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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    Well, I guess that you could probably say that, being a business, every decision WG makes is to solve a balance sheet problem. If they make the kind of suggestions you are asking for it's because they feel they'll make more money that way, if they move a different direction, it's because they feel they'll make more money that way. That's kind of the nature of business and how WG can offer a game like this for free play. It's kind of hard for me to comprehend why people don't seem to get that or think it's a bad thing. If WG didn't make money, there would be no game to complain about. I do understand you want the game to change so you can have more fun playing it, fair enough. If a radar change will do that and make you happy while putting more money in WG pocket, that's probably what they will do. In the meantime, we all play the game with the rules and mechanics as they are ... or we don't.
  2. To be honest, I have no idea how much of her cargo was gold or some other precious mettle and how that cargo was valued in 1945 or whenever the ship went down. I'm also not sure why she would have been carrying the payroll in the form of gold since I think the Soviet Union had switched over to paper currency by that time. So, like you, not sure where they are getting their valuation.
  3. Gold in 1945 was valued at about $37.50 an ounce. Gold goes for about $1,450 an ounce today. That's what, about a 3,866% increase? That would make $1,000,000 in gold in 1945 worth about $38,660,000 today. 100 billion today would have been about 2.6 billion in 1945. That's the value of the gold itself, historical finds tend to augment the basic value of the precious metal recovered.
  4. Perceptions of Ranked at Tier 10

    Well, it took a while but the "If/when" I get to tier X is no longer an if question. The answer to when was a few days ago when I moved up to Des Moines.
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    Already said a couple of times that Radar looking through islands is a problem. There's no support for it regardless of which side of the issue you are on. It's probably that way because they haven't figured out how to program it without causing problems with the game and how it plays on some systems. Sure, if you don't care about realism or a pretense or such you might like a game which is more about something else that has no basis in reality. You can make any change to a game like that which you want to and it won't change the basic premise. This is not that game so yes, realism has a part to play here as it does in any game with historical non made up overtones.
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    There we agree. DD play has changes at higher tiers, you don't like it, don't want to adapt which is why you are here complaining. Check.
  7. Warship Wednesday - USS Atlanta

    It's an interesting ship. She has the main battery of a super super super dd but is almost as fragile as one and doesn't have smoke to hide in. You can't play her like you would a typical cruiser. Her guns don't have the range and her armor is pretty light so it doesn't offer much protection. She needs to find an island where her floaty shells can arch over it to pound enemies with HE but where their flatter arc shells can't reach her. If you can find a situation like that Altanta can burn any ship to the waterline. She's also a menace to DD's if she can catch one without heavy support elements backing it up.
  8. Possible Solution to Radar

    Sure you can petition all you like. And you can say that DDs are broken and need to be fixed just like every other game mechanic, type of ship or anything else that is broken in the minds of someone somewhere. Just look through the forum, read what's broken and you'll come to the conclusion that the game explodes upon installation, sends hunter killer bots out to hunt down the users of XXX type of ship or whatever and the game should come with a Surgeon Generals warning as well as a dedicated IT team paid for by WG to fix all our woes. As far as what really happened being a gauge, well that's the difference between WOWS and Laser Armed Scuba Hamsters vs Nuclear Parachute Toads. One is a complete fantasy, the other is a game based with ties to historical reality. Remove that semblance or reality and you might as well be playing Duck Dodgers vs the Bird People and if that happens, what's the point? Want to have some semblance of the experience a later war IJN DD commander faced vs USN ships or do you want to just have a complete and utter fiction. I'm betting your ok with the complete fiction. Radar does not cripple DD play, it changes it in ways you don't like. It's really just that simple.
  9. Possible Solution to Radar

    You are certainly right about that. Complaining about pretty much everything is pretty standard fare here on the forum. From a gameplay standpoint however, you either roll with the punches or you don't. If you want to be successful today in a higher tier DD, you have to figure out how to deal with radar and try to find an approach that works. Lets say, for fairness sake, how other ships would be impacted if there were no radar. Let's say you are a T5 BB and a DD has laid a smokescreen in the cap and you need to get it out of there. It will have 4 to 6 torpedoes it can launch at you and if you only give it your bow to aim at, it has at least a reasonable chance of driving the DD out without committing suicide. At Tier 5, the torpedo range of DD's is somewhere between 8 and 4 km which gives a certain freedom of movement. Not lets more to Tier 8 and above. Now you have DD's which can literally lay down a wall of torpedoes which are going to be almost impossible to weave your way through without taking lot of damage if not being destroyed outright. Some of these DD's have torps with ranges exceeding 20 km and pretty much all of them can launch those torpedoes beyond your spotting range. So, what's your defense counter. Today that counter is radar which helps to level out the huge advantage that higher tier DD's would have if it didn't exist. I'm not a huge fan or radar looking through islands and such, but other than that, it would reasonably seem to be a decent balancing device. It also has historical precedence which makes it fairly easy to support. I know you don't like it as do most DD commanders who really enjoy the DD playstyle they can adopt at T6 or even T7 and below. It's not the same game at higher tiers for any kind of ship, DD's included.
  10. Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    Right, that makes sense.
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    You don't have to agree with me. The reality is that radar exists, it gives ships equipped with it capabilities which need to be taken into account and you either do that or you don't. Playing the concealment game with radar around is a risky business but it does have it's basis in history as radar equipped USN cruisers and other vessels erased the IJN nightfighting advantage as WWII progressed. No, it's not the same gameplay but really, is there any real basis for contending that it should be?
  12. Possible Solution to Radar

    Either that or you should change your approach to the game to fit the reality of what radar does. I think we get it, you want the happy hunting grounds of Tier 6 and below to extend into higher tiers and are upset that it doesn't. You're further upset that it should force you to change the way you play the game at higher tiers. I'm sure the IJN later in WWII were not thoroughly enamored with USN ships equipped with radar that removed the IJN's advantage in night fighting either. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't cry in their beer in the hopes the game designers would alter reality for them.
  13. Possible Solution to Radar

    Well I actually gave you an example of such an adjustment. Listen, you can continue to try a high tier DD like a mid tier DD which doesn't have to deal with radar and pay the price or you can adjust your tactics to compensate or ... I guess you can come here and cry in your beer about the whole thing. Pretty obvious which choice you're made.
  14. Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    Not going to work. The superstructure will create wind eddies which will cause all sorts of problems for planes trying to land on this thing. The exhaust placement will just magnify this problem. This is why carriers have their islands and exhaust pushed over to the side and using the smallest structure they can reasonably get away with. Just keep the BB bits and get rid of the flight decks and you should be good to go though.
  15. Possible Solution to Radar

    Well then, the solution seems fairly apparent. Don't play your DD at higher tiers as you would at lower tiers where radar does not exist. Assume that if you are within 9km of any enemy radar ship that you are going to be spotted and adjust your tactics accordingly. Other types of ships need to make similar adjustments to how they are played at different levels of the game. Things that work at Tier V don't always work so well at Tier VIII so tactics need to adjust to the new capabilities of the opposing ships. I'm not saying that radar is good for dd's any more than cruisers suddenly spitting cones of death at T6 are good for carriers. The challenge is figuring how to remain effective even when faced with these challenges.