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  1. imaginary_b


    "Tracers work both ways." I never considered this use. Thanks for explaining it!
  2. imaginary_b

    Battleships Hiding

    How did you even find this old thread to dig it up?
  3. imaginary_b

    How to Iron Duke

    There is actually 1 other reason a cruiser or DD will show your their broadside: they want you to turn. If I'm in a DD or cruiser and want to be sure of the kill, and I have enough health to take a hit from the BB, I'll sail up and show a little broadside. The BB player will often react as if I just sent torpedoes, and turn to dodge. I'll wait until they commit to the turn, and send my first torpedo salvo. If I have a second torpedo launcher, I'll save that to secure the kill. Cutting your engine works nicely in a smaller ship, but by the time the battleship really slows, the first torpedoes already happened and now you're less mobile.
  4. imaginary_b

    My Last Game in the Nurnberg

    Well played! If you learn her tricks, which you apparently have, Nürnberg is a little monster. Hindenberg is great, but for mid-tier fun I keep coming back to Nürnberg and Graf Spee (especially for Operations). Keep her around a bit longer.
  5. imaginary_b


    When I'm uncertain about my aim, I fire 1 gun at a time and watch where my shells hit, then adjust. In Nürnberg, that's a shot every 2 or 3 seconds, a nice rate of fire until you get it "dialed in." Nürnberg can be scary when you face tier 8 battleships. In that situation, I attack the smaller ships first. The flat gun arcs are hell on DDs, and German AP can take a nice bite out of a cruiser. Friendly BBs don't mind if I lurk around them and keep the stabby torpedoes away. Then if I survive until the end-game, I just snipe HE at the big boys, preferably while said big boys are already fighting someone else. Or I fight the caps.
  6. imaginary_b

    "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

    Confirmed. I miss Spags.
  7. Graf Spee is a weird ship. She's less fast and agile than most cruisers, but she hits really really hard. I happily hunt other cruisers and same-tier battleships. 16km is better range than many same-tier cruisers, so I engage those outside their gun range. The heavy guns and the hydro-acoustic turn British cruisers into Scooby Snacks. Battleships, well, I pop out from cover and give them "two in the hat" and fade away. If the battleship gets too close, I might bowtank it until close range coming up one side, drop torpedoes across its path, then cross in front while it's dodging my first torps and use my other-side torps to ruin its day. In a few games, I've actually charged up between two battleships and while they're cranking their turrets, torped them both. Graf Spee is a great ambush predator.