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  1. imaginary_b

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    Yes, CAs can block a cap with radar, but DDs have always been able to block caps. CLs scare me more, because they shoot more rapidly and that's more to dodge. Planes don't trouble me in Khabarovsk and Grozovoi. Sure, they can hit me, but I can also shoot their planes, and if I find their carrier within 14km, we'll trade insults. Again, CLs are my bigger problem. In Lightning or Vauquelin, I have to be more careful with planes, but there I have longer torpedo range, so I can stay near friendly AA instead of rushing alone into the enemy fleet. In US or IJN DDs, I can also sit in smoke while the carrier player either chooses another target or is temporarily neutralized. Some DDs are designed to use hydro or radar to hunt other DDs. If your point is that it's tough to be "prey," then I agree and offer sympathy. Fortunately, the game has co-op mode, where players are more often the predator and less often the prey.
  2. imaginary_b

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    I see destroyers in probably every battle, tiers 5-10 PvP. There are often 2-3 per side. DDs are also well represented in the weekend Naval Battle stars. What battles are you playing that lack destroyers?
  3. imaginary_b


    I didn't see any insult there. Your original post said how much you struggle to succeed playing cruisers. Whatever external forces you might blame for this (cruisers got nerfed, the economy is trash, people don't play cruisers much any more, or such.) The fact that plenty of people do succeed shows that your problem isn't the ship. I feel it would be disrespectful to just reply that yes, okay, cruisers are terrible and you have no hope. You made the effort to post here, so you probably do want to improve your situation. Dr Powderfinger made a specific suggestion, which I think is a good one, that might bring back the fun. It sounds like much of your frustration is about earning credits. Unfortunately, the easy solution is to spend cash. Premium membership really boosts the credits. At tier 10, the permanent camouflage (only $25) really changes the economy.
  4. imaginary_b

    My Turn = Neptune

    Have you seen a Neptune set up shop near a cap or other critical zone, and rain death on anything in range? Have you and a buddy jumped red DDs in a cap circle and then gotten wrecked by the Neptune that popped smoke just behind them? When I feel utterly powerless against an enemy ship, my first thought is "don't bite the keyboard; that will hurt." My second thought is "I WANT THAT." Neptune is such a ship. I like to play up front: I'll offer close support to a front-line DD. I'll park near an island (in case of radar) and keep them from getting pushed out. The smoke lasts a long time. A buddy and I ran Neptune + Kitakaze in ranked sprint. It felt dirty.
  5. Wecome back! To add to Lert's laconic and excellent advice, I suggest you keep at least one enjoyable ship at each tier. Each week there is a PvE "scenario" mission at either tier 6 or tier 7, which can be played repeatedly. They have also used tier 8. It's fun to play with others. Last night, buddies were playing tier 8 battleships. I grabbed a fun little DD to complement the division. This is a fine time to return and you are indeed spoiled for choice. Enjoy!
  6. imaginary_b

    Harekaze is back- worth it?

    I agree. Your was/were typo nicely summarizes my experience: I'd buy her if she were available for standard price now. She was available at that price last time. The price increase put me right off, especially once I realized that Lo Yang offers me similar value.
  7. imaginary_b

    Roon / Hindenburg Builds?

    I run PT, AR, BoS/SI/DE/Vigilance, Radio Location for a DD hunter. Basics of Survivability and the legendary module make it pretty durable. Vigilance and Radio Location plus the extended Hydroacoustic Search module is a scary combination.
  8. imaginary_b

    Roon / Hindenburg Builds?

    In Roon, I vacillated between range and rate-of-fire. The faster rate of fire was really best, but after a few Really Disappointing battles, I would feel safer with the range module. Some doubloons were well-spent to un-equip modules when I changed my mind. In Hindenburg, I usually take rate-of-fire with a spotter plane. I can't out-range Henri IV or Yoshino anyway, and the faster guns are useful against almost everything else.
  9. imaginary_b

    Hindenburg nerfed

    Huh? Are you talking about a different ship? Hindenburg's turtleback armor lets it get up close and stomp other cruisers in a brawl. I don't even bother to repair fires, because with the legendary module, they burn out in seconds. It's not going to dance like a light cruiser, but that's hardly new in update 0.8.8. Hindenburg is a great destroyer hunter. Its high-velocity shells are hard to dodge, its hydroacoustic search has extra range, and the ship doesn't burn. Equip the extended hydroacoustic module and use Direction Finding on your captain, and it gets scary. I can't imagine what went wrong to make you afraid of destroyers.
  10. imaginary_b

    Which class?

