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  1. JediMasterDraco

    Nine days - the clock is ticking! Strasbourg

    I should be securing mine sometime tomorrow. And since it’s a day off, I have no excuse.
  2. JediMasterDraco

    Just... Wow. SMH

    Meh I've seen more one-sided results. From both prespectives.
  3. JediMasterDraco

    Double Eight CVs....whoohoo!

    Not on Facebook or Twitter, but you should be good here.
  4. JediMasterDraco

    Did The USS Enterprise Carry 125 Planes?

    Remind me what the hit/miss ratio was for battleship guns. Or how many planes were shot down by AA fire?
  5. JediMasterDraco

    The reality of AA fire in WWII

    Of course that depends on how well your ship was built. American cruisers developed something of a habit of being blown to hell and then managing to limp back to port. The New Orleans lost everything forward of it's "B" turret during the Battle of Tassafaronga and eventually made it home under her own power (admittedly sailing backwards).
  6. JediMasterDraco

    Campaigns: You Can Repeat Missions!

    Reading comprehension is increasingly taking a backseat to corrected pronouns these days I guess.
  7. JediMasterDraco

    Most Impressive

    Stuff like this is why I get real pissed off whenever [edited] start running their mouths about aliens and such nonsense concerning the pyramids. Humans are fully capable of doing the most impressive feats of engineering with sufficient time and practice. It's just that modern humans tend to be a lot lazier than our ancestors. Wooden shoes go up stairs and silk slippers come down them as the old saying goes.
  8. JediMasterDraco

    Most Impressive

    I'll say this much, I don't think I grasped just how much effort goes into building a warship until just now when I witnessed the construction of the Hizen. Say what you will about humanity's typical foresight (read as: lack thereof) or what seems to be a dwindling ability to think critically, but it's seeing stuff like that and knowing such things could be accomplished without modern computer systems or the like and one can't help but admit that we can do some rather extraordinary things at least when it comes to engineering. Now if you'll excuse me I need to get down to the dual tasks of grinding out my remaining unique upgrade missions and and grinding through the tasks for the ship-building missions. Gotta get me that Steel. Set a course for the FDR (anyone know what files I can modify to have the ship's name be Coral Sea in-game?).
  9. JediMasterDraco


    Which is a good thing since I’m going to be focused more on grinding the last unique upgrades for the next few days. It may require forgoing sleep one or two nights but it should be fine.
  10. I plan to do the same thing when I get home. It’s not too much more than the extra special package for PEF back in 2018 and the two offer roughly the same amount of Steel.
  11. JediMasterDraco


    Yeah I think we get two updates worth of time to grind through them all. Pretty sure it was the same way last year.
  12. JediMasterDraco

    Snowflakes - no reward?

    Double check your reports tab. It should be labeled Addition.
  13. Well that’s a bummer. I was enjoying the idea of picking up 30k doubloons for around $75. Still, I’ve not exactly made any notable WoWS purchases this year and that steel is awfully tempting. Plus I might as well get one dockyard ship, especially when it’s offering such nice rewards and I’m going to be spending time shoveling snow off the fleet anyways.
  14. I think you can collect the rewards at any time, but don’t start grinding until you have “bought” as many stages as you want. The bonus steel and RP is for tokens earned after completing the ship.
  15. Can’t be that. He joined in July.