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  1. mushmouthmorton

    Friendly Fire Damage, just remove it

    Friendly fire happens - we just deal with it. The current penalties have been lowered significantly. 2 games of pinkness is no big deal. Just carry on and be done with it.
  2. mushmouthmorton

    Create a Division

    Our clan is a casual group that enjoys playing together and bantering on Discord. Sync dropping in Co-Op works well for us. We often have 4-6 players in the same battle. We have on occasion gotten all 8 slots. Most of us don't enjoy randoms, and this fits our style.
  3. mushmouthmorton

    WG please delete/penalise/ban posters that .........

    The salt in Randoms is why I play co-op. I do this for fun, not for the opportunity of being nasty to some other player
  4. mushmouthmorton

    Pc chat

    There is the reason I play co-op. This is it
  5. OP, I agree with you reasoning. A players score needs to be modified based on how much he is helping his team. A BB for example should always get some damage points, even if that damage is inflicted at max range while camped. But the awarded points should reflect how well BB fulfilled his role in pushing to support his team and tanking to protect his teammates. The reward needs to be substantial, and the current scoring system needs to be tweaked to reflect this. A player that hides in the back taking low percentage, long range shots should not receive the same reward as a player that pushes in and takes risks fighting for the objective.
  6. Tier 9 is tough no matter what line you follow. Knowing this, I purchased premium time upfront and premium camo when I bought my tier 9's. Without those, making any reasonable reward from Tier 9 is really tough. Iowa is for me the best of the bunch. Izomo was bad, I could not make that ship work, finally FXP'd past it. FDG was OK, but credit wise is pretty much a break even situation. Iowa, bow on, is a beast. She can bounce most anything reliably, and deal plenty of damage in return. But from the flank, you are hanging a huge bullseye out there screaming HIT ME! So I end up using reverse a lot! All total, she cost me about 36 million in credits to buy and fully outfit, plus the real bucks for the camo and premium time. She's a lot of fun, but she ain't cheap!
  7. mushmouthmorton

    Windowing And Discord

    What he said
  8. mushmouthmorton

    Most luxurious warship you have been on

    Had a shortened WESTPAC on the USS St. Louis (LKA-116) followed by 4 years on the USS Enterprise (CVAN-65). On the Enterprose I had my bunk in RPE Berthing, a small compartment to the side of main reactor division berthing. True luxury! (assuming #4 steering gear room and it's associated hydraulic pumps directly below and the Jet Engine Repair Shop and test stand overhead were polite enough to keep the noise down!)
  9. mushmouthmorton

    Increasing the punishment time for AFK players

    Or just forgot. Not all of us are spring chickens you know
  10. mushmouthmorton

    Increasing the punishment time for AFK players

    I have people in my clan with wireless connections, lousy ISP's, older computers and some have less than stellar technical knowledge. I have other members who work in IT for a living, have computers costing as much as a car and blazing high speed connections. Yet every one of us has had this game dump us out of a battles, fail to load us into a fight, or flash up the dreaded "Critical Error" message before closing the client. There is no such thing as perfect software, and we all know this game is far from perfect. This is in addition such events as power failures, thunderstorms, car accidents knocking down a pole and taking your internet with it. Add in all the emergencies that real life can throw at you, from a child getting hurt or sick to a wife that is having a a bad day. The number of players going AFK because they don't like the lineup at the start of the match is very, very small. Chill man
  11. mushmouthmorton

    CV rework should be canceled

    We can debate all day about how to fix carrier play, but someone is always going to be unhappy with the outcome. Try the easy way! Remove CVs from WOWs. Entirely! Let WOWs be a surface combat game and enhance that experience. Now create a carrier combat game. Make surface combat irrelevant. Make it all about coordinating your scouting, air defense and air attack. Two games, two different metas. It sure beats the mess we have now.
  12. That is precisely the point. CV's in the hands of a competent player, can own the map, especially if the CV player on the other team is not of equal caliber. The disparity can be so great that WG just left CV's out of the picture all together when Clan Wars started. The CV rework is supposed to dumb down the operation of the carrier and limit it's offensive power. This is supposed to open up the CV to a greater player base. But from the comments I have seen and heard about the rework, this goal is not being met. Inserting a World of Warplanes system into the middle of a game that is based on surface action is causing as much or more havoc than the original carrier implementation. Wargaming really needs to pull carriers from the game entirely and start a new game. Trying to mix aircraft into what should be a surface ship combat game just is not working out
  13. mushmouthmorton

    Offiicial WOWs mods gone?

    Aslains website is a bit tricky to use. Click in the wrong place and yes, you will get a flood of warnings about suspicious software. Here's what to do. 1. Open a web browser 2. Go to Aslains site and navigate to the download page and click on one of the download mirrors 3. When the screen changes Do Not Click On ANYTHING 4. In the upper right corner, there is a countdown box.When it reaches completion, there will be a yellow box that will say SKIP THIS AD 5. Click once on the Yellow Box. Do not click on anything else 6. Your download will automatically start. Wait for it to complete and close the browser. 7. The modpack itself is clean. I have run it for years with no issues. It's the ad page that is the issue, but that's how he makes his money. Have fun
  14. mushmouthmorton

    My Thoughts on Submarines

    There are two huge problems with the subs right now. The speed and the reload time for torps. Attack subs today do not normally operate at the speeds these game subs operate at. They would be far too loud and be easily picked off. Boomers NEVER go this fast. The fleet subs of WWll could hit about 21 knots running on the surface with all 4 diesels on the line. Underwater, 4 to 6 knots was usually the max. Some could hit 10 knots in a burst of speed, at the expense of noise and battery capacity which limited the burst of speed to minutes.. Even with hydraulic systems loading the tubes, today's subs take several minutes to load a tube. The number of reloads is also limited. In the fleet boats of WWll, it took anywhere between 30 minutes to an an hour and a half to load the tubes after a spread had been launched, depending on the number of tubes fired. The reason that subs can work in other games is that the subs advantages of stealth are balanced with the greater search ability and speed of the surface escorts. None of that balance exists in the sub "simulation" we see here. I do not see the addition of submarines in anything like their present form a good addition to this game.
  15. mushmouthmorton

    My Thoughts on Submarines

    These "submarines" are fine in a silly Halloween special event. In the special, they are kinda fun and a nice way to make some credits and XP. They have NO place in a standard pvp or co-op battle. Please WG - do not proceed with this experiment and bring them into regular battles