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  1. imaginary_b

    italy needs help

    Am I the only one who read the thread title and thought about coronavirus test kits? Oh well. Off to practice making garbage scowls. What a splendid phrase!
  2. imaginary_b

    Russian Bias out biasing itself

    Of course. For example, I play ships that I enjoy playing, without much care what is Over Powered. I can get paid to "meet the numbers" but I play this game for fun. If someone complains that the game is biased towards certain ships, I assume they really do care. So why not play those ships? Or is this just a troll? note: I used OP to mean Original Poster. I suspect you used it to mean Over Powered. Just making sure our terms don't cross.
  3. imaginary_b

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    One of the things that annoys me about most RPGs is the idea that you must kill opponents by repeated application of lethal force. Helpfully, a bar graph is provided to show you how many more applications of lethal force are due. I accept that's a useful game mechanic, but I still find it dumb. Hey, look, that opposing battleship has its bow completely "damage saturated" and yet the turrets are fully functional. We're being shot at by ghosts! Oh wow, my Minotaur got wrecked with 3 citadel hits. Things are tense...my "heal" can do nothing for another...23...seconds. Stay alive just...20...more...seconds...and...whew! I'M BACK, BIRCHES! IT'S PARTY TIME! For me, detonations, as rare as they are, help to counter that "death by addition" yawn. How does this justify the negative experience to the person who got detonated? It's a damage mechanic. I cannot think of any benefit to the person whose ship got sunk. If you're referring to the indignant rage of some players, that doesn't seem unique to detonations.
  4. imaginary_b

    Russian Bias out biasing itself

    Click bait video. Click bait post. If the OP really believes that Russian ships are overpowered, why don't they play Russian ships more often?
  5. imaginary_b

    Omg i couldn't stand the Queen Elizabeth

    As others have noted, Queen Elizabeth rewards good planning. If you're in the right part of the map, speed isn't as important. Agility matters, and QE has that. If your turrets are generally near target, turret speed isn't as important. Shell performance matters, and QE has that. Anyway, aim with the rudder. To be fair, this ship isn't for everyone. Personally, I prefer Warspite. It's not a bad ship, though. When someone claims ithat the QE is terrible, it's clear that the person isn't being playing to her strengths.
  6. Do we have about 2 weeks until update 0.9.3 drops with these changes?
  7. imaginary_b

    Smaland missiles & rockets

    @rafael_azuaje, thank you! You have a great "eye" for taking photos. I did not know that Småland is a museum today. Are these photos of a recent date? Can one enter the interior of the ship, or only the outside?
  8. You're still missed.
    I hope things are okay with you and the wife. Especially in these crazy times. 

  9. imaginary_b

    newb here, do we keep early access ships 0.9.2

    I'd like to add that not only do we keep them, but this event gives a great "head start" on the new line. If you get the Tier V ship now, you continue building up the line: tier VI, VII, and so on. You skipped past the first 4 tiers. People who start playing European DDs after the event ends, must start as usual at Tier I.
  10. imaginary_b

    The Scharnhorst is horribly weak

    Scharnhorst is capable and fun to play. You would get a lot of mileage off this purchase. Prinz Eitel Friedrich is...forgettable. Yes it's Tier 6, which is the only Tier they didn't yet remove from Operations, but it's almost the last ship I'd choose for an Operation. PEF is good at brawling. I run a full secondary build on the few occasions I take her out of port. At least if you buy the PEF, you'll stop worrying that you missed something good. Maybe that should be the ship slogan: "Prinz Eitel Friedrich helps you fall asleep"
  11. imaginary_b

    Accidental fratricide penalties

    You perceive attitude where I perceive a simple reminder to be more careful. Look, if I wanted to grief you, I'd wait until you commit to a cap, then fire torpedoes into the cap circle to banjax your plan. Or I'd wait until you're in a cap circle or in combat, then launch torpedoes to zone out your escape route. My action condemns you to die, and all you can choose is which team gets the kill. Then I'd loudly declaim any responsibility because "they weren't aimed at you" etc etc and then present myself as an innocent victim to anyone who will listen. Just admit your mistake even when it wasn't intentional. Or even if you don't agree it was a mistake. It's good practice for married life.
  12. imaginary_b

    Accidental fratricide penalties

    Why does it often seem that when a player damages a teammates, it's the attacker who carries the grudge? Just own up to your action and move on. "Hey, sorry about those torpedoes. I didn't expect to hit you. Better luck next time." By admitting and apologizing, you close the book. And then...leave it behind. It's only a game. Unless...unless your voice overlay intones This is going on your permanent record. Then I understand.
  13. imaginary_b

    This game is more about luck than anything else.

    On the other hand, some players try to improve their game play.
  14. imaginary_b

    How to spot a Bot Account

    How do bots work? What languages are they written in? Do they run inside the game, or just connect directly to the server as their own client? Are there many different WoWS bots, or just one or two that can be scripted by the player? What sorts of logical primitives do they use? Many people know about bots. In quite a few games, someone calls out teammate as a bot, and in this thread, it seems there are people who understand how bots work. I remain ignorant, though. I don't want to know how or where to get a bot. I'm just curious what they really are and how they work. I've seen bots in another game. Once I understood their logic, I could test to see if that logic was present or it was just an annoying person.
  15. That's a great video! Interesting discussion, too. For what it's worth, I bought Småland. And I don't suggest that others do so. Here's why. - It's very expensive. As we see in this thread, some people actually get angry when they see the price. - It's a specialist ship. As Zoup noted, if you're a DD main, you can make Småland really work. - If you would succeed in Småland, videos like Zoup's show how. And you'll recognize it. My recommendation has little value. Before people get too angry or shouty that it's "too expensive," please keep something in mind. Price is set by the seller, in this case WarGaming. Value is set by the customer, in this case you. I am not you, and you are not me or the next person. Just you. A sale happens when both sides agree to trade. No agreement, no sale. This happens most of the time. Don't get angry that you didn't want to buy something. I'm happy with my purchase. Småland is very high risk, high reward. I hope to learn it well enough that I can use it in Clan Battles.