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  1. mushmouthmorton

    Bots has moar hacks

    The bots have been really wound up the last few days, I've seen the "super shells" several time , and had a red Bot T10 BB dodge torps that were fired at 3K make a turn a destroyer would have a tough time duplicating. I've watched perfectly fired BB salvos "overpen" the waterline of a Yamato for 1200 damage. Then next game the bots are back to "dumb mode" and sail into a torp spread that a blind man could dodge. Oh well - that's what keeps coop interesting. Beating a red Bot team running in "super mode" is a whole lot of fun.
  2. mushmouthmorton

    remove ocean map

    This is supposed to be World of Warships. Not World of Tanks on Water! The Ocean map requires that you play as a team, not run for the edge of the map or hide behind a rock. If the majority of the time we played on Ocean, the entire meta would change and we would see a much different and better game
  3. mushmouthmorton

    Clan Wars Reprieve for Hurricane Dorian

    Agree - this would be a good thing
  4. mushmouthmorton

    What is wrong with the RNG

    It is not your imagination. RNG is a cruel god - it demands constant sacrifices (chickens and goats are preferred), regular donations of Doubloons and a lot of sweat. Even then, it is fickle, and snubs you at the slightest opportunity. I think RNG is really a cat, who loves you in the morning and leaves a wet gooey hairball in your slipper just because.
  5. mushmouthmorton

    What about mines?

    There may to be some plans already in place. Wagaming very carefully drew into the DD models depth charge racks, hedgehog launchers, and other ASW devices that were of no use at all. But now with submarines, oh, now they are useful! So go look at the US T4 Phoenix. Those rails on the stern are storage rails for mines. Look at most of the Russian cruisers. They also have mine rails detailed. I doubt anyone would put in the work detailing these unless there is a reason.
  6. mushmouthmorton

    I don't get this game

    Hey OP Come on over to PVE (Co-op}! The natives are a lot more friendly, the bots are perfect opponents, and if you die, well hell, come on back and try again! We really don't mind! Seriously, if you are trying to play like a REAL naval ship would operate, PVP will just tear you up. In reality it's World of Tanks on Water. Ships are terribly vulnerable from the flank and really tough when bow on. That's true for tanks, but for real life ships, not so much. So a lot of the things you think SHOULD work, will just get you killed. Come on over to Co-op. You can charge in, have a heck of a great battle and move on in less than 10 minutes. Most of all, you can have FUN, something really missing in the world of PVE
  7. mushmouthmorton

    If you're new to co-op....

    Co-op is not always a ramming and torp fest. You can have some pretty fun games from time to time. Had this one last night
  8. And IRL battleship guns could reach out over 24 miles (~48km). In fact both gun ranges and spotting ranges are artificially altered and restricted by the game design. I am simply advocating that the ability to use the gun sight be limited to the distance and LOS that the game lets your ship actually see the target. Just because another ship can see the target ship does not mean that your gun sight should magically be allowed to see a ship that wasn't there before. The game already does this for special circumstances, such as cyclones, thunderstorms and snowstorms. When visibility is restricted by these effects, the target ship only shows as an outline on the mini-map, even when spotted by another friendly ship. You cannot see it in the gun sight. I want to expand on this effect and apply it at all times. This would greatly reduce camping and bring tactics and movement back into the game.
  9. Spotter planes were used in peacetime, in clear weather, to spot the fall of shot and send corrections to the firing ship. In other words, "shot over, down 100". The initial firing data had to be developed by optical or radar tracking of the target by the firing ship. There was no way a pilot or observer/radio operator of a scout plane could maintain an accurate position on both the firing ship and the target that is required allow the airplane to send the precise range and bearing of the target to the firing ship. Target speed and course could be estimated and sent by radio, which would help the firing ship close on a target, but accurate range and bearing information could not be calculated by the pilot. There was no GPS or inertial tracker that could fix a plane's position within a few feet. There was no radar system that could track both target and firing ship and present a "God's Eye View" to the spotter. Even today, with all the GPS technology, a spotter can only send the location of the target to the gunnery control system. The ship never opened fire until it had sighted the target with it's own fire control equipment. There is no reference to a spotter plane ever being used in ship to ship combat by the USN. The Japanese launched spotter aircraft at the battle of Savo Island and The Battle of Empress Augusta Bay to drop illumination flares. They were not used to spot the fall of shot. Ships can "blind fire" in the same way as land based artillery can fire at distant targets. The accuracy of such artillery fire in measured in hundreds of yards and to get any closer requires artillery spotters to"walk" the shells to the target area. This type of blind firing was used for gunfire support of infantry. on amphibious assaults, and spotters did correct the fall of the shot. Blind firing never occurred in ship to ship combat. My argument is that the current spotting rules in this game allow a border humping BB to immediately "see" and fire at a ahip that is beyond it's visual detection range as soon as the target ship is spotted by a plane or other friendly ship. This is impossible by the technology of the period. The spotted ships should show on the mini-map, but not in the gun sight of that border humping BB. If the BB wants to fire by maneuvering the cursor on the mini-map and "blind firing" that's fine. I'll take my hat off to anyone that can do that with repeatable accuracy. But being able to zoom in and shoot from beyond visual range or when LOS is blocked should not be allowed. This change would require ships to close with the target and would change the current passive, sniping nature of the game.
  10. 1. Spotter planes only corrected the aim of a ship or group of ships based on shell splashes. Different ships had different colored dyes that allowed the spotter plane to determine which splash was from which ship. But ALL firing ships used their own fire control systems to see the target and control their guns. If the target was behind a smoke screen or out of visual range due to night or bad weather, only those ships with later versions of fire control radar (post 1943) that were able detect the target could fire at all. At the battle of Surigao Straight, one BB, the Pennsylvania, could not detect any targets and never fired a shot. No ship of that period could fire on a target that was seen only by another ship, but not their system. 2. Naval tactics are based on positioning the ship to allow it to fire the maximum number of guns. That means opening up the broadside to allow the rear mounted turrets to fire. (exception - the French Dunkirks) As you say, they were designed to fight and survive a broadside engagement.
  11. There are several problems, that taken together insure that this is a version of WOT, and unfortunately will suffer the same issues. 1. A massively flawed set of spotting rules. No ship the this time period this game covers had the ability to target an enemy ship based on another ship spotting it. Changing the spotting rules so that red ships were plotted on the mini-map when spotted, but no visible until true LOS had been established would change the entire meta for the better. 2. The armor model is badly flawed. WG went cheap and used the same model for ships that they used for tanks. It;s not even close to accurate and warps the entire game. Naval warships are SUPPOSED to go broadside to broadside. Fix the model! 3. Changing the above now makes it possible to reduce the island humping, camping meta island overload and return this game to World of WARSHIPS - not world of tanks!
  12. mushmouthmorton

    Hasn't been fun for a long time

    We are a fun clan - not a competitive one. So we play co-op, chat on Discord and have fun. Do we play clan battles or naval battles? Yes Are we hung up about it? NO! We're her to have fun first. Competition is great, but only within reason. If we don't do well, we take a break and may not play for a while. The point is always - HAVE FUN!
  13. mushmouthmorton

    I'm orange now.

    There is a feature on the launcher that will check all your game files and update any old or corrupt ones. This can easily happen after an update such as we just had. Exit the game Start the launcher In the upper left above the news window click "game settings" > click "check and repair" Takes ~15 minutes
  14. So hilarious watching random players in coop. They scatter behind islands, then complain because we did not leave them anything to kill. I LOVE it!!!
  15. mushmouthmorton

    Clan treasury feedback

    Ours is the same as the day it started - "No Transactions"