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  1. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    Ok soooo ... self induced headache then.
  2. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    For headache relief, just remember this. These are tech tree ships which will appear as researchable vessels in a few weeks. Only the impatient need over stress about this.
  3. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    Well it's consistent with past releases. Other than CV's where they were testing out the rework, they don't often put ships soon to be released, but not yet available on the live server on the test server.
  4. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    I'm not sure about the merc thing, I know it was tried out in the old Team Battles format but haven't heard about it since then. But the problem of mustering the required number of players at a specific narrow window is, and will continue to be, a challenge for a number of clans. In our clan, it's a real issue. Most of our players are active after 8pm Pacific Time which is outside the Prime Time window set for the NA server. Alternative servers can help clans who need to play earlier in the day than normal but is completely useless to those that need to play later in the day. At best, we can put a team together on a Sunday afternoon, but most times this isn't possible either. Going into a 6v6 mode will be a bit helpful and getting away from the T10 grind will also be a nice change of pace.
  5. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    Sooo since this mode ended yesterday, any clue what it's going to be based on for this comming weekend. I'd actually like a bit of forewarning so I can plan and get that information out to the rest of the clan. Thanks.
  6. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    Too much bbs...

    Nope it's not, I didn't pick up on the idea that all of you were talking about a single ship doing the damage. My point was that cruisers/high fire rate destroyers can destroy an exposed battleship quickly with a combination of HE fire and flame. Given the results I observed, a single one of these ships with minimal support would have taken about 3 minutes to accomplish the same feat.
  7. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    Too much bbs...

    Sorry I must have had Kreml on the brain, it was a Sinop
  8. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    Too much bbs...

    The answer to your questions is 1 minute 38 seconds. Yesterday in Ranked, a full health Kreml got itself exposed and went bow on to an Atlanta and Belfast which were firing HE from smoke. There was some flanking fire from a DD but no torp hits or Battleships in a position to engage. Between the two cruisers raining down HE on it's ends and superstructure keeping it constantly ablaze, it took 1 minute 38 seconds for the Kreml to exploderate. I know because I glanced at the smoke screen timer and noted the number of seconds remaining when I and the Belfast opened fire.
  9. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    This, is World of Warships. Why We Play.

    Which is why I said go to a LIBRARY. It's a place that has BOOKS that you can read for free. If they don't have it on the shelf, you can order it via INTERLIBRARY LOAN. I mean sure, you just want to throw stuff out there and take the lazy way out, be my guest, if you actually want to know what you're talking about, turn your brain on and take a bit of time and READ.
  10. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    WG, your marketing scheme confuses me.

    Note to everyone with a working brain. Everything wg does, or any business for that matter, is intended in one way or another to make more money. Just take that for granted as your starting point and everything becomes much easier to understand. In this case, rare premiums are rare premiums because they are rare. You only bring those out when everything is just right and people are more motivated to buy than they would be at any other time of the year. These summer sales are going on not because the situation is ripe for getting the maximum dollars flowing in, it's because it's summer and the opposite is happen. People are getting up, turning off their electronic devices and going to that far off realm of "outside" where electronic warships are not generally present. These sales are intended to entice people to stay engaged, especially the "daily" deals which have you coming back each day to see what's for sale. WG will wait for a time of year when almost everyone is more in a buying mood .... like say ... Christmas.
  11. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    This, is World of Warships. Why We Play.

    Sure. Go to your library and grab this book https://www.amazon.com/U-S-Cruisers-Illustrated-Design-History/dp/0870217186/ref=sr_1_2?hvadid=78477694099664&hvbmt=bp&hvdev=c&hvqmt=p&keywords=us+cruisers&qid=1563061293&s=books&sr=1-2. Great source for anyone who wants to have an insight as to how warships are designed and built. I'll get you the exact cites after I hunt them down. Really, nothing all that hard about the "hard part" at all. Either that or find anyone who has any understanding of physics, or better yet, anyone who can read a tape measure and has a working brain.
  12. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    This, is World of Warships. Why We Play.

