip T1 simply due to lack of separate ammo's and other than maybe pre-nerf Black Swan, I really don't think anyone spends much time there. After each tech tree section was complete, say USN Cruisers 2-4, would put up a poll for class and nation to start my next batch. We'll see how it goes, if anything, pick my starting point for me and vote in the poll. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  9. Aeries1


    Geez Vglance, what a scrub, you useless 64%er.............. These weren't dead 40%ers by chance were they............ Take a good captain in ANY boat on my team vs a bad captain in an "OP" ship any day. Had decent luck in Khab what little I played ranked this season too. Her speed and heal is a strong combo for surviving late game where it counts. Haters gonna hate, taters gonna tate. VGLance Rank: 7 Best rank: 7 Statistics Follow Statistics Average battle values Battles 82 Damage 85 839 Win rate 64.63% Destroyed warships 0.87 Victories 53 Aircraft Destroyed 0.15 Maximum planes kills 4 Base capture 0 Maximum damage 185 583 Base defense 0 Maximum kills 3 Experience 1 725 Maximum experience 4 103 Kills / deaths 3.09
  10. Yep, the more I read, the more I agree. Must be a typo. Damn. 40 x 4 would be just so much fun though
  11. http://www.pwencycl.kgbudge.com/C/o/Colorado_class.htm West Virginia was extensively rebuilt following her salvage in 1944. This included rebulging and the addition of 3" (76mm) of horizontal armor over the magazines and 2" (51mm) over the machinery spaces. The secondary armament was 8x2 5"/38 guns and light antiaircraft was 10x4 40mm guns and 40 20mm guns. SC and FC radar were fitted. The 20mm armament was eventually increased to 1x2, 1x4, and 58x1 20mm guns. And this one is saying 10 x 4 40mm, but eventually had a total of 64 20 mm Oerlikon's. Meh. Somebody with a copy of Friedman's US Battleships can chime in on this one. Monstrous AA or not aside. Would have to have 21+km range with Yammy+ sigma and dispersion for me to even consider a US standard in T8. My CO grind was a long time ago, but I really did hate the speed in T7, loved NM, not so much CO on the large and uber large maps.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colorado-class_battleship Anti-aircraft guns[edit] USS West Virginia in her final configuration, June 1944. Note 5 in/38 twin turrets and number of AA guns A second overhaul of AA defense was made between 1944 and 1945, as the Navy had found 20 mm shells too light to stop Japanese kamikaze planes; this plus the higher approach speeds of these planes made these manually controlled guns obsolete. In their place, more quad 40 mm Bofors mounts were fitted. Maryland eventually carried forty quad 40 mm and eighteen 20 mm guns. Colorado's quad 40s were increased to forty but she kept all her 20 mm guns. West Virginia carried forty quad 40 mm and fifty 20 mm.[18][19][20] guns. Is wiki after all. Probably a typo. Sounded heavy to me too which is why I am digging more. Daaattts a whole lot of bofor if true.
  13. And literally reading different source. Lol 1 says 10 x 4 other saying 40 x 4. Must dig deeper...... Heck if that's the case even NC beats her in AA, much less Iowa.
  14. That's Forty x 4 40 mm Bofors. Big difference. She would have slightly less long range AA with a 8 x 2 5/38 setup vs Iowa's 10 x 2 5/38s, but literally over double Iowa's 19 x 4 Bofor setup. Anything getting in that middle ring would melt. For perspective Iowa's Bofor DPS is 302.1. That would put WV in the ballpark of 634.7 DPS with her Bofors alone.
  15. Because it's pretty common knowledge that the worst of the player base flocks to the bb class.