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  1. mushmouthmorton

    Massachusetts B Main Battery Firing Sound Bug

    Yup - Still there
  2. mushmouthmorton


    Bots have always had "magical" properties in Co-Op. They accelerate and decelerate faster than you can, they dodge torps before they are even launched. They see through islands, can always tell where the DD's are and are accurate to an amazing degree, That's what makes co-op fun. you never know when you are going to run into that supercharged bot, but you know it's only a matter of time. When you do, you know your up against an opponent that puts most humans to shame. If and when you win, it's great! But most of all, bots are the perfect opponent. They don't crow when they win and don't cry when they lose. And they never ever throw salt!
  3. mushmouthmorton

    Simple poll about the game and the recent patch

    Since I play mainly Co-Op, the horrendous problems with T10 cv's has not affected me. The change I see in Co-Op is the change to spotting ranges for aircraft. The new spotting and detection range these aircraft bring has changed the entire "feel" of the game. If there is a carrier on our side, the entire red team is displayed within 1 to 1-1/2 minutes of the game starting. From there on the red side is pretty well spotted throughout the game, making it a long range shoot fest, with little drama or excitement. With no carrier, the Red team seems to launch spotters and fighters immediately when spawned. These aircraft are not only spotted much sooner than before the patch, but now we know the ship that launched them. Again, this displays the Red team disposition much sooner than before the patch. None of this bodes well for clan wars, where figuring out what the Red team is planning, and how their ships are being positioned is the most important part of the game. The current spotting rules for aircraft are going to change the entire way clan wars are fought, and not for the better.
  4. mushmouthmorton

    Co-op only for me...

    Speaking of co-op - what is happening there? I'm a co-op player. I don't particularly enjoy the meta in random. Post patch I am seeing plenty of games where the green team has 1 or 2 carriers and the bots get 2 BB's instead. OK that's fine, that's what supposed to happen and it's more targets for me. I've had some great games, farming 150,000 to 200,00+ damage a game and getting some nice rewards during a 200% weekend. But once in a while (3 so far in the past 2 days) - The bot BB's WON'T DIE! I have been in a battleship twice and a cruiser once, and played what should have been a decent game. But on these occasions, I might as well have been shooting spitwads. In each game, all the green team (EXCEPT THE CARRIERS) were steam rolled and sunk within the first 5 minutes. All the red team (EXCEPT Battleships) died as well, leaving only the bot BB's and the carriers. For the remainder of the game, the battleships (who prior to this could not miss) chased the carriers firing wild shots over, under and around the carriers as they absorbed all the carriers could throw at them. I witnessed a North Carolina TURN AROUND AND RUN AWAY from the carriers, so that the New Mexico's could chase them! Are you kidding me? Chasing a 30 Knot carrier with a 21 Knot battle ship defines the word futility. Anyway, all those games were losers on points (the carriers did not die), which is no biggy. After all, it's co-op. But what is going on? This game has really changed since the update dropped.
  5. mushmouthmorton

    CV Rework Feedback

    The patch changed way more than just the CVs. The changes to aircraft spotting ranges have changed the whole feel of the game. Overall, I rate this patch the worst one in over 2 years of playing
  6. mushmouthmorton

    My opinion on the CV rework

    Yes Sir! Yes Sir! 3 bags full!
  7. mushmouthmorton

    Lets talk about possible fixes

    As stated in several threads, including this one - IRL carriers made the battle line obsolete. So trying to balance a carrier in a surface warfare game is really an exercise in futility. There is no way to make everyone happy. So add a choice when selecting your ship. Do you want a surface battle or a carrier battle? In surface combat mode, carriers are not allowed and we play using the maps and tactics we have learned over the last 3 years. In a carrier battle, there is only one map - Ocean. The map scale is changed so that opposing fleets can never come in gun range of each other. Players must form task group(s) where the carrier fights the opposing fleet while the surface ships keep the carrier alive. In addition surface ships carry scout planes that reach out ahead of the strike planes to spot enemy fleets. They also carry fighter consumables to increase their defensive abilities. If there are not enough escorts, bots make up the difference. This allows optimization of ships for each role. It removes the huge problem of aircraft spotting the other fleet in the first 45 seconds of the game and negating any tactical plan before it ever starts This has got to be better than the kluge we have now in 0.8.0
  8. mushmouthmorton

