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  1. imaginary_b

    maniz Vs Prinz Eugen

    You already have the Prinz Eugen. That ship is more survivable than Mainz and Hipper, at the cost of slower guns. As you learn to play high tiers, even minor mistakes (or just plain bad luck) are severely punished by players who have 10,000 battles of experience. Prinz Eugen is relatively forgiving, which means you'll stay in the battle longer, enjoy it more, and learn more. I really enjoy Mainz, but it just doesn't have much to offer you after the Prinz Eugen. Since you enjoy the German cruiser style of play, consider Scharnhorst. It's a BB with more cruiser-style guns. You get the same turtleback armor and torpedoes, but with a twist. It's just a fun ship. And you can use the same German captain as your cruiser (with different BB skills).
  2. imaginary_b

    Fries Land (French Fries land)

    This is an old, dead thread started by a forum troll. That aside, excellent description and suggestions. Thanks for reminding me how much fun Friesland is!
  3. imaginary_b

    German cruisers, Advice and Suggestions for starters

    German cruisers don't grow armor until tier 7 Yorck. With some angling, Hipper can bounce shells that I swear should have chunked half my ship. At tier 10, "Battleship Hindenburg" is still a thing. It's what I play in Clan Battles. These ships excel in open water at long range because their shells are so fast that they can consistently hit targets out to max range. Range is also their armor: you have time to dodge shells, and a shell that doesn't hit you is the best defence of all. German cruisers also excel at very short range, because they have torpedoes and hydro to 6km. At mid tiers, this can let you hide behind an island, abusing a DD on the other side, and threatening a charging BB with mutual destruction. At tier 10, US and Russian cruisers are common because they have radar and can bow-tank nicely. Well, Hindenburg can bow-tank a bit too, and has that lovely turtleback armor, and if the brawl gets inside 6km, I'm the one with torpedoes. I don't believe there is a good transition away from very short range back to the safety of long range, unless every nearby opponent is sunk. You can do a Jack Russell on that Salem dug in at a key point between islands that nobody else can touch, but otherwise it's an end-game tactic for me. Beware the middle ranges (10km-ish, depending on tiers) where ships with stronger guns can reliably hit you, where turtleback armor has little value, and where your torpedoes can't reach. Everyone knows that German cruisers have 6km torpedoes.* German cruisers are my favorite. I wish you much enjoyment and success. *They tend to forget that Graf Spee is the exception with 8km torpedoes.
  4. imaginary_b

    what tier 8 premium cruiser is the best?

    I also recommend Atago, Prinz Eugen, or Mainz. The first 2 ships have heals. That will forgive a mistake or two in the battle. Mainz does not and is also more delicate. On the other hand, the guns on Mainz are....mmmph! If you enjoy Aoba, keep going until you get Myoko. If you like Myoko, you'll like Atago. If you enjoy Yorck, keep going until you get Hipper. If you love that as much I think you will, consider either Eugen (Hipper + Heal) or Mainz (light Hipper with faster guns). I suspect these recommendations all assume Random PvP battles. For Co-op, I think the guns are more important, and the heal is less so. In Co-op, I would take my beloved Mainz because it eats DDs for lunch, and damages everything else. I hang back in the second line mostly bow-on, and farm the hell out of the bots while they focus smaller or damaged ships. When I get close to a BB, it's Wagner's Die Walküre on the ship's loudspeaker and charge with torpedoes.
  5. If you're struggling to play European DDs in the presence of planes, you're just struggling to play European DDs. Are you uncomfortable playing without smoke? Although your blame might be misplaced, I agree with your plan. If it's not fun for you, do something else. This is just a game.
  6. imaginary_b

    USS Black

    Correct. Marceau is a very good gunboat. I bought it and got what I wanted. Then I re-considered my goals. This was the ship that changed my question from "is this a good ship?" to "is this an unusual ship that will extend the game for me?" Friesland gave me something different. I quite like it. Småland gave me something very different. I love it. I'm saving up for Neustrashimy because I expect that it will also give me a style of play that I cannot get elsewhere.
  7. imaginary_b

    Please enable chat if you play Ops

    That's not ignoring chat. That's actively playing against your teammates. Do you communicate in chat?
  8. imaginary_b

    STOP WITH THE @$#%$#&#! Double CV games

    They're fun for me. As a DD main, I just bring a little skill and map awareness. If you're struggling to counter CVs, there are a few ships that make it relatively easy. US cruisers have very strong AA. US DDs and European DDs also have strong AA. You could also work with a teammate who has strong AA.
  9. imaginary_b

    Missouri has been Nerfed

    Some people get an idea, look for evidence, and when the evidence doesn't support their idea, they reconsider. Others get an idea, and when the evidence doesn't support their idea, they double down with a conspiracy theory. As long as that stays the case, these threads will always exist. Petulant players possess persecution complexes. Predictable.
  10. imaginary_b

    F2P Tips that won't cost you a Dime

    You're thinking of something else. Inspect shows the raw encoding of the page, rendering details (including errors, including Javascript errors), packet views of network traffic, etc. This is exactly the sort of tool one uses to debug a web page.
  11. imaginary_b

    F2P Tips that won't cost you a Dime

    I don't see embedded videos in this forum. I also don't see when people explicitly set their text color to something dark. This is because I set my forum preference to "dark mode." The problems go away if I change to light mode.
  12. imaginary_b

    Is MM fair?

    Not every week's Match Maker thread is a gripe. Here's an interesting analysis:
  13. imaginary_b

    1.4 million free xp

    Exactly. Friesland sends happy rainbows of warmth and joy to large ships. The shells go over mountains, across rivers, and through grandmother's house. Those guns can also buzz-saw a DD up close. I've surprised a few that way. Småland and Friesland have the same guns. It's just that Småland gets radar, torpedoes, heal, and spood beast, while Friesland gets smoke, hydro, AA, and a tier lower.
  14. imaginary_b

    German DD Missions

    You're looking in the wrong place. The weekly German missions are free to all. P.S. When giving a dental X-ray, German DDS says "Bite, Bitte."
  15. imaginary_b

    USS Black

    Wargaming announced this in the patch notes for 0.9.3 "we'll temporarily remove [IX Neustrashimy, VII Flint, and IX Black] from the Armory. They will return and be available in exchange for Coal in 6 months' time or later."