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  1. U505_Gunner

    Ranked: strategy change

    Same. Shot into quals as a mostly DD main, Z-23, Z-46, ZF-6, Oland, Black, a few Odin plays for fun. But the washing machine spun me around for days. I sailed into silver only by focusing on Buffalo, and Agir.
  2. U505_Gunner

    What ships are you using in Brawls?

    21-pt. Kami: won't play it, not sportsmanlike for brawls. Fun tier for cruisers, British and Russian, as well as Omaha, all blap avoidance. OK Ho, Visby DDs for kicks. Played Kami once, carried, sank most of the fleet, won't do it again.
  3. U505_Gunner

    Maass-ive disappointment

    Good advice here. I don't play the Maas much, as my Z-39 at T7 is much better, with lower detection. The next-level Z-23 (even after WG stripped its 150cm guns) is one of my favorite boats, and is a better jack-of-all trades DD than most. Good torp reload. Decent range. The AP is especially strong above the rail of BBs and CAs. The Z46 is even better. The Z52, unfortunately, falls beneath the waves.
  4. U505_Gunner

    Weird PMs after a match.

    My fave was the dude apoplectic about me throwing a game -- in coop.
  5. U505_Gunner

    DD 101

    Coop, which features bots coming at you in a straight line until they're dead, is nothing like random. Think real people, (mostly) real smarts. People know their boats. And you should too. That's why I recommend picking one DD line, say US, and playing the crap out of it. Rule of thumb: never be seen. Lead beyond recommended torp lines. Be ready to turn and run. And wiggle, before going dark. Don't sit in smoke for long. Also, prepare to hit tilde or O to prioritize AA fire, if needed. At all other times, hit P and turn AA off. Remember the rule: never be seen.
  6. U505_Gunner

    t6 DD for ranked

    Farragut, no question. Strong guns, decent AA. Got through with 71% WR. I have a T-61 with 1m torp reload, but didn't do nearly as well. The Farragut is a ranked bully, and can lay a long line of 2m smoke for your teammates coming towards a cap.
  7. U505_Gunner

    My experience of subs so far...

    Helpful. Many thanks.
  8. U505_Gunner

    Archive: Signals from Achievements

    There was never a thrill so great as bagging two, back-to-back, and hearing, "You've got to of them!" Chi-ching: 10 speed flags, best of the lot (remember grinding bathtub battles, just to get 'em?). Now, nothing. The old saying, "If it works, don't fix it," applies. We want our old game back.
  9. U505_Gunner

    What makes Hatsuharu good?

    Dude asked about the Hats, not the Shira one tier up. No comparison. Better to run it side-by-side to the Shinonome (better guns, 3x3 torps, shorter range, NO AA), or even other ships of its tier. I found Hats highly competitive in Bronze ranked. I prefer the Hats over the Fubs (RIP old version, a true gem of a bote), one of the few ships I couldn't stand looking at in port. More maneuverable, better detect, better AA. Its big downside is the horrendous turret traverse. And something no one has mentioned, the wide torp spread, which grows wider with each kilometer.
  10. U505_Gunner

    My experience of subs so far...

    Sorry. Can't get my sonar ping to work. I've pinged before I fire. I've pinged after I fire. The torps don't hone in on their target. Same thing happened when they were first introduced. The firing system is so clumsy that subs were unplayable. So ... I'll stick to surface boats, and killing subs instead.
  11. U505_Gunner

    RIP Z-23 heavy guns

    The Z-23 came with two sets of guns, the 128s and the 150s, so we had a choice. I always ran with the larger guns; while not the best for knife fights, they could wreak havoc on CAs and BBs. Before the nerf, I checked on the 128s, and it read four. Perhaps I was mistaken. Post nerf, the Z now carries five 128s. Though I miss the larger guns, I have to say they perform quite well, giving me top player in my first game. That said, I wish WG still gave us the choice between guns. The Z-39 still carries the heavies, while Gaede can still run them as well.
  12. U505_Gunner

    RIP Z-23 heavy guns

    My favorite DD is being nerfed: stripped of its mighty 150s, to correspond with the new German heavy DD line. I'm sad beyond belief, as I think the four 150mm really suited one of the best balanced ships in the game. Not sure the four remaining 128s will measure up. From 10.3 update: Changes to guns: VIII Z-23: the 150 mm/55 Tbts KC/36T guns on an LDrh LC/38 mount have been removed from the game. The main battery models have been updated. When Hull B is mounted, the artillery configuration will change: the fore turret will become twin-gun. Removing the 150 mm guns will further emphasize the differences between the old and new branches of German destroyers. The ships of the old branch will have only 128 mm guns; the ships of the new branch will have 150 mm guns.
  13. U505_Gunner

    Siroco first impressions

    Love a challenge. So am still working on Siroco. Interesting, because the Premium shop caption mentions a special armor scheme, while the wargaming summary makes no note of it. Either way, it takes great care to make this ship work.
  14. U505_Gunner

    Siroco first impressions

    One word: junk. The Siroco is a horrible excuse for a DD, in any tier. The fact that it's a premium bote is even worse. Take the tech-tree Jaguar, which is almost better in every way. Jag has five guns, the Siro four, though with a roughly half second higher rate of fire. Jag shoots further by .3 km. Jag's six torps can reach 8km at 68kph; the Siro is only good for 7km at 58 kts. Jag can hit 37.7 knots w/o flag; Siro 34.6. Jag is also much tougher, with 4,700 more hp. To be sure, Siro is stealthier and can wiggle much better than its T5 counterpart. Its main gimmick, reload booster for its main guns, works well -- but not for long, and with a lengthy cool down period between bursts. But forget stats for a moment. Game after game, I find that the Siroco to be a sitting duck. Get close enough to torp, and you become quickly spotted. Fire those guns, and the entire sea explodes with shells fired in your direction. There's not enough wiggle to flee the bombardment. Without heal, your minutes are numbered. I know some will say I'm playing her wrong. Hide behind islands. Wait for an opportunity to ambush. Sit around ... and calculate your three seconds of fame. I have the entire French line up to Kleber. I'm a strong Aigle player. But I recently decided to revisit the lower tiers to work on basics. I like challenging ships, and do my best to bring out the best aspects of each of them. But with the Siroco, whose real life counterpart was sunk by German S-boats at Dunkirk, killing 660 sailors, it means a fast trip to port.
  15. U505_Gunner

    Wiki Wargaming: RIP

    Weird. Me, too. Just got it back. How strange. It's been down for hours.