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  1. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 1st, 2018

    Well US battleships deserve a secondary range increase because they don't have their historical reload time (at least on the 127mm Mk38's found on the NC/SoDak's/Iowa's) and adding in the ability to switch between HE and AP secondaries would add another dynamic to the game that would bring in more combat diversity in most situations in all matches. If anything it's just food for thought but who knows, it might happen one day.
  2. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 1st, 2018

    I actually would like to see US battleships get a secondary battery range increase and accuracy increase to bring them more in line to how they performed in combat IRL back in WWII and I would also like to see in the future the implementation of AP and HE shell switching for secondary batteries across ships of all nations. (Like how the 155's on the Izumo and Musashi/Yamato fire AP only and the 127's fire HE only give us the ability to switch between them independently or universally).
  3. How would YOU design the USN BB split.

    The way I'd see a US BB line split would be making the second line the post Pearl Harbor variants that gained the 20mm Oerlikons, 40mm Bofors and 127mm mk38 DP guns. So you'd have the USS Oklahoma as the T5 split with the USS Nevada as the T5 split premium (due to Oklahoma having never been repaired after Pearl Harbor), USS Tennessee as the T6 tech tree with reconstructed hull having the 8x2 127mm mk38's, USS West Virginia as the T7 tech tree split (Colorado clone with better AA and by definition more health due to extra equipment). In essence the line split would incorporate some of the ships we don't have along with more AA which would have to be worked in with the CV rework.
  4. North Carolina, what am I doing wrong?

