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  1. IJN DDs are a Joke

    While being top tier is a really good time, the sisters play up really well in the protected MM. I’d rather play the Kami then the Tier 6 or 7 choices.
  2. IJN DDs are a Joke

    I wouldn't call the line a joke. 99% of my games are played in them. They take a lot of waiting and watching to play well. Not everyone's idea of a good time. How bad can the line be, it has the best seal clubber in the game.
  3. DD Captains, Help me out

    When (2) or more DD's are racing to the same cap, at some point before you get there, form up into a single file. Please don't run parallel and a little behind the other DD. You've removed half the torpedo that can be put into the water. Once your in the cap, if one breaks left and the other right, O.K., but otherwise stay in single file. Thanks.
  4. When I went to pickup a DD line I also looked to the forum, except to find the hardest line to play. At that time, the consensus seemed to be the IJN DD's. Not really sure if that's true anymore if ever. I think style of the line and your personality will be more determinate if that makes sense. I like sneaking around and stabbing people in the back, so the IJN line was a good fit. This in "not" a Pearl Harbor referance.
  5. Winning related to dmg/performace

    Yep, been there. Have tried altering your ratios of Gin and Tonic? I do with Jameson and Sprite. It chases away the bad mojo sprites.
  6. What is it with Tier V IJN and USN dds?

    It's one of the DD's that, when I see it, I think "I hope we get into a gun fight". And I'm talking in the Kamikaze, not a great gun boat. The T-22 seems like a dreadful boat, but it maybe just newer players who haven't figured things out yet. If anyone's been at the top of the leader broad at the end of the game, in the T-22, shout out, so I can say "Well done to You sir".
  7. Yep, seams Trolly for sure, but I'll bite. I never like to frame things as good or bad game play, only experienced or not. But since the OP has framed it that way, here we go. Looking over his Warships Today page, he's bad to me. So should I report him if I see him in game? I'm bad compared to CombatWombat, should he report me? Telling someone they "suck", or "get gud", I don't see the point of it.
  8. Radar mechanic and ship scale. They look too big to me.
  9. DD vs DD Cage Match

    No, torpedoes are fairly easy to dodge. It's the slow rotation of the gun turrets that would suck. There not made for close gunfights. If I ever find myself up close and personal, I keep bow on to minimize my profile for there torpedos and try for the ram or to torpedo them. Either way, it's good.
  10. DD vs DD Cage Match

    IJN DD's cannot do the Thunder Dome. You need to finesse there wins, and a throw down is not finesse.
  11. I agree on that one. Tier X is real formulaic since everyone playing to the "meta". Tier V is a lot more wild and woolly. Some real dumb craze stuff happens.
  12. I made a New Years resolution to get my Kamikaze WR to 65% in solo. Am I "Seal Clubbing", oh, yeah, you betcha I am. But, I do feel I'm providing a valuable service to new player. To learn the dark art of WASD hacking.
  13. What's your solo WR

    59% overall, 63% last 90 days
  14. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    I'm not a well rounded player. I found a line that I really like and play it constantly with that 54% to 64% WR range. As stated about, these on conspiracy. But I do understand the OP frustration at times.
  15. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    Wow, a lot of quitters. I find it fun to play against the odds. Sometimes I can put my big boy pants on and pull the rabbit out of the hat. Those are the epic games. At the vary least, I'll play as a courtesy to everyone in the match.