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  1. SeaKnight_1990

    Bismarck — German Tier VIII battleship.

    I just unlocked the Bismarck, and am now in credit-grinding mode. My Gneisenau captain (who I intend to use) has PT, XM, Sup, and AFT. Is that an ideal Bismarck captain build?
  2. SeaKnight_1990

    Grind Goals for the Year

    OK, now for an update. I have Edinburgh and KG5, researched Bismarck, and am now up to 140k XP on the Ibuki.
  3. SeaKnight_1990

    Worth keeping ARP ships?

    I sold off all of mine save ARP Takao to get the Montana.
  4. SeaKnight_1990

    Enterprise plane model/names

    And also, Enterprise IRL didn't operate Corsairs.
  5. SeaKnight_1990

    Losing Credits by Running Midway

    I was about to write a thread of my own about this, after using up the vast majority of my credit and free XP refunds from WG on the Midway. Usually with a new carrier I play her in co-op to get the feel for her, then take her into randoms bit by bit. Is that a good strategy? Thanks!
  6. SeaKnight_1990

    Fiji — British Tier VII cruiser.

    For what it's worth, I just got my second-ever Kraken in her last night. 5 kills, 50k damage, I had the game disconnect as it ended, so I can't see my post-battle report (which has been happening a lot to me recently,) but I think I also got top of the team, and got 10k XP. I also did (in another game) my most-ever cruiser damage in her, so she's a very good knife fighter when she needs to be. Most of the RN CL line is like that.
  7. SeaKnight_1990

    Grind Goals for the Year

    So after using up my Free XP and credit refund to get the Midway, I now have laid my hands on two Tier X's. I have around 88k XP on my Fiji, a similar amount on my Gneisenau, and smaller amounts on my T7 DDs (Mahan and Jervis.) Also, I am up to 60k on my Ibuki, so I might potentially have a third T10 by the time the year is out (which is when also my 360 days plus extra of premium will be;) maybe four or five. What are your goals for warship grinds for this year? I know we're already a month and change into the year, but I couldn't help myself.
  8. SeaKnight_1990

    CV's suck so bad now

    For what it's worth, I'm writing a Hitler rant video about the rework, which will hopefully be on YouTube tomorrow.
  9. SeaKnight_1990

    Why Remove Bogue

    And if you had an odd tier CV which they reintroduce later, do you get it back then?
  10. SeaKnight_1990

    In Regards to the Carrier Rework

    I was lucky to get 54k XP on the Essex, and break my CV damage record--again. I did use the free XP I got as compensation for the Midway, and a few Missouri games should get me the credits. I'm going to play lower tiers in co-op (I have Langley, Ryujo (might get Ranger back) and Lexington) as well as some randoms to get the hang of things while I start focusing more on my surface fleet. I'm going to first get the Zao, then grind the four branches at T7 up. Any other suggestions for new branches to grind?
  11. SeaKnight_1990

    In Regards to the Carrier Rework

    I'm now up at 42k XP. I'll grind out as much as I can up through Wednesday, then use free XP to make up the difference from there on out.
  12. SeaKnight_1990

    In Regards to the Carrier Rework

    Update: I'm thinking of adding more surface ships to the grindfest, because of the rate I'm losing credits. It's painful when that's happening and you're having a hard time at first. That said, I got my first two kills in the Essex in my last game (by detonating a Gearing and burning down the enemy Essex to end the game) and I think I earned some credits with that and completing one of the PEF missions.
  13. SeaKnight_1990

    World of Warships YouTube Ad

    For what it's worth, torpedoing the Yamato was how I got my personal best damage in cruisers (in the Ibuki, but I didn't kill him. Some of my team did.)
  14. SeaKnight_1990

    World of Warships YouTube Ad

    Normally when I'm watching a YouTube video and a skippable ad comes up, I usually skip it. However, when the "You Haven't Played World of Warships Yet" ad comes up, I usually watch it. Who else here does?
  15. SeaKnight_1990

    In Regards to the Carrier Rework

    That being said, Phase 1B of my epic grindfest is now complete: I now have the Essex!