    Nicely put. I was attempting to simplify the explanation without going into to many variations. T crossing in WOWS terms is also less effective because all of the ships present are fighting in an open formation, which is to say, no formation at all. The idea of crossing the T works overall only when you can organize it to the extent that all ships are operating in formation together rather than as individual ships. That doesn't happen in WOWS because no group of players will cooperate that fully or really even could reasonably do so in order to make it fully effective. However, if they could and could bring the full weight of their firepower all to bear on a single target at a time, it would probably be very effective. But the point of the post was, of course, that both naval designers and commanders were aware of the concept of angling their ships and my point that this was not just a game mechanic dreamed up by WG.
  13. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    Too much bbs...

    Well, the IJN fleet at Midway did contain battleships but it was a carrier battle and the IJN didn't use their BB's for close AA support at that time as the Americans later would. You could say much the same for Coral Sea, Phillipine Sea, Santa Cruz Islands, Pearl Harbor, Taranto, that's kind of what defined carrier battles, the carriers with other classes in supporting rolls. During my time in this game, I've seen pretty much every class gain some type of buff or nerf, in a game such as this that attempts to balance history with game play-ability, stuff like that happens. Now every time something like that comes along, or is even simply preceived to have happened, whether it has or not, you get the inevitable cries of anguish from whatever groups of players right or wrongly believe that the game is now unplayable, class X is too OP, class Z in now unplayable. What is hilariously funny is when both sides think the same things, just reversed which inevitably leads to accusations which, if taken at face value, indicate that every ship class is OP and at the same time unplayable ... and yet ... people continue to play them and WG continues to tweak them. I find these "the sky is falling" cries, which are almost constant, to be highly entertaining until a certain point is reached where I just wish all sides would quit whining and just start fighting their ships. Honestly, I think the statement that "you can't please everyone" is nowhere more evident than it is here. Now, as to your question about Budyonny, I had the opportunity of viewing a couple of youtube videos of WG developers talking about, in this case, the CV rework, why decisions were made and what the data indicates to them. I was kind of impressed with their analysis and the steps they took to gain valid statistical information and how it was analyzed to reach conclusions. I'm kind of in the analysis business in rl so I could see where they are coming from and how they go about using data to model what is really happening in the game, beyond experiential data which is purely subjective rather than objective. I would be real money that WG uses a similar type of analysis to determine which ships are over-preforming in general on a consistent long term basis and have a certain degree of deviance from the norm which indicates to them that something is out of balance. I suspect that Budyonny and other ships have been nerffed, or buffed due so such an analysis. Hope that's helpful.
  14. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    Too much bbs...

    Yes, it will only happen if the BB player makes a mistake (which I'm sure you've never made) or the cruiser gets really good positioning and takes what might have been good positioning on the BB players part and turns it to their advantage or any number of other instances wherein BB's are caught in an open position by a cruiser which then gives all the advantage to the cruiser player. Btw, you could say the same thing about DD's and Cruisers. If you make a mistake, chances are you're in trouble, if you do especially well, then you have an advantage. In game terms that's called "balance".
  15. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    Too much bbs...

    If you want historical, it kind of depends on the battle you're talking about. Denmark Strait, pretty much all battleships and heavy cruisers, North Cape, a little of everything, Dogger Bank pretty much battleships(cruisers), Jutland a lot of battleships with cruisers and destroyers but with battleships predominant, same thing with Tsushima, Savo Island all cruisers and DD's, Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal was a mixture of all classes ... . So there's a wide range of variety from pretty much all destroyer brawls to combat based mostly on battleships. To be honest, the MM does a decent job of having a reasonable sampling of all classes in most battles. Besides, I don't think the original poster was advocating for fewer battleships, he was advocating for them to be easier to kill.