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  1. mushmouthmorton

    You load sixteen guns, whaddaya get?

    Do this if you want to have a good laugh with some friends Division up with two buds. All choose Lyon. Go play a co-op match. As the bots charge in, as bots do, you all choose the same target and fire together! Watch target melt in one insane 48 shell volley. LOL !!!!! - choose next target - rinse and repeat. Enjoy! It's a great way to bring some fun back into what has oftentimes turned into a boring grind!
  2. mushmouthmorton

    Clan Battles CVs aren't the only problem

    Can't talk about the higher leagues, but in the Squall and Gale, CVs have been more of a nuisance that a game changer. Good CV players are rare down in the lower leagues, we mostly see a BB led team. There have been only a couple of games this season where the CV player made a real difference. Most of the time they can be a pest, but cannot carry a team. The game changers are the Kremlins, Stalingrads, Venezias and Klebers. These are either Russian or fairly new tech tree ships that define the terms power creep and Russian Bias. In the hands of most players, they are decisive and very hard to counter with the DMs, Montanas and Shimmys. WGees idea of "balance" leaves a lot to be desired.
  3. mushmouthmorton

    Bots and torpedoes

    Bots have many "magical" skills. Knowing you have locked torps on them, they start to evade before the torps are in the water, On some days, they can absorb damage to a ludicrous degree, or a bot BB can swap ends in a turn a DD would have a hard time matching. They can engage multiple targets with amazing accuracy and have a 110% fire chance. They know where the green DDs are before they are ever spotted. Killing a tuned up bot is a lot of fun, and this IS a game! It's supposed to be fun!
  4. mushmouthmorton

    Clan Battles

    You have to have a clan officer (recruiter, deputy commander, or commander) form the division. A line officer (your rank) cannot create a clan wars division. Sorry, but those are WeeGees rules.
  5. mushmouthmorton

    Torpedoes arming right after being launched.

    The simulation may have changed since it happened to me, since it was a few years (and many patches) ago,
  6. mushmouthmorton

    Torpedoes arming right after being launched.

    What do you mean by instantly armed? There is a minimum arming distance for all torps, ship and aircraft. It is clearly shown by the wedge that appears when you select "3" to fire torps. It does not start next to the ship. The That uncolored area shows the arming distance. I have fired plenty of torps at too close a range and had them not arm until they clear the ship on the other side. Then they arm. And in one case sink a green BB that was on the other side basting away.
  7. mushmouthmorton

    newish player, bit frustrated

    There is a much simpler answer to all this. Play Co-op. The point of a game is FUN. If you are not having fun, then you need to find a way to make it fun or quit it entirely. Randoms to me are not fun. There is a lot of stress, a lot of salt, and a lot of frustration built into every game. And all of these factors increase as you go up in tiers. So why bother? Life is tough enough without finding a way to add to it. Co-op battles are fun! The bots are perfect opponents. A tuned up bot can challege the best of players, while the smaller battles make for faster games. Do the bots cheat? Yes they do! but that makes it more enjoyable when you cause them to disintegrate in a loud and grotesque manner. Bots don't crow when they win and they don't cry when they lose, which eliminates 90% of the salt, which is a major cause of the stress in randoms. While the rewards are smaller, you can play two or three co-op games in the time it takes to play one random, so the rewards even out. But the main point is that they are fun! Come on over - the water is fine!
  8. mushmouthmorton

    Bots are cheating

    Bots are the perfect opponents They don't cry when they lose, and they don't crow if they win. Unlike some random players who fill the screen with their rants, curses and accusations. Co-op is FUN - Random is not. So I play Co-op because I like to have fun!
  9. mushmouthmorton

    Bots are cheating

    Bots have many, many magical abilities! The can know you have selected torps and are tracking them before you launch. They can target their turrets independently. They know where the DD's are long before they are spotted, fire torps and guns long after they have gone BOOM!, and many more "special" abilities beyond that. A tuned up bot can turn you into can send you to the bottom so fast you have to watch the replay to see what happened. As WG has stated many times - "these are not the bots you are looking for". So you just have to deal with them!
  10. mushmouthmorton

    Game is Unplayable

    There is an answer - Come to the Dark Side - Come to Co-OP Are the rewards great, not really, but since the games are short, you get to play more and it evens out. Island campers need not apply. It's hilarious watching a true random player run for the nearest island in a co-op game. By the time he sticks his nose out, the red team is decimated and he's too far from the action to even participate, let alone get up scoring ladder. Don't listen too hard to those that say "Bots are boring". Granted, some bots are brain dead, but then so are some humans. We all potato from time to time. But go up against a tuned up, "special bot", one with a rudder shift from a DD, armor that makes the GK look weak, guns like lasers that never miss and a 100% fire chance and you are in for a real fight. Besides that, bots are the perfect opponent. They don't cry when they lose, they don't crow when they win. It's FUN, and that's what games are supposed to be.
  11. On our clan page (SS238), our clan symbol is Gale League, level 2 which is correct. But if you hover the mouse pointer over it, the pop up box says League:Hurricane Group:1 Which is impossible as we have never been in Gale group 1 let alone any Storm Group. I this why matchmaker hooks us up with teams from time to time that are WAAAAYYY out of our league? Thanks
  12. mushmouthmorton

    What is RNG

    The RNG god is a very fickle being. There are times it is better than the Good Fairy - and your shells fly like they are on rails as the citadels roll in. Then there are times it plays practical joker, as your shells fly everywhere but the target. But there is an answer. Make the proper sacrifice prior to starting the game. For daily gaming I use a chicken, but for important times like clan wars, a goat works much better. I know one player who summons Yoda to assist him, but the force is not always with him.
  13. mushmouthmorton

    Iowas accuracy is comical..

    Each line has it's strengths and weaknesses. German BB's have great armor, great secondaries and so-so guns. US BB's have good range, good accuracy at range, good bow on tanking armor, lousy side armor and so-so secondaries..... and so on. Each line plays differently. You have to learn the ship and play it's strengths and minimize it's weak points. BUT if the RNG gods are unhappy with you because you sacrificed a chicken when they wanted a goat, then well, shut the game down for the day and read a good book. Because if the RNG gods are not smiling, you can drive up to the target, stick the guns in the porthole and get 6 overpens, 2 ricochets, and a shatter for your efforts
  14. mushmouthmorton

    torpedoes from a dead ship?

    Been playing this game for quite a while. Over 90% of those games you see listed under my name are co-op. I am not a random kind of guy. I have seen bots that have rolled over fire torps from ranges so close even the BOT could not arm them in time. They ran under my ship and hit another green ship on my starboard side. I have been sunk by "ghost torps" supposedly fired by bots that were bow on to me and by others that arrived so late from a ship I had killed with guns that I had already reversed course, reloaded my guns (in a BB) and fired a salvo at different target. I have hit my 3 key and locked tops on a bot going full speed behind an island, only to see the bot hit the brakes and stop cold, refusing to come out as long as my tops were locked on him. And NO - I was not spotted in any fashion! >50% of the time, bots are quite predictable and die very satisfactorily in a loud and grotesque manner. But there are bots with super powers. They can actually have more than one of them at the same time. They can have (and this is not a complete list) instantaneous rudder shifts, disappearing citadels, super accurate rail guns, independently targeted turrets, amazing damage control and heals, Stalinium armor, a "spidey" sense that knows the moment you target your torps on them, ghost torps and amazing stealth capabilities. Going up against one of these enhanced bots and sending him to Davy Jone's locker is often the high point of my gaming day, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys!