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  1. mushmouthmorton

    So done.

    Bots seem to be Jekyll and Hyde these days. One game they are insanely inept, to the point I saw green bot Fletcher stumble around attempting to ram the opposing red DD, miss, then attempt to ram the red BB that was right behind the red DD, miss, and the red BB then ram the red DD broadside, and all three bots stop in a confused muddle. But the very next game, a red DD slides up into the cap using islands like a unicum to avoid detection, pause in cover, then accelerate out at a rate that a dragster would envy, spin left in a zero radius turn and dump torps into me from 2 clicks away. I never saw him and had to watch the replay to piece together what happened. Sadly, most the time they are totally inept, and playing co-op has gotten pretty boring. It seems that WG has decided to make co-op so bad an experience that it forces people to play random.
  2. As the leader of a clan where the average age is a LOT closer to 60 than 44, I take issue with your remarks. You have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Many of our clan members are vets who have served so that you have the right to say foolish things. I'm not about to tell you what you can and cannot say. But you can at least be civil about it, rather than insulting or ignorant.
  3. mushmouthmorton

    Dev blog: changes to submarines and Missouri credit bonus

    I have never been able to detect subs with hydro from a surface ship at ANY depth! The only time I have been able to use hydro to detect a sub was when I was on another sub. And what in the world is a "disengagement" zone? What other ship in the game can "disengage" at point blank range? With a submerged speed of greater than 20 knots submarines are NOT slower than "everything" else. Since there is a time delay between the time a DD drops depth charges and the time they explode, that speed gives a sub the ability to maneuver out of the danger zone. Hydro has a limited duration and a limited range. If it's too powerful when used to detect subs, then reduce it's range or duration for sub hunting. But we should be able to hunt subs, just the same as we can and do hunt DDs.
  4. mushmouthmorton

    Dev blog: changes to submarines and Missouri credit bonus

    Can anyone explain why Hydro does not detect submarines? Hydro can detect surface ships through an island for heavens sake!! Why can it not detect subs? Why does WG turn a blind eye to ASW play? It makes no sense to me!
  5. mushmouthmorton

    VERY ANGRY Angel.

    3 pages of fun and engaging comments about how to play random Pretty much looks like your daily random chat window SSDD Oh hum - back to co-op
  6. mushmouthmorton

    One Thing Too Many

    Our clan is small, but we have a high percentage of players with plenty of disposable income. The majority of the clan has been upset by the progression of stupid PR blunders we have watched WG make. Many of us have closed our wallets and some are actively searching for a new game. Keep it up WG. You'll kill the golden goose yet!
  7. At <500 games, what are you doing at tier 9&10? You zoomed up the ladder without learning the necessary skills along the way. Yes, I have a premium account and I do run permanent camo on most ships higher than tier But I don't use my flags, saving them flags for use in competitive events, and play co-op exclusively. Even with the greatly reduced reward in co-op, I have not trouble with credits. I have several clan members who, like me, play mostly co-op and have over 1 BILLION silver. Go back, play tiers 5 - 7 until you get the hang of the game. Then play the higher tiers.
  8. I am not an ace DD player, never claimed to be. But I am a WWII history buff and I have 2 words for your statements quoted above. Leyte Gulf The battleship Fuso was torpedoed by DDs in the action at Surigao Straight, No BB or CA or CL laid a glove on her. The DDs took her down before the battle line ever fired a shot. Her sister the Yamashiro took both shell hits and torpedo hits, but it was the torpedoes that finished her off. Then check out the action by the DDs and DEs in the battle off Samar later that morning. Those "tin cans" faced overwhelming odds, were hit by everything from machine guns to BB shells. They kept shooting and fighting until the ships fell apart around them. They fought with everything they had, sank a couple of cruisers and damaged some more. Their sacrifice saved most of the jeep carriers they were escorting, and confused the Center force so badly that the fleet turned around and headed for home! In the game dd's are hard to kill and they hit back even harder - The same as at Leyte Gulf
  9. mushmouthmorton

    Subs in Ranked: probably should have tabled that idea

    Yes they did - There is a new underwater maneuvering section. They changed dive plane reactions, max dive and assent speeds and underwater speed Salmon-- surfaced 31 knots -- submerged 19 knots But looks like Tier 10's stayed as they were Weird
  10. When you see The boss of these people headed out the door, You know the problems go a lot deeper than the poor grunts on the firing line
  11. mushmouthmorton

    Subs in ranked your thoughts

    I agree Cap - but with fewer subs I don't get to club them with my DD
  12. mushmouthmorton

    Submarines don't work in WOWs

    What you are saying is exactly why WG is forcing subs into the game. To the new kid on the block starting out, this game is a huge trap. In the lower tiers, what with protected mode play and the ships that you meet, this game seems like it could be a lot of fun. And then you hit Tier 6!!!! Suddenly you are meat on the table. Experienced players tear you up, spit you out and laugh at you in chat. What can you do? And another CV player is born. He charges along, spends his dubs and BOOM, I can nuke anyone. But up at Tier 9 & 10 AA can shred the uninitiated, It's not as much fun any more. AND HERE COME SUBS!!! It's all about sucking you dry. And WG draws a 31" vacuum!
  13. mushmouthmorton

    First game in Ranked with Subs...

    WG is continuing it's system of constantly putting OP ships in the game to drive demand. After all, what is a new player going to do? That player will go for the easiest ship to play that generates the biggest bang! With subs added all the new player has to do is learn how to ping the target. The skill level gets pushed down again, and in comes a new crop of newbies. Then when things slow down a new "ring" is put out there for the rubes to reach for. The whole point is making money. The health of the game, the interests of the players be damned. If they can squeeze 2 cents more out of the game they will.
  14. I agree that with you that an ADULT can understand this approach and can choose their own course. It is a completely different situation when this marketing approach is used in a game that is advertised as suitable for ages 7 and up. That is plain and simply wrong. It is not hilarious, it is not moral and it must not be condoned.
  15. In our small clan only 2 or 3 out of 15 check the forums with any regularity.