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  1. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    What premium ships do you have?

    Ok, so we're doing full lists of premiums. Well my collection there isn't all that horribly impressive, they are. USN: Alabama, Arizona, Texas, Marblehead, Simms, Smith, Indianapolis, Albany, Atlanta IJN: Mutsu, Yubari, Katori, Tachiban Lima, Mikasa, Ishizuchi, Kamakaze R Germany: Tirpitz, Koeing Albert, Graf Spee Rus: Oktb Rev, Makarov, Murmansk, Aurora, Varyag, Okhotnik UK: Hood, Warspite, Gallant, Campbelton French: Dunkerque Pan Asian: Loyang, Huanghe Italian: Guilio Ceasar, Duca De Acosta
  2. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    9 inch belts were standard amongst Pre-Dreadnoughts and had only begun to inch upward by the time Dreadnought came around. The last Pre-Dreadnoughts (or Semi-Dreadnoughts) bumped this up to 11 to 12 inches. Pretty much all the Brazilian and Chilean dreadnoughts had this type of belt and two of them (Agincourt and Canada) fought at Jutland.
  3. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    Or Turkish. She was essentially complete and Turkey had sent a crew to bring her to Turkey but they were prevented from taking possession of her. The ship actually had to be modified somewhat for British service so a version of her, as she was actually built, would be interesting.
  4. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    Your very first Premium was?

    Ishizuchi - T4 IJN Battleship. Why? well I liked the price and I like battleships so it was kind of a natural for me. Turns out if I'd known then how much I'd like her, I would have bought her sooner. Frankly her AP shells stink but her HE makes her a flamethrower of epic proportions in the tiers she operates in and she has a fair measure of speed so she can span distances better than most ships in her tier. That's the first ship I actually bought which is what your question asked. My very first premium however was the Kamakaze R from the Project R event. I managed to earn just enough pearls to complete the mission the day the event was scheduled to end. The whole thing burned me out enough that I had to walk away from WOWS for about 9 months to recover.
  5. Ok .... umm .... I think the correct answer here is NO. NO. NO!!! So, this happens in pretty much every game. Some players are going to be better than you, some players are going to be worse and some will be at about your skill level. So, if you enter a game populated by other human beings, there is going to be a skill gap either in your favor or to your detriment. The same could be said about a game of Monopoly. Sorry, it's just really hard to predetermine whether you will be the best or worst player in a particular match. As others have suggested, if all you are interested in is just the fun of making a bunch of the red ships exploderate go fight the bots in Co-Op. Even if you are an average player, you'll think you are the best naval player since the invention of Krupp Steel when playing against the bots. It is, I admit, fun to obliterate a bunch of bots and while XP and Credit earnings are going to be lower, you can still pull in enough to build your fleet so, that's probably a better choice for you.
  6. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    clan message's

    I wish there were. The only way I know is to use the "Message of the Day" box on top of the clan chat box. You can try sending individual messages to a clan mates chat box but I'm pretty sure a lot of them don't remain until the member opens the box so it's not all that reliable. I'd like WG to improve this system but so far, this is what we have.
  7. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    Yep. Carrier mains are in bad shape with this rework because it is just that, a complete rework. Basically assume that almost none of the skills you've picked up playing CV's will be of any use to you. You'll either need to learn how to use the new carriers, play other ships, or leave. I think that WG hasn't reached the decisions that CV players don't matter, just think they've reached the decision that they don't matter enough and that any players leaving will be more than replaced by new players entering and playing the new system. I'm not completely sure that they are right about this, but I am sure that some major change was needed to prevent CV's just being booted from the game entirely. So it's really a question of do you want no CV's or do you want these new reworked ones. I really think those were the two choices available.
  8. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    Ok, I think there are a lot of misconceptions about what carriers will and will not be able to do under the new reworks. 1) Each carrier will be limited to one, count them one squadron that they can have active at any given time. Even the weakest carriers in the current game have at least two squadrons and often quite a few more. This means, when the the new version is released the ability of carrier planes to spot will be significantly reduced not expanded. 2) This is also going to go hand in hand with how powerful carrier airstrikes can be. With only one squadron active and with only a couple of planes in each squadron which can launch attacks at one time, the days of seeing that mass of torp and dive bombers coming in to annihilate you are now over. Gone are the criss cross torpedo drops that you can't escape or seeing massive spreads of incoming torps which you can not possibly survive. The carriers have essentially lost their "alpha strike" capabilities. It will now take several carriers operating cooperatively to achieve what a single carrier might have been able to do in the current version. What replaces this is sort of a "nibble away" type of engagement with carriers sending in a couple of planes at a time over and over again to chip away at the ships they are attacking. 3) Carrier squadrons are likely to hang around for a while. Even the earliest carriers have multiple planes in each squadron but only a couple of those planes can attack at any one time. This means that squadrons will tend to hang around for a while as they make repeated runs of a couple planes each time until they are shot down or all planes have launched their attacks. 4) Carriers have unlimited airplanes however this is counterbalanced by the fact that only a few airplanes can be used at one time. Further, you can't launch your next squadron until the squadron currently in the air is either eliminated or returning to the carrier. This means that there will always be a gap in time for carrier air spotting and support. No more fighters hanging around to keep you spotted while the strike force is rearmed and sent back into battle. 5) Forget everything about fighters. They are now rocket equipped attack aircraft totally incapable of implementing anything like an air superiority mission. The calling for fighter support is a function separate from a carriers air wing or control. 6) Warships now have new AA capabilities allowing them to better focus their fire in certain circumstances. This, coupled with the limited alpha strike capabilities of the new carriers will make carrier airstrikes more of a constant nuisance than the old OMG we are so going to die kind of engagement. While this will change the way warships deal with carrier aircraft, there's really nothing that should unbalance these engagements.
  9. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    ALL 4 super cruisers will receive 60s fire duration