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Please put a selection such that you can choose "Black Shoe" (surface combat) or "Brown Shoe" (Carrier Combat) modes. Let the surface combatants fight it out broadside to broadside on the existing maps while the aviators range across maps so huge (Ocean) that the ships never see each other as the aircraft duel and the escorts gain points by doing the best job protecting their flattops and shooting down planes. Mixing these two modes is a disaster. It has been since day 1, and 0.8.0 just made it worse. Please fix this before the game goes the way of the Dodo bird.
  9. It takes between 45 seconds and 1 minute 15 seconds for the carrier planes to reach the point they can spot 80% of the map. By that time the BB's have loaded and are ready to rock. With 28K to 30K range they can concentrate on exposed cruisers and delete them with a single (lucky) salvo. The rocket fighter insure the dd's are harassed to ineffectiveness and cruisers are trying to stay alive. Any wonder everyone heads for the map edge and prays they can get out of sight? This game is World of Tanks on the high seas. Concealment and flank shots are the way to win. And this patch just destroyed that entire meta! Any wonder people are upset?
  10. If all the work was ONLY to re-balance CV's, that would be one thing. The change to detection of the red fleet was NEVER discussed or tested. The loss of the ability to hide and avoid hostile fire was a huge part of this game. The was thrown out the porthole. Having the ENTIRE opposing team revealed in the first 45 seconds of the game changed the entire game. AND NONE OF THIS WAS TESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a huge screwup on WG's part. They need to fix it FAST
  11. mushmouthmorton

    Sold CV-Listen WG

    I also became ill trying to operate these new planes. No game is worth me losing my lunch.
  12. mushmouthmorton

    So my take. Time to weigh in.

    I am happy to see that some people enjoy the new carrier system. As has been said many times in the last 2 days, a lot of tweaks are needed, but it can be made to work. What is not being covered is the percentage of us that cannot play the new system. I say us as I am one of this percentage. We are subject to motion sickness/vertigo and trying to "fly" these planes actually makes us ill. I have flown flight simulators in the past without issues, but flight sims react very differently compared to this. The planes do not react well to the controls, and having the mouse pan the view in one direction while the plane goes in another with the A/D keys throws everything off. I'm not willing to puke on my keyboard while I lean to carrier. I really wish that Wargaming would split the game at this point. Have WOWs revert to 7.12 WITHOUT carriers and let us shoot our ships to our hearts content while fixing the known issues the community has been complaining about forever. Then start a new game for carrier warfare. Change the map scales and let battle groups fight it out without screwing up a surface combat game.
  13. mushmouthmorton

    CV reworks in a nutshell

    The Beta testers gave this CV rework a thumbs down. They were ignored. There was a large amount of comment from players on the test server and great deal of it was negative. The consensus was the the CV rework was nowhere near ready for prime time. That was without the HUGE changes in spotting that accompanied the patch. Wargame paid no attention and plowed blindly ahead. That's how we got here. Wargaming - I hope you have a big shovel to dig yourself out of this hole. You'll need it
  14. Get off your high horse. At ~2000 battles, you have not had the experience to be "good" at any particular class, let alone all of them. Please stop with the preaching.
  15. I for one cannot play the new CV system. Not because it is too hard or too frustrating, but because of the graphics. The disorientation I experience trying to maneuver is so bad that after 2 sessions in the training room I was on the verge of barfing all over my keyboard. Several members of my clan reported the same issue. Add to the huge balance changes that we have seen over the last 2 days and this is a real mess.