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  1. Tier 4 was my fav place before cv darkened the skies there. Low tiers like to brawl versus all the campy sneaky stuff... And many prefer that.
  2. Mego_Splat

    Submarine Testing

    Limited dive time is a bad concept sorry. homing torpedoes is a bad concept also... far too powerful in this version imo. let them be stealthy hunters throwing low damage torps.. ie difficult to detect and kill but not doing dev strikes either.
  3. Mego_Splat

    Are German BBs still worth playing?

    Good till tier 8 imo.. Pretty puny after that unless u got a pommern.
  4. Mego_Splat

    Hi, some tips for one noob plz?

    Change to a better bb line that the devs dont hate
  5. The crosshair is a lie!!!! The aiming circle on minimap shows the true aimpoint.
  6. Mego_Splat

    Sorry to sound Negative but WOW!

    Try Sinop in ranked if u want some overmatch.. within 10k u can give all BB a bloody nose citadel except for Sharnhorst/Gneisenau. Yea its dirty but it works :D
  7. Mego_Splat

    YES YES Thank you WG, love U

    I was exited about tier6 in ranked... Then realized those t6 will be fighting against sinop lol
  8. An option to display minimap at full size on a separate screen would be nice too.
  9. Mego_Splat


    While i agree that dd guns shouldnt be a threat to bb.. The game is already built around this system.. To change it now would wreck so many dd that cant do much else.
  10. Someone posts the patent of the mm which lays it out in great detail.. People still dont believe it lol In modern times true critical thinking has all but vanished.
  11. The reload booster on its single torp launcher is reasonable... Nerf those dam guns plz.. They make smolensk jealous... Too much range and rof and pen. This is one of the main reasons i stay mostly in mid tier.
  12. Mego_Splat

    Leroy Jenkins

    No way was i gonna grind that much for a 6 point captain.. Overkill on the tasks imo
  13. U wanna explode every time a team mate bumps into you? Imagine taking a georgia with speed and ram signals and just ramming your whole team to death.