    The North Carolina is truly different from the pudgy dreadnoughts you've been accustomed to using which have shotgun like dispersion, meh AA and slow 21 knot top speeds. The main thing that you notice is how slow her 406mm shell velocity is compared to New Mexico's 356's and Colorado's 406's at only a mere 701m/s compared to the 768m/s of the Colorado. She is a stealthy fast AA battleship that excels at medium range engagements and can hold her own against T10's fairly well when played properly. First and foremost is your positioning, you generally want to know the general play on the map you are playing on then you want to identify which flank the enemy is heavily focused on. From there depending on which flank you ended up being on and on which side of the map you have the options of either pushing the enemy and deleting enemy ships or kiting back a bit and holding off the enemy advance. Her AA is unrivaled in tier by other tech tree battleships at T8 (when excluding premium battleships Alabama and Kii) and can melt enemy aircraft when captain and module builds are spec'd properly. She also doesn't take torpedoes as well as the dreadnoughts below her in the tech tree but that is made up for by her 27 knot top speed which allows you to better respond to incoming shell fire and or torpedo attacks and you don't bleed as much speed in turns. As a seasoned NC player your first priority should always be focusing on the most immediate threat to your team (granted that it is reasonable to do so, ie if a DD is torping a friendly 21km away or an enemy Atlanta is hunkering down behind a rock that you can't shoot over that should not be your priority.) Below are screenshots of the most enjoyable, satisfying and best match I've ever had in the NC which showcases exactly how good the ship is when setup and played properly.
  5. I appreciate you featuring my IFHE Mogami replay in ranked Zath it's nice to be able to show to a more general audience what the purpose of the ship is and how it should be played especially in a setting where winning or losing doesn't affect only your win rate or stats but where you stand in ranked. So if you did notice that while I did not have a kill I did end up finishing that game at something like 140K damage and where I positioned myself was almost at the maximum range of my guns mainly for the purpose of trying to tank as much as possible without getting hit. The idea of the game is to be a distraction that forces the enemy team into a predicament where they have one of two options, ignore me and I slowly whittle down each ship one by one OR shoot me and generally miss or do an overpen or a pen worth of damage for a full broadside instead of shooting at my battleships or my destroyers. Also my main reason for picking Mogami over Atago was because I felt that in having a heal I was able to play a little bit more greedy which ended up with me getting punished heavily because I could take a massive hit but still heal back some of it which wasn't good in the long run. Also when comparing the damage per salvo between the Mogami's 15 155's to Atago's 10 203's you end up with a theoretical maximum salvo of 39K with the 155's to the 33K with the Atago's 203's for HE and theoretical maximum salvo of 49.5K with the 155's to the 47K with the Atago's 203's for AP so it is technically more damage either way with the main differences being that Atago retains better AP shell penetration at range and Mogami has to run IFHE to maintain the ability to pen 32mm sections of plating where Atago does not. Ship module build that I ended up going with was: Main Armaments Mod 1 because your turret armor is 25mm all around which means that they will likely be incapacitated ir not outright destroyed if you did not have MAM1 equipped Damage Control System Mod 1 for the lower % chance of flooding and fire and the slight torpedo damage reduction (I did not find my engine or rudder getting knocked out consistently enough to not run DCSM1) Main Battery Mod 2 for the turret rotation speed increase of 15% at the cost of a 5% longer reload, I opted for this instead of ASM1 because while it was nice to have a tighter cluster of shells I found myself unable to track targets in a turn which meant that I could not maintain my DPM due to my guns not being able to fire from not being able to keep up with the ship. Steering Gears Mod 2 for the faster rudder shift allowed me to be able to kite much easier at mid range which meant that I took less damage overall when I was running and gunning and fighting and kiting. Concealment Systems Mod 1 because the stealth is arguably more valuable than the double rudder shift just for the sake of being able to stay gun silent if you needed to in a bad spot or being able to sneak up into a better position without being caught as fast. Captain skills that I ended up going with was: Priority Target 1st to allow me to know how many people were looking at me (with the intention of killing me of course) Expert Marksman 2nd to speed up her fairly bad turret traverse speed on the 155's Demolition Expert 3rd to increase her fire chance and to offset the fire chance reduction of IFHE (which is helped out a lot by having 15 guns despite the fire chance not being as high as the 203's) IFHE and Concealment Expert 4th (if you do not have a 14 point minimum captain to do this I suggest you get a 14 point captain then continue as both of these ARE VITAL to the success you can achieve with this setup) with IFHE being the ability to pen 32mm of plating like a 203mm gun can do and Concealment Expert to further boost your Japanese stealth which with full concealment gets down to 9.2km. Adrenaline Rush 5th because you will take damage no matter what throughout the course of the match so lowering your reload time as your health depletes helps out with eliminating targets or outright winning the DPM war (also helps to offset the slight reload time increase of MBM2) Preventive Maintenance 6th mainly to reduce the chance of incapacitation of all your modules (your guns, your torps, your engine/rudder, your AA mounts/secondaries) 18th and 19th point, this is where you can kind of spend the remainder 2 points on whatever you so choose as you are fairly limited in what you have left to choose from but I would go with Expert Loader and Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft, Expert Loader mainly because your 155's do reload faster than the 203's so at 10.5s before AR it would take 5.25s to switch to AP and Direction Center for double fighters or spotters in the sky for self defense recon purposes or for offensive spotting purposes. That's my mindset on it but again you can kinda choose what you'd like with the remaining 2 points. Lastly the first screenshot that shows 171667 damage was the absolute highlight of my IFHE Mogami's career in ranked in Season 8 there were only 2 ships that I managed to get higher damage in a single match throughout the entire season but the satisfaction of being able to play a ship that most people associated with being "a useless member of the team" due to the poor performance that most people exhibited while playing her and when comparing her utilitarian purposes to another cruiser(s) (looking at you New Orleans and Chapayev) and successfully ranking out made it all worth it. The second and third screenshots shows my module setup and captain skills. Note: It was also rather hilarious to shoot at DD's and watch up to 75% of their health evaporate from a single IFHE salvo if they didn't detonate outright. Edit: Thanks again @Lord_Zath and @SeaRaptor00 for doing the commentary!
  6. Battleship nerf proposal

    Greetings everyone it's StatikTheWarmonger, and I've never posted specifically on these forums but some of you may see me around usually in one of my battleships. I would actually like to propose a nerf to battleships being a battleship main with the intention of slightly decreasing the overall battleship population. In terms of secondary guns when we use manual fire control for secondaries or a target comes into range the secondaries seemingly just whip and rotate immediately to the location of the enemy ship without regard to what the secondary gun itself would rotate on the ships they are mounted on. For example the 155mm gun mounted on the rear of the Izumo and on the front and back of the superstructure of the Yamato would take 36s stock to rotate 180 degrees on the Mogami but whip into the direction of the enemy ship completely ignoring any form of turret rotation speed. I feel that this nerf would be justifiable as to add more balance and nerf battleships which without a doubt are very commonly seen comprising a majority of both teams in a 12v12. Also it would be kinda nice if we could get armor profiles of the secondary guns added to the armor layout viewer so as to know exactly how durable they are. I would like to hear everyone's opinions, what are your thoughts on this proposed nerf?