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  1. One benefit to consider is say you had manually targeted a DD with secondaries, but then disappears. If it reappears it will automatically be targeted as soon as it is spotted again if you have not selected another target and will not have to manually select it again.
  2. Shhhh. Nope, UK BB AP is horrendous. You should absolutely never hit the 2 key in any UK BB.............., HE always for uber winrates...........
  3. Potatoes Spamming Report

    As do I. Maybe I should start reporting the burples and unicums for misbehavior in chat like I evidently was. Would cease any precise team play from them reducing their effectiveness in winning as much as they do. That is a sad sad option to take, but evidently is allowed from this crap reporting system. Shouldn't have to resort to such low low measures though. That is a huge flaw in the reporting system in my eyes. When you report someone who is clearly better than you it should say............ Sorry, your report can not be recorded as this player is clearly superior to you, better luck next game. We can only hope right?
  4. Potatoes Spamming Report

    Actually that is good to know Lert. Thank you for informing me of that. So it really was just a culmination of beating the crap out of people and the BB spud putting the final nail in the coffin as it were. I don't think a lot of people really know how the report functions work in regards to getting you banned, even after 3 years, evidently I didn't. Still think it is sorry that reports can get piled on your for doing good. What are we telling new players with this crap? Get "gud", but if you get too "gud" or have a good string of games then you will probably get chat banned for your efforts. Not a good retention strategy in my eyes. Regardless, ty for the info.
  5. Potatoes Spamming Report

    It is potatoes being pissed their potatoes, nothing more. Get better or ask questions, don't weep on your report button because you suck. That is my advice to subpar players.
  6. Potatoes Spamming Report

    Was 100% all I said, if reports piled up then it is because I have been beating the snot out of people all morning. I know the forum rules, and could care less at the moment. Have been chat banned before and 110% earned it. This one, nope. No rage, no cussing, no going on and on blah blah. Informed him he wasn't worth supporting and to fend for himself. If I had additional reports today it is because I have been owning people finishing my Gaede grind as I moved on to my Maass. Believe it or not, that is out of my control. Believe what you want. The system still needs to be adjusted. Had a day about 2 weeks ago I literally said zero in chat for the games of the day. Beat the pulp out of people..........chat banned. It is an abused system.
  7. WG needs to seriously tweak their report function. Have played 8 battles today, helping to win 6 for a 75% solo WR finishing 1st most games. Have had nothing but congratulatory games all morning with good peeps. Have a game in my Maass where I am trying to scout and spot for my BBs that can't shoot their way out of a paper bag with zero support so I wave the white flag and move on after I have lost 75% of my health. Basically not worth supporting. I state as such and move on. KGV spud evidently not happy with this and eventually gets torped to the bottom as expected. Spamms misbehavior in chat and literally mid game get chat banned. I'm sorry, but that is 100% bullvine feces the way the report function should work. I get chatted banned for being salty, well deserved, but because some garbage BB main gets left to his potatoness is crap. You guys really need to tweak this garbage. That should not happen with 1 person unloading all 7 of their reports because you won't support their 43% WR [edited]. Knowing what's coming. Obligatory..........
  8. New xvm mod now working?

    You just described T10. I run MM monitor and there are more reds and oranges at T10 than at T5. T10 has become a sea of 40% players that think grinding and getting those legendary modules is finally going to turn them into the 70% unicum player they just "know" they are. @VGLance, got ya beat, Yammy driver with 10k games overall, 1k games in Yammy with 33% WR and 17k average damage. Dunno maybe he enjoys the challenge of playing with his feet. I just took a break from high tier and started grinding some other lines I haven't done yet. My sanity thanks me. But back on topic, I use MM to see who is reliable and who isn't. If I am going to make a bold move that is high risk high reward if I have some blue's or purples near me I know I can count on them to back a proper play. Surrounded by reds just happy to go pew pew pew, meh, not going to make that move. Will play more cautious knowing the longer I stay alive and meatshield them the better chance we have of pulling out a W. But thats me.
  9. Any Khab player worth his salt will tear this thing a new one in a 1 v 1 gun fight. Past 8km your average 45% player won't even be able to land consistent shots on Khab, those 100 mm shells get very floaty very quick as you approach 10 km, much less trying to hit a juking DD moving between 40 and 48 kts. Even if Hag gets a jump and deals a good chunk of damage before Khab can get guns on target well I guess they'll just hit their add 5k HP button, ahh, all better. Now, back to pounding your slow bloated Myoko sized [edited] with more stalinium railguns. Khab needs no buff, this boat does not compete with it in what she does. If people try to play Khab's game in the Hag they are going to get crushed, and crushed quick. Turns worse, is actually bigger than Khab, with speed boast and flag 10 knots slower, no 50 mm plate, and no heal. Going to be a many a bad players who buy this thing expecting an "OP" IJN Khab only to get straight crushed doing so. I predict a 10% rage sell rate before the 20 battle mark.
  10. This makes me sad most of all. It is why I loved DD play, I could get a little more aggressive. Now you have to play them way more passive, especially at high tier. Now for the record I play DD, CA, and BB fairly evenly with ~1800, 2500, and 2100 games in each respectively. That being said. BBs have had it far too easy, far too long. Have been here since just after beta in '15 and I have seen nerf after nerf, either directly or indirectly to DDs year after year. A BBs "counter". BB survival is far too high and needs to be brought in line and on par with other classes. Literally the only direct nerf to BBs I can think of in 3 years now was a widespread ruddershift time nerf across the class in late '15. Reason? It was determined that BBs were too maneuverable against DD torpedo's, their counter. How about that..........logic. Of course DD nerfaggedon started not long thereafter and hasn't let up since.
  11. Man I would have laughed for ages had that went through. The forum rants and posts would have been priceless. Still think it should have went through. Might have encouraged a little skill known as angling. Can't nerf BBs though, would be an absurd idea.
  12. Offer them Scooby snacks to stop licking windows at the back of the map??????
  13. Was fully expecting a gif of a dog licking a window or someone eating glue. Color me surprised.
  14. Yeah will likely just gather my free flags like last season, go up to the 2nd leg, then stop. Got zero desire to grind out 200 to 300 games to get to 1. Could I, yes, am I willing to, no. Not worth my time. Work a lot with a long commute on top of it, when I play I want to have some fun, not grind myself into madness.
  15. Not Really a Free Game

    Been around since just after closed beta in '15. Did not spend a single dime for 2 years, zero. Made money most games, even in T10 with a free account and no premium time and that was way before T10 perma camo and a much harsher ship operating cost system.. I spend some money now on premium time and doubloons for a little extra credits and I like tinkering with captain builds. Have bought all of 2 premiums. Money is absolutely not required for this game and good players will take a crap boat and beat the snot out of a bad player in an "OP" premium any day. You are very new still. We all had our growing pains, part of learning the game. Hang around ask, learn, and get better or create whine threads and quit soon thereafter, your choice.