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  1. DocWalker

    My Karma Point......

    Nothing better than a cool, calm and intelligent response/put down ... well done. One of the cooler ones I heard about was someone replying to a hack accusation with "00101101101100011010011010100101...." It may have been Kix
  2. DocWalker

    Euro Token earnings over?

    Week 1-3 missions could award up to 6 containers, correct? There are 10 available, so week 4 should offer 4 containers. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/stream-rewards-092/
  3. DocWalker

    Jean Bart Commander Skills Question

    You mean like this ... ? Sorry if I'm poking a little fun, I've missed the meaning of some descriptions in the past as well.
  4. DocWalker

    Jean Bart Commander Skills Question

    This is the setup I've been running on Richelieu / Jean Bart ... mostly a secondary meme build ... 10.1 km. My only worry is losing a main turret, but that has been rare. It may not be the best, but I like it ...
  5. DocWalker

    Full Broadside

  6. DocWalker

    Premium Ship from Free Dubloons

    The only thing I regret about Scharnhorst is I didn't buy her sooner. It's one of my most played ships and is a great Captain trainer. That said, after the MM was adjusted for Tier 8, I started playing higher levels .. and Massachusetts has become my favorite BB. Of course it's a lot more Doubs.
  7. DocWalker

    PSA code

    Seems dead now ... missed another one.
  8. Your question peeked my interest, so I dug a little deeper ... it's one of my "faults" ... always getting sidetracked and going down the rabbit hole. I discovered ... There are 105 Premium ships currently available for purchase in the game ... this includes all currencies (Cash, Doubloons, Coal, Steel, FXP) ... excludes the Research Bureau Every ship in the Armory that is selling for Doubloons is also selling in the Premium Shop for cash There are 6 ships selling for Doubloons and Cash that are also available for Coal ... Blyskawica Aigle October Revolution Yubari Cambellton Charleston There are 11 ships that are only available in the Premium Shop ... not in the Armory ... Indomitable Cheshire Bayard Poltava Gorizia Yudachi Ark Royal London Viribus Unitus Genova Yuhagi ...
  9. Doubloon ships pretty much match what's in the Premium Shop ... except those that are for coal. The last time doubloon ships were discussed I believe there were a few that weren't available in the armory or shop to make a 1 for 1 matchup. Regardless, the key thing to be aware of is if there are any ship that may be considered OP, and would thus be pulled ... normally without any advance notification ... ala Enterprise. Aside from that any changes would probably be minor. My 2 doubs.
  10. DocWalker

    GER captains in the armory...

    Almost everyone I've heard discuss them, including CCs, say their special skills aren't worth it. I never bought one ... but have all the others ... except those without skills or the "super" captains.
  11. JB with money flags is my goto ... I don't have Roma or Kii ... and she does very well.
  12. DocWalker

    EU WOWS Promo code

    Yep, dead for me too ... thanks for trying though
  13. You are correct, sir. Kudos to WG artists on this collection. This is my favorite so far ... Notser'ed!
  14. First thought was a premium Fiji class ... then the USS Houston. I used to really love the Helena and was considering the Boise ... but no longer. I actually hesitate to want any future premium after what happened to Atlanta and Flint.
  15. DocWalker

    Omg i couldn't stand the Queen Elizabeth

    I remember, almost a year ago, how much I hated the QE ... or the "ElizaPig" as I referred to her. Especially after the Iron Duke (not a fan either). But some convinced me to embrace her good qualities and I finally made her work. Still FXP'ed in the end to the KGV but I did learn to like her just a tiny bit more.