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  1. Wrong Answers Only: 01

    Gotta be the Taiho.
  2. Russian DD Buffs

    We'll just have to wait and see I guess.
  3. Russian DD Buffs

    My question is: given that it has the same type of gun as the Pod, Gnevny, and Minsk, is Gremy going to have it's rotation buffed to?
  4. More Balance Changes

    Well to me the big quibble was always going to be her shells since I plan to use her in scenarios a lot and the bots never target BBs. Now that she has the better shells, I'm probably going to grab her. Thanks for the confirmation. Besides, I play cruisers. Any armor is an improvement over that.
  5. More Balance Changes

    ST. Balance changes. Soviet destroyers and the "Chapayev" cruiser. Soviet destroyers "Gnevny" and "Minsk": Increased the speed of rotation of the Main Battery from 6.0 to 9.7 deg. / sec. ... Soviet destroyer "Podvoisky": Increased the speed of rotation of the Main Battery from 6.0 to 9.7 deg. / sec.; Reduced the reload time of the Main Battery from 8.1 to 7.5 s. The Soviet modules 102 mm/60 Model 1911 (installed on Soviet destroyers of Tier II-IV): Increased the speed of rotation of the Main Battery from 8.0 to 9.7 deg. / sec.; The Soviet destroyer "Tashkent": Added a researchable main battery module: 130 mm / 55 B-2-U from Khabarovsk. This addition will make moving along the Tech Tree more logical and will allow you to get used to tier X ballistics in advance. The changes increase the combat effectiveness of Soviet destroyers, leading them to balance with their classmates, and also allow them to focus on artillery dueling, because slow turrets often hampered the effectiveness of making use of ballistics and damage per minute. The Soviet cruiser "Chapayev": The possibility of installing the equipment "Surveillance Radar" on the A Hull. Change brings consistency to this ship's progression. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. I'm a little annoyed with these changes given that back in the day, the main balancing factors for the Soviet DDs' guns were their sluggish rotation and the OWSF penalty. And with these latest changes, those are not really an issue anymore. I'm wondering if the rotation boost will effect the Gremyaschy as not doing so would make it a bit more balanced compared to other ships and maybe see it go on sale. Considering the influx of radar lately, I get the feeling that Chappy's change will be nonconsequential in the grand scheme of things. ST. Balance changes. American and Pan-Asian ships. For American and pan-Asian AP shells of 127 mm caliber for Mk 38 guns, the fuse time has been reduced from 0.03 to 0.01. The change will make it more efficient to deal "alpha" damage to destroyers and cruisers. Fixed a bug for the US cruisers Seattle and Buffalo with the sigma parameter, now the indicator is 2.05 instead of 2.0.... The sigma paramerter bug for the American cruiser Baltimore has been fixed, now the value is 2.0 instead of 2.05. American Battleship S. Carolina: The sigma parameter is increased from 1.8 to 1.9. Change leads the battleship to balance with the ships of her tier. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. So US DD AP will be more viable against superstructure there's some minor changes to cruiser shell groupings which could be good or bad depending on you PoV (and your ability to aim). Accuracy for the SC gets buffed which I don't mind given that while most tier III BBs have the same broadside, the SC is the only one which lacks wing turrets and therefore needs to wait for its guns to fully turn around in order to fire. ST. Balance changes. Japanese and German battleships. Japanese battleship Izumo: The thickness of the upper deck armour plating is increased from 32 mm to 57 mm; Surface Detectability Range reduced from 19.26 to 17.19 km;... Surface Detectability Range after shooting from smoke is reduced from 19.21 to 16.8 km. The changes will allow the battleship to receive less damage from the enemy cruisers' HE shells, and the change in the visibility puts her in line with that of other tier IX battleships. It will also increase the average life time and combat efficiency of the ship. Japanese battleship Yamato: The speed of rotation of the Main Battery is increased from 2.5 to 3.0 g / s to increase the level of comfort of the game on the ship. Japanese battleship Ashitaka: AP shells was replaced with a shell with the following characteristics: Initial speed: 806 m / s instead of 790 m / s; Damage: 12 600 instead of 12 400. Thus, the battleship can better combine high speed and effective armament. The ship will have a volley from the battleship Amagi, whilst staying inferior to it in armour. Japanese battleship Kawachi: In the hull (A) the reload time of the Main Battery is reduced from 33 to 30 s. Japanese battleship Myogi: A Hull: the reload time of the Main Battery is reduced from 33 to 30 s; A Hull: rotation speed of the Main Battery is increased from 3.0 to 4.0 g / s; The sigma parameter is increased from 1.8 to 2.0. Thus, Kawachi and Myogi will become more comfortable ships during the progression from the base to the top state of the ship. The change in sigma will compensate for the small number of shells in the volley. German battleship Nassau: Reload time of the Main Battery has increased from 22.2 to 26 s Reduced the number of charges of consumable "Repair Party" from 3 (4 for Repair Party II) to 2 (3). The ship showed high efficiency at her tier and the corrections should lead it to balance with other ships at her tier. Reducing the number of charges of this consumable will increase the effectiveness of experienced and novice players on the ship. Okay so Kawachii gets a reload buff, Myogi gets several buffs, Izumo gets buffed in armor and detection (something I'm sure will help given its reputation), Yamato gets a buff to its turret rotation which I reserve the right to [edited] about. Ashitaka appears to be getting the modernized 16" shell that Nagato and Amagi get so I guess I should put her on my list now that she doesn't have the defective older shells. Maybe @LittleWhiteMousecould confirm my hypothesis given that she is the source of genius that always seems to know how these things work. And finally Nassau losses a charge of its repair party while also getting a reload nerf. Not real sure how I feel about these changes given that I just breezed through the lower tier BBs. Izumo getting changes that might tempt me to buy her. As someone with the Yamato, I can appreciate the slight buff. As someone who has every other tier X BB (not to mention the to-be-nerfed Alsace), I curse the existence of the 18.1-inch LOL!penner. And if I'm correct in assuming that Ashitaka now has the new shells and not just tweaked old ones, looks like I've got a new premium on my list.
  6. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad balance changes

