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  1. Aircraft have been in the game a long time. They're just more common now. Planes travel faster, but the carrier can't park "snoopers" over a ship or key map location any more, so I feel like the pressure is lower. I'm pretty happy in Udaloi or Jervis, Hatsuharu seems fun, and of course Khabarovsk doesn't care — it's as subtle as a lucky brick through the window of a police station. It's nice to no longer get cross-torped.
  2. imaginary_b

    Any CL/CA Premiums worth getting right now?

    Atago is strong and pretty solid all around, and a great trainer. You won't regret getting her. De Grasse seems to be generally well liked though I can't say from experience. For "fun" I usually look for a something different than my other ships. Graf Spee is my favorite quirky cruiser. She's an odd duck: terrifying alpha strike but low rate of fire. Hydro and a heal. Decent bow armor. Her strengths are situational: hunt DDs and you'll get discouraged. She eats cruisers like scooby snacks, and can take down a battleship in close combat. Let us know what you decide!
  3. imaginary_b

    My new damage record

    I had a "very Khabarovsk" game last night. The red DDs were both torpedo boats and went center, and didn't get much support. Bigger ships pushed the sides. We wrecked both DDs, then I just ran around shooting at anything and nothing, stacking fires and annoying the hell out of enemy ships while they half-heartedly shot at me, mostly missing. I even went and capped their center base just to draw attention, then ran off to spam and kite the big boys some more. This is exactly why I hate fighting against the Khabarovsk, and why I love playing it. It's not necessarily that powerful, it's just so deeply irritating. I suspect "Khabarovsk" is Russian for "troll."
  4. imaginary_b

    [] "That's a Paddlin" Achievement

    Awesomeness! I've never really cared for a mod before, but this...this must happen. Many thanks to Chobittsu, Jingles, and Mouse for giving us this piece of joy!
  5. imaginary_b

    Alaska is better than Iowa/Missouri!

    This thread is a great example of why I love this game. So many people here really enjoy, and are knowledgeable about, naval history. The shoot/sink/rage gameplay is fun, but it's the conversations that I remember most fondly. Conversations that would never happen around another game. Cheers!
  6. imaginary_b

    New Flooding mechanic, yet another nerf?

    Change can be scary, but it's not always bad. I'll wait to see the results of the change before answering the question. The devs have an interesting point, as explained above by BrushWolf. I'll certainly continue playing torpedo boats. And other types. It'll be fun to play with the new mechanic.
  7. imaginary_b

    Khabarovsk — Soviet Tier X destroyer.

    That's a fundamental misconception of how to play, but I'm not sure anything will shake your convictions. For others considering this ship: Khab wrecks face at range. I try to haunt open water, keeping 11-13km (max range 13.5km) from ships that are shooting at me. I'm always jinking around, changing speed and direction. I shoot as often as possible, shifting targets to support my team. When a DD is briefly spotted, I might be the only ship who can land hits before it disappears again. When a Yamato is bowtanking my heavies, I'll light a few fires. That Des Moines threatening my DD buddy with radar? I demand his full attention. Someone once explained that the Khabarovsk's job is to "tank potential damage." Any shot on me is a shot not fired at my team. I don't "out-spot" anything; I'm visible out to 13.5km even if I have to shoot island goats to draw attention. Khab is a blast to play. In open water, with good situational awareness, I fear almost nothing. Radar is amusing. Battleships can't hit me and if they do I just lose a little health. Carrier planes are a brief distraction. Stealth DDs can't shoot back without becoming visible. Knife-fighter DDs, cruisers, and torpedoes are a danger, and that's where situational awareness is important. Players have a hard time leading a target that's going 45 knots. And I have a heal! If Tom and Jerry played World of Warships, Jerry would be in Khabarovsk.
  8. imaginary_b

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    For every team that loses a game, another team wins. To those people who feel injured by Match Maker because they struggle in the game, I offer an alternative explanation. Match Maker was "rigged" so that games had pre-determined winners, just as you claim. It was recently changed to be a test of skill. You just don't like what that did to your win-rate.
  9. imaginary_b

    Worth keeping ARP ships?

    I phrased it poorly. Indeed, exactly as you said. Kamikaze was once the weak sister to Minekaze, and then many changes later, Kamikaze is left alone as a unique premium with a fearsome reputation. This is why I don't sell ships that I can't buy again later.
  10. imaginary_b

    Worth keeping ARP ships?

    They're very similar. ARP Kongo/Kirishima/Haruna/Hiei have the same hull and speed as the fully upgraded Kongo, non-upgraded 19.3km range, and slightly faster-firing guns that do very slightly more damage. And they cannot equip special camouflage. The ARP Myoko sisters have the same stats as the fully upgraded tech tree Myoko. ARP Takao is identical to the Atago, except for the camouflage. Kamikaze R is almost the same as tech tree Minekaze. As I recall, Kamikaze has slightly better torps, but slightly worse concealment. And it can't equip other camouflage. (Kamikaze was once in the same situation as the ARP ships. I almost sold it as a duplicate.)
  11. imaginary_b

    Worth keeping ARP ships?

    Whether the ARP ships are worth it to you or not, you won't get rich by selling them, and you'll be back in this hole soon. I suggest you read a few posts that help you learn some ways to grind credits. It's not all about premium time. My best income is from scenarios and from using camouflage that lowers costs and raises income on high-tier ships in Random Battles (though the permanent camouflages cost real money).
  12. imaginary_b

    RIP DDs 2015-2019

    We're all learning the CV rework. DDs are fine. Carriers are just more common now. I haven't had more difficulty playing DD at tiers 8 and 10. As the meta changes, adapt your play style. If you want help, just ask.
  13. imaginary_b


    Skilled people don't blame their tools. They know what really makes the difference. Those with lesser skills can learn and grow, until they are satisfied. There's no shame in having less skill, nor is there shame in reaching your chosen level of expertise, however modest that may be. The person who blames the tools is a fool. Raging about it just makes you a louder fool.
  14. imaginary_b

    Battleship with longest secondaries range?

    You're disagreeing with posts that are more than 2 years old. The game was rather different then.
  15. imaginary_b

    How to get better in Kiev

    What mrieder79 said. I too enjoy supporting the team, and had a blast in Kiev. It clicked for me when someone explained that it's my job to "tank potential damage." Every round fired at you is a round not fired at your team. Where a "classic" DD might lay smoke in front of a burning retreating friendly ship, I'll shoot the enemy ships that are focussed on my buddy. Set a fire or bite a chunk with AP, move on to the next, taking pressure so my teammate can escape. Dodging incoming fire is a core skill in this ship. And yes, it gets even better with Tashkent and Khabarovsk (except there I take the heal consumable and double-down on this tactic). Enjoy!