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  1. fovezer

    Asashio put Yugumo and Shiratsuyu to shame?

    That and smoke is pretty useless for those DDs. You're not going to smoke up and shoot ships because the guns aren't good enough and if you need it to escape, you've already got too close and are probably dead anyways. The IJN DD's rely on their torps, so the more you can get in the water, the more successful you will be.
  2. fovezer

    Asashio put Yugumo and Shiratsuyu to shame?

    TRB Yug is the best of the bunch, and its not even close. That ship is amazing. Shira used to be amazing, now its just good. TRB Kag is ok, nothing special. Asashio is very situational, and if you get bad MM, its almost totally useless.
  3. fovezer

    Thoughts on ranked

    Well, yeah, if you only have, say the Shima, you're going to have a bad time. No doubt. The issue I have is all these ranked complaint threads tend to come from average to below average players who cannot win or save their star consistently enough to move up and instead want to blame everyone else on their team for being bad, when the reality is they are just as bad as the potatoes they are complaining about. It's not like every match is "unicums vs. potatoes" and they just so happen to always be on the potato team. They need to be carried up the ranks and get salty when that doesn't happen. Sure, there are going to be games where you end up on trash teams, but that happens to everyone. The good players save their star that game and move on to the next one. I do want to note that I don't think you're one of the people I'm talking about. You seem to be taking the struggle in stride and not solely blaming MM.
  4. fovezer

    Thoughts on ranked

    If people are still stuck in the 10-11 range at this stage, they aren't good players. It's really that simple. And the people I have noticed complaining the most on the forums about bad teams in ranked tend to be the below average players who need to be carried to victory and cannot move up on their skill alone. In other words, people who blame MM for their inability to advance are often the problem. Sure, there are some good people who haven't ranked out yet because they are taking their time, started late, or are having a run of bad luck, but they will likely still rank out in a reasonable number of games if they are good. Just look at the R1 club and you can see many of the top players have ranked out: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/experience-tranquility/ No, R5 does not need to be an irrevocable rank. That's a really bad idea. R10 being irrevocable last season was bad enough, no need to add another pit stop for potatoes and griefers. Looking at your stats and ranked stats, it's not the other players that are dragging you down. Some people have to either accept they are not good enough to rank out and that if they want to, its going to take a boatload of games to do so. Ranked isn't that hard if you are a consistent player. I've ranked out the past for seasons, in 161, 159, 282, and 162 games. You can see that even with consistent people, it is possible to have a really rough season, but anything over 300 games is probably proof you're not meant to rank out. Unless you want to keep spamming games.
  5. fovezer

    Thoughts on ranked

    After the first week, the teams in R5 are just as bad as R6-R10. And it continues to get worse as the better players rank out and more potatoes fail their way into R5.
  6. fovezer

    Fairly sure my ranked season is already over.

    Monty and Hindy haven't been powercrept to last place, that's just hyperbole. Both are still very strong, its just that they are less effective in the current meta. With all the Yammy's, the Monty can't fight them nose-on. Hindy's could take on the Yammy's at range, but its detect is worse than the meta cruisers, which makes it hard to counter them or DDs without a significant spotting advantage. The Shima, on the other hand, has been powercrept to oblivion. It really is to the point that bringing one is a serious liability to your team unless there is another Shima on the other team to balance it out. I've ranked out 4 seasons in a row now, and each season had its frustrating moments, but looking back, I generally enjoyed my time in ranked. People have to set reasonable goals based on their skill level for the number of games it will take to rank out, if that's what they are trying to do. You were not ever going to rank out in, say, 90 games. It was always going to take a bunch. Based on your stats and your less-than-ideal ship choices, 300-400 games seems like the number of games you're looking at. My suggestion is to drop the Shima altogether and focus on either the Hindy or Monty and try to increase your star-saving percentage, which I think may be really low. (Top 3 is meaningless, on the top spot counts as you know) For reference, my star-saving percentage was 43% last season and 36% this season. That makes the grind so much easier.
  7. fovezer

    Fairly sure my ranked season is already over.

