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  1. KiwiColdbeer

    The Shortlist Test

    Just opened a few regular gift containers, and am not seeing any mention of how the "gate list" may apply to them. Either way, have nothing on said list, but picked up the Viribus Unitis.
  2. KiwiColdbeer

    Famous World of Warships movie quotes

    To TK or not to TK.....that is the question
  3. KiwiColdbeer

    Curse of the timid player

    Are you sure you didn't log into the Asian sever by mistake....this sort of thing is quite common there.....
  4. KiwiColdbeer

    Ranked all the time, not just 'seasonal'

    ^this. But players would have to choose a tier beforehand and that is the only one they can play. Otherwise you will get the unicums just steam rolling every tier for multiple rewards.
  5. KiwiColdbeer

    Stats do matter

    Indeed, and let's also not forget to factor in teams and MM. Case in point is the Leander for me. Around 500 matches with about 54% WR on NA. Not fantastic, but not scrub level either. Just started using my SEA acct again. Same ship, same build but with only a handful of games.....13% WR!!! Which do you judge me by??
  6. From my [edited] days, due to often flying while inebriated. Is still relevant for ships....just not the flying part so much....... Edit: the "other game" is a bad word these days?!?!?.....sheesh. political correctness gone mad...lol!
  7. KiwiColdbeer

    Tier VI trouble, Hapa's challenge to you

    Too many T8s....but got the win......
  8. KiwiColdbeer

    ETA for Canadian Carriers?

    Throw in HMAS Melbourne and you have a commonwealth CV line....
  9. KiwiColdbeer

    Victory at the Battle of Saipan

    New Mexico Unleash the......."12 barrels of Justice"
  10. KiwiColdbeer

    Back after long time gone again

    C'mon Bundy.....it's not THAT bad....
  11. KiwiColdbeer

    A List of Things That Will Never Happin in WOWS

    More ships for the commonwealth tree....
  12. KiwiColdbeer

    The "worst" ships in the game

    Lolarado is fine....I run mine with steering gears mod 1. Eases the pain a little.
  13. KiwiColdbeer

    The "worst" ships in the game

    Indeed.....47% WR.....only 68 battles, but just cannot get the hang of her. Over extension most likely.
  14. KiwiColdbeer

    The "worst" ships in the game

    I am a living, breathing contradiction to this statement.