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  1. Aeries1

    ST: New Ships!

    With BFT and the slot 6 reload module you would be down to 3.56 second reload, with AR at half health on top of it you would drop to 3.2 seconds. 18.72 km with AFT if it keeps its 15.6 km listed stock range. Wouldn't be so much worried about being dark and outspotted by a CA, but a DD and constant CVs in game will spot it just fine once the smoke is out. If I was in my Hindy or any of my CAs for that matter, would be breaking my 2 key to send shells down range. Typically not great island shooters, got to be low islands aiming at targets at max range, which is usually 13 - 14km. This thing is gonna have a whole lotta barrel elevation if you slap AFT on it for 18+km range, creates more options with islands imo. Of course you still would have to hit something at that range, probably be in the neighborhood of ~14 - 15 second flight time.
  2. Aeries1

    ST: New Ships!

    Russian memes aside I don't know how it could possibly be viable with 13mm of armor even as scary as 16 130s from smoke would be. Gotta think that any CA can cit/pen you from any angle and with that tiny HP pool would on take 5 or 6 203 cits to dev strike her from full health. T10 dds have 19 mm minimum. If they don't give it 16mm then they are going to have to give it something extremely strong to compensate. In smoke or behind an island it will be a nightmare for Bbs, but if it's ever spotted it's gonna get blown to pieces. Lol, still kind of want it for the meme.
  3. Aeries1

    ST: New Ships!

    Yeah looks like no radar, still.... I wants me a double Khabba.
  4. Aeries1

    ST: New Ships!

    That's right comrade, 16 barrels of revolution. Ever wonder what it would be like to sail around with 2 Khab's strapped to your hull? Now you can. 16 130mm Stalinium grade barrels......check 2x5 8km torps........check Defensive Fire to give CV drivers a coronary........check "Would you like smoke with that sir?" "Yes please.".......check Add typical T10 RU CA consumables like 12+km radar and heal.......why not I see one glaring weakness however. I spies me some 13mm hull armor. 203 mm AP will overmatch. What do you think comrades, will have balans?
  5. Aeries1

    Triple Gun DD Turret

    ROFL! And this started as a joke post for fun. Just had the class wrong. Stalinium powered smoke devil with not 100mm/4, but Khab 130s lol. IFHE on 130s will pen US/KM 27mm, fun will be had before she is pulled forever.
  6. Aeries1

    Triple Gun DD Turret

    "Stumbles/slurs/pukes across room" Comrade. I have historic realize of stronk Russian DD. It has (puke/stumble) 50mm of armor. Re-educates at 50 kts. Mounts (piss/shats self) 16 100mm/75 that with the hand of stalinium metal will not so much as get hot for 5000 round continuous (barf) fire. Shoots every 3 seconds at 1500 m/s "shat" That sounds glorious comrade. Will build in 2 months. For the glory of (passes out/shats/pukes self) Stalin. COMING TO A PREMIUM SHOP NEAR YOU SUMMER 2019!!
  7. Aeries1

    Triple Gun DD Turret

    Oh come on. I'm sure a Russian drooled/barfed on a napkin at some point 70 years ago and WG will say, "Hey, we got a new quad 100 premium". Will offer for 30k steel of course and pull from shop after a month once relize balans not so balanse. Wet dream RU ideas must be realized comrade.
  8. Aeries1

    Triple Gun DD Turret

    No no comrade. Definitely keeps Khabs 4 turrets of Stalinium powered goodness for 16 barrels of revolution.
  9. Aeries1

    Triple Gun DD Turret

    I can see it now. A Khab "variant" than some Russian Naval engineer, hammered on a liter of vodka, scribbled on a napkin somewhere.... 4 quad 100mm with the IJN 100 mm 1/4 pen rule T10 premium. Of course it would be a 100/75 or something crazy like that with 1500 m/s velocity that DEFINITELY wouldn't melt the barrels after 10 shots. Balanse factor, no heal or speed boost............... LOL, I'd still probable buy for the meme.
  10. Aeries1

    Triple Gun DD Turret

    Most gun designs started as single or double mounts then eventually stepped up to triples. Compare our lower tier BBs and CL/CAs to a couple tiers higher. Same shell size, now triple mounts. Pretty common theme. And why? For MOHR POWAH of course .
  11. HA! FOOLED YA! I AM GETTING SO TIRED OF CVS IN GAME. THIS EXPERIENCE IS ABYSMAL. WG WHY DON'T YOU........ Wait.....wait. Nevermind, that's 80% of the other threads . I know that there are some real naval history buffs around here so I pose a question that popped into my head this morning. Did the US, or any nation for that matter, ever produce a DD that mounted triple turret guns? We have some fantastic single and twin mount ships across all nations in the game. Did any mad scientist ever say hey, let's go with triple mounts. Cheers. ROFL, the downvotes, the anti-cv tears flow by the gallon. Get over it they have deserved some love for years.
  12. Aeries1

