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  1. KiwiColdbeer

    Just choked on my beer!!!!

    Given the Heroic actual defence that was put up against the German seige.......to come out with some made up [edited] in regard to their naval prowess....sort of takes away from what they DID achieve during WW2. A bit sad really.
  2. KiwiColdbeer

    Just choked on my beer!!!!

    Ah.....must have missed the memo on that one.....
  3. KiwiColdbeer

    Do you want the old CV RTS system back.

    True this^ Have lost count of the amount of time I have had to roleplay as the "Fat DD" in my Leander....
  4. Open up the game centre and see the "Watch Naval Legends_ Sovetsky Soyuz......!?!!?!??? As i understand it, this ship WAS actually designed and "partially" built(and please correct me if I am in error here), but a "naval legend".......am sorry, but no! Is possible a ship from the Russo-Japanese war MIGHT qualify(though I could not name one without hitting up Wikipedia)......and as there was "slightly less than [edited]" in the way of substantial surface ships out of the USSR between then and the mid 50's at the earliest, this is a bit much to swallow. Never really bought into the whole "Russian Bias" thing......this makes me wonder a bit though. Cheers Kiwi
  5. KiwiColdbeer

    Do you want the old CV RTS system back.

    Not a big CV player in either format, but less under the RTS(am a mere male, so the multi-tasking skills are somewhat lacking). The rework is exactly in the right place from an immersion standpoint and making you feel like you are actually part of the match. As for the associated mechanics.....well, more than enuff has been said in that regard......substantial work still required is all I will add. Cheers Kiwi
  6. KiwiColdbeer

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    Rework is a total success as it achieved exactly what WG wanted........the sale of a metric s#$t ton of premium CVs. Am surprised they didn't release a couple of T6 prem CVs to really make the most out of it actually.
  7. KiwiColdbeer

    It took 3.5 hours

    Been running low tier......5's mostly......not safe even there.
  8. KiwiColdbeer

    It took 3.5 hours

    Indeed. The "muppet" factor seems a bit stronger than usual today.....but thats not uncommon. Have had a few matches where I have looked at the mini map and thought......wheres the "scuttle ship" button.... It is what it is.
  9. KiwiColdbeer

    matchmaking at it's best

    I would be thinkin that HE only lasted the 3-4 minutes.....but the match continued on after that. Is how I read it at least.
  10. KiwiColdbeer

    matchmaking at it's best

    Well I just had that rarest of rare occurances...... A 100% SINGLE TIER MATCH!!!!!!! The little man who sits in the tiny dark corner office of WH HQ controlling the MM must have had too much vodka......(and yes I am SURE he actually exists......)
  11. KiwiColdbeer

    Some Ideas to Curb CV Harrassment

    Seriously guys....it's not that bad. Yeah, I have been totally wrecked by CV's from time to time.....they can be a collosal PITA at times. But I also dodge rockets like a champ at times, and soak up being focused by an Enterprise in a New Mex like it's attacks were merely an annoyance. That CV's need some more tuning, I don't deny, but for the most part it's the quality of the player that makes the difference. And enough with the "play T10 and see how it is"....the reality of the situation is that most people don't play that high often, or if at all, so stop using it as the benchmark.....it is the exception....not the norm.
  12. KiwiColdbeer

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    I was thinking earlier that maybe something akin the the torpedo aiming system might work for AA as well, without making it overly complicated. Two sector sizes as torps currently have, wide angle for increased potential hits at reduced damage(area saturation), and focused angle for substantially increased damage with reduced potential hit chance, but these could be toggled, and directed at will, exactly as torps currently are. I dunno....brain farts are strong today for me.........this could just be another one.
  13. Am finding it fine. Somedays I am the Bug, others.....the Windshield, but that is not really any different to how things were for me prior to the rework. Yeah CV's can be annoying, but then you get those times when your "poor little T6" New Mex is being totally focused down by a "superior T8" Enterprise, and just soaking it up like a sponge, allowing the rest of the team to gain the win without "aerial harrassment". This particular bloke focused me for over 5 minutes, so I just went all "Capt America" in chat and said..."I can do this all day pal.....". Has happened a couple of times now, makes all the matches where I do get rolled seem worth it.
  14. KiwiColdbeer

    Request for owners of HMAS Vampire and HMAS Perth.

    Neither of these in port..... But am just "Leandering" my way through the morning.....would be the HMNZS Achillies, if they allowed us to rename ships.
  15. Pretty much this^( sans WR ) Even went so far as to sell my Minotaur, Neptune, Degrobe and Iowa.......held onto my 8's, but none of them have had a match is a couple of weeks now. And even 7's only get a match every now and then. Unfortunately, it would seem many others are following the same train of thought, as I have seen known "high end" clans making more frequent appearances in amongst us "lesser mortals" in the mid tiers.