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  1. Playing Carriers at Present

    I got to 40k XP on my Ranger last night. I was just wondering, is it worth attempting any further progress on carriers now, given the impending rework? Please leave your input below. Thanks! P.S. I also have 10k or something XP on my Hosho, and wanted to get that to T5 as well, if not to T6.
  2. Grinding Through Ranger

    Given the impending CV rework, should I attempt any further progress on grinding any CVs at this time? I signed up to be a beta tester for the rework.
  3. Grinding Through Ranger

    I don't have screenshots, but I can tell you I try to stay with my team, and adjust my position to stay with them as needed.
  4. Grinding Through Ranger

    How do I end up with an 18% survival rate? Merely the fact that I haven't been playing them very often is why. And I often get stuck in impossible situations (blame can go either way) when I do; including Saipans, T9 ships, or both. I'm still at T4 in the Hosho. It's taking a while to grind up her, in no small part because I've been doing missions that require T5 or higher, and it isn't high priority right now. I've also decided to keep grinding the IJN cruiser branch to T10, and to get the British and French branches there (as well as German battleships) before attempting any further progress on any other branches for now. There. Does that answer your question?
  5. Grinding Through Ranger

    I don't know, man. Either you and your fellow Ranger were really good, or the enemy CVs were impotent (though not impotent enough to barely survive the battle.)
  6. Looking Ahead to Mogami

    All right, so as I might have posted on this subsection of the forums, I got the Mogami, and mounted the 203s as soon as I could buy them. Admittedly, they're not that bad, and I've had a few good games with them. Using AP against cruisers at point-blank range, you get citadels like it's nobody's business. I got four when trying to flush out a hidden New Orleans once. All in all, they're good when they need to be. I'm guessing Ibuki is more of the same.
  7. Grinding Through Ranger

    All right, so I now have gotten to just over 30,000 XP, just more than 25% of the way to Lexington. I'm averaging around 20k-ish damage, and have about 8 kills. Is it going to get harder from here?
  8. Gneisenau Secondary Build

    So, in what is traditional fashion for me, I spent a metric crap wad of free XP and got the Gneisenau. I'm thinking of running a secondary build on her. Someone tell me if 1: I should do this and 2: what upgrades/captain skills to go for. I pulled my old Kaiser commander out of the reserves and back to active duty. He has Priority Target, Expert Marksman, and Superintendent. I also got Main Armaments Mod 1. Thanks!
  9. Game Timing Out After a Match

    It's disconnecting me from WG's server and forcing me to log back in. Usually after that, I have a problem with being AFK if I try to play another game, and most times I can't restart the game without restarting the whole system.
  10. Game Timing Out After a Match

    If I haven't brought this up before, I now have to play Warships on an all-in-one as my desktop tower is dead...for now. That said, I've had a few instances where the game disconnects at the end of a match, so I can't view my post-battle results, like the one I had just a few minutes before writing this where I was in my Ranger and killed a DD and got 2k XP. How do I solve this issue, and where can I go to find more detailed match statistics?
  11. Russian CVs

    There's an entire thread on this in the "Tech Tree Ideas" section.
  12. Grinding Through Ranger

    I brought up the scenario of a secondary duel with a Saipan as a possibility. Being that I'd have a clear advantage over him (having usable secondary guns,) and having a slightly better rudder shift time (and speed, with the flag equipped,) who would come out on top in that scenario?
  13. I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    Dude, last night I got a barrage of hate comments because I 1: was loading in slowly and 2: wasn't meeting other people's expectations. You're gonna get hate from people both in the game and in life; what matters is that you suck it up and keep going. Anyone who's good at what they do have people who both love and hate them. It's going to happen in the game, whether you play surface combatants or carriers. You're going to have good and bad games. Good players have bad games, and bad players have good games. It's a part of life; just avoid taking it personally and you'll be fine.
  14. Grinding Through Ranger

    How do I deal with Saipans in the Ranger?