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  1. Capt_Mexib

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    Thank you for saying this.
  2. Capt_Mexib

    Weekend Spree.

    I don't have weekend sprees so much as weekend spews as I have to wipe the screen clean of coffee or whiskey as I watch my team throw a victory away.
  3. Capt_Mexib

    Pink abuse?

    I'll take a stab at this and guess that the OP was in a cruiser. It's been my experience, as a DD main, is that your "Allied" torpedo happy cruiser's are just as big a threat as the Red's. Can't count the times I've had to dodge torpedo's fired by friendlies that only had the range to reach me. Sigh....
  4. Capt_Mexib

    Wows is not for the younger generation THEY DONT CARE!?

    If teens are not playing this game it comes down to pace and multitasking. To do well in this game you need to fight your ship, be patient, keep an eye on the mini map and look ahead 2 to 5 minutes to anticipate whats going to happen. That's a lot to ask from a teenager. What's the mean age of the player base, late thirty's? I can see being a senior citizen in a few years myself.
  5. Capt_Mexib

    Declining Win Rate

    It will improve, I'm taking a beating today. Being played like a drum.
  6. Capt_Mexib

    How to destroyer?

    I vote for the ship being your trouble. When I, in a Kamikaze, look forward to gun fighting you, that's a problem. Destroyers are a tricky deal. You always need to be evaluating risk vs reward. Don't throw your self away in the first half of the game. DD's come into there own in the last half of the game. Your only 41 games into destroyers. They take a while to figure out. Get passed the Terrible-22 which is only bested by the Mutsucky for worst ship in the game.
  7. Capt_Mexib

    Declining Win Rate

    I'm not an expert on these thing. I basically play only two ship. Both have the same exact play style. I posted my chart below. It's almost the opposite of what you got going. I switched my focus from out right damage to being or doing what ever needed to be done for the win. If from stealth I can keep that DD spotted for my team to shoot at, well that's good for the team, not my damage average. I try not to chase that BB that's sail off into the corner. He's no longer in the fight. I'll try and cap instead. I'll abandon screening allies if capping means we can win instead. I can't tell you what exactly needs to be done, but if you keep an eye on the mini-map and the flow of the game, You'll figure it out. Cheers.
  8. It's hard to tell the difference between YOLO and regular DD play sometimes. If I torpedo a DD that didn't detect me that smoked up right in front of me, well.......? Bad luck or crap play? I do get your point. DD's need to survive to be useful. The team with the DD at the end of the Match is usually the team that wins.
  9. Some classes of ships are better at clutching the win then others. When DD's survive to the point where half the reds are gone, they become very powerful. I've snatched the win many times just by capping.
  10. Capt_Mexib

    I don't get it...playing a BB

    I'm kinda with you on this. I like the the game DD's provide where you live or die up front on the edge. Give me speed and stealth with a big stick. Domo Arigato Shima and Kami.
  11. Capt_Mexib

    IJN DD Guns

    Buff the guns, well I'd like that, but don't think that's in the cards. IJN DD guns are situational. Best advise, don't get into a situation where you need them. That doesn't mean don't uses them, just don't pick a gun fight that you know you can't win. I like to try and bait other DD's with my guns. I'll out spot them so I can get torpedo's on the way first. Just before the point I think they can spot my torpedo, I'll start shooting at them with my guns. Make them think they should bring guns to a torpedo fight. Get good at this and you can become a master bait-er. Good start on the Minekaze btw. 58 games and a WR of 62.5% Keep that up and yell be a superstar in no time. Oh, I wanted to add, get RDF. That way your guns will always be pointing in the right direction. Over comes the slow traverse speed.
  12. Capt_Mexib

    Seal Clubbing... how common is it really?

    I pity anyone who didn't buy one for $15 back in the day. It's still not as good as the old Minekaze. Let me assure you that there is plenty of challenge when I’m in my Kamikaze in a tier VII match with two CV’s and multiple radar cruisers and your way out gunned by every other DD. Being in a tier V match is the exception. When your in a glass one trick pony you need to maximize your trick. I was going to quit this game after playing about halfway up the USN cruiser line. The game just didn't hold my interest. So I thought, I'll give the INJ DD's a try. At that time people where saying that it was the hardest line to do well in. And guess what, I found it really fun, hard lessons and all. It’s been my experience that tier x game play in general has gotten quite slow, and to me boring. I’ve also seen plenty of durp-a-durp there. What you can't normally do there is take the big insane risks. Doing the Lone Wolf deal there is really not the thing to do which is what I like. Back at the dawn of the internet, AOL days, there was a domain called "Clubbing Baby Seals Home Page", kinda the Robot-Chicken of the day. Maybe that should be an on going Topic in the forum. I have my ups and downs. Am I a sad seal clubber, well, ok I guess. Well I can own that I suppose, those Baby Seals aren't going to club themselves. Cheers.
  13. Capt_Mexib

    A lengthy topic about Destroyers & why change is needed

    I think it would be interesting for WW1 Battleships, if they where stationary, to deploy there historic torpedo nets. Make it a skill to be earned and then a button to push. If they move without retracting there nets, it rips them off. Only bow and stern shots from DD's would have an effect. A camping BB would be a sitting duck for gun fire and dive bombers. BTW, I had a 8 kill game last weekend in the Kamikaze. Some are talking about DD's being the God Mode. Na, could not have done it without the help of the Red Team.
  14. I've only ever had one real memorable experience with back seat helmsmen. Playing the Shimakaze, doing my deal of trying to cap the closest objective to me, and was constantly being harangued by Little Lord Nelson. Got First Blood on a Fletcher and drove off a cruiser with the help of a friendly cruiser for the cap. As the lemming train was cuddling behind a island he finally said "Because of you we are going to lose". Someone on my team finally had enough and told him to shut up and that I was the only guy doing anything. Random people online, go figure.
  15. Capt_Mexib

    Concealment in Open Waters NEEDS NERF

    Yep, been there. Nothing more disgraceful then being torpedo'd when your in a torpedo boat. The shame.