    Few things going on here: 1. This seems to be the first season you have put any serious effort into Ranked. That's perfectly fine, but yo-yoing has always been a part of ranked and its something you get used to the more you play. It's not fun, it can be frustrating, but it is the reality of Ranked. On the flipside, no one comes here to complain when they go on long winning streaks... 2. You only have 3 tier 10's, all of which our out of the current meta in ranked this season. The Montana is fairly good, but the Yamato is the king of BBs in ranked. The Hindenburg, while a beast last season, seems to have fallen out of favor to the Worcester and Zao. And the Shima is the worst DD you could bring into ranked, it is practically useless across the board. Shima's are so bad, people absolutely hate seeing them on their team. 3. Your overall stats are only decent. Not great, not bad, but decent. This leads me to believe that you probably don't save many stars and are relying heavily on teammates to carry you up the ranks instead of brute-forcing your way up. Your 52.46% win rate in ranked seems to confirm that since while that isn't a great winrate, its also not the worst I've seen.
  8. fovezer

    Question for Co-op players...

    The ideal comp is whatever ends the game the fastest if I'm grinding wins for a Legendary mod or whatever kills me quickest when I am trying to suicide fast, i.e. when I was SC this weekend.
  9. fovezer

    WG Please rethink Ranked

    Well, I disagree that it was completely unfun. It had its frustrating moments, but overall, I enjoyed it. And 161 isn't a lot, especially since ranked games are typically quicker. I binged a couple of days on the weekend, went almost a whole workweek without touching ranked, and still managed to rank out fairly quickly. That is exactly what they want. If it will take them over 400 games to rank out, they think everyone should suffer with them. It would absolutely add an obscene number of games to the grind for the better players. This season I finished with 91W and 70L, for a net gain of +21. If there was no "save a star" and I was starting from 13.1, I'd be sitting at 7.3 right now, instead of ranked out. I would still need 25 more stars, which would mean an additional 200 games. More than double what I had to play. Luckily I was able to save my star at an admittedly mediocre 36% rate this season (it was 43% last season ), which meant ranking out in a reasonable number of games. I would not play ranked without this mechanic. Removing "save a star" would not increase teamwork one bit; in fact, it would probably make it worse. Right now, people have a reason to continue to play a losing match and trying, which in some cases could mean a come-from-behind win. Without that incentive, why continue to waste time in the game? One could suicide rush to get it over or just leave the game to get into another one. In no way, shape or form, would this increase teamplay and people that think otherwise are delusional. If you want team play, play Clan Battles. Ranked is glorified randoms, and the sooner some people realize that, the better off everyone will be. Also, expecting to continue at a 64% win rate, especially considering your ranked stats, was an unreasonable expectation. Everyone has ups and downs. This season I had a 5 and 6 game losing streak, along with a 1W-7L streak. Finished with a 56.5% win rate.
  10. fovezer

    WG Please rethink Ranked

    I ranked out in 161 games this season and 159 last season. You've played 150 this season and 302 last season, only reaching R5. The issue isnt that those of us with a lot of games can spam games, many of us are good enough not to have to. The issue is the mediocre to bad players who think that they are having trouble moving up its because of a people "playing to save their star" when the reality is they aren't good enough to advance on their own merits.
  11. fovezer

    WG Please rethink Ranked

    Where do people come up with such bad ideas? Removing "save a star" will kill ranked. I, for one, would never touch it again if they did that. That is what makes ranked bearable and allows people to rank out in a reasonable number of games. The only people who want it removed are the players who are not good enough to save any stars, so instead of looking at their own play, they blame the system and others. If you want teamwork where everyone plays together, play Clan Wars or KotS, not ranked. Ranked is an individual achievement, not a team one.
  12. fovezer

    Ranked did me in!

    If its the same infamous Shima player I am thinking about, my condolences. That said, even good players may have a bad season. I've ranked out the last 4 seasons, and the game totals were 162, 282, 159, 161. Season 8 was rough for me and a clear outlier, but it happens. So there are unfortunate exceptions to the general rule that if you can't advance, your play is part of the problem, but I still think it holds true in most cases.
  13. fovezer

    Ranked did me in!

    Eh, this ranked season wasn't that bad at all. Ranked out in 161 games, which is similar to 2 of the other 3 times I ranked out. A lot of the time when people blame their teammates for being bad, they are often just as guilty. Sure, there are some teams that just aren't ever going to win, but if you're stuck at a rank and can't progress, your own play is likely a contributing factor.