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  1. Yugumo Captain Skill

    IMHO I think that RPF and CE is a must for the Yugumo. Great ship as far as I'm concerned, but she's slooooooooooow, unlike some of the other IJN boats which can beat feet out of Dodge City. Uses the soundtrack "War Drums" with RPF. That way you will know which way the nearest contact is and when you hear the drums, You'll know that you will see the contact in about 2 to 3 second. It's a small thing, but I always have my guns and torpedoes point the right way.
  2. how to DD?

    This is ture. I'd like to add to this, if you're an IJN DD, always rush the cap and hugg the inside edge. The radar ships are usually too far back to see you at the start and you can see non-IJN DD's coming. If thing look bad, torp from stealth and bail. If a CV parks a fighter over the cap then I bail. Try and fight, but also survive for the last half of the game. The enemy CA's and DD's will have been whittled down. BB(s) vs INJ DD = Happy Fun Time
  3. Personally I don't think players in the same division should be penalized. Friends being able to be jerks to each other is part of the fun. Back in the day, I remember playing one of the early starwars games with my son. He made it his mission in life to try and kill me when the one minute timer started counting down. Well maybe not. People can never figure when the appropriate time is for that kind of thing.
  4. This game need change

    Ha, yea I was thinking that also. All this game needs is more "money and a better class of people". That's what my boss tells me about my career at work.
  5. [Edited] Hydro or Radar!! @#$$#@

    With the Simakaze I uses the 12 km torpedo's so I can stay out of radar range. The 8 km ones are suicidal. Playing the Kamikaze, you really need to watch the minimap to see what ships are around you since you need to get within radar range to attack. Oh, and bye the way, I dislike you Atlanta Captains. Don't think that I can't hear you, laughing maniacally, as you're burning that hapless DD down. Shame! That is unless you're on my team backing me up of course, then you're assume.
  6. Kamikaze R

    The first clue that they were experienced was that they hugged the board for an attempted end around on our CV. There first 3 salvos missed and they kept trying to disengage. You can tell in first few moments who you're up against. In a straight up gun fight IJN DD's get clobbered. That's why I try and preserve my health for the latter part of the game. I've gunned down half strength Khabarovsk in my Shimakaze. Lost most of my HP doing it. All-in-all though, I don't want to fight other DD's, high risk vs low reward compared to a Battleship. If you like to run and gun, I would see why torpedo boat play would bore you. Lots of watching, waiting and reading the mini map. 20 min. of game play for 8 min. action.
  7. Kamikaze R

    In a Kamikaze last night I chased and gunned down a Nickolas. He / she was terrible and that's what makes them so strong at Tier 5. You incounter inexperienced players. You also incounter the instan-death machine, the Atlanta.
  8. This is hell for DD's also. You have to fight all the little fish to get to the big prize.
  9. In a IJN DD I would also recommend running the "War Drum" sound track from the settings. So when I'm watching the RFP and I hear the "Drum" I know that I'll see the contact in about 2 seconds. Every little bit helps.
  10. Yugumo Get?

    Help me out, I maybe missing something here. How is the Yugumo play that much different than the Shimakaze? I could be going about things in a suboptimal manner in play style.
  11. Wow, good idea. I know what I'm doing to night.
  12. Radar through islands is stupid

    The game radar type is an early form of the cold war "Backscatter" arrays that were sited in Alaska that could see ground vehicles in Kamchatka or so I was told.
  13. Let's Talk Karma

    CV players who give me a flyby to spot as I race into the cap in my inferior IJN DD get an up karma from me. Red IJN DD's that I have a gun battle with who get me, not easy, in my IJN DD also get a chat "Well Played" and an up karma vote. In chat, if someone starts telling me how to fight my ship, that's a down vote.
  14. Yugumo Get?

    My two cents from an average player: The Yugumo is a nice little DD, but she is slow. Make sure you have the flag if possible and speed boost at the ready. If you have the captain points, I'd take RPF to help steer clear of the nasty gunboat DD's. All-in-all, I like the Shimakaze better for the 3 x 5 torpedo launchers, 39 knot base speed. Seams a good trade for the 0.5 KM for the detection advantages the Yugumo has. Had a nice run of purple going, but the holiday was burtile for me. Had to play the Kamikaze all Sunday to pad my stats.
  15. 2 weeks ago I would have said, what are you guys talking about, there fine. Then your luck turns........................... Yes, yes, I know, if your really good, luck doesn't exist.