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  1. "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

    Confirmed. I miss Spags.
  2. Graf Spee is a weird ship. She's less fast and agile than most cruisers, but she hits really really hard. I happily hunt other cruisers and same-tier battleships. 16km is better range than many same-tier cruisers, so I engage those outside their gun range. The heavy guns and the hydro-acoustic turn British cruisers into Scooby Snacks. Battleships, well, I pop out from cover and give them "two in the hat" and fade away. If the battleship gets too close, I might bowtank it until close range coming up one side, drop torpedoes across its path, then cross in front while it's dodging my first torps and use my other-side torps to ruin its day. In a few games, I've actually charged up between two battleships and while they're cranking their turrets, torped them both. Graf Spee is a great ambush predator.
  3. What ships have a similar play style to the Omaha?

    Agreed. That's my favorite Tier 5 cruiser, for exactly the same reasons that the original poster enjoys Omaha.
  4. Exactly this. I like to support DDs who push a cap. Little buddy spots a red DD and I send enemy team high-velocity German regrets. If a cruiser appears, I turn away (ready to run and kite), wait until he's a bit broadside, and then unload AP as fast as I can. Friendly DDs usually like the help too. Or I shadow a friendly BB and keep the torpedo and aircraft population down in his area. BBs are floating campfires until they target me, when I run like hell. And I never let them get close. Torps are for YOLO runs and scaring enemies into turning. Any time I don't have a juicy target, I go dark and look for some place to lend support. If they can't see me, they can't target me. And if priority target tells me the reds are interested, I turn tail and wiggle my way towards max range. Get the Main Battery upgrade and enjoy the ship!
  5. Wow! I had a few minutes, so I sat down and started listening to your podcast. ...and couldn't stop until it was over. Thanks for sharing who you are, because that helps me feel some connection, almost as if we had been in a clan together. Thanks for talking about your favorite ships (and that speed question time was amusing), because it is not only interesting to hear your thoughts and styles, but it got me thinking about my own experiences, and reminded me some of why I enjoy WoWS so much. Really fine work, you three. I hope this brings you half as much pleasure as you're giving the rest of us. And I hope you're able to continue with a series.
  6. You don't have to mano-a-mano a higher-tier ship, just outplay the enemy ships at your tier. Bonus points if you can coordinate with teammates to support friendly higher-tier ships. Psychology is important in this game. If someone is intimidated by tiers, they might fail to exploit opportunities. Likewise, sometimes we get overconfident because of tiers and YOLO out. I've done my share of both of these. Now, I realize that my ship is just underpowered.
  7. If older ships are included, I'd love to see the Alabama. (Not that one, the other one.)
  8. Preparing for Nürnberg grind

    Great advice. Nürnberg is a wonderful ship if played within its means. As long as Priority Target shows that nobody's lining me up, I fire at anything in range. Once someone targets me, I stay zoomed out and jink around between volleys. If it gets too hot, I go dark, run, and try to scrape off my pursuers on friendly ships. I try to stay outside of enemy "kill zones." For example, Cleveland is lethal inside of about 11km. When in doubt, I face away from the enemy and use the stern guns. With its wonderful guns, Nürnberg is one of the best DD hunters. I prioritize the small ships to keep them away from my teammates. Captain skills: Priority Target, Adrenaline Rush, Demolition Expert, Concealment Expert. This is not naturally a strong AA ship, so I leave that to others. I couldn't like Yorck, Hipper is rather decent, but Roon is Love.