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  1. No BBs Allowed

    Just played a Co-op match on North and found this interesting little feature. I approve. For the curious, this island is at F9.
  2. Exposing misconduct.

    I'm just going to point out that complaining about punishments isn't allowed on the forums and probably isn't going to help you case. Also: IN BEFORE THE LOCK!!!
  3. Advice Needed on Unique Upgrades

    That end date is just a placeholder, they are a permanent addition and the date will reset each year.
  4. Tier 10 Premium? Are we OK with this?

    Stalingrad and Salem.
  5. Garbage boats you like...

    I'm just gonna say it, I love me Colorado. I never felt comfortable in the Nagato, but damn did I love driving the Colorado, to the extent that playing the NC felt like a downgrade. Of course, I've felt a special disdain for the Nagato ever since I fought a pair of them in my Fuso on Ocean and (with only a little support from a Cleveland) killed them both.
  6. Premium Ship Review #110 - Cossack

    Great to see a review come up on this ship. I've been waiting for her since I saw you playing a match on Tears of the Desert. I'll admit that I was hoping there would be a bit more to her, but she seems alright as-is. And considering Wargaming has announced plans to help the tier VIII matchmaking... we'll see what develops. And besides, she's probably just going to cost me a dollar or two so it's not like that will break the bank.
  7. We saved Parks!

    Now there's an image I didn't need.
  8. While we await these ships, I'd figure I do what I do best and making a few snide remarks about some issues I see. Everyone knows the Jean Bart as the Richelieu being boosted a tier. Some say it'll be a new Free XP/Coal/Steel ship, some theorize it could have something to do with a rework of the French tech tree. At this point, it's up in the air for us poor cogs in the machine. Here's a quick summary of how she differs from her older sister: The main battery, in addition to receiving the MB Reload Booster that has become a French gimmick, has a firing rate equal to the Bismarck and Tirpitz (26s). It should be noted that Rich has 0.8 kilos greater range than JB when fully upgraded. In terms of accuracy, I believe Rich has a slight advantage (313 at 25.3) vs JB (306 at 24.5) though JB enjoys a sigma of 1.9. Don't ask me what Rich's is though since that is one stat that I can never find. JB used to have 2.0, but apparently that was a bit too much for 8 15" guns at tier IX. In the secondaries, they have the same 152s, but the JB's 100mm are the improved ones we see on the Alsace's B hull with a slight decrease in fire chance (6% to 5%), but an increased RoF (15rpm to 20 rpm). It also has twice as many (3 turrets per side vs 6 turrets per side). We also have some changes in AA with JB's improved 100mm having more than quadruple the value of Rich's (40.8 vs 177.6). JB loses the WWII-era 40mm (222.6) and 20mm (172.8), but gains the post-war 57mm (357) which trade about 40 DPS for an extra kilometer range over the 40mm (4.5). So the AA suite is definitely improved. For some more nuanced stuff: JB has about 5k more HP; Rudder crapis 0.6 seconds slower; Surface Detect is down about 0.35, but Aerial Detect is up 0.4 (though I'm not sure if camo is involved). The biggest minor loss is JB losing 2 knots off her maximum speed. Overall, I'm at least mildly interested and if she becomes available for use in Operation Hermes, she'll be a no-brainer. As is, I'm a little hesitant still. Now for the differences between Alsace (a ship that was considered the jewel of the French BB line) and Bourgogne. I'll also add the values of the old Alsace for flavor's sake. In the gunnery department, the current Alsace has a reload of 32s and a sigma of 1.6; the old Alsace had the standard 30s and a sigma of 1.7 with both having a range of 20.3 with a dispersion of 264; and Bourgogne has the MB Reload Booster, a 28s reload, and a sigma of 1.8 with a dispersion of 309 at 24.8km. There I'm done. No seriously, the only difference between Alsace and Bourgogne is some range and the gunnery buffs (which aren't all that impressive when stacked against Old Al). I'm really glad that she's probably still in the first phase of testing. Edit: Okay turns out Bore gets a buffed Speed Boost (+15% speed), but that's not a whole lot. They also say the AA can change, but we'll see. AA in general is going to change with the CV rework (goes off to send up fervent prayers that direct squadron control indicates a possibility to control a CV's "secondary" battery). It'd be nice to know what Wargaming is trying to do with these things since that would probably effect how they're viewed. Tech Tree Replacements: They should be neither good nor bad; Free XP/Coal: They should stand out a little; Steel: Something on the level of Flint or Stalingrad.
  9. Who have you seen in game

    Eh, it's a fast and efficient way to grind out all the coal stuff without giving myself an aneurysm over the less intelligent random teams.
  10. The main reason the Taffy 3 DEs were so effective was because the Japanese mistook them for larger craft and their fire control system relied a great deal on human spotters. That isn't an issue in this game where every ship basically has the same FCS as the US did.
  11. There is not a single post on the first page saying that. The closest they come is saying that the attack was concentrated on one side.
  12. The problem with that was that the Yamato consumed far to much oil to be used without a great deal of deliberation. She could have been committed at Midway, but there were a lot of issues with this, mainly that the fleet had just lost most of it's air cover.
  13. Anniversary Supercontainer Roll Call

    Well it's official, there's some unannounced prerequisite for getting Steel in Supercontainers: 1000 Doubloons 1000 Doubloons 100 November Foxtrot 50k Free XP 50k Free XP 1000 Doubloons
  14. And how do you propose they would've accomplished that? What ship's were available to escort her? What planes did they have left? By the point Yamato set sail on her final journey, Japan had NOTHING. And while she could've been useful at certain other points (continuing to attack after Midway, being committed to the Solomons) it would've been an enormous drain of resources. For all her toughness, Yamato was nothing more than a white elephant.
  15. nevermind

    Yeah it was just a challenge with the reward of 333,333 that could be repeated 3 times.