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  1. Operation Ultimate Frontier

    It looks to me as if the BBs spawn up north at the base while everyone else spawns down south. Start off by having the south group focus in on the large force near them while the group up top hunts down the Cleveland in the NE and the Atlanta in the far N. After both of them are destroyed, everyone can focus in a defense around the repair zone and engage the rest of the enemy as they spawn in. As for Raptor, you can just send 1 person after the aircraft all land and are secured. She is rarely protected by anything down SW.
  2. I imagine the IJN DDs would receive heavy flak when compared to the new Pan-Asian DDs coming out in regards to their terrible gun performance and torpedo detection. As for the CA/CLs I figure most people are holding out for an expanded USN branch going into the deeper CA fields. BB-wise both nations have their questionable tiers such as the Izumo and the Colorado. You would probably see some discussion on citadel protection/survivability considering the KM BBs are incredibly well protected with turtle-back armor and the RN BBs have an incredibly powerful self-heal along with better performing HE.
  3. It doesn't work if the enemy ship spawned after activation.
  4. And this is why one uses IFHE

    Really glad that out of all the confusion and conflicting information surrounding IFHE that we can get a concise direction for the use of 152mm guns on CAs moving forward with it.
  5. Clan Battles starts Oct 18.

    The wording on the Stalingrad section is what gets me. " Bonus Reward for Completing Tasks #1, #2, and #3. A commemorative flag. Earn three flags in future Seasons to earn the tier X cruiser Stalingrad! " Does that mean this season doesn't count to the "three flags in future seasons?"
  6. Marketing is just doing their job trying to sell the ship regardless of it's state. If it continues like this without an acceptable official response then it will forever be condemned. For now at least I figure we're in that awkward fallout zone where all the extreme stuff is happening and seems like the end of the world. Here's to hoping WG can recover from this at all considering they weren't really able to with the Chrysler. If they go 0/2 on PR situations like this they'll lose far more worth in the trust of their playerbase than sales for the GZ.
  7. There's no doubt WG is feeling the heat from their communities over the release of the Graf Zepplin and the fallout with iChase, but this is still a situation in development. Heck, iChase only got his letter some 7-8 hours ago so give some time for WG to actually make a response on their official stance similar to what they did with SirFoch with the Chrysler K GF. If they either give no response or a response which is unfulfilling to the community, then we hold the right to be insulted so long as we offer constructive criticism. Making flame threads won't really solve much. Some poor moderator group working PR for this is going to frantically try to organize emails regarding these events so give them some time.
  8. This is clearly a hint at the subtle return of the Kitakami.
  9. don't buy the graf zepellin

    inb4 Just slapping V2 rockets on the GZ and starting the missile party we've been waiting for.
  10. Aegis is too easy

    Well we haven't been introduced to "Hard Mode" yet. I suspect the baseline understanding of the flow of enemies in operations is such common knowledge at this point that it *seems* easy compared to what WG may introduce down the road.
  11. MM role of the dice

    Weekends are hard on us all, my friend. It's a terrible weekend to have a curse?
  12. Hipper

    Great ship with well-performing AP and the beautiful torpedo placement of the KM fleet that allows you to do the torpedo run you always dreamed of without opening yourself to one by the enemy. As a personal sidenote, having the 6 minute catapult fighter is a personal favorite of mine.
  13. Could just be WG outgrowing their shipyard a little bit. Trying to find differences between nations can't be that easy once you create several more than you once had. Trying to make those differences more visible to lower tiers and newer players without making them overpowered is even more difficult considering the inherent need to avoid power creep.
  14. Go for the Mo. The Nelson is a good firestarter but suffers heavily if you get put out of position or make the wrong call at the start of a match because of it's atrocious speed (Or if you team straight up dies/abandons you). You can either turn around and not have any guns to shoot back at the enemy as they citadel you through your aft armor or try to reverse at a speed so slow that I could fire shells with a 20s flight time and they would maybe need .3km of correction to plunge through your even weaker deck armor. The Mo is for people who want the flavor of the US BB line without actually having to go through it. I believe WG has been quoted in saying it takes the same experience to get the MO as it would to get the Iowa, so it makes sense if you focus other lines (Such as myself going for Russian Cruisers so I can make the Mo a "side project" of sorts).
  15. Premium Ship Review: Mutsu

    Frankly, I don't enjoy it much. Just as Iowa_Kai said, it really had the opportunity to be special at Tier 6 apart from Bayern and Arizona spam, but it has difficulty performing as well as ships such as the Warspite, Dunkerque, Bayern, and Arizona in the same roles because of it's shell spread and deck armor. It's also a death sentence to try and brawl with it in certain cases as it's poor turning radius makes you a fat target for Carriers and Destroyers. It's a citadel machine that can devastate the enemy when it hits, but other ships do it better with the same effort of skill. Edit : After a couple more games, I can see where WG wanted to go with this. It's guns overperform against T6s quite frequently, so you need to know where you're aiming so as to not over-pen a broadside with every shot instead of a citadel nuke. I'd recommend picking up some skills to boost your secondary battery as I've had great success using it in close quarters against all types of ships.