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  1. Just as a note, I always do my best to support friendly BB's pushing into a cap. Anyone who does that deserves support since finding one is kind of like a Christmas miracle, they happen so rarely. It's always a tricky thing, watching your battleships and wondering if they really are going to support you or not. Of course the dedicated snipers tend to be pretty obvious. They make no attempt at even pretending they are going to support you as they turn and set course well away from the cap from the get go. The more dangerous ones are those that seem to be following their team to support them and then, before they really are engaged, turn aside to hide behind an island leaving the cruisers and dd's in front of them exposed and with big bullseye's painted on them. So yes, very happy to support you if we happen to be in the same battle. It's always a lot of fun when BB's are out there doing their job.
  2. I certainly feel your pain on this one. Passive play style is very common on the NA server. Yes Lemming trains will come to a screeching halt if there is even a hint of a red DD anywhere in the Cap, other players believe their ships are snipers and would get within 100 miles of where the real battle is taking place, destroyers will yolo off trying to find that elusive carrier and give no support with smoke or scouting for the ships trying to take the cap. The best advice I can give you is that you have to play your ship within the playstyle of the team you are on. If you can tell the team isn't going to support a push into the cap, don't try to do it on your own and create the single ship confronting the entire red ship team. Try to find a way to win within the playstyle of your team even if the way they are playing may not be the most productive.
  3. Don't know about you but I enjoyed messing with the troll M8i yesterday before the thread was closed

  4. I feel your pain. I have both Zuiho and Bogue in my port so I know the joys and frustrations of both. When facing a Bogue your first action should be to pray it's not in an AS mode because if it is you are in real trouble. If it's not in AS mode, you're still in trouble just not the "oh my god we are so going to die" trouble. The trick of the Zuiho is to go where the Bogue planes are not. This may take some circuitous routing of your planes to achieve but no matter how good they are, there's only so many places where the Bogue's F4 Wildcats can be at the same time so if your careful and plan ahead it can be done. Of course once you move into the attack, as likely as not the Bogue's fighters will attempt to punish you and that is where your outclassed fighters come in. They can't beat the Bogue's airgroup and once they lock horns with them they are as good as dead. However, even though your fighters will die, it's going to take the Bogue's fighters a while to knock them from the air. During this period your strike fighters can be free to engage their targets or flee back to the carrier to reload. In other words, your fighters are speed bumps that can slow the American's down, not stop them. This isn't actually all that easy to do but if you can find those openings, you can get in some pretty useful attacks in before your air group is gone. As for the Bogue not being able to cause damage, I'm afraid I have to disagree. I tend to play the Bogue with her stock air group of fighters and torpedo bombers and I never use a Strike Bogue configuration as you are basically just giving up your most potent asset, your fighters. American dive bombers at higher tiers tend to rule the roost, but at tier 5, the Bogue's torp bombers with their large 6 torpedo spread can be pretty effective and case a lot of damage to the red ships. The AS configuration is great for sweeping other fighters out of the sky but it's dive bombers are more of a nuisance rather than an overpowering weapon
  5. As always, a pretty amazing review Mouse. I was going to question the historical basis for all of Kidd's differences from a normal Fletcher. I kind of don't like things added that don't have a historical relevance to the ship itself simply for game play balance. But I did a bit of research and can see why the Kidd might be considered exceptional in certain areas based on the actual events of her service life. Once again, incredible work and thanks for taking the considerable time it must take for you to do all of these.
  6. Agreed +1
  7. Well, Padawan is a Jedi term used to describe a Jedi in training. If you aren't a Star Wars fan the reference would be lost on you.
  8. Yes, but it's not really all that close at all. At nearly 3,000 tons, the Yubari was around twice the size of the largest DE's constructed during WWII. While she didn't have a great deal of armor, she did have armored protection to key areas of the ship which no DE possessed and with a top speed of over 30 knots she was considerably faster as well. Another item is that the Yubari didn't originally mount the four 5.5 inch guns shown in the WOWS version, she instead mounted six with two additional single 5.5 inch turrets on the main deck where AA emplacements are located on the WOWS version (this modification was done in 1944 near the end of the war). If you want to find a parallel you probably should look at Katori which has some elements similar to those of a DE, however at over 6,000 tons she's obviously not a destroyer of any kind and she was not equipped to be an ASW vessel. Given that there are no convoys to protect or submarines to protect them from, the main purpose of a DE to exist doesn't apply to WOWS. Once you take away it's main purpose, the DE's of the world probably compare best to the Tier I gunboats/cruisers/frigates in WOWS. In fact the British vessel in these group, the Black Swan, is a Sloop of the Royal Navy who's primary purpose was ASW warfare which, in general, puts her is as the DE representative currently in WOWS. Pretty much all DE's would be Tier 1 ships were they included in WOWS with possibly a few of the best being able to push as far as Tier II ... maybe. Unless WOWS makes a signficant change to it's concept and includes things like submarines for DE's to fight, that's about all they could do in the current WOWS.
  9. I'm sort of a fan of the epicenter mode. It's designed for force enemy ships into closer proximity which encourages a degree of close quarters knife fighting which can be lacking in the Standard or Domination modes at times. Certainly nice for variety and don't mind it being in the game at all.
  10. Yes padawan, you have found the gold standard in reference materials when it comes to US cruisers.
  11. Well there was a huge variance in performance between the original models of the Sherman and the last models, not to mention the number of rebuilds and enhancements the Israeli's built into them during the 60's and 70's. WOT probably goes a tad overboard with this as it tries to create ever more offerings but the truth is, with the Sherman, there was a lot to work with.
  12. I'm thinking the Dallas will be one of the preliminary design studies that eventually ended up and the Brooklyn class light cruisers. The Omaha's were squeezing everything they could get with their small light hulls and essentially represented a design dead end that really couldn't give you much more than it was already giving. As far as paper designs go, I'm a bit disappointed that WG is presenting paper ships where there were actual ships that could have filled the slot. One of the more confusing ships to me is the Buffalo. There was a Fargo Class Light Cruiser of that name which was under construction at the end of WW II but never completed but she shows in the Heavy Cruiser line. I suppose she could be and Oregon City class cruiser which was the historical class of heavy cruisers that were built after the Baltimores but before the Des Moines. But if that's the case, why not use the Oregon City and why use the name of an actual cruiser that was of a different class that was actually under construction. If she is a paper ship, somewhere between Oregon City and Des Moines, why not use the Oregon City and buff her if necessary to fit at tier IX. Anyway, glad to see the new ships, not so glad to see so much paper.
  13. Actually the Houston was both. The USS Houston CA-30 was a Northampton class Heavy Cruiser which was sunk in the Battle of the Sunda Strait early in the war. The name was then resurrections in the USS Houston CL-81 of the Cleveland class later in the war.
  14. Good for you. Every ship should have a fan, I'm just not sure if there would be enough of them out there who would put down money for her at the tier she's likely to be placed in. I guess we'll just have to see.
  15. Well that is how they are going to apparently treat them and I can see that with Alaska since she'll have an appeal that will prompt players to tap into their bank accounts to buy her. Still, I would have rather seen her in the tech tree. I don't see that same draw with Witchita which, though possibly the best of the "Treaty Cruisers" doesn't have the same type of draw. I think she has a better claim to a tech tree position that some of the others on the list but that's not apparently the way WOWS is going to go.