    Seattle is the worst T9 cruiser

    Agreed. Just got her not long ago as well 40 degrees to unmask rear turrets............shudders. Imho is definitely a downgrade from Cleve.
  13. Aeries1

    AA Skills

    So after a nice long needed break from WOWS I decided to come back and see how the CV rework went. Even though I barely played CVs and haven't had a chance to try the new ones out yet I am happy for the CV players in the game. CV players have needed some love for a long time and I am glad you finally got it, cheers. That being said. For those that know me/have played with me know I love speccing for AA on appropriate ships and farming CV tears by the gallon. I admit it. I get too much pleasure from it. I have a problem. So upon my return my first instinct was to try some of my AA build monsters I had left in port. I looked over the revamped AA skills and was left feeling a little disappointed with the choices that BFT, AFT, MFCAA, and the Modules have become. With free respecs during 8.2 I tinkered with all my old favorites. Cleveland, DM, Mino, NC, Monty, Atlanta, and others. After a lot of testing I have come to the conclusion imo that the skills aren't really worth their weight like they used to be unless you are speccing for DD guns or Manual Secondaries. BFT For 3 pts now still increases DPS by 10%. Problem is the base values are so low you hardly see any increase till T8-T10 when constant dps values get into the hundreds. 3pts for going from 50 to 55, no thanks. AFT Gone is the ability to extend your AA range. That is a major nerf imo. It reduces your ability for fleet protection now and forces ship cuddling for AA protection. Now it boosts flak damage by 15%. Sounds good since 15% of those big numbers looks good. Problem is even average CV players can dodge a lot of your flak and unicums can dodge the majority of it. So 4 pts for a skill that can be relatively easily countered. Hmm. MFCAA One of my favorites on heavy secondary ships. Now it boosts by 25% sector reinforcement and switching time. Sounds good, but you lose that 25% on the other side making it even weaker. Huh? So for 4 pts I can boost 1 side a little more, but make the other even weaker? Timing it right can work, but the AA animations give away the boosted side. Planes are a whole lot more agile than a ship. Smart ones are just going to fly into your weak side and stay there till you switch, then back to the other. Rinse and repeat. This skill makes me sad, one of my old favorites. AA Mod 1 (Slot 2) No more extending range for fleet protection. Hmm, a pattern. Now adds 2 flak to medium/long AA. Lower/Mid tiers not terrible as a percentage gain throws up much more flak for 40-100% gains, not bad. Higher tiers there as already a lot of flak bursts so percentage gain isn't near as impressive. Meh. Losing Main Gun accuracy over this one. Depends on the ship. AA Mod 2 (Slot 6) This is one I even rarely mounted before other than switching it out occasionally for giggles. Giving up strong competitors like reload, range, or US BB accuracy is a lot to ask for. Before was + 25% AA damage. Similar now except they dropped it to 15% gain on your constant and flak DPS. Admittedly I tried this one out the least and focused on the others more. Effective or even worth it, your thoughts? So all my previous AA monster builds I invested 11 captain points and a module to spread sweet confetti throughout the lands. After trying a lot of different combos on different ships. I honestly can't tell much difference for 11 pts of investment. Premium Defensive fire now a huge advantage over captain skills since you can't extend range. Double Constant AA DPS at the press of the button without spending my precious captain points and modules for a sliver of the benefit. Yes please. Bang for my buck I think November Echo flag , good "stock" sector control, and maybe BFT on higher tier ships where the DPS gains mean a little more and call it a day. Add Premium Defensive Fire for ships that have it and imho that is what I have found to be the most effective for the cost/benefit of my ships. I love that they reworked CVs. Just wish they had put a little more effort into the AA skills. Siggh. I miss my no fly zones. Reset all my captains I had last night before the deadline. Time to tinker with some new builds. Manual Secondary Cruisers FTW? Thoughts? Opinions? Would really like to know how your testing of these skills has compared to my experience. Cheers.
  14. Aeries1

    IFHE or DE .. but not both?

    Jesus people nothing changed. Still the same rules as before, but they put on training wheels for new players.