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  1. Vig stacks with the torp detection range of hydro only, not ship detection in smoke. If it did that any ship that could run hydro would take Vig as a must have.
  2. Pretty much my conclusion for randoms as well. He will either go in Nurn since I have been wanting to buy that one back and start with a 10 pointer, but not use the skills or he will just go to reserve as a backup for my yet completed DD line. Could justify it for clan battles since CVs are not allowed so no need for BFT and AFT, but for random and ranks where CVs, even if rare, makes a world of difference especially on ships with nasty AA like HIndy.
  3. I do help teammates when I run hydro, but I'm not compromising ideal builds when there are more optimal skills to take. 5 pts out of a max of 19 for 2 skills that are unpopular or niche at best, but for German builds they don't complement what they typically run. Typical German DD build: PT, LS, SE, CE, AR, BFT, TAE, and PM to round out. There is 19. What 5 pts. are you giving up? German Cruiser: PT, AR, DE, CE, EM, SI/BFT, and AFT. 19 again. SI/BFT are debatable so you could opt for Vig, but since every CV on the server knows you don't have Def Fire Consumable, I'm sticking with BFT. Again, what 5 pts do you want to drop? German BB Survival Build: PT/PM, AR, BoS, CE, EM, SI, FP. Seeing the pattern here? German BB Secondary Build: PM, AR, BFT, AFT, MFCS, CE, PT. 19.........again It is not the JoaT and Vig are not usable skills, they just do not mesh well with optimal German builds. In fact they mesh very well with UK cruisers since reloading smoke faster and protecting yourself with hydro while spamming from smoke is pretty much doctrine for the line.
  4. Well I'm sure most have their shiny new German captain by now and am curious where you plan on putting him. Honestly imo he seems rather unimpressive from a special skill standpoint. I rarely use vigilance anymore, map awareness trumps that skill, for me at least, and the only ships I use JoaT on are my UK cruisers. I guess the most sense would be on ships that could maximize JoaT with lots of consumables. Graf Spee, Roon, and Hindy makes since they all carry 4 consumables as well as the German DDs. BBs, meh there is just much more important skills to take. Thought about Nurnberg as well since she is a solid DD killer with that 6s reload and a little extra torp detection range wouldn't hurt I guess. I dunno. Probably just enjoy the 10 pt free commander and ignore the special skills. What are your plans for him?
  5. so done playing with CV

    As a non-cv player I think we need more CVs in game, not less. There has not been 1 single class more shat on than CVs in this game and I for one hope they get their much deserved rework, even if it's at the cost of my annoyance if I am in a AA lacking ship. Rooting for you guys. A little love is long overdue.
  6. Are CVs direct fire surface ships..........no. Are CVs in every single game like the other 3 classes........no. Is this really that hard to comprehend why I left them out. At T8+ you are lucky to see 1/10 games with a CV. Below that maybe 1/4 games, and that is being kind.
  7. I know words are hard, but what part of ship to ship surface classes is hard to understand?
  8. Made it very clear that this was about the 3 main classes of surface vessels, CV's aside. We can throw in CVs once they become more common than the dodo bird after the rework, if they ever get one.
  9. Simple poll. Where do the potatoes hide? What are the 2 most influential classes of the 3 main surface vessels? This is for random play not clan battles or ranked. My personal opinion. BB by a landslide is the worst played. It's not even close. Bad players flock to it like a moth to a flame. Why? They are the most forgiving class to play. Most influential would be BB and DD. While I love playing cruisers I am full aware it is full on tryhard mode, especially in high tiers. I think DDs are in a good place as are BBs for the most part. Cruisers could use a bit of work. They are a DoT class, but are the most susceptible to be insta-deleted more than any other save for a DD catching a torp. BB citadels have gotten smaller and smaller over the years, yet cruisers for the most part remain huge and easy to hit. My opinion would be to either lower or reduce the citadel size of cruisers as a whole or to reduce the amount of max AP damage from BBs. Your thoughts? What is your choices and why? What could WG do to mix things up and improve the game?
  10. Not a complaint thread. Just curious on others thoughts about it. Got my easy flags and I am out. Completely fine with that, have zero desire grind out a couple hundred games for less than stellar rewards on top of burning what I already won. Lol. Yep those highly competitive bot games are stressful, ranked is surely one's best way to relax . Thanks for all that have voted so far and provided feedback.
  11. What do you think about Ranked this season? Love it? Hate? Would rather eat nails? What is your opinion and why? What could WG do to improve it? Edit: Realized I asked your opinion, but didn't provide my own. Ranked is just a bit too much of a grind for my tastes. Usually I will play to a certain point to stock up on flags and once I hit a grind wall I typically hang it up. Since I took a break from the game and missed last ranked had to start from 23 this time. Made it to 8 or 9 and that was about all I cared for. More about being stubborn than skill and starts to become stale at a point. Some seasons it's higher ranked than others. This season since it is so easy for anyone to reach 10 that is your grind wall. You start burning all the flags you won and then some and it just becomes a choir in my opinion. What they could improve on imo is to reward good play regardless of win. Top 2 on a team advance a star, 3rd place on both hold steady, 4 through 7 drop a star. Would make getting to the top worthwhile and actually mean something instead of just sheer will to grind/get dragged into the W column. Guess that's my 2 cents.
  12. Atlanta Captain Skills

    1) Then you don't quite understand how IFHE effects penetration mechanics 2) With all due respect, if you are playing out in the open relying on CE to help you, you are playing Atlanta very very wrong. Just finish a game with a win where I was spotted maybe 30 seconds the entire game and that was with a CV present. 117k and 2 kills. Small sample size, but 8 games in over 70% WR and with the last game should be knocking on 50k average. Thank you for this. Searched but for some reason could not dig up her latest review on it. Choices, choices. Think that IFHE for <139 mm guns is only -1% fire think IFHE is going to be the way to go. Could boost back up to 6% with DE then JoaT or forgo that and just make up the 1 % with flags. Then could do CE/Manaul AAA then PM. So many good options.
  13. Atlanta Captain Skills

    With the Atlanta being back up for sale I couldn't resist adding her to my port. With my love of US DDs and complete comfort with their rainbow arcs it was a perfect fit. What do you find the most optimal spec? Currently I run PT, AR, BFT, AFT, and CE and working on my 16th pt. My main question is do you find IFHE worth it? It would give her the ability to pen 27 mm of armor so effective against plating of T7 and below BBs, but also give you the ability to pen up to T9 cruisers that have 25 - 27 mm of bow/stern armor. I am almost tempted to drop CE as she is an island fighter so unless driven into open water isn't really useful other than getting your detection from planes down to roughly equal to her AA bubble. Your thoughts?
  14. Tired of the OP Ship Thing

    Oh how things have changed in a few years. Kam and sisters used to be laughable premiums till the entire IJN DD line got nuked with the nerf hammer. They are no where near OP. Good players in good ships make them feel that way. Just another BB whine thread. Carry on.
  15. Konig Sigma Nerf

    Yep, same here. How about at launch when in Konigsberg and Nurnberg it was absolutely mandatory for you to take last stand because you would lose your engine, rudder, or both LITERALLY every HE salvo you took, bow or stern, didn't matter. Things engines and rudders broke more than DDs do now. Running joke was WG gave them outboard motors. The German bass boat with guns. How many months did it take to fix that? They were the laughing stock of the game and nearly unplayable. People think the USN cruisers are a tough grind, got nothing on launch German cruiser line.