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  1. Tried that to no avail. Either it's that somehow when I seem to have that perfect waterline shot set up, the target suddenly turns; or I am just that bad with my aim and firing. Probably both.
  2. For those of you who had trouble getting the fifth and final task in the British BB mission, how did you get past it in the end? I'd like to know, as I'm having similar issues. Thanks!
  3. I haven't completed any of the missions, but when the crash happened, I was getting to nearly halfway towards the first one. That 4-kill, 70k damage, CQX effort in my Missouri was for nothing, I guess.
  4. Tell me more.
  5. Besides me, who here is going for it all? And what strategy do you intend to use to get them?
  6. What do you think is the optimal number of planes per air group? I'd say 4-5 is good enough across the board. Should some types of aircraft have more planes than others? Sound off in the comments below!
  7. I had a look at the stats of the Independence-class CVs on Wikipedia. In real life, they carried 24 Hellcats and nine Avengers, so a 2-1-0 loadout is pretty close to reality as it gets.
  8. Update: I got the Iowa. Save that I get fired at by everyone, I'm finding her a good ship. I am flying the XP and credit flags to curtail the credit hemorrhaging; I got 90k damage in one game, and three firsts (win, frag, game survived) for her in another. I have a question: How is it possible to only get two penetrating hits on a beached cruiser sitting broadside on to you? (It was a Hindenburg, BTW.)
  9. I just exchanged doubloons into credits; now I can call the Iowa mine. I transferred my NC captain (Steven Seagal) to her, and my old CO captain to the NC.
  10. Dunno; I'm getting close enough as it is. That, and I might have two T9s by this time in a month (the MO.)
  11. Anything else?
  12. You're welcome.
  13. To buy the Iowa at the discounted price. Why can't I, and is anyone else having the same issue?
  14. Funny you bring that up, because I was in a game with one of those damned things last night, where I kept trying to bait his fighters into range of a Cleveland and a few other ships. Lost half my group, but destroyed two of his. (They were at less than full strength when that happened.) I then realized there was no way of winning, as I couldn't see any good targets for my bombers, so I ragequit. What else could I do?
  15. So recently, when I get into a game where it's me 1v1 carrier-wise against an enemy Ryujo, and I'm in my Independence, I have more often than not been encountering AS loadouts with no way to beat them. Aside strafing them (which isn't an option against one or two as they will get out of the way and then attack me) and playing it safe, to go along with the risky option of sniping, what other ways are there of winning a contest with one? Thanks!