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  1. Horny teenagers. Horny teenagers chew through data plans. Hungry teenagers chewing kitchens. :)
  2. Impressive, I'm trying to crack 60% over all. Been stuck 58-59%. I may have risen to my level of incompetence.
  3. Good write up and good advice.
  4. Well yes and no. I, for the most part, can sail right up to a Tier V BB and lower and shive them up close in my Kamikaze. I once did 2 sitting in a base for the win. At the Higher Tiers, no way can you do that. At Tier X, to be caught within secondary range is death. So the higher up the BB line you go you can start to push DD's off the caps.
  5. If I understand what you're saying, no promises on that, 84% is totally random and you control / have impact on only 16% of the games. Well your right, it is all about having fun right, not stats.
  6. Had a pretty good weekend. Good luck, because I think that luck of MM is about 30% of my WR.
  7. Hang in there, once you become competent, they are a lot of fun and a terror to the Red's. There is a steep learning curve although.
  8. I main the IJN DD line with about 4000 games in solo random. I have about 430 games in the Shimakaze. If you like the play style and the sometimes extreme challenge, go for it.
  9. "Hide" may be a bit of stretch, but you do need to play a lot more conservatively at the start. I do get it. I get most of my damage and xp later in the game. It does make me wonder though if I could help the team, and my win rate, if I could get the big blows in the first half. The Shima walks a fine line between doing nothing or being dead. Well anyway, good luck.
  10. I love campers. They make good targets for IJN Destroyers. Getting past the other destroyers and cruisers is another thing though. Sometimes you can't get to them fast enough to help the team.
  11. I played about 40 games I think in the Akatsuki. I had some success with her. She is a very fast shipping. But constantly being out spotted drove me bat sh^* crazy, so I moved on up the line. I think to play the Japanese destroyer line, you need to be a bit of a masochist at heart. Your predator and somewhat easy prey all at once.
  12. As stated by Camo68 above, you do need to stay outside that 8 to 10 km radar range at the beginning of Tier 8 to 10 matches. That's the time to uses the range of the 12 km torpedoes. Forget the 20 km ones. Everyone can dodge them and you're as likely to hit your own teammates. Let the radar cruisers get thinned out a bit. By the 10 to 12 min. mark the BB's have deleted the cruisers. There's nothing better then being the last DD (Shimakaze) with nothing but Red BB's. That's when you can get in real close, but remember if you're spotted, you're dead.
  13. DD's and capping: _Don't lose your ship in the first 5 minutes. _Play to your ships strengths. _Don't get spotted by the Big Red Blob. _Don't get shot at by the Big Red Blob. _Peristance is good, but if things suck, try a different cap. _Keep an eye on "Allied" ships with torpedoes. _Press every advantage over Red DD's. _Your strength grows as the game goes on. _Don't sit still in your vap cloud in the cap. _No one likes you. For DD's, the best rule of thumb for capping is that it all depends.
  14. I have noticed lately that as I rush to a cap at the start of the game in my IJN DD, more CV's have done a fighter sweep of the cap ahead of me. Thank You, Thank You.
  15. Is Warships Today still a going thing? I go to the site, but it has not updated since 9/15 for me. By the way, this has made playing the game more relaxing for me.