    They haven't put Flint or Black on sale. They might offer bundles that include Steel, but at this point I doubt they'll just plain sell it or the Stalingrad.
  7. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad balance changes

    Actually as long as you consistently win 15+ battles each season, you'll get her eventually.
  8. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad balance changes

    It's 28k Steel. No non-unicum is gonna be getting their hands on that much any time soon.
  9. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad balance changes

    Look on the bright side, they didn't give her the 50mm plating that Moskva got.
  10. Irony

    While this isn't an accurate representation of my gameplay (I'm Joe average as my stats indicate and I'm far more likely to be carried instead of doing the carrying), this does a startling degree of justice to my job. Great pay, but a definite toll on my blood pressure. I should not have to tell fifteen- and sixteen-year-olds to get off their asses and back to work once an hour.
  11. And this is why I hope they introduce tier X scenarios sooner rather than later. It won't fix the problem, but hopefully if we get a good rotation of them going (with Narai-level rewards) then it'll decrease the number of tier Xs in randoms.
  12. This is Getting Creepy

    Sorry buddy, I know your boss. I don't fear the lapdog of Morgoth.
  13. CCP Cammo for October Revolution

    Not quite as pants-wetting as the sound of bagpipes. Mainly because that sound means your about to get hit by the furor celtica that's been sending "civilized men" running for the hills since Rome was in diapers.
  14. This is Getting Creepy

    So are they on the walls and coming down the halls? (thumbs up if you get that reference)
  15. This is Getting Creepy

    Okay, I've got to ask, is someone from Wargaming stalking me? All three shows that the old Captain in the comic strips watches (MASH, Black Sheep Squadron, and Hogan's Heroes) are all shows that I like to watch. It's getting kind of freaky.