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  1. Aeries1

    Gods help me, I'm starting the USN BB grind.

    Spent several thousand doubloons on captain respecs since CV rework to find the most effective combo of AA and survivability for BBs, because to be honest I get utter joy sh#*!ting all over them. Best combo I have found is this in the order I prefer. If you are comfortable with slower turrets take AR as your first tier 2 skill. PT, EM, BoS, MFCAA, AR, FP, then BFT to finish your last 3 pts. Do not take AFT, it is only effective with flak which is ridiculously easy to dodge, even for average CV drivers. You want to maximize your constant DPS with AA. You will miss out on SI and a 5th heal, but in my experience I only used it in ~10-20% of my matches. I miss the extra fighter more. This will still give you great fire protection, especially coupled with fire flag and 4 heals if you run premium, which you should. A key that most players leave out for AA builds is the AA Mod 1 skill in slot 1. Investing in AA skills is pointless and wasteful if you don't protect them. The amount of AA mounts that survive than without is very noticeable as it doubles each mounts HP. Add AA mod 2 in slot 3 as well for a slight boost in flak since you aren't sacrificing the dispersion mod in that slot that is not available to US BBs till tier 9 in slot 6. For maximum FU to CVs from T9 up throw on AA Mod 3 in slot 6 for another 15% of constant dps. If this meta continues I feel a lot of people are really overlooking this one and its effectiveness. Have tried dispersion and reload mod in that slot and really do not miss either one. It makes Monty immune to air attack when coupled with timing of your fighter. Midway can't even get a strike on her till late game when you are out of fighters and down a few AA mounts from HE spam. Will be respeccing all my US BB captains this way. Will have to respec my New Mex and NC and let you know how they fair, the only other two US BBs I have in port.
  2. Aeries1

    Harugumo VS Khaba

    Umm huh? 50 mm x 6 = 300mm. So anything greater than 300mm with HE will pen it. Last I checked Mo packs 406s. Or German 203 that gets 1/4 pen. So umm yeah, math. It's a thing.
  3. Why not to get her? Give you the only one you need. How does a cruiser that has Yamamoto's main design flaw of an overwater octagonal citadel, but unlike Yammy can be overmatched by anything 16" or bigger because it has 25mm bow armor sound? Georgia may be a ship you might enjoy if you like Bbs.
  4. Aeries1

    A CV Fix I haven't seen yet

    Easy is good. It's the way it should work. This isn't World of Manage AA Sectors. People play this game to shoot ships, not micromanage a subsystem. It is one of the reasons why rts CVs weren't as popular. Too much micromanaging. And remember control click only gave you a 10% dps bump if you didn't have manual AA equipped, which most players didn't. It wasn't unless you make a serious 4 pt. investment with MFCAA that you received a noticeable increase in lethality against planes, and it only affected your dual purpose mounts. Like pre-rework, if I am willing to invest 11/19 captain points (BFT, AFT, MFCAA) and up to 3/6 of your ships modules to go against the meta survival builds and provide a strong AA bubble for myself and teammates you should absolutely be rewarded appropriately.
  5. Aeries1

    A CV Fix I haven't seen yet

    I would happily trade the old alpha back in if they put the old aa skills back in as well. I think the control mechanic is right on with the rework. Much more fun than rts imo. If you built for aa before though you were rewarded with not only protecting yourself, but your team as well. Atlanta, for example, is a laughing stock of her former self, as are current "strong" aa ships. Not sure why they changed anything other than the control aspect for cvs. Everything else could have easily been tweaked slightly if needed around it. If it ain't broke don't "fix" it.
  6. Aeries1

    A CV Fix I haven't seen yet

    @vectormania Not necessary. Upcoming after this patch is an aa rework that is supposed to address priority sector and aa. Next up after that once aa data is in they are planning on tieing plane damage done to ship damage. Kill the planes, kill the cv hull. No more of this doing 40k of plane damage crap and they keep on coming. Can't hide in the back all game spamming planes till it's cv vs cv like it turns into now. Creates a better skill gap. Scrub cv players will kill them selves inside 10 minutes, good players that know how to manage their planes and mitigate losses will succeed, as how it should be.
  7. Aeries1

    Okay...you win WG. I'm done with CVs

    If you want to pull out and measure I suggest you bring something bigger than a tootsie roll. A below average player calling me a scrub. So your that guy in game. Check. Makes about as much sense as the rest of this thread, sure, why not. What a joke.
  8. Aeries1

    Okay...you win WG. I'm done with CVs

    CVs getting their deserved adjustments.......... Not believing we are in open beta 2.0 despite what everybody says........... Shocked they changed them..........
  9. Aeries1

    Give away Steel as a playtest reward!

    As others have said, coal/free xp/elite commander xp. A lot of players have limited time to play. With events going on in the regular server, there isn't time to grind there and test server, especially when the previous reward was just a hand full of flags. With my limited time I am trying for Lazo, don't have time for it and a random T6 premium even though I would love to have both. May not even have time to complete one. Not sure about rates for above. Perhaps: Free XP: half the rate you would earn in regular XP plus normal free xp returns. Ex: 2000 XP game nets you 1000 free XP plus corresponding free xp that a 2000 game would get you. Elite Commander XP: Maybe a 25-50% increase of whatever your base XP is. Ex: A 2000 XP game nets you 2500-3000 Elite Commander XP. Coal: Coal earnings = to 25% base XP? Maybe too much/too little? 2000 XP game nets 500 coal. Guarantee you something along those lines would get a lot of people playing the test server and worth putting their grinds on hold.
  10. No no Haze. This is exactly what newer cruisers players should do. Stronkest winning tactic. "Queues up BB following OPs advice." Welcome to randoms. Nobody says you can't give advice, but lets be perfectly clear here. You are giving absolute crap advice that will get cruiser players slaughtered, especially at high tier. Certain ships and lines can and do thrive in this style, but you have to thread the needle very carefully. US CLs is not that line. Keep trying this in open water as you go up and let me know how things turn out. Sorry mate, 112 random games an advice master does not make. Good luck.
  11. Agreed. While some ships/lines are built for it, most are not. Atlanta disagrees with this post. Bad advice is bad advice.
  12. Yeppers, zero. Besides, even if they did there is one major component that makes that work, stealth. Not much happening with stealth these days. The whole team is spotted within 60 seconds.
  13. Aeries1

    So how do i keep the game fun, as a DD Only Player?

    I love condescending people on the forums. @Toxic_Masculinity asks a legitimate question without ranting or raving and you give him the ol' get gud argument. Especially funny from a unicum that has played nothing but CV and BB games in the past 21 days with absolutely zero DD games. By all means though, please continue to educate those about how YOU adapted. , what a joke. Warships stats by type (Win rate) Destroyer 71.94% Super Unicum - - - - - - Aircraft Carrier 73.15% Super Unicum - - 78.26% Super Unicum + 0.27% 75.42% Super Unicum + 0.55% Battleship 66.62% Super Unicum - - 100% Super Unicum + 0.02% 100% Super Unicum + 0.02% Cruiser 71.3% Super Unicum - - - - - - Details Details User profile on World of Warships page