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  1. I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    Dude, last night I got a barrage of hate comments because I 1: was loading in slowly and 2: wasn't meeting other people's expectations. You're gonna get hate from people both in the game and in life; what matters is that you suck it up and keep going. Anyone who's good at what they do have people who both love and hate them. It's going to happen in the game, whether you play surface combatants or carriers. You're going to have good and bad games. Good players have bad games, and bad players have good games. It's a part of life; just avoid taking it personally and you'll be fine.
  2. Grinding Through Ranger

    How do I deal with Saipans in the Ranger?
  3. Grinding Through Ranger

    So now, after some hard battles in Random and Co-op, I'm now up to 20k XP on Ranger. I decided to start grinding her again after realizing the lack of T8+ USN carriers or cruisers isn't doing me much favors in the Halsey missions. To seasoned Lexington (at least) captains, what are some things I can do to make the grind less painful??
  4. poi

  5. poi

  6. WoWs roadmap 2018-2020, (maybe)

    So if 2019 updates will be 0.8.x, and 2020 updates 0.9.x, what will 2021 updates be? 0.10.x, or 1.0.x?
  7. Queen Elizabeth Builds

    So I spent some Free XP and unlocked the QE. I'm scraping together the money to buy her; what's the best build you suggest for her, as far as upgrades and captain skills are concerned?
  8. Speculation for Pan Asian cruisers

    So we could have the same ship but two skins of it...wonder how that'll go down.
  9. Speculation for Pan Asian cruisers

    IMHO Mysore would likely be Commonwealth, as India is in it.
  10. I Know the Ranger Sucks

    But I'm going to play 1-2 games, maybe more, in co-op to get back in the saddle with carriers. I played a game last night and got sunk by an enemy after nearly getting TK'd by a Gadjah Mada who was already pink. I got 8k XP on her now; how do I get 12-13x that amount?
  11. US Navy Battlecarrier

    And also this: http://www.combinedfleet.com/furashita/midway_f.htm
  12. year of the cv

    Well, there's been some updates on the carrier rework; the new interface is out. Here's Jingles playing it.
  13. On A Scale of 1-10

    Most of this are my thoughts exactly; Tiers 7-9 would be Clevelands, but with torpedoes and smoke.
  14. Why no Mogamis in game?

    There's at least one Mogami with 203s in the game, and I happen to be playing it. If you know how to utilize her guns, and ammo types, she'll work like a charm.
  15. On A Scale of 1-10

    Thank you for pointing that out.