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  1. Capitan_Crunch

    Kill stealing???

    When I play Bb I usually will leave ships i hit but still have a sliver of heath for the smaller faster firing ships,unless its a major threat, then I'll finish them off.Usually something better to be shooting at when ur reload is every 30sh seconds.
  2. Capitan_Crunch

    USS Nicholas: DFAA or Engine boost?

    Take engine boost DFAA should just be removed now its a useless module since the most recent aa rework.
  3. Capitan_Crunch

    Why is Wooster so Expensive to Play?

    I don't have it myself but cruisers often have a lot of consumables, and tier 9 and 10 are meant to be more expensive to keep the lower tiers populated, especially if you are a free to play player you wont be making a lot of credits without running a permanent cammo , premium time and flags.
  4. Capitan_Crunch

    Ship Drops from Supercontainers

    Just got the Exeter in a drop myself, was nice as I was thinking of buying it anyway,then I got the PEF german BB for finishing the anniversary directives.
  5. Capitan_Crunch

    Opinions on all cruisers having smoke

    About as annoying as being the cruiser getting deleted by a bb on the other side of the map over a mountain and deleting you.
  6. Capitan_Crunch

    Opinions on all cruisers having smoke

    once again, READ the post!!!!!! not camping smoke not offensive sit in and shoot smoke BUT GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE and break contact disapating quickely smoke so Many like the Guy 2 poss above DON'T READ .I said read the post NOT THE TITLE .OMG you elititist @@*!#@ Trolls.
  7. Capitan_Crunch

    Why are Detonations still a thing?

    Watch which signal flafs you use, some will increase the chance of it happening. Also run the signal flag that helps prevent them . And if your a dd I always use the magazine mod in slot 1.
  8. Capitan_Crunch

    So, I kinda LIKE the Viribus Unitis

    It is a well done model and I would gladley buy it,IF it had tier5 hp ,not tier3 hp.Cause I am hoping The Agincort eventually makes it to pc version that wows blitz has.😁
  9. Capitan_Crunch

    Opinions on all cruisers having smoke

    Thinking something alot shorter duration can use at half speed to break contact not somthing that lingers and you can camp in might take some of the Island humping meta away
  10. Capitan_Crunch

    Opinions on all cruisers having smoke

    Alot of these posts make me wonder if you read my post ,or just the title of the topic.....
  11. Capitan_Crunch

    PSA: Weekend Event For 11 Camo

    Thank you WG been playing for almost 4 years we got a Haida and now you even recognize that Canada and the US EH have different thanksgiving holidays,its the little things but nice none the less.😁
  12. Capitan_Crunch

    Opinions on all cruisers having smoke

    Well I did say british dd type smoke not something to camp in but to break contact and run.
  13. Capitan_Crunch

    Light Cruisers

    Considering how accurate actual hit rates were and the low percentage of hits were in the war I fully support the idea of citadel hits being 95 or over on a 100 sided die
  14. What is your thoughts I dont mean all have british cruiser tipe smoke but what about british dd type smoke perhaps? Very short duration to break contact with not designed for camping in and spamming ie NOT like Belfast Kutzov,or Smolinski
  15. Capitan_Crunch

    Thank you for the Exeter WG

    now i need to relearn something.no smoke and slow dpm and a heal if you survive long enough to use it.usually like british cruisers ,but I think between the Emerald and the leander ,it feels off. I think the Emerald would win in a duel unfortunately, hope the brit tech tree CA's feel better.