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  1. mushmouthmorton

    Potential Damage, what's yours?

    I tend to draw a lot of fire
  2. While WG cannot release SPECIFIC info on punishment for a player, They could still do a better job of letting people know that their report has been received and acted upon. Why not institute a reward system? For example: 10,000 credits added to the reporting players account for submitting a ticket AND replay 1000 Gold Doubloons when the replay is reviewed AND the complaint is found to be justified. No mention of what happened to the offender - just a note to the reporter thanking him for taking his time to submit an accurate report. This would go a long way toward letting people know that WG is doing SOMETHING
  3. mushmouthmorton

    They are coming.

    If the bot planes are as accurate and as maneuverable as we have all seen bot ships be when they are "tuned up", playing against bot carriers may be a very short, and painful experience for many PVE mains. Those of us that are PVE types have many reasons that we are. I personally cannot enjoy the game in PVP due to the toxic chat and the selfish game play we see every day in random. If WG trys to use "over tuned" bot carriers in an attempt to drive us into random, it will be a sad day indeed.
  4. mushmouthmorton

    Do you pay money for this game?

    I buy a years premium as my Christmas present to myself. Otherwise I have a hard budget of $20/month
  5. mushmouthmorton

    friendly fire penalty is stupid

    The TK system is broken,for sure. But it does add some humor on occasion. There I was in Co-op on Trap, firing HE in my Seattle at the last red bot, a 90% health Musashi. From my left roars in the green full health Musashi, intent on the ram. The green BB almost misses the ram, but slides along the side hard enough to get the job done. As the two explode, my last salvo arrives. One shell, just one shell, lands on the green BB. The stern voice states "You have been", as the warning flashes in chat and the game ends. Yes I am pink, having done 318 HP damage to the green BB, Our division laughed it's a__ off.
  6. mushmouthmorton

    I can see the clan treasury being abused.

    The potential for hurt feelings, accusations, and general mischief are why we will not even have the building on our base. Clan Wars already causes enough trouble that we don't need to add to it.
  7. mushmouthmorton

    How Destroyers Are Ruining WoW

    Many of the above comments are accurate and very well thought out. You really want to reverse the order you are trying to master ships . Start playing mostly BB's with a few cruisers. You need time to learn the skills such as range estimation, gunnery, navigation and situational awareness. DD's are much too fast paced to let you learn those easily. Until you have developed these, playing destroyers is frustrating. Sit back in a BB, never go above 3/4 speed. Watch the game develop. Practice those long range shots to build your skill. By the time you close to a close range duel with another BB, the DD's will be dead and gone. This game takes time to learn, Kick back, have a beer and have fun
  8. mushmouthmorton

    Clan War lag and disconnect-WG fix your bloody servers

    Has WG ever said what was REALLY the problem? Did they fix it or are we going into clan wars to night playing guinea pig?
  9. mushmouthmorton

    Lag Making Game Un-Playable

    Ping up to >300 - Good luck playing clan wars this way -- Thanks wargaming
  10. mushmouthmorton

    Anyone able to change Clan Battles start times?

    The times are correct for the normal clan battles schedule. You cannot modify them, they are sett by WG
  11. mushmouthmorton

    Carriers in PVE

    With the new system that Wargaming instituted, they automatically enabled replays but then also automatically delete them to prevent using too much hard drive space. I didn't think to copy and save some of yesterday's games, and the one's I want have been deleted. Sorry.
  12. mushmouthmorton

    Carriers in PVE

    Dear Wargaming What in the world is going on with carriers in PVE? I load into a game, there is one carrier on the green team and an extra BB on the red. OK - no surprise there. But now the game starts and HOLY S**T Batman! It's a MAJOR stomp! Bots that don't miss, BBs that can dodge torps with turns that make a DD seem clumsy, Bot BB's that won't die and don't take damage. By 5 - 8 minutes into the match, there are 1 or 2 red BB's and the carrier. Everyone else is dead. The red bb's, which up to now could not miss a target clean across the map and behind an island, suddenly become combat ineffective. Their guns miss badly, their secondaries do no damage, and they sail aimlessly, often AWAY from the CV. The game only ends when time runs out or the carrier FINALLY accumulates enough damage to kill the BBs. Only rarely does the CV die, and then it appears the CV had to suicide to do it. I played a LOT yesterday and this happened every time there was a CV present. There were NO exceptions! If you want to to use PVE as a test center to see how the carriers are doing, or to let carrier drivers have some fun, or to gather data to support further changes to the new carrier system, that's fine. But how about giving us unlucky souls who die a loud, ignominious death to set up your test conditions a bit of a bonus for being your guinea pigs!
  13. mushmouthmorton

    WG - clanbattle problems

    So far, I believe NA server has been a bust
  14. CVN65  USS Enterprise  EM1

  15. mushmouthmorton

    Interested as to why players stick exclusively to Coop

    CruiserSailor "The only thing better than liberty in Subic is...forget it, nothing is better." ************************************************* How True, How True The memories of Westpac sailors are not for the prudish or the faint of heart