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  1. Well, one of the biggest and most common mistakes I see is when a team fails to keep a close eye on their base in standard battle mode. I know, everyone wants to take that illusive lure of the Big Red circle or chase shiny objects like the enemy CV's (they have to be around here somewhere, right?). All too often, the game comes down to a couple of ships at the friendly base trying to stem the red horde while all the green ships are off on the other end of the map. Sometimes you win, most often you get bulldozed under which is probably what should have happened here if the red ships were paying attention.
  2. Well could be World of Warplanes where Clans are never going to exist. You're also forgetting WOWS attempt last year to launch Team Battles which were done with clans in mind. It didn't work out which is probably why they are making sure that everything in this version is going to work well together before. Far better to wait than have an unfinished product crash and burn.
  3. They are just adding the clan features one at a time, making sure they work properly before releasing the next piece rather than try to release everything all at once. Not a bad idea.
  4. Well, because for the most part, mines have to be anchored in fairly shallow water and in places that ships could be expected to pass. Defensive minefields were laid around friendly naval bases and ports to prevent enemy ships from approaching, offensive minefields were laid outside of enemy ports and bases to prevent enemy ships from leaving them. Sometimes minefields would grow in size to limit the operational areas of enemy ships or, if you got lucky, sink a few. However in most place where sea battles actually took place the conditions for setting a minefield just were not present or even possible, hence, generally including them wouldn't have much bearing to reality.
  5. Well, more like this girl gets it but thanks I do indeed live in the land of the Duck with it's lightning yellow and thunder green. All hail the mighty Mallard!!!
  6. Could be. I have a different perspective on MM than many of the more vocal posters here so I wouldn't notice the MM all that much. For me, it was the loss of the excitement of a new ship to try out being just around the corner or at least not that far down the road. I really began to notice it at T5 and it became much worse at T6. That's when I personally got burned out ( that and chewing my way through Project R). But I fully acknowledge that's just my perspective.
  7. Not sure I agree with that Arraarragami about why people start quitting at Tier 5. Tier 5 is where the "grind" really takes over. From Tier 1 to Tier 5, advancement is fairly fast and enjoyable, however at about Tier 5, it increasingly becomes a long and difficult task. It's not the MM that does it, it's the grind. Now I understand why it's designed that way because it is at this point where having a Premium Account really starts to make a BIG difference and hence, it's a motivation to start buying premium time, premium cammos and premium signal flags that can rack up the experience and silver at a faster rate. It's how WG makes money. But back to the original post question. I haven't reached tier X, mostly because I play all of the lines and all of my ships, but I do have T8 ships which end up in T10 matches. My impression is that toxicity happens everywhere though the reason for it tends to vary. At lower tiers, it seems that it's just players whose ships are dead and they are not happy with that telling all the other players what kinds of losers, potatoes, morons etc ... etc ... . I'm sure they'd complain about other things but a lot of them are newer to the game so they haven't quite figured out what to complain about. When you reach the mid tiers, the toxic talk shifts more towards people being frustrated that other players aren't playing the game the way they think it should be being played. At this point people start to get frustrated with players who are sitting back and sniping or lemming trains piling up in front of the cap because they think there is a dd there and just a general lack of aggressiveness. More and more often at these tiers, more of the complainers have valid points, but there are still a lot of people who are just complaining because they are in general not happy that their ship has been sunk. When you start reaching the higher tiers you start seeing more detailed criticism and people start paying more attention to smaller details. You start hearing complaints about the ships other people are driving if they think it's too weak, they begin pointing out "fail divisions" which, for those of you who don't know what that is, is when a higher tier ship divisions with a lower tier ship and drags that lower tiered vessel into a match facing higher tiered ships than the lower tier ship would ordinarily see during a battle. You start to see, on rare occasions, people who rage quit, sometimes really early in the battle and you have others that are so concerned with their win rate that they threaten to rage quit if the team doesn't do what they want the team to do. All of it is understandable ... well mostly, very little of it is what should be happening. I mean attempting to help a player(s) become better is a useful thing or pointing out a danger the team hasn't yet reacted to. But telling people they are potatoes or that they should uninstall the game or that their team is worthless and just leaving it at that is ... unproductive. Unfortunately I think it's just human nature where some people just don't handle things well or want the other players to "feel their pain". More knowledgeable players will tend to go after more specific issues, lower tier players tend to go with blanket criticisms that are more in the venting their unhappiness, but however it's done it can still be toxic and should be avoided whenever possible.
