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  1. Notser: Fix XP (ranked)

    I never said I wanted the system he proposed, just that I liked that it was one that actually was reasonable compared to others I've read. So what you want is Clan Wars, then? XP is flat across the team, and you rise if you win and drop if you lose, and it is a team-based mode with in-depth strategies, at least at the higher levels. That's real teamplay. You will never get that in the 7v7 randoms that is called Ranked. And lastly, most good players I see have mostly all supported the save-a-star. The people that complain the loudest seem to be those that rush into a cap, get radared and destroyed, then blame the rest of the team for "not supporting them." Seen it happen way too many times.
  2. Notser: Fix XP (ranked)

    And that's my point, there is no consensus on what this ideal teamplay is. It is just a buzzword used by some people want to "fix" ranked to better incentivize "teamplay," but what they are really saying is they want everyone to play how they think they should. If they don't play how that person thinks they should, they are not "teamplayers" and are just dirty damage farmers and star-savers. Whatever that means. I guess a 100k average, 61% winrate with my Hindy in ranked means I clearly wasn't a teamplayer according to these people because I also managed to save my star 53% of the time on my losses. I think the ranked system is generally fine as it is right now. Sure, it can get frustrating at times, but it's a generally straight-forward system that is easy to understand. Overcomplicating it not the solution. People just have to stop believing that changing the XP system will somehow change how people play the game. It won't. People will just find the new best way to get XP and play that way, then the people that continue to lose stars will come to the forum to complain again because they don't people who play the new best way to save their star. Once again, if you want real teamplay, there are other options out there. Ranked is not one of them.
  3. Notser: Fix XP (ranked)

    This is at least an idea that better thought out than some of the idea's I've read on here! You recognize the need to had a net star gain and can actually explain your idea that makes sense. +1 for that. I disagree. Some people like to say it goes against this vague notion of "teamplay," but they never flesh out exactly what the "teamplay" they are envisioning consists of. So if I am in a Hindenburg or Zao, which are long-range support cruisers, what should I do other than play at range on the strong side or flank on the weak side? You want me to suicide rush caps? No. If I am in a BB, should I charge a cap and get torped and HE spammed to death while waiting 26-30s to return fire? No. I will prioritize DDs and radar cruisers, but I will not suicide my ship to satisfy someone's notion of "teamplay." And yes, I have given up on teamplay in this mode, because it was never there to begin with. It's 7v7 randoms. I play the way that will advance me the fastest up the ranks, and the randoms that are on my team are irrelevant. Do I want the team to win? Yes, of course, because that helps me, but I am also going to take precautions in case we have a bad team. I play high-level Clan Wars and KotS, where I can pick my teammates and have real strategies, for the teamplay aspect of this game, not ranked.
  4. Notser: Fix XP (ranked)

    That would be horrible for the game. The only people who want to get rid of it are the people who are always at the bottom of the scoreboard. The save-a-star mechanic injects additional stars in the pool, which makes it easier to rank out. Plus, it gives the people on the losing team something to play for. If we're down 4 ships and 2 caps, why should I stick around to play the game out when its a loss and I can jump into the next game sooner? At least this way I have some hope of saving my star when my team is garbage and not being punished for getting bad players on my team. It is why I was able to rank out in 159 games this season and not the 459 it would take without it. Not to mention, ranked is meant to be selfish. It is an individual-based mode where you strive to climb the ranks. You have different players on your team every game, you do not get to pick the team comp, and there is no strategy. If you want team-oriented play, where the benefits go to the team and not necessarily the individual, go play Clan Wars or KotS.
  5. Notser: Fix XP (ranked)

    If changes like this happened, get ready for the cancer that is 2/3 DM and 4/5 DD teams. Radar and hydro will be 10x worse than it is now, with 1 minute radars all over, and games with a ton of DDs are the least fun ones to play. I wish people would actually think about the consequences of their proposed "suggestions" before they start trying to change things. That's not to say that there can't be changes to how XP is earned, but trying to force "teamplay" in a mode that is about individual advancement by changing how XP is earned will only change the ship people use to try to save their star. In the end, the good players will still find the most efficient way to save stars and the bad players will continue to complain because they can't save stars. I ranked out using the Hindy because it was the most beneficial to me, and if changes like this happened, I would just switch to the next ship that would be most beneficial to me. If I want real teamplay, and not 7 a side randoms, I will play Clan Wars or KotS. And keeping the "save a star" mechanic is vital. That factor makes the ranked seasons bearable when put on a team of potatoes.
  6. Dastert is a scrub, don't let him fool you!