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  1. Try this (instructions are for Windows 10 - Older OS will be similar) Hold down the windows key and press i > That brings up Windows Settings (old control panel) > Then click on Ease of Access. > The top section is "make everything bigger" - Click on the blue text that says "Change the size of apps and text on other displays" > Scroll down to "Scale and Layout" > Click on the blue text that says "Advanced Scaling settings" > Go down to "custom scaling" enter a new scaling factor in the box (I suggest you start at 125 - increase or decrease that number as needed. Max is 500. Click apply Then restart your computer. This will increase the font size for EVERYTHING - so don't get too carried away I'm in the same boat as you - the eyes ain't what they used to be Hope this helps
  2. Battle of Jutland - Beatty vs. Hipper

    One of Beatty's major errors occurred well before the battle. The Royal Navy was well aware that the Germans were ahead of them in fire control and gunnery effectiveness. In addition, the German battle Cruisers better armor protection put Beatty at a disadvantage going in. To compensate, he demanded that his ships fire at the highest possible rate, feeling that with a higher rate of fire, things would even out. But his ships achieved these rates by breaking every safety regulation in the book. The stacked extra cordite at every location in the turret an barbette, and opened every hatch to allow faster ammunition handling. That single error doomed 3 battle cruisers, and gave the Germans the tactical victory, based on tannage sunk and casualties.
  3. Please - no more captain slots for me :(

    4 more slots today! Now at 146 empty slots. Please Wargaming. Let us get rid of these things!
  4. Please - no more captain slots for me :(

    146 slots with 136 unused. Just got 4 more last night!
  5. You not the only one. Our clan set up 7 players for the weekly operation, hit battle, and watched as all 7 of us had the client crash, requiring us to each restart the game and connect back up. The only saving grace was that the crash was so complete the game was canceled and all our ships were returned to port. If this is a "known issue" why has it been allowed to hang around? How about fixing the problem?
  6. A change to the Radar mechanic

    Limiting the visibility of a target ship should apply to all forms of enhanced spotting. Hydo, radar, and spotter planes should only allow the spotting ship to see the revealed target. The location of the ship could be shown on the mini map to all team players, but that's it. This game is supposed to be using WW1 & 2 hardware. NTDS (Naval Tactical Data System), which shares information in real time is 30 years in the future. No way should a radar plot on one ship reveal the target for the entire fleet as if it was a clear day.
  7. No more sync dropping (latest Q&A)

    I can see where having clan mates on opposing teams in Random can be a bad thing. But our clan plays mainly coop, and we snyc drop to get as many members into a coop game as possible. Why is this a problem and who are we hurting by doing this? The bots? This Q&A session sounds like rubbish to me!
  8. Great job finding the Mare Island on the shipfitters shop building. I believe some of the background is lifted from the Hunters Point Naval shipyard across the bay, where Mount Tam and Diablo ARE visible and the larger drydocks DID exist.
  9. look out for this guy

    The only way to deal with these people is to have replays enabled. If you see something like this that is obviously a mojor problem, you email a copy to wagameing support and let them take it from there. Complaining here does no good at all.
  10. Dev Blog: US CL Update

    What happened to the idea of putting torpedoes on at least some of the US Cruisers. Many of the US Cruisers were designed to have torps, but these were removed when the decision was made to avoid surface engagements and use aircraft strikes to deal with enemy surface forces. With the torps removed, more AA could be mounted and the main mission of the CA/CL was changed to protect the carrier task force from enemy aircraft. Here in WOWs, there should be an option for having enhanced AA or Torps. Right now the US line is really over matched against all other cruiser lines because of the lack of torps.
  11. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Please take a look at the clan wars matchmaker. Far too many matches are being set up where the teams are not in the same group, and often not even in the same league. The resulting game is a huge mismatch, quite similar to watching a high school football team lining up against a Pac 10 champion. If you want to encourage clan battles, this form of seal clubbing really needs to be stopped

    Never needed to buy captains reserve slots. Port slots? Yes But captains reserve slots? Never! With 4 more adding tonight - 126 empty captains slots! Really? Please Wargaming - let us sell some of these useless slots!
  13. This is the "punishment system" that is putting "bad boys" in coop. Oh! You did nothing wrong? Received no warnings? Not to worry! The system is :working as intended! Hang onto your hats! The fecal material is about to hit the rotating air handler.
  14. Being put in CO OP jail?

    In operations. there are no team kill/team damage penalties. It can't be that hard