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  1. JediMasterDraco

    Premium Ship Review #149 - Ragnarok & Ignis Purgatio

    Well, this is rather hilarious. My first look at World of Warships in almost a month and I come back to find a Warhammer 40k crossover event going on. Now why is this hilarious? Because I've spent most of my non-WoWS time playing Total War: Warhammer. Not sure whether I should appreciate the irony, or declare a Grudgin for the neglect of Fantasy (The End Times never happened and any is free to fight me on this).
  2. JediMasterDraco

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    I’m almost positive this thread is meant to parody the typical CV-Whine Thread.
  3. Well since Wargaming wants to practice highway robbery, I think I'll call in some piratical support. I have Luthor Harkon on speed dial.
  4. Ironic. For the US, the naval war began with an air raid targeting it's battleships at Pearl Harbor. And it ended with the sinking of a Japanese battleship with overwhelming aerial power.
  5. JediMasterDraco

    This must be what the good players feel like

    Clearly since he was killed by a CV, CVs need to be nerfed again. In other news, nice job Snarg, I love those games where everything just clicks and your team just works. One of the reasons I love Clan Battles.
  6. JediMasterDraco

    ST, changes to test ships

    Jesus you clowns are petty.
  7. JediMasterDraco

    Patch 9.2.1 - whats in it?

    Probably a CV nerf or two.
  8. JediMasterDraco

    PT, European destroyers torpedoes' and balance changes.

    OH HELL TO THE [edited] YEAH!!! I loved her when she was paper at tier VII and now she's a tank at tier VI. We live in strange times.
  9. JediMasterDraco

    ST, changes to test ships.

    Not really, she's mentioned in passing in the details of the FDR and the new French BB, but she wasn't given any detailed statistics.
  10. JediMasterDraco

    First T10 Ship

    Midway. The single most powerful ship of the Second World War.
  11. That’s because the NC is so damn squishy that no one in it stays alive long enough to worry about the guns.
  12. JediMasterDraco

    Just got accused of cheating in ranked

    I've been accused of cheating too and I'm a rather average player so don't let it bother you. Ranked tends to be inhabited by a bunch of glue eaters the last few seasons. I swear I've had more Ranked games where people just drive to the edge and do butt-kiss than I've seen in Randoms.
  13. Personally, my wallet's been closed since the CV Rework fell out of the Ugly Tree and hit every branch on the way down. The one exception was when I had a coupon and grabbed Lenin for $35.
  14. JediMasterDraco

    OK this just has to be some sort of joke right?

    Or York as in Duke of York. Probably a good thing they didn't add the British York-class cruisers because then things would just be completely facerolling.
  15. If you'd learned jack from the CV rework, we would be back to the RTS mode with manual attacks removed and the auto-attacks being slightly buffed to compensate.