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  1. Capt_Mexib

    Games getting harder.

    Tier 4, ouch. Up thought Tier V, BB's are relatively easy prey for Ninja DD's. But there is some good news, you're not completely helpless. Don't wander off by yourself, stay with the part of your team that is not YOLOing. Be a WASD hacking cheater. If your on your own against a Ninja DD, run a away. They can't hit you with torpedos. Be extra careful around islands. These are great spots to get bushwhacked. Given the chance, alway shoot at the DD's if there spotted. Make sure you uses your spotter plane. At higher Tiers upgrade your secondaries. Make them regret bum rushing you. Do everything you can to keep your CL's and DD's that are in front of you alive. They stand between you and the Ninjas. As a DD main, these are some of the things that annoy me. Good luck, keep at it, have fun.
  2. If I do more than 2 lines my heart starts to race and I get jittery, oh wait, that's not what we're talking about.......................
  3. Capt_Mexib

    Number of kills? DDs

    If I average my 5 most played DD's I'm currently at 1.16 kills per game. If your getting 1.0 kills per games off the starting line, that seems pretty good.
  4. Capt_Mexib


    Agreed. As a DD main, it's all on me until the torpedo sinks to the bottom or hits the red. I have to hold good kill shots all the time because of friendly ships nearby. Usually BB's brawling. There is nothing more irritating in this game then dodging torpedoes launched from behind you that only have the range to reach you. For the love of Pete, know your torpedo range!
  5. I've kinda noticed that DD's can be influential when the team is willing to follow up, be where they can effectively shoot at sh&* I see. When that happens, it's pretty sweet. Some of the time it seams the team sits at the spawn point waiting to see how the Green and Red DD's sort themselves out. Don't crowd me, I need room to dart in and out, but be close enough that you can rain some hellfire down.
  6. Because your being all shoutty, look at me, look at me when you fire your guns. Your being a great distraction and protection at the same time. I've had some sneaky lol's in the cap circle by following a khaba. I don't tailgate, that rude.
  7. Yea, some people right. I've literally saved the day and gotten hate mail.
  8. Capt_Mexib

    Fighting Friday - Destroyer Dance of Death

    The Kami or Shima can be very good at indirectly challenging a cap. I'll keep them spotted for my team to shoot at while I stay in stealth. People do the crazies things like coming to a stop and smoking up right in front of me. They can't see me. Get most of my DD kills with torpedos that way. I'm not there to gun fight straight away. I can always come back. Better to gun duel when I have the advantage of health or allies.
  9. Capt_Mexib

    Defining the Carry

    Directly, without help, turning the tide from a loss to a win regardless of XP. In other words, you put on your big boy pants and saved the day in the last 8 minutes. Just sailing away to win on points doesn't count.
  10. 50%, interesting. I have had quite a few games where I had to uses my best torpedo beats not to get hit by my own team. I've often thought, don't dodge, see what happens. You launch them, it's all on you.
  11. He was Chat-decapamenmberment-Banned.
  12. Capt_Mexib

    Tier 5 Ranked Battles Prep - DD Commentaries inside

    OK, I'm missing the reference? I met him once. I was shocked at how short he was, 6'-2" in real life. He seemed way taller on the big screen.
  13. Capt_Mexib

    How's my driving?

    Your 63% WR for 383 games in the Shima. I'm 53% WR for 676 games. That doesn't seem meh to me.
  14. Capt_Mexib

    Regarding people who unnecessarily charge in

    As a DD main, I'm suppose to be out front, charging the cap scouting and spotting. That being said, if i get sunk in the first half of the game, that's on me. I should have paid more attention to what's going on around me. Most DD's that hang back should be playing cruisers instead.
  15. Capt_Mexib

    Playing for "Fun"

    I think the good leaders/players can positively motivate in a few words in chat. An unseen DD was capping our base. I'm steaming back in my very low health DD as fast as I can. I really didn't want to confront this DD. I'm IJN Tier V while they were German Tier IIV. I had something like 700 HP left. There was a very good player, can't remember their name, waiting for someone to spot the DD for him. He somehow sensed my hesitation I guess. He thanked me for the sacrifice for the team. I sailed in, spotted, and started a gun duel so he would stay spotted longer, I got deleted, but the good player dev struck him. A little positive encouragement works.