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  1. Interestingly, since I'm in AZ with no DST...our clan was able to play for 5 hrs by having me as div commander. Other clan mates were showing "clan battles ended" while I was showing "clan battles ends in 1 hour". We switched me in as div commander, and we were able to all play for that additional hour. We have 49 mbrs in our clan, but given the time of day, we only had 8-10 folks able to play. Playing 5 straight hours of CB was kind of a chore. I welcome the ability to choose alternate an alternate schedule AND the opportunity to play against clans on other servers.
  2. MoondoggE9

    CB test Fail

    In other news...because I'm in AZ with no daylight savings time, for some odd (computer logic) reason my clan was able to play for 5 hours by having me as div commander. Yeah, there were "glitches"...which, I suppose, is why TPTB labeled it as a "test". I love the concept of allowing clans to choose prime time hours on multiple servers to accommodate hours of availability of players and multiple time zones. It's also fun to play against clans on other continents.
  3. MoondoggE9

    Invisible Islands???

    Anybody else having islands in randoms that are physically visible, but don't show up on the mini map??? Been seeing this several times since the last patch. I've shut down/restarted my PC several times, and it still shows up occasionally. I didn't do a ticket to customer support, cuz I figure other more computer savvy players than I would have called it to WG attention. Or, does anybody know if I can fix this from my end. It's kinda a PITA.
  4. MoondoggE9

    How to play Worcester in Clan Battles?

    I found that the insane shell arc makes it very hard for me to consistently hit targets. I have to put the gun marker below the waterline, otherwise shells splash on the far side of the target. Otherwise, yeah, gotta find an island for cover cuz of the paper thin sides and make sure you don't get flanked. It bow tanks reasonably well, but only having 4 guns capable of firing directly ahead puts you at a disadvantage against almost any other CA if you're going head-to-head. Plusses and minuses...always an equation.
  5. MoondoggE9

    Help with Over-Aggressiveness

    I have always had exactly the same problems...hence my 46% win rate. Although, I consider the win rate the least important stat...*digress off*. I don't know that I'll ever overcome over aggressiveness...I'm there to fight. In a DD I try to go wide and scout/spot/torp rather than rush in to cap early. For tunnel vision I set the timer on my phone for 2 min and force myself to look around and reassess the situation every time it goes off. I've tried other intervals, but 2 min seems to work for me. And as others have said, make the minimap big with the water transparency set as low as will show the islands so I can aim through the minimap. Spend a lot of time with the right mouse button depressed. And Aslain's mods....tremendous benefit. They allow you to customize your screen to put important info where you want it, in a format that compliments how your particular brain processes info. Can't sell Aslain's mods hard enough. Good luck!
  6. I set up a training room, selected "Ocean" map and load in high functioning bot Khabs for target practice with my DM. Helps a lot, and there are a lot of other uses I'm sure the smart kids can come up with.
  7. MoondoggE9

    Moskva..What just happened?

    Got my Moskva yesterday and have a dozen games behind me. WR is great, setting fires is great, bow tanking against a Yammy was a pleasant surprise...survived several hits. Reconfiguring the lead on cruisers was a necessity, but I've been getting hits out to 19km...DD's at 15km. Did a lot of post battle analysis on damage per shell type, and HE gets more dmg per hit than AP. Can't buy a cit against anything. Only exception to HE vs. AP was against broadside Conqueror...there I got some good dmg but AP against other broadside BB's I get pretty much zilch. I'm getting 1/3 pens, 1/3 over pens, remaining 1/3 split evenly btwn shatters & richochets. I went with DE as a cap'n skill and light a fire practically every other salvo on BB's. The laser guns let me work from one end to the other setting fires as I go. Not sure what the answer to absence of cits is, except more practice.
  8. MoondoggE9

    Maritime Mondays - Creme de la Cruisers

    Atago or Chapayev...Chapayev's torps suck, but the reload on main guns is awesome. I have my highest WR in Chapayev.
  9. MoondoggE9

    Getting used to the Tier 8 Cleveland

    Yep, needs heal, zactley what I've been thinking.
  10. MoondoggE9

    How To Form A Clan

    Thanks, all...esp Major Renegade. I'm in a clan..fourth one since clans started in WOWS. Can't seem to find the "goldilocks" just right clan, so figured I'd look in to forming one of my own where I could manage some standards, albiet very moderate standards. System won't show the "clans" option shown in the video, so I'm thinking you can't form a new clan while still in a clan. Thanks, again. Still thinking it over.
  11. MoondoggE9

    How To Form A Clan

    Sorry for the dumb question...but I've looked all over the place. Where/how does one form a new clan? Support ticket, maybe? Thanks in advance for the kind assistance.
  12. MoondoggE9

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Hood

    Great read, LWM..plus all 10 pages of discussion. I found my home in Scharnhorst, so I'll pass on Hood. I have torpedoes. Been in several matches against Hoods, seems like "just another ship" to me. Especially when they're on fire. Gneisenaus seem far tougher. Thanks again for all of your hard work!