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  1. Mego_Splat

    Getting Depressed

    Izmails rear gun angles are fantastic.. Angle away as steeply as u can while still firing all guns then play with throttle to confuse the reds aim.. It can tank a lot this way. Totally different from the rest of the line.
  2. Mego_Splat

    CVs have ruined DDs

    Sky cancer killed tier 4.. The other tiers are fine.
  3. Mego_Splat

    New player - just my thoughts so far.

    i wish i had been paying attention and learning the details the way OP is when i was at 355 battles.. you will do well here.. give it time and keep learning. all the great games seem to also have great problems.. gamer life.
  4. Mego_Splat

    Unique Commanders for 175K Coal--Worth it?

    Kuznetsov is worth it due to being so strong.. The others are meh imo.
  5. In testing i was having lots of fun with budyonny killing the dd that were trying to kill my friendly subs.. Human bb tend to avoid the center of the map early game so u can play around a bit.. Wont work at high tier tho lol
  6. Mego_Splat

    ranked spirit or normal ranked 1 v1

    Loved the 1v1.. They should let it be its own mode separate from ranked.. Change tier weekly... And maybe make alternating weeks tech tree only (never happen lol) My only complaint was that it only lasted a week.
  7. Buff soviet bb???? Range and accuracy at range are thier ONLY weakness.. Sinop can fight any bb in the game np. Buff german bb if anything... They have become useless memes.
  8. Mego_Splat


    Ive begun to suspect that higher karma lets u mount more signals now.. I can mount 21.. My friends can only mount 14... Just a theory feel free to investigate... If its not karma then what?
  9. Mego_Splat

    Overpenns are getting a bit ridiculous

    Just play russian BB and AP everything no problem.
  10. Or they could just make all BB guns work correctly like the russian bb.
  11. Mego_Splat

    Low tier games - 2 CV's per game

    Going from 3 cv per game to 2 is an improvement. Now balance the tier 3-4 AA and call it fixed.
  12. Mego_Splat

    The Phantom ... Spotted!

    Got molotov for that purpose... But its pretty awful at ops.. Overpen city.. Eternal reloads and turns like a kurfurst.
  13. Mego_Splat

    The Phantom ... Spotted!

    I love nurnberg and i want one for training soviet captains too. My nurnberg has a 19pt captain and grinds a lot of elite xp in ops. Ship has 2.6 mill xp on it lol Nurnberg life
  14. Mego_Splat

    The Phantom ... Spotted!

    Monthly makarov beg thread? Im in... Wargaming sell me this bote plz.
  15. If you think huangue is op... For christ sake dont look at irian lolz