    Spee is more what an Armored Cruiser would have been had any others been built in the 1930's. It was the closest the Germans could get to making an actual modern capital ship under the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles. Graf Spee and Mikasa essentially both had the same displacement. In physical volume the Spee was actually larger but carried only a fraction of the armor mounted on Mikasa which weighed Mikasa down thus increasing her displacement despite her smaller size.
  10. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    I quit my job in the coalmine

    Well I did enjoy the change of pace with Co-op where you can accomplish unbelievable feats and, for a moment, believe you are Superwoman (or man depending). In one match I was in Gallant I think and fighting two battleships in a cap. A friendly Battleship had come up and was distracting my targets so I hit my Go Baby Go button and swept in between them. As I did so I sent one spread of 4 torpedoes into the battleship on my right and then another salvo into the one to me left. Seconds later, two dead bot BB's. I mean, yes they were bots and I'd never be able to pull something like that off against real human players (well, against most human players anyway) but it was fun to do it, conceptualize it and actually pull it off. It's kind of nice to feel superhuman and invincible once in a while. Of course they you head back into Randoms and cruel reality sets in.
  11. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    I quit my job in the coalmine

    Well, I had slowly been building up coal with the intent to buy Musashi from the Arsenal. I was probably 50,000+ coal short of that amount (even with the 25% discount program), which is quite a lot so I began running my ships to the coal mine to see if I could pull in enough before the event ended. Fortunately, I have 165 ships in my port and the vast majority of them were ships eligible for the event. The end result was that I ended up with Musashi before she disappears from the arsenal and, in the process, also scooped up all the daily missions during the period and completed all of the Prinz requirements except those which you actually need the Prinz to complete. Sure, I didn't usually bring in as many credits or experience in Co-op as I would have in Random, but I'd bring in something with every battle so ... it kind of worked out. All in all the event left me in a much better position than I'd been in at the start. It allowed me to accomplish things which I wouldn't have been able to pull off otherwise. If it hadn't been for Musahi I probably would have just played my normal rotation of ships in Randoms, picking up snowflakes here and there as I went, but I did want Musashi so I put in the extra effort to get her. One undercurrent which I did like with this event is WG actually designing something for the "collectors" out there. This event was practically tailor made for them and the issuance of new flags and emblems for collectors released during the event added additional flavor to the experience. Thanks WG, it was much appreciated.
  12. When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!!
  13. Hadn't thought about this much until I read through this thread. It's actually, to a degree, historically accurate. Essentially large AA guns like the ubiquitous US 5 inch/38 caliber DP gun didn't have the rate of fire or traverse speed to track on fast moving targets once they were too close to the ship. As such, there was a minimum effective range for these larger guns wherein their usefulness in the AA role diminished greatly. You have similar but lesser challenges with say the Bofors 40mm guns used for the mid range envelope leaving the smaller 20mm Okerliens for close in work. US ships as the war went on designed their AA envelopes in a similar manner so there is some basis for this in history. What I'm not sure about is the idea of no overlap of zones. There probably is a range where both the 40mm and 5 inch mounts were effective and very likely one where both the 40mm and 20mm guns were effective. I think I'd prefer a "min/max:" range for each gun type rather than a clear cut off as the system currently uses. Maybe this is something that will get some attention in later updates.
  14. BB3_Oregon_Steel

    American Destroyer Escort

    Well, DDE's were a postwar concept adopted by the USN in order to prolong the life and usefulness of WWII DD designs. By and large, WW II destroyer designs were not capable of operating the larger and more capable sonar and ASW weapons outfits that were developed post war without losing a substantial part of their existing armament. This was particularly true of the smaller Fletcher class DD's which often required the removal of over half their gun mounts and all of their torpedo armament to fill this role. Around 1962, the navy realized that the missions of destroyers had evolved to erase the mission differences between DDE's and DD's and merged the classification into the DD designation. While DDE's did exist post war, none of the ships which carried that designation were built to that design. All DDE's had been constructed as DD's and for the most part were still considered part of their named classes (Fletcher, Allen M Summer, Gearing) and were converted to ASW and Air Defense specialist vessels.