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  1. Looking for a few division mates

    As we all know, each week brings a different Operation. We also have the option of crafting a division to play one of the ones not currently available. As it is though, trying to get together a group to do so is... tricky given the lack of filtering. So I thought I'd advertise for a few people looking to play a couple rounds of the tier VII Narai scenario. Just send me a pm in-game. First-come, first serve.
  2. update GZ Test

    Damn. I may just put my 19-point GK captain in reserve and take advantage of the free respec to prepare him for his new command. GZ keyed for secondaries sounds like something worth trying. So long as it has decent armor.
  3. I Think Everyone Just Wanted to Impress

    Pan Asian torps can hit cruisers. But Asashio's can only hits BBs and CVs.
  4. Yamato citadel and range needs a buff

    I'm more curious how this lunatic has a better reputation than I do.
  5. As someone who's favorite type of ship (outside of CVs) is cruisers, I can get behind this to some extent. But instead of removing the citadel entirely, I would suggest making it a smaller target. A great example of this would be the Cleveland from the initial release. It's citadel use to be much smaller and, more importantly, divided into two segments meaning shots that hit dead center would not do citadel damage because there was no citadel there.
  6. AIGLE...Arrrrrrr!!!!!

    She's a blast. I'm consistently scoring first or second in the current scenario. I'd liken her to an anemic, stealthy Khabarovsk. My only qualm is her firing arcs for some of the guns. And since they're fairly big guns with great RoF... it's hardly a deal breaker.
  7. Whats the difference?? Zara class

    Nah that's Sauron of the First and Second Ages. You are but a pale shadow that can't take physical form.
  8. Whats the difference?? Zara class

    I see Sauron has decided to visit this thread.
  9. What if Japan Won the Battle of Midway?

    This. Sometimes a complicated plan works, sometimes it doesn't. The benefit of hindsight is that everything is known. Yamamoto' idea to use a decoy attack wasn't a poor one in theory. It's just he had limited target choices and American Intelligence was a step ahead of him.
  10. What if Japan Won the Battle of Midway?

    I have a feeling it was my comment about Nazis and Japanese militarists.
  11. What if Japan Won the Battle of Midway?

    The whole "reestablish the Roman Empire" was Mussolini's delusion. The main reason Germany got involved was because minimal British forces had utterly trounced Italy. And even then, Rommel pretty much only got by on his skills and the training of his men. Germany pretty much just supplied him with a shoe string that was constantly being snipped by the Royal Navy and Malta.
  12. What if Japan Won the Battle of Midway?

    True enough. Maybe it was the mutual love of civilians being butchered. Of course iirc even some Nazi officials were disturbed by the [edited] of Nanking.
  13. What if Japan Won the Battle of Midway?

    How the hell two supremely racist societies on clear opposite ends of the earth got along is a question I would dearly love answered
  14. What if Japan Won the Battle of Midway?

    Yamamoto even said that he would enjoy great success, but only for six months to a year. After that, he had no confidence in victory. And he knew as soon as he learned that Pearl Harbor occurred before the declaration of war that America would not accept anything less than victory.