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  1. imaginary_b

    Somebody at Wargaming HQ doesn't know what a cruiser is.

    Thanks for posting in regular text, not dark grey. Much easier to read.
  2. imaginary_b

    Shimakaze — Japanese Tier X destroyer.

    Torpedo Reload Booster is an alternative to the Smoke Generator. Here's where I find it on Yugumo. Congrats on gettin Shimakaze! I'm excited to get that ship soon myself.
  3. imaginary_b

    Lazo Tier 7 Premium

    Lazo isn't very different from the tech tree Russian light cruisers. LittleWhiteMouse wrote a characteristically awesome review of Lazo. It's well worth reading.
  4. Does Hayate play similarly to Shimakaze?
  5. imaginary_b

    Weimar - way too over powered

    That's where my money is. Remove Narai until it's fixed, just as they did for Cherry Blossom, Dynamo, and...I forget the name of that other Tier 8 base defence scenario.
  6. I skimmed both the current EULA (dated May 24) and previous (June 2018) and the only difference I found was in section 25.5, where the upper limit for arbitration was raised from $10,000 USD to $50,000 USD. https://legal.na.wargaming.net/en/end-user-licence-agreement/
  7. imaginary_b

    Nerf Alaska

    Stop playing torpedo DDs. It's not working for you.
  8. imaginary_b

    Torpedo detection range

    There are too many other ships in this game to play something you really don't enjoy. Switch to another line. You don't have to justify your decisions to anyone here.
  9. imaginary_b

    Torpedo detection range

    It takes skill to use the more visible torpedoes. At the higher tiers, you can't rely on unsuspecting opponents anyway. Put them where the enemy ship can't dodge, like near an island. Pick a target who is pushing your team, bow-in to the big guns. Cross-torp them so they have to choose between eating torpedoes or taking citadel hits. Use them for area denial. This thread has some good ideas.
  10. imaginary_b

    New graphics card needed, recommendations?

    Yeah, you're right about the graphics card. How many watts is your power supply? (If you have a brand-name PC, just tell us the model and we'll look it up.) For example, the 270W power supply in my Lenovo TS140 desktop can't be upgraded. It barely handles the 75W nVidia 1050Ti. An nVidia 2060 or 3070 would be great, but they're 175W. My next graphics card upgrade will have to come with a new PC.
  11. imaginary_b

    New graphics card needed, recommendations?

    As others have noted, your choices are limited by your existing computer. Your results are limited by the display resolution you use. If your PC runs MacOS, some graphics cards have better driver support than others. This is why people ask for details of your PC. My nVidia 1050 Ti runs this game fine at max quality, at 1920x1080 resolution, under Windows 10. This is a relatively low-power card, yet it runs so hot in my little PC case that I removed the side cover and sometimes use an external fan.
  12. Yes indeedy. I know a few people like this, MMM loads and they'll start by predicting a loss, then focus on who to blame. One of the first things I learned playing sports is that you play every game to win. Even if you've lost the last 4 games, you gotta keep your chin up and expect to win the next. If you're defeated in your mind, you'll be defeated on the field.
  13. imaginary_b

    Hannover Economy Is Godawful

    It absolutely sucks that you drained your game account. That would take the shine off a game for me too. Superships have uniquely bad economics. It's not the whole game. When WarGaming announced the new superships, they dedicated a section to discussing how this was a defining trait. "A very important aspect of adding superships to the Tech Tree is their battle economy"
  14. imaginary_b

    What mid tier Cruiser are good as straight gun boats ?

    Nürnberg at tier 6 is all about the guns. Play at long range, where your fast shells reliably hit the target. Keep moving and wiggle like a happy dog because you have no armor.
  15. imaginary_b

    Has something changed?

    Battleships remain perfectly able to nail me. There isn't an obvious change on the server. Sometimes I have trouble targeting distance. Aim at the armor belt and my shells sail gaily overhead. I believe that's unique to me, but your description sounds similar. I adjust my range based on where the shells fall, and carry on. Or maybe you're in a slump? I certainly get those, and of course there's also just bad luck where your target makes its saving throw. Hang in there. If you get frustrated, try something different. Switching to cruiser or a totally different line usually shakes the bad jujus off me. Good luck.