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  1. AP Bombs vs. Battleships

    Carrier drivers, so now that French BBs have been out, what bomb type do you think is best against them?
  2. There was one TAP post a long while back hinting at a possible premium USS Salt Lake City, basically a Pensacola with less AA but with torps. Maybe that would be a good idea, premium cruisers with those attributes.
  3. Kitakami nostalgia thread

    If WG is going to bring her back, how do you think they'll do it?
  4. I hope I'm not wrong in stating that played well, the Clemson can be the best destroyer--or ship overall at the tier, for that matter--hands down.
  5. New Super BB "Fuhrer"

    Hate to break this to you, but someone else already thought of that name. http://www.combinedfleet.com/furashita/fuhrer_f.htm
  6. Deep-water Torpedoes

    So the Pan-Asian DD line has been in the game for about half a year now; what are people's thoughts on their peculiar warheads?
  7. My April Fool's post from last year hinted at a branch of premium US cruisers with torpedoes. Maybe that might not be that far off...
  8. Carrier fighters and strafing ships

    You know that's why the (un)official Wild Weasel motto is "YGBSM," "You Gotta Be Sh___in' Me!" It came originally from a B-52 Electronics Warfare Officer (EWO,) Jack Donovan, who said, "I'm gonna fly with you, and we're gonna shoot SAM site before it shoots us? You gotta be sh___in' me!"
  9. Unlocked Mogami Today

    While I'm at it, what are T9 and T10 like?
  10. Unlocked Mogami Today

    My incumbent Myoko captain also put in some service on the Furutaka and some other lower-tier ships. I'll send the Mogami captain I have now to the reserves, and then assign him to a destroyer, or, failing that, back to civilian life.
  11. I also thought WG said no lines of ships that were entirely paper (which effectively rules out German and Russian CVs.)
  12. Unlocked Mogami Today

    I've spent like a few million battles in those combined, so I know the ins and outs of the gun caliber. The 155s are good; I'm playing those right now while I gather XP for the 203s.
  13. Unlocked Mogami Today

    So after spending a crap ton of Free XP and selling off an equal crap ton of stock modules, I finally, at long last, was able to buy my second ever tech tree Tier 8 ship, the Mogami. I also got her B hull, as well as Main Armaments Mod 1, Steering Gears Mod 1, and Aiming Systems Mod 1, as well as, after two games, Priority Target as my first captain skill. I plan to play her with the 203mm guns. Once I have those, how do I take things from there? Thanks!
  14. Tips for Ranger vs AA lvl 19 captain Saipan

    If all else fails, try to get to within visual range of him, and close in for a secondary duel. You got some secondaries, he's got none. If you can keep bombers in the air and knock off health, you can get an advantage.
  15. Prince of Wales and Repulse--where are they??

    Supposedly, HMS Indomitable was supposed to be with them, but she couldn't make it due to a mishap. If she were there, would things have been different, aside from, say, Zeros being sent to cover the bombers?