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  1. Capt_Mexib

    Concealment in Open Waters NEEDS NERF

    Yep, been there. Nothing more disgraceful then being torpedo'd when your in a torpedo boat. The shame.
  2. Capt_Mexib

    Concealment in Open Waters NEEDS NERF

    I've played against you before in the Kamikaze. Your a very good shot. Not all players are. Sometimes I can gun them down straight up, if I'm not into the third whiskey. The best way for Kamikaze drivers to fight superior gun boat DD's is indirectly.
  3. Capt_Mexib

    Concealment in Open Waters NEEDS NERF

    This isn't really directed at you specifically, but is a general comment. So please don't feel put out in anyway. Yep, these's no denying it, the sisters are the submarines of the game. They are only really OP against BB's, everything else, they are food. WASD hacking of course and sailing in the opposite direction is even a better counter. I usually don't waste my time in a tail chase. BB's with RPF are really hard to do since they can deduce if you are close and in what direction. The Kamikaze is a very strong ship and plays well in Tier VII matches. Best $15 I sent on a game. Cheers.
  4. Capt_Mexib

    Too much bbs...

    Kamikaze Sisters do pretty well against Battleships. In fact, up to Tier VII in a 2 Battleships to every 1 Kamikaze, I'd take the Kamikaze's for the win. At this level BB's can't effectively fight back. They can WASD hack, but that just delays the the final out come. There best defense is to sail the other way, but how far can you go in a closed box.
  5. As, a DD Main, I look at the vector of the incoming red aircraft and try and get out of there way. If I can't, time to smoke up and chill till they get bored with you. That works very early game. Sometimes the CV captain goes on a jihad for you. There's next to nothing for it, your going to have a bad games.
  6. Capt_Mexib

    DD pros input please

    From my Shimakaze experience, the most impotent thing is not to be seen. Frankly Tier VII-X DD play isn't all that much fun to me. There is very little opportunity to take big, smart risks. If you over extend, your dead very quickly. The game tempo is just too slow at those Tiers.
  7. Capt_Mexib

    New AAA is brutal even in coop.

    The DD Mafia approves.
  8. Capt_Mexib

    Right Click: Ban as teammate

    Even Unicums have bad games. How do you know if someone is 100% absolutely potato? Listen, I get it. It's frustrating when your team doesn't play the objectives, that's random for you.
  9. They should call it Snooze X. It is so slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. It's not for me, I'm easily bored. To paraphrase Manfred Mann, "Mamma thats where the fun is...." , Tier V to VII. Crap I'm getting old to remember when Manfred Mann was a thing.
  10. Capt_Mexib

    Teamates Why?

    This is a Troll post, right?
  11. 3) If an opposing DD is spotted and you can take a shot at it...do it. Don't just try to selfishly farm a BB. DD's become extremely powerful if left alive till later in the match I say this as a DD main, yes please shoot the crap out of a spotted DD. Yes, they become extremely powerful at the end of the game. Everything else is good stuff to. Cheers.
  12. Capt_Mexib

    Lack of aggression, why?

    On the bright side, I played a game last night where I (Kamikaze) was trying to pull back there push by sailing around in there cap. Was chased out by a combo of a cruiser and CV airplanes. Retreated behind a island not to far from there base. I was shocked to see our CV there short cycling his airplanes. Talk about about pushing, what a pro he was.
  13. Capt_Mexib

    What's the highest Karma level?

    8675309 Jenny Jenny you're the girl for me........
  14. I DD main at Tier V which is a lot harder then it uses to be. Tier X is kind of a bummer for DD's. I survive about 68% of the time at Tier V. It was like 76% before CVageddon. I haven't really played my Shima much since the CV re-work. I survived about 67% of the time in that. The stealth torpedo boat is my deal.
  15. Capt_Mexib

    What's the highest Karma level?

    It's been my experience that when you play well you get slightly more positive karma vs butt hurt negative karma.