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  1. SeaKnight_1990

    Grind Goals for 2020

    Ok...Gearing is done, and thanks to the Great Eight containers which got me a Chapayev, I'm now at the Donskoi. I also have me an Amagi, Lion, and Implacable. More to come.
  2. SeaKnight_1990

    Just Got the Gearing

    Title says everything. I also assigned my Tsar Alexander captain to her, and gave him PT, AR, BFT, AFT, LS, and IFA. In addition, with whatever little credits I have left, I gave her MAM1, ERM1, and ASM1. Any gameplay/loadout suggestions? Thanks!
  3. SeaKnight_1990

    Get a Load of This

    Threw this together a few days ago. There's more like this coming soon.
  4. SeaKnight_1990

    Grind Goals for 2020

    Wow...2019 was one hell of a year for me. I added four new Tier 10's to my fleet, and have a billion or more branches in progress. As of now, my goals are: Finish the grinds on both USN (T9) and RN (T8) DDs, then MN cruisers (T7) and RN BBs (T9 researched) in no particular order. Then I plan to keep going on the RN carriers, and I repurchased Kolberg, and might start grinding German cruisers again. Also, I plan to finish the Russian cruisers. What are your grind goals for this year?
  5. SeaKnight_1990

    War Plan Red

    This video is about the U.S.'s plan for war with Great Britain in the 1920s. It and the other war plans (including War Plan Orange for Japan,) called the "Rainbow" plans, were drawn up during a time my brother once called "The U.S. military at it's gayest."
  6. SeaKnight_1990

    Grind Goals for the Year

    So I thought I'd take a moment to review where I'm at with my grinds. British and Japanese cruisers-done. German battleships-done. American destroyers-Fletcher researched and purchased. British destroyers-Lightning researched and purchased. British battleships-Monarch obtained. Japanese battleships-Amagi unlocked, not yet purchased. Everything else-slowly but surely working it up.
  7. I get y'all; I have her and am not having it easy one bit. I've even resorted to using HE just to guarantee damage.
  8. SeaKnight_1990

    Most Decisive Naval Airstrike

    The title pretty much explains everything: What do you consider to be the most decisive airstrike in naval history? This only takes into account air attacks launched against targets on the high seas, so no Taranto or Pearl Harbor.
  9. I got one last night. Thank y'all.
  10. SeaKnight_1990

    Relearning CVs Post Rework

    After the rework, what ships or branches as a whole did you relearn to play carriers on? For me for the most part, it was the British after the event.
  11. SeaKnight_1990

    Learning About WWII

    When you took history in school (at any level) and it got to WWII, how much of the Pacific War was covered, besides Pearl Harbor and the A-bombs? If that wasn't covered, where and how did you learn about it? (I did it by endlessly browsing Wikipedia and watching Dogfights and Battle 360.)
  12. SeaKnight_1990

    Grind Goals for the Year

    New update: I have Zao, Bismarck, Nagato, and am getting into striking distance for Minotaur. On top of that, I have a Benson, have researched (but not purchased) Monarch and Algerie, and am nearing the Lightning. After finishing up the Minotaur grind, I'll finish up the German and Japanese battleship grinds, then go back to the branches where I'm still at lower tiers.
  13. SeaKnight_1990

    After 6 years...

  14. SeaKnight_1990

    What if the IJN hadn't built the Yamato class?

    Kind of safe to say that battleships weren't much of a factor for either side after Pearl Harbor, except for shore bombardment. I also read somewhere else that the IJN could only really use four older pre-WWI converted battlecruisers as their other classes aside Yamato (i.e. Fuso, Ise, Nagato) were either too slow or fuel-inefficient for supporting ground troops, and that the only reasons both sides committed battleships for the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal were for each of the two reasons you'd want to commit something that powerful and expensive: 1: You'd want the additional firepower (for the Japanese) 2: That's all you have left at that time (for the Americans)
  15. SeaKnight_1990

    High End Carriers Impossible to Play: Cancerous AA

    Just saying, Enterprise AP bombs can do wonders against high-tier cruisers (even AA cruisers) if you are lucky enough.