  8. This is, perhaps, why it's called a Test. Tests are not epic disasters, they are tests to determine what does and does not work. If this is indeed something that isn't working then the test is a brilliant success as now the developers have data on what does and does not work. I mean, honestly, do we absolutely have to complain about everything?
  9. Well, when I'm a battleship captain, I don't like my ship to be on fire and I sort of look at the whole fire thing as a non-historical element that pulls the game further away from reality which is not something I like that much. So that being said, I'm not a big fan of some of the fire and even damage rules where a 4 inch shell from a destroyer can finish off the armored brick that is a battleship. However, that being said, there is a counterbalancing element to the play of British battleships which weakens them in overall game play and that is the HE fire chance is so good that a lot of players ignore situations where loading up AP would definitely be to their advantage. What you end up with on a lot of occasions is british battleships brawling at close range and still trying to pound their rivals into oblivion with more HE, rather than punching through the enemy's citadel at close range. While this is fine for players who are looking for a place to roast marshmallows, it is, in many cases, not so great if you are actually trying to sink your target. Believe me, if I ever get into a brawl with a British BB I'm overjoyed when it continues to pump HE in my direction while I put AP into it's citadel. I've seem some players who have figured this out and I suspect more and more people will eventually move away from the all HE all the time train of thought and into a move balanced approach. But, until then ... FLAME ON!!!
  10. Well I'm glad for all our Asian friends that the will be able to earn up to 750 signal flags in their event. But the event described on the NA site clearly states that a player can be awarded a maximum of 150 flags. Either the event is going to have different rewards on the Asian server or the awards on one of the servers are not being described correctly.
  11. For every 1,000 battles you receive 10 of each of the special flags ( 10 flags x 5 types of flags equal 50 flags for each 1,000 battles). If you have 1,000 games, you get 50 flags in total. If you have 2,000 games, you get 100 flags in total (50 flags per 1,000 battles = 50 x 2 = 100 flags in total) If you have 3,000 games, you get 150 flags in total (50 flags per 1,000 battles = 50 x 3 = 150 flags in total). Since you can't earn more that 150 signal flags in total, no additional flags are available for battle counts exceeding 3,000. Now, WG may intend something else, but that's how it's written.
  12. Nice to know. Edgecase, I believe it counts all battles of any type however, for rewards purposes, battles past 3,000 are not considered. For example, one of the rewards you can get are are 10 premium cammos and 10 each of the new premium signal flag for fighting two battles in any mode in any ship. I have 3,000 so, I will get triple the base reward. You have over 8,000 battles but since the reward only considers battles up to 3,000, you will get the same reward as I will.
  13. The only thing I've noticed about the forum count is that it include all types of battles fought which would include Random, Co-Op, Ranked, Team and Scenario battles. If that doesn't account for everything, you might want so send in a report ticket to WG
  14. To be honest, I've never seen a game which gave away so much free stuffs. I get my daily container or two, I participate in the Public tests which always provides a flurry of signal flags, often some premium cammo and sometimes some premium time. Lots of events with consumables and flags, every once in a while a premium modification (which I pretty much find a way to use in some way). Of course I once won a 1,000,000 super container which I was really running low on silver ... I mean, just lots and lots and lots of stuffs. My favorites though are the free ships. I will leap tall buildings with a single bound for one of those. They are ... a) Kamakaze-R: Won during the Project R event a in 2016. That was a grueling grind but it's hard to fathom the depths I will go to for a free ship. b) Graf Spee: During last winter's Hunt for the Graf Spee c) Leander: During last winter's Santa's Christmas Convoy d) All of Kongo class BB's during the APR event. c) Two of the Myoko's from the APR event. d) The Southern Dragon (Myoko) for one of the spring events. I wasn't as keyed in for this one as I'd already picked up Myoko's just a bit earlier but I managed to do enough to win this one anyway. d) The Katori from one of the spring events. e) The Bismarck for the Hunt for the Bismark event. I'm probably proudest of the Kamakaze - R and Bismarck because I played really hard to get those and only managed to get the job done by a pretty slim margin. But I certainly get your point, they almost throw free stuffs at you in this game. It is totally awesome!!!!
  15. It would be nice to see the British CA's in the game at some point. Certainly ships like the Suffolk, Norfolk and Exeter eventually deserve a spot in WOWS.