    Welcome to the game! You ask a very important question. Each class plays at a different pace. You might find you prefer the fast run-and-gun of Russian or French destroyers, the more deliberate ready-aim-fire of battleships, or the moderate pace of a cruiser. The different nations have different shell arcs, too. US light cruisers have high and floaty shells that take a while to land, but also let you hide behind islands. I find this frustrating, so I prefer ships that have straighter "high-velocity" shells like Russian destroyers and German and French cruisers. The following lines tend to work well for long-range combat: Battleship Japanese Cruiser German, French, sometimes Japanese, maybe also Russian Destroyer Russian, French Nation names can be abbreviated. This list might help you understand some replies. IJN Japanese Imperial Japanese Navy KM German KriegsMarine VMF Russian Voyenno-morskoy flot Rossiyskoy Federatsii MN French Marine Nationale RN British Royal Navy RM Italian Regia Marina
  11. imaginary_b

    Oh No!

    Sometimes high excitement can flip into deep disappointment. That sucks. You played Genova twice. That's enough to be unhappy, but not enough to learn how to play it. You might want to let it sit for a few days and then see what others have learned. Maybe the play style is different from Duca D'Aosta. I hope your enjoyment returns soon.
  12. I agree; 19-point commanders are really valuable! Maybe you don't care to filter on it, though. When I want to grind Elite Commander XP, I choose a ship with high XP earning and then assign my elite captain. I know which ship lines have my elite commanders and they are always specialized in my highest tech tree ship. It doesn't matter which ship that captain is currently sleeping on. For example, I have a 19-point German cruiser captain. Suppose he's in Graf Spee. Hindenberg has better XP earning potential. I'll just choose Hindenberg, then when I assign the captain, I just select "from other ships". If I'm doing an Operation (also great for XP), I'll again choose the ship first and the captain second.
  13. imaginary_b

    Best destroyer?

    Destroyer play style is very intense. I enjoy it because every minute feels like I'm riding the edge between success and failure — and because a successful DD play can have an outsized effect on the game result. It rewards skill and really punishes poor decisions. It might help to watch how experienced players use the different DD types. I highly recommend you look for Destroyer KuroshioKai on Youtube. He explains his decisions and why certain things are important to notice. This shows me how I might learn to play that ship, and it's easy for me to "feel" whether it would be fun. For example, here's the Farragut Keep in mind that you will spend most of your play time NOT at the top tiers. If you see a tier 10 ship that you want, you might never make it through the preceding ships to get there. Find a line where you will enjoy each ship, at least from tier 6 on. Personally, I enjoy shooting more than torpedoes. I have done most of the DD lines up to tier 8. Here's my experience as a gunboat main: US DD: Fun at close range, but the guns annoy me at longer ranges. Great smoke, so I can sit there and stay hidden and fire away (until the red torpedoes hit me). I enjoy playing these occasionally. Russian DD: My favorites. The guns are accurate and it's easy to hit targets out to maximum range. I enjoyed every ship all the way to tier 10, even after the line splits. The Khabarovsk is a legend. British DD: Fun gunboats. I like the single-fire torpedoes. They are more stealthy than Russians. I quite enjoy them (up to tier 8 now). Japanese DD: Eh. The tier 8 Akizuki looks astonishingly good. I say "looks" because after a few years I'm still up to tier 7 and losing the will to live. German DD: Great at close combat. They have smoke and hydroacoustic search, so they can hunt enemy destroyers. They're okay. I'm still in tier 6. French DD: High risk, high reward. A good game in these is quite good, but it feels like I need a lot of skill to not suck. Pan-Asian DD: These are mostly torpedo ships until the high tiers, where they can rain hellfire from the skies. I haven't gone past the mid tiers.
  14. imaginary_b

    old pain still suffering

    I have exactly the same problem, which also started with update 0.8.0. It's been less frequent since one of the updates maybe 2 months ago. I know someone else with this problem too. There's not a problem during battles. I've become resigned to it. wgcheck doesn't find any problems. Process Explorer shows that the game uses about 65% of the GPU when in port. CPU doesn't go more than about 75%. Power supply is reliable for everything else. RAM has ECC with no errors. specs: Windows 7 Core i3-4330 28GB RAM 960GB SSD nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  15. imaginary_b

    What the hell is smolensk supposed to be?

    Maybe it will become more obvious if I paraphrase. "I fired large 305mm AP at the broadside of a lightly armored (100mm) cruiser at close range and every hit overpenetrated. Why?" In non-technical words, overpenetrations occur when you shoot AP that is very much too heavy for the target. An overpenetration means that the shell punched a clean hole through the ship before it blew up. It worked like an old-style solid cannonball rather than an explosive shell. This is not going to explode any part of the ship, not even the citadel. You can see the same mechanic if you use a battleship and fire AP at destroyers. Wargaming explains it in the wiki and there's even a Youtube video. There are also forum discussions about overpenetration and the differences between Armor Piercing and High Explosive shot.