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  1. HaruSket

    Steel sale

    I would love to farm like before, but I don't have that same time anymore. Guys, I am a trucker who spends 30 days in the 48 states working, and I have 1 week off, honestly I will not use it to farm. a bit illogical if I want to rest and not stress, WG already sells tier 9 so if the whales want to buy or the new ones, they can do it now, I'm just one more collector. that I like to have unique boats. although I also reject those who are in the shipyard. Simply, if I don't like a boat, I don't get it and that's it. anyway. I just wanted to expose that. This game is no longer as competitive as before, many of those I knew already left or got tired of the game, the game dies and more with the decisions that WG makes, it had to be said and said. WOW die.
  2. HaruSket

    Steel sale

    Hi guys, I know that many will not like this, and I also know that WG did this a long time ago, but I also know that there are many of the old players who do not have much time to play, not everyone has the time to play or at CW or Ranked, WG with so many dumb containers they have, it should still sell some steel. This at least to be able to get boats that I am more than sure will put them there. which will be very difficult to obtain, I know that more than some do not like the idea because of the effort and blah blah blah, but come on, we don't all have the time. I read his opinions.
  3. HaruSket

    Atago forgotten ship

    I am not saying that the boat is bad if you realize it, I am talking about its recharging I am not talking about the rest, many kinds of boats have come out like the new German and French DDs that no longer have respect for cruisers and I speak because I am one from those. It is about putting yourself in both places as a player. The atago both Austin can easily erase them, it is useless to have 10 km torpedoes if a European dd can torpedo you easily and without you knowing where it is, if I already know, it has hydro but it does not last forever. Anyway, what I say is nothing more than that, improve your recharge
  4. HaruSket

    Atago forgotten ship

    Very much in agreement with what you say ... but now remember that there are DDs that kill cruisers, if you have a DD that shoots faster than you, they have better maneuverability and you cannot escape from it as you do to play? I am not saying that it is impossible to win it because everything depends on skill, but there are so many boats that it is really hard to follow the line. You have to be honest, no matter how good a player you are, you will have to think carefully about your movements in tier X if you don't want to be erased from the map, the atago is good, so just talk about its recharge.
  5. HaruSket

    Atago forgotten ship

    I loved your information. But remember that this is WG, if we talk about correct information the Yamato should take the nerf from it, and make all the ships come with their main statistics and how they are. WG always modifies even though historically it is different. WG used to follow the story, now it goes through the ... # $$% & then if they can make a change.
  6. HaruSket

    Atago forgotten ship

    There is not much to say. Lower the recharge of the atago, not that it was a super cruiser so that it fires at 16 seconds with so many ships in the game they have forgotten the old ones. LOWER YOUR RECHARGE. It cannot compete with newer boats and even the new DDs. Lower your recharge to at least 12s, your firing range is 15km. you have to be fair.
  7. HaruSket

    Austin complete or incomplete?

    I am currently raising the captain's points and testing the boat in many ways. thanks for the suggestion captain.
  8. Greetings captains, it is not very common for me to make this type of publication, but I recently took out the Austin, The boat itself, I feel it is a good boat in good hands, but I feel that it needs something else, I have configured it in various ways, and until now I have done something that I would never do on a cruise ship, these are the modules and captain points. I would never think of taking away the concealment of a cruiser, but this CL handles well with the captain's points, it is not such. What I want to say is that I feel that the survival time is very short, their bullets despite having a slow speed of 808m / s do not have that parabola that other cruisers have, consequently wanting to shoot from behind an island is very uncomfortable, since they do not have that parable of the minotaur or Worcester, I understand that it is because of the type of cannon, but if you limit me to not being able to do that, I think it can be improved, I suggest to WG to put a little more life, 1 single bullet from any BB it can take half your life. and wanting to be angled for is difficult if half an enemy team shoots you, the idea is to be able to survive only most of the time since this cruiser does not have smoke like a smolensk. I say with about 40,000 life, it would be nice. If anyone has a tip or a suggestion on how to play, I would appreciate it. For the moment I suggest you keep your steel, but if you like you can buy it, it is still a DD hunter, but be careful and you find a French. can stand up to you.
  9. HaruSket

    Ranked waste of time ? total failure ?

