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  1. How's Everyone holding up in Ranked?

    I am thoroughly getting my little tushy kicked from one side of the map to the other.
  2. USSR Heavy Cruiser

    Well for Russian Heavy Cruisers you have the 1) Tallinn (Improved German Hipper class probably with Russian AA) 2) Kronstadt: Similar to German Gneisinau but with cruiser type protective scheme but she really is closer to being a Battlecruiser with her 15 inch guns 3) Stalingrad You might also be able to put the Kirov and Molotov classes in this category as well. Their 7.1 inch guns are bigger than a light cruisers but smaller than the 8 inch guns used by other navies. Still, they have good firepower and their protective scheme is similar to what you'd find in an early treaty cruiser so they could be fitted into this slot.
  3. The Pennsy is one of my favorite cruisers at Tier 7. I sort of had to fall in love with it the hard way though. Last winter when ranked battles came along, it required T7 ships and the Pennsy was the only T7 in my port so, if I was going to fight in ranked, I didn't have many alternatives. The Pennsy is fragile which is not a trait unknown to T7 cruisers in general but her 10 eight inch guns, half of which can fire to the front or the rear create some interesting possibilities especially when you are trying to hammer the red ships as you flee in one of those get out of Dodge moments. Don't, on the other hand, expect your armor do help you much even when angled for maximum effect. Unlike the Cleveland she's an eggshell armed with a sledgehammer so you can't play her the same way. In the Pensecola, putting a battleship between you and the red ships simply isn't enough, use an island instead. If you're out in the open, twist dodge and pray like you were driving an Omaha, make yourself the smallest target possible by largely showing your stern or bow to the enemy, not because your armor is going to save you, but because it makes you harder to hit. Never get in close enough to a powerful red ship where your speed and dodging will do you little good. Try to always keep the range open whenever you can, close enough so you can hit your targets but far enough away that the red ships have to guess where you will be in order to hit you. One skill you might consider for the Pennsy is Last Stand. I know that's not a skill you often see in a cruiser commander but a Pennsy which can't maneuver or move is dead and the protection is bad enough that it's absurdly easy to lose your steering and or engines when you can least afford to. Last stand can keep you in games where you would otherwise be road kill. All in all, I like the Pensacola. She's probably not the best cruiser at T7 nor is she particularly forgiving, but she has a heavy punch, a lot of wiggle and you can really do well once you understand her and figure out how to make her work for you. Hope that's helpful.
  4. Thanks for the Santa crates

    I just wanted to thank the people at WG for this year's Santa Crates. I know we all complain when things don't work out the way we think they ought to, but whoever put this event together got pretty much everything right. They've been fun to give, fun to receive and unbelievably valuable considering the funds you have to spend to obtain them. All those at WG deserve a big tumbs up for doing this event right. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks, my faith in the balance of all things is now complete!!!
  6. Thanks for the retrospective Lert and Mouse, I always enjoy your work though I'm surprised Lert didn't include a section of "what premium we'd like to see in 2018" with Lert arguing for the Furst Bismark. As always, exceptionally good work.
  7. Why do we play?

    Because it is fun.
  8. Yes you can. In a normal random battle, it's fairly uncommon for there to be a great deal of useful communication in chat. Sometimes someone will propose a plan like A B specifying an objective but even that is somewhat uncommon. What does happen is a lot like reading body language. You watch what the other ships on your side are make some assumptions about what they are planning on doing, you then make your own decision about what you are going to do to help win the battle.
  9. 5 crates 100 signal flags (all useful) 2 Premium ships I did not already own (Okhotnik and Mutsu) Consider me to be a happy camper!!!
  10. Ranked Rewards Nerfed- why?

    Ok, well I guess I'm chime in here, mostly because I can. I think the rewards for ranked are nice and I certainly appreciate them, but I don't play ranked for them. I play for that shiny set of bars and stars next to my name and I take a lot of pride in them because I know how much effort I had to put into it to get them. For me, that's what makes ranked special and more enjoyable than your normal event or combat mission. Obviously I'm pretty much a minority of one amongst the posters here. I certainly hear and understand everyone's complaints because I too get frustrated hitting a losing streak and losing all those hard won stars, and it can be emotionally draining and can take a lot of time. To me, that's kind of the point. If it wasn't hard, why do it?
  11. My experience for last evening. I had 5 Santa crates, three contained signal flags, the other two contained premium ships. If this is not a generous a set of crates then they must have been truly spectacular last year.
  12. You may very well be right, still not as kind to the bank account.
  13. I'm thinking about it. I could use the flags but ordinarily I wouldn't buy them on their own. On the other hand, Premium time is something I might open by purse and pay for at a good discount. I'm just debating whether a 19% discount is deep enough to warrant purchasing or whether I'm willing to limp along without Premium time once what I have expires. I think I'm with a lot of other players who took advantage of last year's 50% discount and were hoping that we'd see something similar this year. So far, no such luck and I'm thinking this bundle is about as good as we are likely to get.
  14. Well, this sale isn't nearly as good as the 50% off price they offered for Shipsgiving back in 2016. What they have essentially done is bundled all of these dragon flags with the 50% off sale which puts the US price of this bundle down to around $81 when buying the Premium time straight up would cost about $100. If you are just looking for Premium time, this new price represents about a 19% discount in buying what you really want to have which is better than the 15% discount they offered during Shipsgiving earlier this year and you get a truck load of pretty neat flags as a bonus. Even with only an effective 19% savings on the Premium time, you're not likely to get a better deal on this from WG this year. If you want both the dragon flags and the year's worth of Premium time then this deal in a no brainer. Either way you probably save, just not as much as some of us would like to.
  15. 1st tier 5

    This I think has been said before in this thread, the Omaha is essentially a Phoenix with a slight increase in protection and four additional 6 inch guns. Of the two, the Phoenix is the easiest to play because she's never going to be uptiered past T5 while the Omaha will see up to T7 ships on her horizon. If your play style doesn't match up with how the Phoenix operates, and you have to choose between the two, then the Koingsberg is for you. She has something of an odd gun arrangement with two triple turrets to the rear of the ship and one facing forward. The good news is that the rear turrets have pretty decent forward firing arc so you don't have to go full broadside to use them on a target in the forward quadrants of your ship and they are excellent when turning your heels and running away allowing you to batter pursuers with 2/3rds of your firepower while you flee. Her torpedo tubes are also not an afterthought as they are of the Phoenix/Omaha. You have enough of them with enough range that you can do some serious damage to the red ships with them if the opportunity arises. I'm not going to say that Koingsberg is hands down a better ship, the Omaha definitely has her high points as well, but if the Phoenix isn't getting the job done for you and your only other choice is the Koingsberg, then the Koingsberg is probably the better bet for you. All that being said, I think the Kirov is the best cruiser at T5 so you might eventually want to check out the Russian line.