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  1. After playing multiple low tier games with 3 CVs per side and mid tiers with 2 CVs per side the past week, I lost interest in playing this week, simple as that.
  2. Yet, you continue to play low-tier CVs? You can help to stop that, ya know!
  3. CptRemy

    DD vs BB - Discussion

    While it is frustrating playing in a BB with so many DDs, you may want to remember that BBs have the ability to Dev Strike cruisers with one salvo halfway across the map! Where’s the empathy for that player? If BBs were anymore powerful against DDs they wouldn’t really have a counter.
  4. CptRemy

    I'm Losing Credits! What Gives?

    Tier 10 perma-camos are a must have!
  5. Oh yes, I remember some of the first Rank seasons there were CVs in it. I believe it was tier 5 or 6. CVs had a huge impact on the outcome of the battle. Except when I decided to jump in my CV
  6. CptRemy

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    Hey, easy now, I think I shot down maybe 2 planes. Handed out extra rations of beer for my men after that!
  7. CptRemy

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    I did not survive, I was one of the last ones left, along with the two CVs on both sides. Already do all of those things. I smoked up because I saw those planes coming off in the distance and I wanted to finish capping as I was close to being done. I knew he was coming to reset the cap, so I smoked up but he blindfired and took off a lot of health. No, I dont turn my AA on unless the situation warrants it. No, I didn’t survive until the end because the enemy CV kept coming for me. Although we dis win but I certainly didn’t survive. I know most of the tricks and usually don’t mind playing with CVs, providing theres only 1 per side. Its when this happens and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it, that gets a wee bit frustrating. It makes me stop and ask myself, why would I want to keep playing? Is it really fun? But then the next match I have a great game and am enjoying myself.
  8. CptRemy

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    Just played a match in my z-23 with tier 10 CV. Red CV was a Midway. Started capping B and saw the Midways rocket planes heading my way so I smoked up in order to finish the cap. He (red CV) blind fired his rocket planes in my smoke and took almost 50% of my health. Not a darn thing I could do. At the end of the match it came down to me and both CVs. I had zero chance at hiding or getting to the enemy CV. Big fat zero! It sucks.
  9. I’m all for bringing in new ships. But I wish they (WG) would slow down on the Premium ships and instead focus on making tech tree ships, such as making a split in the US BB line! I don’t know what it is about tech tree ships but I find myself playing them more than any Premiums I’ve had. Maybe its the challenge or the grinding part, I don’t know.
  10. CptRemy

    Almost Done.

    Sorry to hear this.
  11. Have 4 tech tree lines done but the RB holds 0 interest for me. I’m going to pretend it doesn’t exist. Good luck to all those who decide to get involved. I wish you the best!
  12. CptRemy

    Calling All Shipmates!

    Not a surface Sailer! USS Virginia SSN774 - 2005-10 sic semper tyrannus
  13. CptRemy

    Tell Tale Signs of Good Player

    I’ll throw in something else here. A good player will see a group of red ships and focus on the ‘very low health’ ship, instead of shooting at the full health BBs. Meanwhile the 400 hp cruiser is circling in front of them and burning everything down! Have seen this happen a few times.
  14. CptRemy

    Server connection issues..anyone else?

    Yes, I had same issue, right as I loaded into a battle! No matter what I did I couldn’t connect, so I gave up. That was about 4 - 5 hours ago though.
  15. CptRemy

    Rank is just a [edited] show

    I really enjoy this Rank season, much more than Sprint rank or whatever it was called. Yes I see dumb stuff and sometimes I do dumb stuff but if I accept that this will happen in an online game, I don’t get nearly as frustrated. Unfortunately, I only have 1 tier 9 atm, and its the FDG and while I’m having tons of fun in it and doing ok, I just don’t know that its the right ship to take me all the way. But I’m not paying the ridiculous prices to buy a tier 9 premium! Sooo, the show must go on, with the FDG. See ya guys out there!