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  1. Hielor

    How to Dodge Homing Torpedoes

    Are you certain that the "cutoff range" is from the intercept point? I've always thought the cutoff range was from the ship itself, which is why dodging when moving away is much easier than dodging when moving towards (2km from the ship when moving away at a small angle is still 3-4km from the intercept point, so plenty of room to dodge after they stop homing). The wiki just says "until a certain distance" so it's not obvious--distance from what? I frequently see battleships dodge homing torps while moving away (including in the video you posted on the 29th), which should be a lot more difficult if homing stopped at 2km from the intercept rather than 2km from the ship.
  2. No, it isn't cool for teammates to give away your position. It also isn't cool for the game to be over and for you to only have 2 spotting ribbons and 2 pinged ribbons. You did literally nothing for your team that game.
  3. Hielor

    Bug With Depth Charges

    The air-dropped depth charges theoretically don't do damage to subs on the surface if the explode at max depth, but if their drop gets interrupted by underwater terrain they can still explode high enough to do damage.
  4. I don't think you've actually tried this. If you launch torps at the CV before pinging, the torps will miss and you won't be able to re-acquire the ping in time. Here's what really needs to happen: - Ping the CV as soon as it's in range. - Go do something else for a minute - Then re-ping the CV and launch torps at it.
  5. The battleships that already had ASW planes still have very long range (can hit subs from outside sub torp range); it's just the new ships that have the short range.
  6. Ah, so I see. Well, that particular issue is now fixed. Submarines have a life expectancy of approximately 10 seconds when spotted as of today in randoms...
  7. Uh... What? All ships other than Hybrids and Dutch cruisers now have depth charges.
  8. Hielor

    Shells not hitting target

    You can use the lock target key (x by default) to switch which ship your shells are aimed at.
  9. Planes also spot subs at operational depth.
  10. Hielor

    New Serov CV

    The Russian CVs have a rocket delay that's closer to the US or Japanese ones (which are very slow) than the German ones (which are very fast).
  11. Hielor

    Homing mechanic theory. Why?

    It is far too easy to dodge the torps while keeping a double ping. The DCP isn't needed at all. IMO, add another consumable to remove the pings instead of having DCP do it, which a lot of people have been asking for...but then make it much more difficult to dodge the torps without removing the ping.
  12. Hielor

    Homing mechanic theory. Why?

    Just because you haven't figured out how to dodge torps without using DCP doesn't mean it's not possible. Plenty of battleship drivers in silver ranked are basically impossible to hit with sub torps now. They're actually quite easy to dodge.
  13. Hielor

    Sub XP

    It's still there the next week when you get the rental again.
  14. They did buff the damage. T6 max damage now 7533 (6.6% increase) , T8 and T10 8633 (15.6% increase for T8, 12.1% increase for T10) . Flood chance also increased. T10 also got a 10% reduction in base reload. Still strange that the T10 doesn't do more damage per torp...
  15. Yes, progress resets every two weeks and you get to earn rewards again.