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  1. I've done over 700 several times in Smolensk ... it can be a monster.
  2. DocWalker

    USS Seattle, Worst T9 Cruiser?

    Des Moines, Worcester, Smolensk ... who keeps count ... lol ... Yes, Wooster, thank you. I actually have Worcester but not DesMoines ... guess that was on my mind.
  3. DocWalker

    USS Seattle, Worst T9 Cruiser?

    Seattle may not be the best T9 cruiser, but she's far from the worst (looking at Ibuki here) ... one of the first (if not the first) games I had in the ship really surprised me, as all I had heard was bad things about her. That game, in CoOp, earned 950 Base XP ... not an easy task for the mode. Maybe she just fit my playstyle. So I'm still playing her to Des Moines.
  4. DocWalker

    The Devil's Advocate: Shall we do a test?

    The last time I remember a similar question asked ... it didn't go so well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecPeSmF_ikc
  5. DocWalker

    Earn Kitakami ?

    Easily resolved .... all WeeGee has to do is give us all the test ships to do the mission.
  6. DocWalker

    Earn Kitakami ?

    A new mission (Supertest) just showed up in my account ... to earn Kitakami it appears. Only thing is ... I'm not a Supertester
  7. DocWalker

    Update 0.9.7 – German Carriers: Part 2

    lmbo ... how did you know I was in IT? Is it that obvious? .... I, in fact, retired from Compaq/HP ... 40 years in the industry
  8. DocWalker

    Update 0.9.7 – German Carriers: Part 2

    I'm so tired of all the changes to "special" sounds I just turned them ALL OFF ... and it sounds even better.
  9. DocWalker

    Ship's XP displayed with the captain again.

    Haven't had a chance to log in and check that .... but thanks for confirming. It was put back in during the last PTS test ...
  10. DocWalker

    Update 0.9.7 – German Carriers: Part 2

    I hear what you're saying, but as indicated above, there just aren't enough unused, unique letters to go around. fyi, L is used for "Decline Division Invite" and P is used for "Disable/Enable AA & Secondariers". The only letter not currently assigned (that I'm aware of) is J ... though Cntl + J is used for "Hide/Show The Interface"
  11. DocWalker

    How frakkin stupid is it...

    I could care less about the carriers as I don't like playing them either. Unfortunately I did like the Perma-Camos and was willing to grind a bit to earn at least one ... for the Hindenburg ... until I learned that was not possible unless I bought something. That made this event the worst I've seen to date. At this rate, pretty soon you'll have to buy any of the "rewards" offered.
  12. ^^^ This ... you will have a chance to complete the KOTS Collection in the future. As for Shipbuilding or other incomplete collections ... unless they can be collected in daily containers, purchased in the Armory, or are reactivated in the future, they will just sit in your account. Currently 50% of the existing or planned Collections are Subscriptions ... i.e. can be collected in daily containers.
  13. DocWalker

    Ships you Adore.

    There's been a lot of favorite ships over time ... but the one I always turn to if I just want to have fun AND kick some Red buttocks is the Scharnhorst
  14. DocWalker

    Best ship for resources right now?

    On the cruiser side, the Flint should be returning in about 3 months for coal ... it's been power crept some but is still fun. ... just an fyi, sounds like you might prefer a BB, in which case I'd go with Georgia ... that thing scares me more than Yamato!
  15. DocWalker

    receiced a SC today

    I'd call that a win ... and that's all that really makes a difference I think. My last SC (the 4th of the year) was July 20 (on a draw for a Resource Container) and was 15,000 Coal ... a definite win.