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  1. Brunocsf

    Why do they even play

    honestly i dont really like any tier below 8, and i agree with you LOL
  2. Brunocsf

    Torpedo Launcher Aiming Bug

    yea, actually i used reload booster in my JB and it dindt shoot, finally fix is coming
  3. Brunocsf

    Kansas or North Carolina(BB line split debate)

    go for NC, kansas sigma and dispersion is trash, reload is trash, armor is trash, and even thought cit is under water the torp protection is so large you eat full pens, NC rewards well and is a good bb
  4. Brunocsf

    I do NOT understand the Iowa

    I dindt' say it's irrevelant lol, you misunderstand me, all I said is that in 3 years so much changed that people should re consider lol...
  5. Brunocsf

    I do NOT understand the Iowa

    Guys who posted in 2020, you realize this thread is 3 years old.. Alot has changed, Iowa is still good but Georgia is superior, but no need to go to a 3 year old thread and post that georgia is better lol.
  6. epic but i cant waste my money on these ships which is not epic :(
  7. Brunocsf

    Ägir and Siegfried hype officially strangled by WG

    I find agir price fair, only problem is Siegfried which is for Research Bureau...
  8. Brunocsf

    Yamato or Montana?

    I just realized this thread is very old, sorry LOL.
  9. Brunocsf

    Yamato or Montana?

    Montana has gave me a better experience