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  1. CptRemy

    I rage quit a match today

    I can sympathize with being bottom tier in the Kansas because thats what is happening to me right now, but I can’t agree with the quitting part. I find that when I jump tiers, I end up bottom a lot, this happens occasionally. Gotta take the good with the bad!
  2. CptRemy

    I'm Done

    Just take a break like I’m doing. You’ll be refreshed in a month or two, or maybe you find something more interesting. I really wanted to grind for the Anchorage but just didn’t have motivation, too burnt out. Take a break.
  3. CptRemy

    Goliath ?

    Hey @Ado1fCarsar aren’t these statistics or is it something else, I’m curious?
  4. CptRemy

    Goliath ?

    This thread has convinced me that I want to, no, need to grind the RNCA! I’m going to pick up at tier 7 where I left off, and finish it once and for all........... sooooooo, thanks!
  5. During the last tier 8 Rank season I unlocked and bought the Le Fantastique. Plopped the captain in her and decided to give it a spin in coop only to find myself in a Rank match! No upgrades, no equipment, no flags or camo, retraining a captain. It was kind of embarrassing!
  6. I feel for you, but I wonder how WG would go about differentiating a player leaving the match or hitting Alt+4 or any way to game the system and folks that get disconnected randomly and then log back only to find they're pink(has happened to me a few times). .I'm not a computer/coder genius so I have no suggestions, like you I just have to suck it up when it happens.
  7. CptRemy

    Roosevelt CV interesting

    I would bet they start out strong while its being tested on a public server so that the audience sees what this OP ship can do and when the ship finally releases they just HAVE to buy this powerful ship! Even though by then it’s probably nerfed back to a more normal ship.
  8. Alabama is too good a ship to just give away,imho.
  9. I like your idea, with the exception of a choose between two ships. I would like to see another campaign with a ship as a final reward, if its a USN BB, even better! I recently got the shinonome, and I actually enjoy playing it. Sure would enjoy another such campaign
  10. When the stars align, the Monaghan can really shine. However, it usually is a difficult ship because of the two options it gives : Short-range torps, lots of guns, or long-range torps, and only two front guns, lol. I was using it as a gun bote and having loads of fun, but I decided to give the long-range torps a shot, and had this game! It feels kinda neutered without all its guns tho. How do you guys play the Monaghan?
  11. Bots in asym battles? No thank you, not even gonna touch that mode!
  12. CptRemy

    75th aniversery

    What a great indeed day indeed! Such a great event that took place on the beautiful BB Missouri, as a celebration I think WG should gift each player a Missouri in game
  13. Alabama Charles Martel W. Virginia 1941- dev striking a Russian BB is so exhilarating
  14. CptRemy

    WoWS Admirals

    Yes, I like the idea and would definitely be interested in it. I’m at about at the same stage as you, love the ship models that WG create, love the historical aspect of the game. I enjoy using strategy to defeat the reds. Do not like the gimmicky additions, especially at high tiers, or the introduction of ever stronger paper ships. Now if they introduce a new ship/line without a bunch of gimmicks, folks get mad.
  15. I’m probably skipping this Sprint Rank, don’t feel like dealing with the dakka dakka DDs and all the strong tier 9 prems.