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  1. On A Scale of 1-10

    Most of this are my thoughts exactly; Tiers 7-9 would be Clevelands, but with torpedoes and smoke.
  2. Why no Mogamis in game?

    There's at least one Mogami with 203s in the game, and I happen to be playing it. If you know how to utilize her guns, and ammo types, she'll work like a charm.
  3. On A Scale of 1-10

    Thank you for pointing that out.
  4. On A Scale of 1-10

    How broken would the game be if RN cruisers had HE?
  5. Getting Kongo

    2 things: 1: My Myogi captain has finished his retraining; his skills are Priority Target and XM. 2: I also got the upgraded engine module.
  6. Getting Kongo

    I mean, I've already got AAM1, and am using my Myogi captain on her. I'll look tomorrow to see what skills he's using; he has five points now, and is well on his way to a sixth.
  7. Getting Kongo

    By the time the weekend (or even tomorrow) is over, I will most likely be the newest owner of a shiny new Kongo-class battleship. I've read on WoWs Wiki about some of the ideal builds for her, namely AA, secondary, regular. Which do you think I should go for and why? I'm leaning secondary. While I'm at it, any other important gameplay advice?
  8. 200th Kill in New Mexico

    Congratulations, man. NM and NC between them are where I got the most kills.
  9. I DID IT!!!

    Title says it all. Further explanation: I finally got to the Montana.
  10. Greatest Forgotten Commanders

    "I have not yet begun to fight!"
  11. Greatest Forgotten Commanders

    Who do you think are some of the most notable captains/admirals that history has largely forgot?
  12. Unlocked Mogami Today

    Big news: After a lot of playing and converting, I have the 203s. Any advice for their usage?
  13. My thoughts exactly. Going up against a combined 54 16-inch guns, 18 12-inch guns, and a massive crap ton of 6- and 5-inch guns, the result will be...predictable. Sure, the U.S. fleet would take a pounding from Yamato's 18-inchers, but they'd be out of commission rather quick.
  14. T7 CV sniping is breaking the game

    I've said this on other threads, but if you're in a T7 carrier other than a Saipan, you can always close the range on a Saipan and secondary him.
  15. I read that if the airstrikes against Yamato's task force failed, as backup we had six battleships (three each Iowas and SoDaks,) a dozen or so cruisers (including Alaska and Guam) and a s__t-ton of DDs ready to go. How might a fight between that and the Yamato, cruiser Yahagi (with Captain Hara at the helm,) and eight DDs gone down?