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  1. Napoleonic Era Warships

    ^This. Plus, Shogun 2 is also worth a peek. If bullying provincial coastal vessels with oceangoing galleons is you kind of thing. Whenever I get my hands on The Black Ship I go to town on every navy without mercy.
  2. Premium Ship Review #100

    Whelp only one thing to do. From now on, you need to announce "Looks like the little black cat is blasting off again!" whenever someone sinks you.
  3. Premium Ship Review #100

    CALLED IT!!! Admittedly I figured you were doing an actual review and just pulling a minor punking by pretending the Thunderer existed. This was a neat little trick and makes me wonder what we'll get for the two-hundredth. Also, did you really just TeamRocket @Lert? I'm so going to remember this one.
  4. We're already in 7.4 RC. 7.5 is the next update.
  5. Well I look forward to seeing the "Thunderer".
  6. Uh guys, considering the dev blog hasn't said anything about a premium Brit BBs and it's not in the Aslain's extended tech tree mod, I think Mouse is trolling you.
  7. Make that a triple post. Remind me not to surf the web and play Age of Mythology with 12 players at the same time.
  8. Whoops, double post because of computer glitch.
  9. Huh, that's a funny way of spelling Cossack.
  10. what's gonna be the next premium release?

    Monaghan looks to be a likely candidate since America Containers will offer a chance to win one. Personally I wish they'd just release the T-61 already if they aren't going to make any changes. Of course Graf Zeppelin will probably get its real release next month if WG decides to release it right after the exclusivity period ends.
  11. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    I freely admit that my only real "source" was from ship comrade. I specifically state this in my opening sentence. I was just curious what everyone else thought and to see if anyone had contradictory info, since I've not exactly seen any of these ships featuring in every other game like they used too. I'm personally one of those people who tends to buy unique or just solid premiums and so far the only one I've gotten this year was Aigle so I was curious if I one the only one who thought the premiums of this year had been rather shrug worthy. I'm not trying to make any arguments, just voicing a curiosity. I apologize if this annoyed anyone.
  12. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    Well if ShipComrade is to be trusted, it seems to my eyes that premiums have been a bit on the thin side in terms of sales this year. Roma started things off decently with 1698 bought and played across the four servers (of course it's in the middle of a return that may be boosting those numbers). Aigle appeared to be very popular with 6045, of course it was also available via a mission. Gascogne saw 932. Despite the prophets of doom, it appears that only 751 Asashios were bought and played across all four servers. By comparison, almost twice as many people played the Varyag at least once. Or if you prefer ships with similar availability (It only saw a week-long return after its initial sale) and tier, the KIdd saw 2434, over three times that of the Asashio. Heck, there are more than twice as many people sailing around in Haung Meh!!! And of the recent Duca Degli, only 269 sales and first games. Thoughts?
  13. Yeah, Seems a Little OP

    Yeah I'd say Gulio is a little OP when top-tier. This was my first game out in her and I left a few marks. And I was just dancing around their CVs. Feel a bit like a cruiser with actual armor.
  14. That BB who somehow double cit'd my angled Kutuzov from over 23 kilos away.
  15. Just cause I'm tired of hearing it.

    So if @Lert shows up in a thread, we need to be careful not to have pictures of cucumbers?