    That makes sense, but does it feel like it's slower? And thank you very much for the information, I feel that before if you stayed in rank 10 you started at 15 it was not necessary to reach 21 I think or 18 I do not remember very well. and I feel like it was easy to get at least 7 or 5 of the range. I would like to know your opinion captain.
  10. Hello captains and sailors, This post is to reflect on the ranked, maybe I've been offline for a long time, but is it my imagination, or is the ranked garbage? I mean. the rewards and mechanics are totally absurd, (in my opinion) I see the interface of their gameplay somewhat absurd that they re-start for a while, I don't understand what the purpose of that is, and the rewards ... ha ... rewards ... wow WG please don't give me anything if you want. I mean, encourage me to play! Come on let me fall into your gambling addiction fauses ... please ... I see this ... and I say what do I play for? That incentivizes me if there are almost no rewards. Come on, we are talking about ranked! before it was much more beautiful and better! and i see this. This is not a complaint, but if WG wants you can take it as a recommendation. That does not work, and I know that many of you feel the same, because that is where you leave the few hairs on your head and the gray hair, And for those few rewards in the game I prefer that you sell me the steel. That way I don't waste my time and I don't get stressed. The game is for fun, not for having a hard time.
  11. Well done WG, you did it again, I hardly have time to play, nor to play CW, and the little steel that I got to have the ships was in RANKED, (applause of irony) those who have those "great" ideas you should of give them a vacation, go back to the old ranked mode and give the prizes as they are, and if weon I'm one of those who work and spend dollars here, but don't be an EA GAMES either.
  12. HaruSket

    Logic WG whit the SLAVA !. Slava need BUFF

    I didn't say that I can't hurt. Most games are 150k over. I said his bullet bounces a lot. That sometimes even if you have a cruiser on your side or side they do not penetrate enough and their damage is deficient, that is illogical. Whereas a Petropavlovsk hurts me double or triple when almost angled. ILOGICO, those Russian ships are broken. ok, what i'm saying is that vala should be heavier like a montana.
  13. My question is, how is it possible that with the Slava with 406 mm it cannot do much damage to a cruiser from the side, and that cruiser to me that its guns are smaller can lower my life as if nothing? IT'S ILLOGICAL ! I have more armor The SLAVA is supposed to have good sigma, but what use is it if its bullet is a # $% & and it doesn't hurt the cruisers, they bounce, they don't penetrate like battleships! Why are you going to kill yourself restarting the branch 7 times if the OHIO is much more complete as a ship? FIX THAT, MAKE THE BULLET HEAVY! oh I don't know what they are going to do, but the slava has many disadvantages against many battleships and other ships, it has trolled me so many times that instead of enjoying the ship I am happy to see how it does not hurt. I am NOT going to deny that if the right moment comes, it can do a lot of damage, but those occasions rarely happen. and it depends a lot on the equipment, in my opinion it would have been perfect with the 457 mm guns. but I know, I know ... some players would be crying. in short the hypocrisy.
  14. An excellent idea, I would like to have a Pan-American carrier and especially these histories of Argentina, its history is very excellent, I like any of the variant, but I would like to see torpedo planes, For such a carrier I would like to pay as a premium. But I also want it to be well balanced if it would be level vIII
  15. HaruSket

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    I no longer give WG my money for a long time with the change of the CV, everything was ruined! I am not interested in your copy and paste boats, and yes, I have left a lot of my money in this game. But now ? please I told them! Don't be another EA GAMES! that with those boxes you want to fill your pockets, Please ... It's okay the game is free and you have to keep the server ... But don't overdo it! "#% $ /% (/% (% && / % $ "$ #" because nobody wants to spend so much and I am one of those who are willing to pay ... but not to leave you a kidney. To your comment and opinion BRAVO!