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    I know this will never happen in randoms….Unfortunatley but how about at least for coop? I know me and a few clan mates like to stay within the same theater when we division AND I AM sure lots of us older p;layers that play this game as some form of nostalgia from wars gone by,would probably love this feature.
  2. Capitan_Crunch

    Warspite: Yes or No?

  3. Capitan_Crunch

    USS Arizona and HMS Hood

    Have both Arizona is good ship but slow with good guns,Hood is Iconic and purty,but the guns feel like gnienau accurracy ,without the punch.Hood really needs warspite guns ,like she really had.As she is,she is mostly a port Queen that I take into ops occasionally.
  4. Yeah might as well delete ur freakin tier 7 ops, start from scratch COMPLETELY unenjoyable had an awesome 2 star run and a few BIllion credit loss for trying. NOT FUN WG,they use to be enjoyable.
  5. Port slots are usually 300 doubloons each, they are on sale right now for 150 each maybe get a weekend supply drop and buy a couple if ya can,.also sometimes can be won in one of the crate options
  6. Capitan_Crunch

    WG anything in the works for a britis premium cruiser?

    Looked up the exeter sounds like it would be a nice edition as she also saw action against the Graff Spee
  7. Since the removal of the belfast anything in the works for another premium british cruiser tier6 would be nice thank you