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  1. JediMasterDraco

    Halloween ended on the 31st.

    Today is the last day for the Halloween Ops.
  2. JediMasterDraco

    A Sincere Thank You

    No I didn't. You can't forget something you were never aware even existed.
  3. JediMasterDraco

    A Sincere Thank You

    Hey Wargaming, just wanted to send out a thank for the regularly available Steel that you plan on putting in the New Years Event. I think I speak for a fair amount of the playerbase when I say that this is appreciated and that I'll definitely be enjoying the New Years event and taking full advantage of it. There's quite a lot to do (fourth Clan Battles season, Prinz Eitel Campaign, RN DD and New Years Collections, Snowflake Events, and the Steel Directives) so I'll definitely be busy this holiday season. I think this is a great idea, tying publicly available Steel to certain yearly events and that a lot of casual players will really appreciate the opportunity to earn Steel and maybe one day get the Stalingrad or Bourgogne. Once again, thank you for listening to the community. Now if I could only find Steel in Supercontainers, I've opened at least thirty of the blasted things since the Arsenal came out and not one has been for Steel. Maybe you could take a look at that and decrease the odds of getting 25-100 signal flags while you're at it because if I wanted signal flags I'd be selecting "More Signals and Camouflages" instead of "Try Your Luck". Sorry little off-topic. Anyways, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.
  4. JediMasterDraco

    WoWS Dev Blog: Balance Changes (American Battleships)

    So give Monty a secondary range of 8k? I think that's a little excessive.
  5. And that was one of the reasons that people were so pissed about Alsace being nerfed.
  6. ST. Balance Changes. Branch of American battleships tier III - IX are slightly behind in efficiency from other branches of the class. Therefore, they get improved performance that will increase their average life time in combat: - The rudder shift time for Hull (A) has been reduced by 12% - The efficiency of Repair Party has been increased from 0,5 to 0,66 % of HP per second. ... The change of Repair Party has been made for the American battleships of III - IX level, except Colorado cause this battleship already has such Repair Party. New York: - Main Battery reload time reduced from 34,3 to 31 seconds; Promo and premium American battleships have good combat effectiveness at the moment and don't need improvement of propertys. Including due to their features: - Arkansas Beta has the ability to install upgrades in 6 slots, while most ships on level IV have only 2 slots - Texas has one of the best AA defenses on the level - Arizona stands out with good accuracy and range of MG - Massachusetts has effective and long range secondaries and quickly rechargeable consumable - Repair Party - Alabama has a well-protected citadel and excellent maneuverability for battleship - Missouri is strong with the unique to battleships consumable - radar Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary
  7. Not really. Consensus from the other two threads is that FdG is still going to be a little too shotgun like in dispersion and it's armor scheme is still going to eat pens from every direction. Plus there's the fact that she moves like a dying elephant.
  8. Little late to the party @YamatoA150. Myself and @warheart1992 already posted on this ages ago.
  9. Beat yeah by a minute @warheart1992.
  10. ST. Balance changes. German battleship Friedrich der Grosse. - HE shells of the 105 mm secondary guns have received 26 mm of penetration (the changes will not affect other guns of the same calibre) - Reloading time of 406mm MG has been reduced from 28 to 26 seconds... - Reloading time of 420mm MG has been reduced from 32 to 29 seconds An increase of MG and secondaries DPM will compensate for the small number of guns. At the same time, it will maintain the feel and character of the German battleships. Japanese battleships: Myogi: - Reloading time of MG has been reduced from 30 to 28 seconds - The armor penetration of AP projectile 356 mm AP Type5 has been increased The Myogi MG accuracy couldn't fully compensate for the small number of guns (only 6, whereas classmates have 10 or more). In addition, the armor penetration made her ineffective against classmates. Increasing the rate of fire and armor penetration will make the battleship better at all firing distances. At the same time, it will retain all the features of the game when playing Japanese battleships. Kongo hull (A): - The armor penetration of AP shell 356 mm AP Type5 has been increased This improvement is related to the previous one, since the hull (A) of Kongo uses the same AP shell as on Myogi. Izumo: - The armor penetration of AP shell 410 mm AP/APC Type91 has been increased Despite the high value of initial armor penetration of AP shell, Izumo lost it significantly over distance. This led to the fact that she was not very effective in long-range combat against classmates. The change will make Izumo a more effective, heavily armored, ranged battleship and make the transition to Yamato smoother and more logical. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  11. JediMasterDraco

    WoWS Dev Blog: Design B-65 AKA "Azuma"

    Might want to do a recount on that Lert. There are THREE tier X premiums and TWO are for Steel. I made a thread [edited] about Bourgogne being a Steel ship only a couple days ago.
  12. ST, Japanese cruiser Azuma, tier X Hit points – 71800. Plating - 25 mm. Main battery - 3x3 310 mm. Firing range - 19.1 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 5100. Chance to cause fire – 27%. Maximum AP shell damage - 8650.... Reload time - 18.0 s. 180 degree turn time - 36.0 s. Maximum dispersion - 196 м. HE initial velocity - 836 m/s. AP initial velocity - 836 m/s. Sigma – 2.0. Maximum speed - 34 kt. Turning circle radius - 920 m. Rudder shift time – 13.9 s. Surface detectability – 15.1 km. Air detectability – 13.4 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 11.7 km. AA defense: - 12x2 40.0 mm, range - 3.5 km, damage per second - 132. - 18x3 25.0 mm, range - 3.1 km, damage per second - 110. - 8x2 100.0 mm, range - 5.0 km, damage per second - 166. Available consumables: - 1 slot - Damage Control Party - 2 slot - Hydroacoustic Search / Defensive AA fire - 3 slot - Spotting Aircraft - 4 slot - Repair Party All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  13. JediMasterDraco

    Dev Blog T9 DD RU Neustrashimy

    Which tells you one of two things. A) Balans is a complete myth (possibly true) B) Mother Russia has really crappy ship builder.
  14. JediMasterDraco

    Yahagi much?

    I don't know. That 10s reload with only 6 guns severely restricts her DPM. And while her torps are strong, she'll need careful positioning to launch from stealth. She'll be a CL that plays more like a torp DD.