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  1. Capitan_Crunch

    Any new maps EVER going to come?

    I guess there is some maps I dont see as much as I prefer to stick in mid tiers,I know occasionally when I play one of my 8s and get uptiered, there is maps I don't know . Perhaps use them in the lower tiers as well just don't use the whole map. Just a thought.
  2. Capitan_Crunch

    BB's how can you defend against dds

    Well if this was a games where teams supported each other, I would say stick with a cruiser,If your caught alone secondaries that actually did something would be nice. Otherwise a dd that wants a BB dead gets his wish cause really nothing to deter them from yoloing at you anymore with the secondary nerf.
  3. lots of ships ,good graphic overhauls, some other issues we all know need addressing. But been a very long time and some new maps and or ops would be nice.
  4. Capitan_Crunch

    DAILY Operations, instead of weekly

    I disagree with this statement, I have alot of premiums and pvp had very little on my decision to get them actual ships with actual history played the major factor.
  5. definitely miss bos for cruisers only dds and bbs get that now like wth? And oh my god turrest speeds extremly nerfed but thats on bb cruisers and dds that had slow tureetes
  6. Capitan_Crunch

    Did I dream the ads and teasers for subs in WoW? ...

    Yup if they don't get it right when they go live, the subs will be playing by themselves as the servers will be almost empty. It's a wait and see for me, they could just ruin the game the way the testing has gone so far.
  7. Capitan_Crunch

    WG speaks with forked tongue, again - Axis vs Allies

    What I honestly don't understand is why not tier 6 first, no ships have radar and would of been alot better to test it with.
  8. Capitan_Crunch

    Axis v.s. Allies goes into ST

    Very cool,have to agree it should be tiers 6-8 thos graf spee warsp[ite and then u need bismark scharnhorst etc as well. Id be fine with this mode not have ANY ships capable with radar.
  9. Capitan_Crunch

    So Only Range / Survival Builds Now?

    Well good luck I don't think there is much for cruiser survivability in this rework,3 skills I miss smokescreen expert bos for cruisers and preventive maintenace should be for cruisers as well
  10. Capitan_Crunch

    Reduce number of possible fires to two

    Modules need an over haul like out the capt respec and cruisers need bos and there should be a longer cooldown when fires can be started again after they are repaired not just battleships,latest capt rework screwed cruisers over alot for fires as well.
  11. Seems like it was possible y was forgotten in their rework and mistakenly left out. It makes no sense that battleships, and destroyers would get this but not cruisers?
  12. Capitan_Crunch

    BB skill preventive maintenance?? is this right?

    Fair enough, not that I meant it shouldn't be in the battleship tree, but seems like something that should definitely have been on all the tree's
  13. I am wondering, as I am sure we are all figuring out the new skills and such. Preventive maintenance just seems like it was thrown into the wrong tree? Honestly seems like it would be a cruiser and destroyer skill if anything not for battleships.
  14. Just a thought I play cruisers ,Battleships, Destroyers, dabbled in cvs. I been thinking cruisers do seem to need a little love with the new skill rework. Perhaps a skill that lets us break contact and go dark to get out of harms way when all hell breaks loose. I am thinking a capt skill for all cruisers altho some already have smoke for breaking contact with opposing forces. Now this skill will not let you use your main armaments and not as long lasting as dd smoke etc, literally for breaking contact only perhaps with a bonus dispertion nerf to ships shooting at you for it as well. perhaps a 3 or 4 point skill duration im not too sure maybe 30 secs? Thoughts? Still need something like the bos skill we use to have still thinking on that 1.
  15. Capitan_Crunch

    change the dang mm

    WG could always just try to balance the ships, but would probably turn out like the cv rework. Plus 1 minus 1 mm has been asked for for years and would probably make the game alot more enjoyable and people would be happy to spend money and refer friends. When the servers are finally empty they just dont realize we arnt all young twitchey competive types. So yeah ops and coops or jump back down to tier 3 if ur getting frusterated.