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  1. DocWalker

    Epic Games Testing - Warning

    @Hapa_Fodder just an fyi, I did try running a WCG check again ... and once again, got an error. p.s. My internet connection seems fine ... On the second automatic try, it said I was running the latest version ... but again, I got a critical error loading the game. Before I contact support, I'm going to save my 1 EPIC game file to the cloud, then uninstall and reinstall EPIC. Maybe that's the culprit.
  2. DocWalker

    Epic Games Testing - Warning

    Additional info ... new email popped in while I was on the forum.
  3. DocWalker

    Epic Games Testing - Warning

    Sorry, haven't been online since Monday (Mar 1) ... As far as I know the only way to participate was to receive the email invite. There was an email from WG on Mar 3 saying they had fixed the Premium Shop problems and were prolonging the test. I wasn't about to install WG on EPIC again, so didn't test it. I did reinstall the game but I haven't even tried to play again until tonight ... got 3 Critical Errors in a row. Has this been a problem lately?
  4. DocWalker

    Epic Games Testing - Warning

    Hey Hapa ... I did try to run a WCG check, but as originally mentioned in my first post, it failed as well. I sent in a ticket and got a response (Roman was very helpful) about some additional items to try clearing ... but by the time I got a response, I had already gotten it to work. I really have no clue why this should have happened ... the Epic Games installation was in a completely different folder ... I was using different Logins, IDs, etc ... never did try to add an email account in because I was afraid to mix things together. Regardless, it's all cleared up now except for no Premium Shop functionally from inside the game. Thanks for your concern.
  5. DocWalker

    Epic Games Testing - Warning

    I finally uninstalled everything ... and reinstalled again. That was a pain ... I'd forgotten the little quirks when installing a new account vs new instance. I had also wanted to take advantage of the "large discounts" on Epic being mirrored on your main account ... but as already mentioned, that part of the test didn't work. As of this morning, access to the Armory had finally begun working in game ... before now I had to access it via the direct web link. Access to the Premium Shop from ingame is still bugged ... but I never used that anyway. On the plus side ... I've had a nice break from Warships and bought a new game on Epic that I've been playing all weekend ... it's been much more "SatisFACTORY".
  6. If you received an email to help test WOWS installation on Epic Games, but haven't installed it yet ... you may want to consider the following ... I decided to "help out" even though the rewards are not that great. so I installed the Epic Games version, played some games, then uninstalled it from Epic Games. When I went to play my regular installation, I noticed WGC was having errors with installing an update on the PTS server. Never seen an update error like that before. Regardless, loaded my normal game, but found I could no longer access the Armory ... tested Premium Shop access and it was hosed as well. I tried purging cookies, browser cache, etc. to no avail. So tried running a WGC Check ... and it Crashed! Guess it's uninstall time ... will reinstall after I get over being really pissed at WG.
  7. DocWalker

    PTS 0.10.2

    For the first time ever I felt "dizzy" due to the graphics effects of the game ... Attached is the battle replay ... I tried to rewatch it but can't get it to load even if I set WGC to the PTS ... but the effect occurred after I entered the cap. 20210225_172546_PASB518-Massachusetts_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  8. DocWalker

    New graphics effects

    I just noticed that effect (queasy/dizzy feeling) for the first time ever in this game in a battle on PTS about an hour ago. My ship seemed to feel like it was sliding sideways as I was traveling straight ahead. I've never had that happen before. What mods are you referring to?
  9. DocWalker

    Twitch Conflict with Wargaming Cookies

    Same here ... For now I've temporarily relinked to Twitch for any Italian tokens/missions and the only thing I've really noticed is Twitch has a lot of advertising trackers ...
  10. It was still an impressive challenge and attempt ... I also had fun hearing your updates. Sometimes you get the bear ...
  11. DocWalker

    Can't connect to PTS? ...

  12. DocWalker

    We can now talk about Epic Games!

    They only say ships like Iowa, Bismarck and Yamato are available ... but they do feature a prominent ingame image of Iowa (who outside the game would really know it's NOT Missouri?). And as mentioned above, the historic and ingame images of the surrender ceremony is a highlight in their video.
  13. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/twitch/stream-rewards-0101/
  14. DocWalker

    What to do with Roma?

    Thanks, I really enjoy history and this is one name I hadn't come across before. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giulia_Farnese
  15. Also, you now have to (apparently) log out of and log back into the game for it to realize you got a reward.