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  1. jonsim

    German Carriers?

    Please note I play wow legends on Xbox, it may be different from PC. But wait a minute....they released an aircraft carrier that does less damage per torpedo, has planes as fragile as the Japanese, has a much harder to aim bomber that not only does no damage more than half the time, but also does less damage with a citadel hit than a high explosive would hitting open deck? Is there any positives to these things? They're near unplayable. I got all the way to the Lexington without free XP and consistently had 60-100k damage a game, and now I can't crack 20k in this trash. There isn't metric in which the German carrier is better than it's american or japanese counterparts and many ways it's uniquely awful. Do they get better at higher tiers or something?!? This makes no sense.
  2. On Xbox 1 I click in my right stick to switch targets, not sure if that's the same button for y'all tho