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  1. CptRemy

    Oklahoma - DOA

    Didn’t give you the thumbs down,lol. Yes, that reload can make you pull your hair out at times, thats why I have to be in the right frame of mind to play her, unlike, say the Guilio Cesare, I can play that ship anytime and have fun.
  2. Ah, that explains it, I don’t have the luxury of having so many 19pt Captains. Only have one 19 pt Captain so far, beginning to think I have a bunch of slackers, lol.
  3. Highly recommend the FP skill. I don’t enjoy 4 fires so I use that skill on all my BBs.
  4. CptRemy

    Oklahoma - DOA

    Yeah, being a patriotic player, I went and bought the California despite the whining. I enjoy playing it, you just have to be in the mood for a slow BB style of play! She’s not as bad as was portrayed.
  5. CptRemy

    Save a star option for ranked

    I’m not sure what the correct fix would be, but I feel the current Rank system could use some tweaking.
  6. CptRemy

    Narai has returned to the rotation

    Good to know,thx
  7. CptRemy

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    Yeah, I don’t get the fascination with these cartoon girls that look like they’re 10 years old with big assets, I mean, come on! And then to realize that a large part of the player base is middle aged men, thats kind of troubling as well.
  8. I am positive that CVs will never be balanced in Wows, just not gonna happen, and oh btw, rocket planes are the stupidest idea anyone has come up with in this game!
  9. Subbed and will be looking for new vids!
  10. CptRemy

    Ships you Adore.

    The Alabama and Montana are tied for the #1 spot on my list. Just got the UU for the Monty, I can feel the frustration from the reds while I’m brawling and they think I’m finished off, but I just keep brawling
  11. CptRemy

    1,000,000,000 Credits

    How do you do it? Did you buy every tier ten ship and have no new ones to buy? Or do you just have a select few ships that you play? I would like to be better about my credit saving. I make so many stupid decisions like selling and rebuying ships, etc.
  12. CptRemy

    Why Not A Break From Events?

    I didn’t participate in the German CVs event, but I still got the tier 4 and 6 CVs from German containers just from playing the game.
  13. I can only dream of getting a ship from a SC
  14. CptRemy

    Ships of the Month

    Alabama for me too! Love playing that ship.
  15. CptRemy

    Current top tier ships

    Probably my favorite ship in the game. People say the Monty has been powercrept with all the new ships. I don’t know, I have a blast playing her.