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  1. BB's pushing

    When a cruiser hangs out at the back line, that's irritating. Gets in the way of hunting the 3 battleships that are along with him.
  2. A Tier 1 story...

    I feel absolved from my Kamikaze Play. Tier 1, really............?
  3. Yea, exactly. How do you go from a pretty good solo player to a consistently great solo player? What WR do you consider a great player? To my mind, it's 65% WR or higher for mid tiers and 60% for tier 10 going solo.
  4. Bring back Project R

    I purchased a Kamikaze after the Great Minekaze Nerf of 2017. Best $14.95 I've spent. I like the mid tiers, you never know what dumb thing will happen. Run the speed flag and your 39.4 knots. W
  5. Things that were once exciting become old hat after a while. Excitement is replaced with a cold calculating eye. Rushing battleships in the Kamikaze uses to get me jacked. Now not so much.
  6. Why am i being reported?

    Had a game last night where 2 BB's sailed the edge at maximum range taking pot shots all game. The teams were equally inexperienced, but we lost of course because we were down 2 BB's from the start and all the red's where in the fight. They ended the game at almost full health with a whopping 600 XP between them. I can understand DD's and CL/CA being at the bottom of the leaderboard, BB's not so much. I refrained from criticizing in chat, no point yelling at, most likely, kids. At lease the karma system gives you an outlet for your frustration.
  7. Well I would suggest knowing what your particular ship is good at, then exploiting the heck out of it. Youtube can help with the exploitation education.
  8. Score High

    The last 5 minutes, I'm with you on that. You need to be in the right place to do the right thing. Hard to be there sometimes.
  9. I'll take a look at your videos. Word search you on Youtube I'm guessing. Shimakaze is a tough boat to play well. Most of the time I feel like the only reason I'm there playing her is to punish captains who make bad decisions. Otherwise, it's hard to land hits. I may learn something new. Thanks.
  10. I liked the Yugumo, but it is sloooooow! There's no escape if you over extend. I've found the Shima better in every way. Especially in the all important
  11. I still think DD's should poke the caps. Capture if favorable, run like hell if not. Some caps I'll not go near at the start. I'm not into the DD Thunderdome stuff. For those caps, even if you win, you lose.
  12. The only IJN dd I would not uses the guns on is the Mutsucky. It has two signal flares that say "Here I Am".
  13. Battle of Midway Movie

    Most of the time ture. US troops liberating a Nazi concentration camp, Dachua I think, we're going to be court martialed for putting the guards up against the wall and executing them. Patton dismissed the charges. During the Battle of the Bulge an SS unit executed a US Army medical unit. After word got around, very few SS where take prisoner. I'm not passing judgement. Wars an ugly thing. Bad things happen. I probably would have been a war criminal given the circumstances.
  14. Battle of Midway Movie

    "Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors" was a great ready.
  15. But, if everyone doesn't bunch behind a island, how do I get a Double Strike with the wall of skill?