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  1. JediMasterDraco

    I'm really starting to wonder...

    They're also the ones who act all offended when you ask to see their license because surprise, it's the law that you do so when purchasing alcohol.
  2. JediMasterDraco

    I'm really starting to wonder...

    I got the Canada patch. I live in Carolina.
  3. JediMasterDraco

    Incoming OP Russian Premium; Be Very Afraid

    Yeah who wasn't hoping that would be the tier X instead of Republique?
  4. JediMasterDraco

    Incoming OP Russian Premium; Be Very Afraid

    I'll do a brief rundown of your points. Izmail was designed to go 26.5 knots (assuming she was completed and worked properly) but goes 28.5 knots in-game so manipulating speeds probably isn't an issue from Wargaming's PoV. They are still 16" guns so they'll overmatch anything with insufficient thickness. There's the strong likelihood that we'll see this thing with tech tree Russian accuracy. I do not want to see what that accuracy does with 16 shells.
  5. JediMasterDraco

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    It would probably explain his spelling and grammar. We should set @Crucis on this guy.
  6. I was just looking through the elements of my Russian Collection when the last sentence of this blurb jumped out at me. I have the very uneasy feeling that we may be seeing this monstrosity in the game at one point or another. Needless to say, I already dread its approach. I'll admit that I hope I'm just being paranoid, but considering a lot of the other designs mentioned in this collection are already in the game... Looks like I'll be delaying my plans to grab Flint and Black. Again.
  7. JediMasterDraco

    Benham Final Review - all those Torps!!!

    Yeah but the last two days you only need to do the first set of missions.
  8. JediMasterDraco

    Benham Final Review - all those Torps!!!

    Currently, my grind is on track. I have missed exactly zero chances to earn fuel tokens and while it has started to wear on me a little, I just need to tell myself that I only have one more week of crazy grinding to do before it is done and I get the Benham without spending a single cent. I look forward to playing her on the high seas.
  9. JediMasterDraco

    More REAL ships please

    And then we wouldn't have their accurate, punchy, rarely op'ing guns or their thick extended belts. Wait, we are listing reasons we hate these things right?
  10. JediMasterDraco

    More REAL ships please

    @Radar_X I think we need to have a serious talk about how the Russian BB counts as historical when only one ship was actually completed and most of the others were little more than blueprints.
  11. JediMasterDraco

    ST: New Map Bering Sea

    Uh Ace, look a little closer. Spawns are exactly the same on both maps. It's just the caps that are changed.
  12. JediMasterDraco

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    Considering those traits, Benham will be quite the star for co-op I expect. Her four launchers can rotate at a speed similar to Kamikaze, that is to say if you fire them at even intervals, her four launchers will fire at roughly the same pace as Kami's three, only they're firing four torpedoes instead of two. More bang for your buck.
  13. JediMasterDraco

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    Eh when it comes down to it, it's either bust my tukas or spend $220. Might as well grab all the additional goodies that come with going through the grind. And when you're working towards something, imo, it tends to make the grind less tedious,
  14. JediMasterDraco

    Aircraft Speed and Range

    Oh yeah. Whenever I see large AA kill counts I always since over the course of an hours long assault, Yammy and her escorts only killed 10 planes. Including a couple that were splashed when Yamato's magazine went 💥.