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  1. Tier X DD play is a snooze fest that's for sure. I'm starting to see why DD players are reluctant to even enter that cap at the start of the game. This is how it goes: enter cap, get illuminated, loose 1/3 of your HP, 4 minutes of elapsed game time.
  2. On the Red Team anyway........
  3. I play the Kamikaze quite a bit, with up tiering and radar, it's has gotten harder to have consistently good games. In some ways the Shima is easier to play with the 12km torpedos. You can hover in the 10 km zone, and if you get detected, you can vamoose out of radar range in short order. That being said, I love all the Minekaze sisters.
  4. Fine, upstanding people

    I've found that for the most part people in the game are O.K. If I get out skilled by another DD, I will always compliment them in chat. That's lead to some pleasant interchanges.

    "TK is for everybody. Not just for the few. Anyone can share TK with someone nice as you!"
  6. Where have all the DDs gone???

    I'll have to dust off the Shima to see. Unplayable above T5, maybe because the higher you go the slower the game goes. Tier 10 is a snooze fest at times as I remember.
  7. Where have all the DDs gone???

    Especially when no one can shoot at them because there in shelter behind an island, sigh......
  8. 42 for 5154 or 1 in very 123 in random
  9. You can love them when there red. The only DD's I actively go after in the Kamikaze.
  10. What I've noticed is that the discourse in chat has gone down hill. More players being mad about losing and such. YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN! Old man Tourette's syndrome, sorry.
  11. Speaking for myself as a IJN DD main, I've noticed that my WTR has been on the decline as my WR is on the increase. I think this comes down to move actively playing a supporting role with capping, smoking, spotting and general harassing as opposed to up and up farming damage. One of the real Unicums told me in the way back that it's not the killing blow that matters as much as damage overtime. After 3000 games since they said that, I'm starting to understand that. Slow learner. No need to chase the CV without any planes or the BB that's off by the map border doing nothing useful. Fellow DD people, don't hug the border for the end around to get at the CV. That's 8 minutes of not screening and spotting that your team can't afford. If I can keep the red fleet and especially there DD's spotted, I let the team take the shots and get the glory. This isn't really awarded in the WTR, but is reflected in WR. Overtime, WR I think is the best determinant of skill in a ship, a class, or the whole game if you play everything.
  12. Well said. There "skill" or lack thereof, gets filtered out overtime. So why be a Richard to them.
  13. That would be like tier 10 play, only slower, a lot slower. First one to get bored and make a mistake or take a chance, loses.
  14. Being at the bottom of XP is nothing to be embarrassed about if you were deleted with a detonation in the opening moments. If you survived the game and are at the bottom, well, that's embarrassing.
  15. Play a strong ship that you really like alot, become an expert and you can bring your WR up. Does that mean your good at the game overall? Well, no, not really. On the other hand, why play ship types you don't like. Where's the fun in that, cough, cruisers.